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BoS Background

0 Current Standards set in 2002 0 Band descriptors are set to describe the MIDDLE of

the band

How do I get 90?

0 Not about perfectly meeting the Band 6 descriptors 0 It about Tipping the scales, so that you are more like

Band 6 than band 5

HSC Judging
0 Not only are examinations marked, they are also

judged against criteria to determine which band a student and their responses falls into
0 Judges build an image of what a borderline student

looks like

0 You must show the judges that you belong in Band 6

rather than Band 5

Knowledge and Communication Descriptors

Band 5
0 demonstrates a thorough knowledge and understanding of the concepts of the physics course content including context, prescribed focus areas and domain
0 effectively communicates a detailed understanding of physics

Band 6
0 demonstrates an extensive

knowledge and understanding of the concepts of the physics course content including context, prescribed focus areas and domain

0 displays an outstanding ability to

concepts using appropriate physics terminology and some illustrative examples and applies the concepts to unfamiliar situations

describe and explain physics concepts, including abstract ideas, clearly and accurately, and to apply the concepts to unfamiliar situations
and sequentially using a variety of scientific formats

0 communicates succinctly, logically

What do these terms mean?

0 Unfamiliar (Q1)

The engine of a remote controlled plane of mass 25kg provides a constant force of 400N. This plane is put into a vertical ascent for 5 seconds until the engines cut out. If the initial vertical velocity is 15ms-1 and the ascent begins 20m off the ground, determine the maximum height reached by the plane.

What do these terms mean?

0 Unfamiliar (Q2)

Whilst playing tennis, Jono serves a carrot with a velocity of 45ms-1 at an angle of 6.5degrees below the horizontal. The height of the carrot as it leaves his stick is 2.45m above the ground. The net is 12.2m away and is of height 0.92m. Determine whether the carrot clears the net.

What do these terms mean?

0 Context (See Q3)

What do these terms mean?

0 Prescribed Focus Areas (Syllabus p.15)

What do these terms mean?

0 Domain


What do these terms mean?

0 Domain


What do these terms mean?

0 Domain

Values and Attitudes

Who do these terms mean?

0 Thorough vs. Extensive

2009 HSC Theories and experiments not only help increase our understanding but also generate new questions. Use the standard model of matter to support this statement.

Band 6 students need wider reading than just a text book

What do these terms mean?

0 Succinctly, Logically and Sequentially 0 Get to the point little extraneous information 0 Your answer should flow A causes B which causes

C etc..

0 If you use a diagram to illustrate your answer, you

MUST draw your diagram before you start explaining it!

Language, Communication and Style

0 Clear, precise and accurate usage of Physics terms 0 Uses pictures, equations, graphs, tables 0 Relate their answer to the question, not just factual



Language, Communication and Style

0 You must provide an answer which has a strong foundation
0 Identify 0 Describe

0 Explain
0 Analyse

0 Assess
0 Link

If you are asked to assess, you must work up to it

HSC 2010 Q32 (handout)

HSC 2010 Q32 (handout)

HSC 2010 Q32 (handout)

0 You do not have to be 100% correct to gain 6/6 or 8/8

in a high mark-value question

0 You need to ensure that you tackle the verb correctly

and relate your knowledge to the underlying question


HSC 2012 Q25(b)

HSC 2012 Q25(b)

Dot Point Learning

0 Does not cover the entire syllabus 0 PFAs 0 Skills 0 Values and Attitudes 0 Struggle to see links 0 Unfamiliar situations 0 Multiple outcomes 0 Twist question to knowledge rather than twist knowledge to question

0 A student obtaining a Band 6 can still be dropping 20+

marks (2010: 75 90)

0 Focussing on recall of information will not gain these


0 Must focus explicitly on skills which are being taught

Band Descriptors - Skills

Band 5
0 analyses information given in written, tabular, graphical and diagrammatic forms and relates this to other relevant information 0 displays competence in manipulating equations to solve problems involving a number of steps

Band 6
0 applies a high level of critical thinking skills in developing appropriate solutions to problems involving a long sequence of related tasks 0 analyses, evaluates and extrapolates data effectively, identifies complex relationships, quantifies explanations and descriptions, and synthesizes information to draw conclusions

Ub3r Band 6 Question (Q4)

An English essay is thrown at an angle of 60 above the horizontal. It takes 4 seconds to pass a point which is 80m above its launch height and returns to this launch height after a further 9 seconds. Determine the acceleration due to gravity acting on the essay and maximum height which the essay reaches. (Ignore air resistance and violence to essay)

= .

= .

The Band 6 Way ^_^

0 Identify and write formula 0 SHOW SUBSTITUTION (Before re-arranging!) 0 Can identify multiple, related equations 0 FC = FG = FW = FNET (geostationary orbit) 0 Sig Figs 0 Scientific Notation 0 Units 0 Direction with Vectors (Relative or Absolute) 0 Line of Best Fit 0 Gradient Calculations

Multiple related equations (Q5) Question: Determine the centripetal force experienced by the Earth during its orbit of the Sun. Mass of the Sun = 2x10^30kg Radius of Earths orbit around the Sun = 1.5x10^8km

Line of Best Fit (Q6)

Line of Best Fit (Q6)


0 Use data from the line of best fit, not data from table

(unless point(s) lie on LOBF)

0 Show gradient triangle and use 0 DO NOT USE (0,0) 0 Do not extend to origin!

2 1 2 1

to determine gradient

Line of Best Fit (Q6)

0 Removes Errors 0 Systematic 0 Random (Circle and GIVE REASON) 0 Often graphs which should go through origin do not 0 Systematic Error 0 LOBF only true between first and last valid data point 0 Do NOT extend unless question tells you to

0 Step-by-step 0 Diagram to aid instruction 0 Understand need for repetition

0 Understand need to control variables 0 Reliability / Accuracy / Validity

0 Perfect Practice makes perfect 0 Test yourself Exam Conditions 0 Apply marking scheme (Self-marking) 0 Use teacher / tutor / each other