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Leveraging AND Being with Natures Tensions Barry Johnson March, 2012 Why dont we figure out how

ow to settle the ongoing feud between sunshine and gravity over water? Sunshine wants to lift water up to the highest place possible. Gravity wants to pull it down to the lowest place possible. Lets just decide who should win this battle and settle it once and for all. What if the tension we are trying to remove or solve were the essence of life itself? Then we could leverage it and just let ourselves Be with it. If we were to see the relationship between sunshine and gravity as an ongoing oscillation between two poles of a polarity, a number of things become instantly clear: 1. Both bring something essential in their relationship with water. 2. Life is sustained by each doing their job. 3. At first glance they seem to be in a fight over opposite outcomes. Sunshine causes water to evaporate and go high into the increasingly cold and thin atmosphere. When the limits of this part of the process are reached, the water condenses and becomes snow or rain and gravity takes over its part. The water is brought down to earth and runs down our hills to our lakes and to the sea as low as possible. As these limits of lowness are being reached, the sunshine continues its effort to raise it up. 4. We can leverage this energy (Doing) AND we can just enjoy the beauty of it (Being). 5. There is no compromise required between sunshine and gravity. The more powerfully each does their part, the better the relationship works. To remove the apparent tension between the two opposing outcomes by weakening gravity to empower sunshine or weakening sunshine to empower gravity makes no sense, even if you love sunshine more than gravity. 6. We live in this polarity. We can move the water around for irrigation. We can dam it up for lakes and hydro-electric power. We can convert sunshine into electric energy. We can ski down mountainsides and swim in our water. What we cant do is exist outside the ongoing phenomena of sunshine and gravity and the cycle of evaporation and condensation. 7. The polarity lives in us. We drink the water. We sweat. We urinate. 8. Like all polarities, Sunshine AND Gravity are a free gift. All polarities are energy pairs we can leverage AND we can be with. When we see them as a problem to solve in which we must choose one over the other, we have set ourselves up for unnecessary difficulties. Polarity Associates are all about increasing our capacity to see, leverage and Be with polarities.