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GEAS A device with two streaming fluids exchanging heat without mixing.

HEAT EXCHANGER It adds pressure to liquids by slowing it down. DIFFUSER The ______ of a substance is the amount of heat needed for a 1kg substance at its melting point to change from solid to liquid. HEAT OF FUSION !hat is the heat of fusion of water" 335 KJ / kg !hat is the specific heat capacity of water in #$%kg&'" 14.9 The ______ of a substance is the amount of heat needed for a 1kgsubstance at its boiling point to change from liquid to gas. HEAT OF VAPORIZATION At atmospheric temperature what is the heat of vapori(ation of water" 22 ! KJ/kg The ______ of a substance is the amount of heat liberated when a 1kg substance is completely burned. HEAT OF CO"#USTION A type of collision where kinetic energy is lost to heat and sound energy. INE$ASTIC CO$$ISION A type of collision where maximum kinetic energy is lost. CO"P$ETE$% INE$ASTIC CO$$ISION )eat is transferred from a solid to an ad*acent liquid. CONVECTION !hat type of leadership should an engineer manager implement for an all professional unit" FREE REIN $EADERSHIP The type of power that a person with a higher position has to a person with a lower position. $EGITI"ATE PO&ER A psychological test that measures the capability of a person to learn. APTITUDE TEST +p), means. POSITIVE H%DROGEN ION -olutions having a p) value of 1 to . are considered______. ACIDS /roper up keeping for equipment by a trained or qualified technician. "AINTENANCE The -I unit for impulse. N'(

The net charge of a system is the difference of the energy coming into the system and the energy leaving the system. ENERG% #A$ANCE The first law of thermodynamics. $A& OF CONSERVATION OF ENERG% The conversion of heat to work is limited by the temperature where the conversion is taking place. 2ND $A& OF THER"OD%NA"ICS A halogen having a greenish&yellow color. CH$ORINE It is emitted when an electron transfers from a high energy orbit to a low energy orbit. PHOTON The absolute (ero temperature in 0ankine. '4 ! F 'harge of an electron. '1.! 2)1!'19 'harge of a proton. 1. !2)1!'19 It serves as the identity of an element. ATO"IC NU"#ER 1 pound mol of oxygen is equals to ______ pounds. 32 It is the maximum static friction. STARTING FRICTION !hen an engineer attends an arbitrary hearing for a pro*ect he should be paid a minimum amount of ______ per hour. P5!! !hen an engineer attends an arbitrary hearing for a pro*ect he should be pain a minimum amount of ______ per appearance. P1!!! 0ule III of 0A 1212 is about. EXA"INATION* REGISTRATION AND $ICENSURE -I unit for momentum. Kg'+ / ( It is the building blocks of +engineering materials,. ATO"S It is the most abundant metal. A$I"INU" -I unit for pressure. PASCA$

A ______ is an atom with a missing or excess electron. ION It is the fundamental unit of a crystal. UNIT CE$$ 3actides are formerly known as ______. RARE EARTH "ETA$S 4amily of elements from 3anthanum to 3itetium. $ACTIDES ______ is the most common element added to form an alloy. ZINC It is the most common defect in a crystal structure. $INE DEFECT 5atter can be converted into energy and vice versa. EINSTEIN,S THEOR% The period of a pendulum depend on its ______. $ENGTH A halogen that emits a purple smoke. IODINE 0eference paper for elements which could be used in materials engineering. PERIODIC TA#$E It is the term used to describe the process of changing solids to gas without passing through the liquid state. SU#$I"ATION Any quantity bounded and under consideration. S%STE" Any changes that a system undergoes. PROCESS A process wherein the system goes back to its original state. C%C$E In thermodynamics it is the mass or region outside the system. SURROUNDINGS In thermodynamics a system where there is no interaction between the process and the surroundings. C$OSED S%STE" In thermodynamics a system where there is interaction between the process and the surroundings. OPEN S%STE" It is the ratio of stress to strain. POISSON-S RATIO

A combination of a metal and one or more other elements. A$$O% It converts heat into mechanical energy. HEAT ENGINE It is the total available heat energy. ENTHA$P% !hat element has the highest melting point" "ERCUR%

!hat is the absolute (ero temperature of copper" '234.5 C 5aximum work that can be converted into heat. 1!!. 'oefficient of restitution of elastic collision. 1 A group of many crystal grains. PO$%CR%STA$S /ower of an A5 station which needs constant attention. 1K&

It is the most electronegative element. F$OURINE The type of energy produced by rotary motion. "ECHANICA$ ENERG% 0elative density is also known as ______. SPECIFIC GRAVIT% A type of bonding that shares electrons. COVA$ENT #ONDING

To be a member of the board of electronics engineer one must be practicing electronics engineering for ______ years. 1! It is the keystone of professional conduct. INTEGRIT% !hat forms the moral philosophy of an 6'6" HONEST%* JUSTICE* COURTES% !hat are the processes in a 'arnot engine" ISOTHER"A$ AND ADIA#ATIC PROCESSES /rovisions for the improvement of local exchange carrier. E.O. 1!9 6&commerce law. R.A. /092 )alogens combined with any other elements except oxygen is called _____. HA$IDES !hat is a nucleon" PROTONS AND NEUTRONS ______ is also called a negatron. E$ECTRON The ratio of the output force to the input force. ACTUA$ "ACHINE ADVANTAGE The ratio of the input distance to the output distance. IDEA$ "ACHINE ADVANTAGE It has a coordination number of 7. #OD%'CENTERED CU#IC $ATTICE It has a coordination number of 12. FACE'CENTERED CU#IC $ATTICE It is an elementary particle that has no charge has (ero 8or near (ero9 rest mass and travels at the speed of light. NEUTRINO The composition of the board can be found in ______ of 0.A. 1212. RU$E II An engineer should make how many designs for a pro*ect" 5 To be a member of the board of electronics engineer one must be a resident of the /hilippines for ______ consecutive years. 5 1#!&hour is equal to. 3* !!*!!! JOU$ES

'oefficient of restitution is the ratio of ______. RE$ATIVE VE$OCIT% #EFORE CO$$ISION OVER RE$ATIVE VE$OCIT% AFTER CO$$ISION :ravity is a type of ______ energy. CONSERVATIVE ENERG% 4riction is a type of ______ energy. NON'CONSERVATIVE ENERG% ______ is the internal friction in fluids. VISCOSIT% It is the ability of metal to prevent plastic deformation. HARDNESS !eight of substance per unit volume. &EIGHT DENSIT%

The larger the thermal conductivity. THE FASTER THE HEAT TRANSFER The rate of flow of heat per unit time. THER"A$ CONDUCTIVIT% /lastics with many parts. PO$%"ERS Ability of an atom to attract different charge atom. E$ECTRONEGATIVIT% It has a packing factor of ?.;<. FACE'CENTERED CU#IC $ATTICE It has a packing factor of ?.@2. SI"P$E CU#IC #inetic friction is also called ______. S$IDING FRICTION

5ass over volume. DENSIT% 'oefficient of restitution of a completely inelastic collision. ! Thermodynamic properties. VO$U"E* TE"PERATURE AND PRESSURE 1<'.. PROTONS* E$ECTRONS AND / NEUTRONS :roup II engineers should be paid. /. #UT NOT $ESS THAN !!! :roup III engineers should be paid. . #UT NOT $ESS THAN 3!!! A cation is ______ than its parent atom. S"A$$ER THAN The =rd most conductive element. GO$D An anion is ______ than its parent atom. $ARGER THAN 6lectropositive elements. "ETA$S The conductivity of a 11.@A aluminum. 3. -hear results in the alteration of ______. SHAPE The conductivity of pure gold. 02.4. ______ contains the properties of the element and can not be reduced anymore. ATO" It is the simplest part of a compound which possesses its properties. "O$ECU$ES The force applied to a body with equal magnitude but different in direction. SHEAR A defect in crystalline structure which has two vacancies. A pair of ion and cation. SCHOTTK% DEFECT 2 up quarks and 1 down quark. PROTONS 1 up quarks and 2 down quark. NEUTRONS The conductivity of an annealed silver. 1!/./. The conductivity of an annealed copper. 1!2.1. The mass of a neutron is ______ times heavier than electrons. 1/39 The mass of a proton is ______ times heavier than electrons. 1/3 An engine with a moving piston at one end. CARNOT ENGINE The stress of a wire which supports a load does not depend on its ______. $ENGTH !hat is the mass in pounds equal to the molecular weight" POUND "O$ The transfer of energy though emission of electromagnetic waves. RADIATION 'hecking of equipments and operations. INSPECTION A process which can not be reversed without the use of work. ISO#ARIC CO"PRESSION

:roup 1A. A$KA$I "ETA$S :roup 2A. A$KA$I EARTH "ETA$S It is the least conductive metal. NICHRO"E

!ho invented the periodic table" DI"ITRI "ENDE$EEV 0adius of an atom. 1!'14 A material used by a permanent magnet as the magnetic material. HARDENED STEE$ :roup ;A. HA$OGENS :roup 7A. INERT GASES >iameter of a nucleus. 1!'15 OR 1!'1 0egulations in A5 stations. R.A. 2/4 !hat is the commission of an 6'6 in the total profit" 25.

OPERATION ACCEPTANCE CONSTRUCTION AND INSTA$$ATION +In a confined gas if the absolute temperature is held constant the volume is inversely proportional to the absolute pressure., #O%$E-S $A& +In a confined gas if the absolute pressure is held constant the volume is directly proportional to the absolute temperature., CHAR$E-S $A& Bet force applied to a 1kg mass to move 1m%s2. NE&TON 'hange in #6 C 'hange in /6 C !ork. &ORK'ENERG% THEORE" 0ule I of 0A 1212 is about STATE"ENT OF PO$IC%

Also called A(imuthal Euantum Bumber and determines the magnitude of the angular momentum of electrons. OR#ITA$ 8UANTU" NU"#ER 3aw that states that every element has a different set of quantum numbers. PAU$I-S EXC$USION PRINCIP$E FohrGs model featuresH The temperature range at which it changes state from solid to liquid. "E$TING POINT &ATER A#SORPTION

!hen the sum of external forces acting on a body is (ero. TRANS$ATIONA$ E8UI$I#RIU" Tendency of the body to remain at rest when it is at rest or remain in motion when it is in motion. INERTIA >etermines the level and state of the electrons. PRINCIPA$ 8UANTU" NU"#ER Ability of the material to sustain deformation. DUCTI$ITI Tendency to be deformed. "ODU$US OF E$ASTICIT% 6arth is made up of ______. "ATTER AND ENERG%

An intrinsic property of the bulk material and is dependent on the configuration of the material or the electrodes with which the field is applied. DIE$ECTRIC STRENGTH All atoms are included. NON #RAVAIS $ATTICE SPACE $ATTICE

<?A Bickel and .?A 'opper CONSTANTAN 6lements that are the gap of the periodic table. TRANSITION "ETA$S An effect within the surface layer of a liquid that causes that layer to behave as an elastic sheet. SURFACE TENSION 6nergy required for the electron to move. IONIZATION POTENTIA$ JA satisfied employee is motivated to work harder and an unsatisfied employee is not self&motivatedJ HERZ#ERG-S T&O FACTOR THEORE" A motivation model based on the assumption than an individual will work on his perception of the possibility of his expectation to happen. EXPECTANC% THEORE" /oint where the ferromagnetic material loses its magnetic ability. CURIE POINT Amount of heat needed in order to change phase. $ATENT HEAT ______ has lowest melting point in metals. "ERCUR% 0equired to increase the temperature of an ob*ect. HEAT CAPACIT% / SPECIFIC HEAT The number of attaching electrons in the ad*acent orbit. COORDINATION NU"#ER Kolume of atom%Kolume of 'rystal. ATO"IC PACKING FACTOR 5agnetism that remains after a magnetic material is removed. RE"ANENCE Total kinetic before and after collision is equal. E$ASTIC CO$$ISION It is the authority given to budget officers of an organi(ation. FUNCTIONA$ OPERATION

4low of heat from the energetic one to less energetic ad*acent ones. CONDUCTION 5echanical to heat energy. 1!!.

-tructure with known position of atoms and ions. CR%STA$$INE STRUCTURE /endulumGs period depend on ______. $ENGTH

1 mole of carbon isotope is equal to _____. 12g 0adioactive elements. ACTINIDES 1 #ETA DECA% 'arbonGs atomic number. 12 2 #ETA DECA% Innermost shell of )ydrogen 8grounded9. I Alpha decay is a type of radioactive decay in which an atomic nucleus emits an alpha particle 8two protons and two neutrons bound together into a particle identical to a helium nucleus9 and transforms 8or DdecaysD9 into an atom with a mass number < less and atomic number 2 less. A$PHA DECA% A motion that is neither driven nor damped. The motion is periodic as it repeats itself at standard intervals in a specific manner & described as being sinusoidal with constant amplitude. SI"P$E HAR"ONIC "OTION 3/44567 5ost abundant element. A$U"INU" -trongest rays. GA""A RA% "AGNETIC INDUCTION It is the rotational analog of mass. "O"ENT OF INERTIA Inert gasses are called noble gasses because _____. THE% CAN NOT #E CHE"ICA$$% CO"#INED >etermines the pro*ection of the spin of the electrons. SPIN 8UANTU" NU"#ER >etermines the direction of the angular momentum of electrons. "AGNETIC 8UANTU" NU"#ER 5easure of the extent to which the ob*ect will continue to rotate about that point unless acted upon by an external torque. ANGU$AR "O"ENTU" !hen the sum of the net torque is (ero. ROTATIONA$ E8UI$I#RIU" :iving decision making capabilities to subordinates. DE$EGATION OF AUTHORIT% STRESS RUPTURE STRENGTH The ______ is a quantum electronic phenomenon in which electrons are emitted from matter after the absorption of energy from electromagnetic radiation such as x&rays or visible light. PHOTE$ECTRIC EFFECT The ______ of a medium is a measure for how much the speed of light 8or other waves such as sound waves9 is reduced inside the medium. REFRACTIVE INDEX /ressure is due not to static repulsion between molecules but due to collisions between molecules moving at different velocities. KINETIC THEOR% OF GAS

An organi(ation structure effective for small firms or single& business firms. FUNCTIONA$ ORGANIZATION 5aterials deformation process that can lead to mechanical failure. CREEP The minimum energy 8usually measured in electron volts9 needed to remove an electron from a solid to a point immediately outside the solid surface. &ORK FUNCTION All orbitals must be occupied by an electron before it contains 2 electrons. HUNDS RU$E !hat particles include the electron the mu particle and the neutrino" $EPTONS ?.21 A5L. "ESONS

5ost number of valence electron. N OR#IT 2 elements. PERIOD 1 7 elements. PERIOD 2 AND 3 17 elements. PERIOD 4 AND 5 =2 elements. PERIOD Information and 'ommunications Technology. ICT It is also called 4eBi is an alloy of iron 8.<A9 and nickel 8=.A9 with some carbon and chromium. This alloy is known for its unique properties of controlled coefficient of thermal expansion. INVAR "ETA$ "ATRIX CO"POSITES

The interaction of electron gas and ionic lattice. "ETA$$IC #ONDING Fonding between positive and negative charges. E$ECTROSTATIC #ONDING Fonding that occurred due to the formation of molecules. VAN DER &AA$S #ONDING An alloy that has almost constant resistance at all temperatures. EUREKA 5atter can be converted to energy and vice versa. EINSTEIN-S THEOR% The mechanical equivalent of heat. JOU$E The position of atom % ion is known and has a repetitive structure. CR%STA$$INE The square of the velocity % radius. CENTRIPETA$ ACCE$ERATION A training wherein the trainee is put in a situation exactly similar as that of the work place. VISTI#U$E SCHOO$ A system with constant pressure. ISO#ARIC

#AR%ON 0adio communications. RA 3/4 Infrared radiated by the sun is reflected back to the atmosphere and gets absorbed by carbon dioxide GREENHOUSE EFFEECT 'rystalline imperfection DIS$OCATION 5ost inert gas. HE$IU" 4luid that can conduct. E$ECTRO$%TE A modification of the ideal gas law. VAN DER &AA$S E8UATION OF STATE 'onductivity of pure copper. 121.1. 27A melting point and liquid when day. CESIU" INTASTICA$ ATO" The physical process responsible for the attractive interactions between atoms and molecules and that which confers stability to diatomic and polyatomic chemical compounds. CHE"ICA$ #ONDING The ______ of a material is the measure of its rigidity SHEAR "ODU$US 4ive needs namelyH physiological security social esteem and self&actuali(ation. "AS$O&-S NEEDS HEIRARCH% THEOR% 5easure of inertia. "ASS AVOGADRO-S THEOR% !hen a manager is able to think of the probabilities that may occur and uses probability for decision making. #A%ES CRITERION 2 electrons. S OR#IT It gives the average ratio of stress to strain for materials operating in the nonlinear region in the stress&strain diagram. SECANT "ODU$US A pure substance that cannot be broken down by chemical means to a simpler substance. E$E"ENTS -implest and most basic method used. UNIT COST "ETHOD <.<@ Bewtons M 1 $# 1<.. #: M 1 S$UG It is not within the organi(ation and therefore does not affect decision making. EXTERNA$ ENVIRON"ENT Nrgani(ational activities within the organi(ation and affects the decision making. INTERNA$ ENVIRON"ENT )eart of management. DECISION "AKING solid material wherein its atoms or ions are randomly placed. A"ORPHOUS A reward given to an employee like money benefits promotions recognitions status and praise. EXTRINSIC RE&ARDS "ANUFACTURING ENGINEERING CONSU$TATION The ______ of a material is defined in engineering and materials science as the stress at which a material begins to plastically deform. %IE$D STRENGTH A reward can either be ______. INTRINSIC OR EXTRINSIC INTRINSIC RE&ARDS

The ratio between thickness of material to its thermal conductivity. THER"A$ RESISTANCE The most notable property of actinides. A$$ ARE RADIOACTIVE If there is an unexplainable decline in the revenue and profit the engineer manager ______. HAS INADE8UATE CONTRO$ The type of control when the engineer manager gathers information about a completed activity. FEED#ACK CONTRO$ A process of determining the contribution 8"9 that a subunit can make with a resource. INTER"EDIATE P$ANNING The steps inn solving a problem. 8UA$ITATIVE AND 8UANTITATIVE EVA$UATION !hen the sum of external forces acting on a body is (ero then its linear momentum is constant. CONSERVATION OF $INEAR "O"ENTU" The transit of energy between to masses due to their difference in temperature. HEAT )eat effects accompanying changes in state with constant pressure. $ATENT EFFECTS Bon&concurrent forces. DISSIPATIVE FORCE The volume of 1 /ound 5ol of any perfect gas. 359 FT3

5etalloids have ______. 4 VA$ENCE E$ECTRONS It determines the ability of atoms to combine with other atoms. VA$ENCE E$ECTRONS The nominal mass of a proton. 1 A"U /enetrates used in the Frinell hardness test. 1!++ #A$$ The time taken by a body in uniform circular motion to travel an orbit. PERIOD The maximum amount of heat that can be converted to mechanical energy. DEPENDS ON THE INTAKE AND EXHAUST TE"PERATURE The work done for the close reversible isentropic 8"9 systems. ! The compressibility factor of an ideal gas. 1 It is the maximum stress applied to an ob*ect without being permanently deformed. E$ASTIC $I"IT 6lasticity that is applied to liquid. #UCK 497 "ODU$US

/olicy guidelines to govern the operations of cable television 8'ATK9 in the /hilippines. E.O. 43 6lectrons are placed in the lowest energetically available sub&shell. AUF#AU-S PRINCIP$E 5onosacharide. C H12O 6very point on a propagating wave front serves as the source of spherical secondary wavelets. HU%GEN-S PRINCIP$E !ho discovered the electrons" THO"SON 3ocal exchange carrier service improvement policy. E.O. 1!9 International satellite 'ommunications policy. E.O. 4 0

The process of spreading out spontaneously in space uniformly. DIFFUSION The formula that states the number of atoms in an element in a compound. "O$ECU$AR FOR"U$A A statement which is a possible solution to a problem is called a ______. H%POTHESIS !ho discovered the proton and the nuclear atom" RUTHERFORD !ho proposed the modern atomic theory" DA$TON !ho proposed the duality of light and extended it to electrons" DE #ROG$IE !ho discovered radioactivity" #EC8UERE$

An act providing for the regulation of radio stations and radio communications in the /hilippines. R.A. 3/4 )ow much is the maximum penalty for any violation in 0.A. =7<." P4*!!! The law creating 5T0'F. P.D. 19/

A unit that measures the dosage of x&radiation from x&rays. ROENTGEN PER HOUR !hen receptacles are connected to a =? A branch circuit the maximum allowable plug and cord connected to it should not be more than ______. 24 A The ampere rating of a continuous load should not exceed ______ percent of the continuous load. 125. At least how many receptacle plugs should be installed inside the bathroom" 1 !hat is the number of frames per second that /hilippine broadcast stations transmit" 3! FRA"ES PER SECOND The apparatus that carries out the electrolytic process. E$ECTRO$%TIC CE$$ The unit of illuminance on a surface. $U"EN

The mass of an electron in gramsH 9.1!0 ) 1!'2/ The mass of a proton in gramsH 1. 02 ) 1!'24 The mass of a neutron in gramsH 1. 05 ) 1!'24 5anagement games and case studies. "ANAGER-S TRAINING The engineer manager will rely on his current employees recruitment agencies and competitors. &HEN RECRUITING "ANAGERS 1 mol of any perfect gas contains the same number of molecules. AVOGADRO-S PRINCIP$E The number of shells with electrons is the ______ the elementDs period. SA"E AS An act providing for the installation operation and maintenance of public telephones in each and every municipality in the /hilippines appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes. R.A. /49 !hen was 0.A. 1212 approved by /res. :loria Arroyo" APRI$ 10* 2!!4 !hen is the effectivity of 0.A. 1212" "A% 12* 2!!4 )ow many years before an 6'6 becomes a professional 6'6" 0 %EARS )ow many customers in a single cell site for 2:" 3*!!! TO 2!*!!! It is considered as primetime for 'ATK. :!! P" TO 11:!! P" /rescribing the policy guidelines for compulsory interconnection of authori(ed public telecommunications carriers in order to create a universally accessible and fully integrated nationwide telecommunications network and thereby encourages private sector investment in telecommunications. E.O. 59 )ow much is the penalty for unauthori(ed servicing of mobile phones" P5*!!!.!! / UNIT Froadcast%/ush 5essages shall only be sent between ______. 9:!! P" TO 0:!! A" All applicants for the assignment of =: radio frequency bands shall post performance bond equivalent to. P3!! "I$$ION Time for building a base station. 1 *oule M 1! ;<g( !hat is the year analog broadcasting was phased out" 2!! An element that reacts by losing an electron. A$KA$I "ETA$S The easier an atom losses its electron the less its ______. VA$ENCE E$ECTRONS There are ______ orbitals in the =rd level. 9 The total number of electrons in the <th level is ______. 32 A simple contract consists of ______. OFFER* ACCEPTANCE* CONSIDERATION

The unit of luminance. CAND$E PER S8. "ETER The continuous maximum term of office of members of the board of examiners of 6lectronics 6ngineering is ______ years. %EARS !hat happens to the volume of confined gas when its pressure is doubled and its temperature is at constant" VO$U"E DECREASES !hat should be stated in the signboard of 5/>" REGISTERED #USINESS NA"E* T%PES OF SERVICES OFFERED* FU$$ #USINESS ADDRESS* "PD PER"IT NU"#ER A registered 6'6 who is not a member of A8"9 /rofessionals Nrgani(ation should register within _____ years from the effectivity of 0.A. 1212" 3 %EARS


A contract which is against public policies is considered ______. VOID If the sum of torques in equilibrium is (ero for a point in an ob*ect then the torque is ______. ZERO FOR A$$ GIVEN POINT 'omponent of a force which produces work ______. IS THE CO"PONENT THAT IS A$ONG THE DIRECTION OF THE DISP$ACE"ENT OF THE O#JECT The resultant of coplanar concurrent forces is also equal to the sum of the moment of the forces. VARIGNON-S THEORE" The force that will keep the sum of forces in equilibrium. E8UI$I#RANT In almost all chemical reactions gas is released where larger atoms are broken into smaller atoms. This expression is ______. TRUE 'hanges the rate of reaction without affecting the chemical reaction. CATA$%ST /rocess of eliminating offensive odour and taste. AERATION Lsed to separate dissolved particles. ACTIVE CHARCOA$ >estroys bacteria in water. CH$ORINE 4ormed when sunlight hits automobile exhaustion. OZONE A type of galvanic cell that produces continuous electrical energy. FUE$ CE$$ 4or annual rate of interest the rate is ______. EFFECTIVE RATE Foth found in >>T and 4reon. CH$ORINE AND F$OURINE 5aximum fine for violation of 0A1212 for any person. P 1 "I$$ION AND "ONTHS I"PRISON"ENT