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TQM Case Study 1

Case Study-Karodhimal Ltd

• Very fast growing company catering to North American Market.

• Average package is around 5.70 lakhs per annum.
• They spend heavily on training of each professional i.e. around 3 lakhs each year.
• Their current strengths is around 400 and last year it was 350.
• Last year they have achieved the sales of 65 million $ i.e. around 292.5 crores
• Target given to each individual is around 1 million $ i.e. 4.5 crores ( taking
exchange rate 1US$ = 45 INR).
• Now the hierarchy of the organization was very simple i.e. initially
business consultant then senior business consultant then regional manager
and then senior sales manager and then sales manager and then CEO. They
are the direct selling agent for one software in the market.

• Questions: Just by looking at the above facts deduce the organization culture,
environment, quality management levels observed in the organization.
• Deduce as much Information possible from this data.
• After this state whether if given a chance will you join this organization or not.