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Volume 2 - Issue 4

Burdekin Integrated Cassava Project



Agriculture Venture Capable of New Technology Allows Petrol Cars to Renewable Energy & Food Venture
Producing 50% EBITDA Returns (20) Run on Hydrogen (26) using Sustainable Agriculture (22)

CassTech Limited
acn 133 093 660

Established Farm
Accessories Factory
Brand Seeks Feedlot Integrated Property & Finance Retail Food Franchise Delivers Strong
International Expansion (19) Company Seeks Expansion (21) Profit Growth (32)

Green Air Conditioning Wholesaler (23)
Fast Growing Carpooling Website (24)
Proven On-line Cold Chain Monitoring Technology (25)
Latest Wholesale Investor National Survey Results (8)
Extracting the Strategic Value of a Business (15)
Investing into Distressed Assets (14)

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Volume 2 - Issue 3

Wholesale Investor
Wholesale Investor
published byby
is is
InvestorInvestor Editorial
Pty Ltd
ACN 131 512 715 56 Company Updates
Managing Director
Managing Director - Steve
Steve Torso
78 Wholesale
Angel Investor
Investing HitsNational
A TippingSurvey
Point August
Publisher Reuben Buchanan
Publisher - Reuben Buchanan 2009
By Results
Dr. Tom McKaskill - World Renowned Business Author
Senior Account
Senior AccountManager
Manager - Milton
- Milton
Papadopoulos 810 AVCAL Deal Metrics
The Inevtiable Survey of Power
Michael Power - Investec
Steve Torso
Torso –– Managing
Director 911 Q&A
Q&A With CSIRO Investment
with Venture Manager
Capitalist - CVC Limited
Reuben Buchanan
Buchanan –– Executive
Director By
By Steve
Steve Torso
Torso -- Wholesale
Wholesale Investor
Domenic Carosa
Domenic Carosa –– Non
Director 10
12 Buying
Recent Distressed Assets
Developments MayLife
in The SaveSciences
Advisory board
Advisory TimTrumper
Trumper By
By David Kenney - Hall
Pricewaterhouse Chadwick
Address -- Suite
Address Suite204,
Sydney 13
11 Nice Set of Numbers
Controlling Structuring Risk for Business Angels
Phone -- 1300
Phone 1300 597
597 595
595 By Andrew
Adrian Herbert - Private
Ireland and JamesEquity
- Argyle Lawyers
Web - www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au
www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au 14
11 Opportunies
Attracting thefor Investing
Brains Trustinto Distressed
to Your Assets
Editorial Enquiries
Editorial Enquiries John Quinlan
By Karen Jenkins --Australian
Six FiguresBusiness Lawyers
Advertising Enquiries
12 Assessing
Risks the Strategic
and Rewards Value of Business
of a Management Buyout
By Tom McKaskill
Manda Trawtwein & Jonathan Hickey - William Buck

Listing Enquiries
Listing Enquiries 16
37 Confidence in
Considering Your Confidentiality
Private Investments Agreement?
m i l t o n @ w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
milton@wholesaleinvestor.com.au James Millea
By Jordan Greenand Andrew Ireland - Argyle Lawyers
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Subscription Enquiries 38 Community Entrepreneurship Combines
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Disclaimer 14 Speciality Entertainment31 25 Biotech Australia
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This Publication contains prominent statements
15 Viva Properties 32 26 Retail Food Manufacturing
appropriate for the particular medium by which the 20
16 Cass Tech
Retail Food Manufacturing 27 opportunity
Focus Oil & Gas
Publication is made to the effect that:
opportunity (promoted by DC Strategy)
(A)the information contained in the Publication about 21 Property Planet 28 ZEEP Australia
the proposed business opportunity and the securities (promoted by DC Strategy) 33 29 Pharmacy & Healthcare
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information on which the investment decision is made 17 Pharmacy & Healthcare opportunity
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34 31 Pacific Island Aquaculture
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24 The Daily Commute
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needed to make an investment decision, for example:
25 Ceebron 35 Viva Properties
financial statements; a business plan; information about
ownership of intellectual or industrial property; or expert 19 Biotech Australia 33 Sustainable Energy
opinions including valuations or auditors’ reports; and 26 Globo Hydro Power 36 Specialty Entertainment
20 Washpod
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27 Jadato 37 34 Broome
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Wholesale Investor launches
Australia’s first distressed assets platform
Welcome to the latest edition of Wholesale Investor. Switzer - Sky Business Channel
The most recent survey of our investor database (see page 8 for full results) I was interviewed by Peter Switzer on Sky Business Channel. We
revealed that 55% of our investors, or more than 2,000, are interested in discuss the results of the latest Wholesale Investor Nation Survey,
viewing Distressed Asset opportunities. and what entrepreneurs need to do in order to enhance their
chances of raising capital.
So we have set up a platform to promote distressed assets directly to our
investor base. www.switzer.com.au
Right now we have published a list of some companies that have recently
fallen into the hands of Administrators. We are now in the process of
contacting the various insolvency and accounting firms in order for them
to list the distressed asset deals that they are working on.
Over time, investors will be able to log in and see what is on offer. This
may provide companies, who are facing financial difficulties, with an
alternative option to liquidation, DOCA, or expensive emergency finance
Media Partner and Event
Our investors have indicated to us that they may be willing to back a
company that is facing sort term liquidity problems, in return for equity or Sponsorship
an uplift on their invested capital. Wholesale Investor is proud to be a media partner, or sponsor for the
If you would like to: following events:

• Register to view distressed assets Building Wealth Through Business – by MBE Education
• List a company, or its assets in our distressed assets section
To receive a free ticket to attend, please email
Go to www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au and click on the link for Distressed admin@mbeeducation.com.au
Capital Raising Summit – by Tonkin Corporation. See ad on page 17.

Wholesale Investor in the media: Trading & Investment Expo – by Event Management International
Financial Review
Resources Investment Expo – Apollo Global
Wholesale Investor featured in an article by
Enterprise editor Mark Fenton-Jones on the
18th August 09. The article is titled “Attracting Real Estate Investment World - Terrapinn
investment needs more than a good idea” Alternative investment Summit 2009 – Terrapinn
www.afr.com.au Corporate Finance World 2009 – Terrapinn
Sydney Morning Herald / The Age
Steve was interviewed Kristen Le Mesurier in
an article titled “Business Angels”. Steve
commented on the key elements for a If you would like to:
successful capital raising.
• Promote your investment opportunity to over 4,600 wholesale
www.smh.com.au investors
• Sponsor Wholesale Investor
Daily Telegraph • Establish a strategic alliance or media partnership
I was interviewed by Jenny Dillon from The Daily Telegraph. The article Please email us at editorial@wholesaleinvestor.com.au or phone our
was titled “Mastering the art of raising more capital” appeared on the office on 1300 597 595
31st August 09.

Smart Company Publisher

The Wholesale Investor National Survey was the basis for a the article
“Cashed-up investors looking for private companies: Survey” By
Patrick Stafford. www.smartcompany.com.au
All the articles and videos can be viewed or downloaded from the
Media Centre on the Wholesale Investor website.
Reuben Buchanan Steve Torso
Publisher Managing Director

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
The earlier
you book
the more $
you save
Hear from:

9 – 11 November 2009, Sydney Marriot, Sydney

David Morgan
Former CEO
Westpac Banking
BHP Billiton

Tony D’Aloisio Is the answer.


Where CFOs & Treasurers meet to identify best practice

finance & debt restructuring solutions from traditional &
non-traditional sources of capital.
David Craig In the current market climate, funding the balance sheet has become the
CFO number one most important issue facing companies. With draw down facilities
Bank of Australia
maxed out, tightening credit markets, falling revenues and asset values,
there is a need for companies to explore alternative channels to raise capital.
However, this is an unprecedented situation and most have little knowledge or
relationships to raise capital in this climate.

Pre Conference Masterclass Post Conference Masterclass

Monday, 9 November 2009 Wednesday, 11 November 2009
John Broadbent Financial Modelling for Project Finance Developing and implementing a successful
Head of Domestic corporate turnaround strategy
Led by: Nick Crawley, Managing Director,
Markets Navigator Project Finance Led by: Marcus Derwin, Partner – Restructuring
Reserve Bank of Services, KPMG


Gold sponsor: Event partner: Media partner:

Peter McGregor
Gi112030 8/09

Researched and produced by:

Visit the website for the full
speakers list

BOOK NOW! w w w . w h o l e| semail:
online: www.terrapinn.com/2009/corp a l ecs.au@terrapinn.com
i n v e s t o| rphone:
. c o+61m2 9021
. a8808
u | fax: +61 2 9281 5517
Company Updates
First home buyer demand drives
Viva Properties growth
Despite the recent economic slowdown, 2009-2010 looks to be a bumper
year for Viva Properties. All Victorian properties have been sold on the
back of the onslaught of First Home Buyers. Construction works have
commenced for two Tasmanian projects and 2 additional planning permits
for 50 dwellings have been secured. Sales for Viva’s government-backed
investment properties continue to exceed expectations - a recently
released project was completely sold within 2 weeks and approximately
$4.5m of properties in Tasmania were sold in this quarter so far.

Financial News Network
launches Private
Investment Channel
moving made easy with Wholesale Investor
Australia’s leading online finance channel, Finance News Network
(FNN) and Wholesale Investor have joined forces to launch
eMove reaches major agreements Australia’s first Private Company Interview channel. Select CEO’s
and Managing Directors of private companies are interviewed by
eMove is proud to announce that it has reached agreements with:
respected financial journalist Clive Tomkins.
The channel is
• Major national real estate online group
promoted to FNN’s
• Major removalist groups distribution network to
over 20 partners and
Other announcements:
is accessible to more
• Operational alliance agreed with mortgage brokers for impending than 10,000 investors.
expansion It is also promoted via
• eMove Advisory Board to be appointed in September Wholesale Investor to
our database of over
• Imminent launch of two new services: 4,600 investors. This
• International removal quotes new channel offers
private companies the ability to ‘speak’ directly to investors using
• Australia’s first retention service for utility connections
the latest online video and internet technology.
• Further major strategic arrangements to be announced soon.
An interview with Zeep President Grant Scott has been posted and
eMove has appointed Steve Hobbs from Achieve Capital for additional is ready to view. Go to www.finnewsnetwork.com.au and click on
strategic/marketing alliances and capital raising. Private Company Interviews to view.
www.emove.com.au This channel is exclusive to Wholesale Investor. If you
would like to enquire about featuring on the FNN Private
Company Interviews channel, please contact us at
info@wholesaleinvestor.com.au or phone 1300 597 595.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Updates
DBSU launch of
next stage, and into Deep Value
global markets Microcap Fund
Direct Business Solutions Universal has
continues to
released stage 1 of 3 of the new CRM Web- raise capital
Site to accommodate existing customers
and to allow access to view movement of Following a strong month of net investment inflows from new
equipment and personal through GPS. investors a number of new positions were taken by our Deep Value
Microcap Fund. Of notable mention, we can reveal that the Deep
Stages 2 and 3 will create complete functionality which will include Live
Value Fund took an initial position in recruitment firm Peoplebank Ltd
Dashboard Control on equipment, and replace VBA Interfaces through
(ASX:PBA) at an average price of 42c. The selection of this company
complete web interaction only. CAD and a Machine Guidance Interface in
followed careful analysis of the company’s financial performance,
Stage 3 will also attract huge interest in the product.
management strength, its market positioning and improved operating
DBSU has also introduced a visionary concept of reporting through the use outlook for FY10.
of the latest iButton technology.
Following a decision by Microequities Asset management to invest
The release of the fully secure and supported CRM Web-Site now allows in the company, Peoplebank received an initial off-market takeover
DBSU to capture a very diverse market globally, with less input required offer of 60c from PB Recruitment (Peoplebank’s main shareholder).
from DBSU. This means a much improved cheaper product with better The initial offer in our view was opportunistic and grossly undervalued
margin. Peoplebank. Microequities Asset Management took the decision
An affiliation with an Indian based GPS Reporting Company is happening of increasing the Deep Value Fund position in Peoplebank. A
as we speak, allowing DBSU to be promoted and supported in India, China second revised offer of 75c plus final year dividend of 3.5c by
and the Middle East, and giving more diversity to the DBSU product at the PB Recruitment was then launched, though this offer represents
same time through additional functionality at a lower cost. considerably improved terms, it is still short of our expectations. We
will be reviewing our position within the month ahead.

ZEEP Australia
unprecedented latest news
level of interest
Since listing in Wholesale Investor, ZEEP Australia has seen an Finerday.com is the world’s first family-specific, secure communications
unprecedented level of interest in its next generation gasification platform, designed to enable the entire family to keep in touch,
technology. The Technology was originally developed by Boeing Energy wherever they are, whatever their age or comfort with technology.
but now under development by a United Technology Corporation
subsidiary, Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne (PWR). ExxonMobil is a Latest news:
development partner with PWR which further adds to the pedigree of
this ground breaking technology. •  Intel supporting significant care home trial in the UK to be filmed by
ZEEP has identified potential strategic partners in Queensland, New
South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia and is working with them • Home Access Campaign- initially 300,000 computers, government
to evaluate and bring target is 1million
forward poly-generation •  Education Authorities planning key study using Finerday in Primary
possibilities, value adding Schools
to partners coal resources
• Discussions underway with major internet providers and mobile phone
and satisfying commodities
needs. Distinct interest
has been shown by major
organizations in high value
product markets (i.e.
chemical, clean fuel, power)
to take excess off takes
that would be developed
in conjunction with these
strategic entities, making
these projects bankable
and providing excellent
returns to investors.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Wholesale Investor
WholesaleNAtional Sur
Investor National Survey: vey
August 2009

Below are the latest results of the Quarterly Wholesale Investor National Survey.

Wholesale Investor Database Breakdown Preferred Investment Style

Anonymous survey conducted August 2009 to (1) Active investor (become actively involved in investee company).
Wholesale Investor registered database of 4,628 (2) Strategic Investor (leverage IP/distribution).
(Note: respondents could select more than one option)
Type Of Investments Sought Number Of Opportunities Reviewed Each Week

29% review
more than one
deal per
business day.

Your Views On The Current Investment Environment

81.5% are bullish
about investing
right now.

Funds Under Management / Capital Available

KEY POINT: 34.5%

have $1m or more to

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
August 2009
Type Of Investments That Are Of Most Interest (Note: respondents could select more than one option)

Percentage Of Portfolio In Cash Vs Deployed

KEY POINT: 60.1% have half or less of their funds deployed at the moment.

Most Important Deal Attributes When Making Investment Decisions ) (Note: respondents could select more than one option)

KEY POINT: Management strength is by far the most critical factor when raising capital. Contrary to popular belief, “Historical Earnings”
th th
ranks 7 and “Quality of Pitch” ranks 8 .

Sectors Of Most Interest Right Now (August 2009) (Note: respondents could select more than one option)

Biggest Challenge When Finding And Making Investment

Companies seeking capital
need to focus on 3 main areas:
Connecting with investors,
Being investor ready and being
realistic on the valuation.
If they achieve this, their
chance of raising capital will
dramatically increase.

Would Invest Into An Early Stage/Start-Up If:

1. Strong Board & Management In Place 2. Was In Investors Preferred Sector
Key Point:
87% of investors would back a
start-up, meeting top 2 criteria.

To receive a PDF of the full survey results, please email info@wholesaleinvestor.com.au or phone 1300 597 595
To receive a PDF of the full survey results, please email info@wholesaleinvestor.com.au or phone 1300 597 595 9
w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
The Inevitable
Redistribution of Power
By Michael Power, Investec

maintains its foreign policy doctrine of ‘peaceful rise’.The recent marked

improvement in relations with Taiwan and normalisation of its links with
Japan are clear evidence of this approach.
There is, however, an undeclared war being waged: centring on the value
of the US dollar. With the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world
– $US2.132 trillion – China has become the key foreign player in the US
bond market and, by default, the determinant of the value of the US dollar.
Meanwhile, China is quietly pursuing alternative avenues in its efforts to
diversify its external wealth away from the US dollar. However, China will
soon find itself in a position where it cannot avoid undermining the US
dollar and, although this will cause losses to its US dollar holdings, the
subsequent re-alignment of the dollar/Renmimbi cross rate will hasten
China’s diversification tactics include buying real assets like commodity
stockpiles, deposits (such as MCC’s co-financing of Waratah Coal’s
Queensland project) and even companies (such as Minmetal’s purchase
of Oz Minerals). Elsewhere, the Bank of China is also facilitating bilateral,
Renmimbi-denominated trade finance swaps with trading partners.
Recently, it announced an agreement with Brazil aimed at facilitating
bilateral Renmimbi/Real trades without using the US dollar as an
intermediate unit of account.
China’s rise to economic superpower status is inherently intertwined with
the so-called global economic crisis. Contradicting most Anglo-Saxon
media outlets, the crisis is more a Western phenomenon than a global
one. And, in this context, it is mainly a cyclical downturn whereby the
excesses of the post-millennial boom are being shifted off the balance
sheets of an overly indebted Western consumer onto sovereign Western
balance sheets. Consequently, history will reveal the underlying secular
dimension of the current downturn: the masking of the hand-over of
economic leadership from the US to China; from West to East.
Western-based global institutions (such as the IMF, the World Bank and
the G8) are ill-prepared for this epochal power shift.The lack of flexibility
and adaptability now blatantly apparent in the world’s leading multilateral
institutions is already giving rise to new groupings composed of the
underrepresented. The recent inaugural meeting of the BRIC quartet
in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in the wake of a meeting of the now well-
established Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is an indication of things
to come.
Ultimately, leadership in this world will be characterised by nations that
can recognise the new challenges and adapt their endowments to meet
them. Size need not be an inhibitor to agility. China – despite the fierce
The United States may have worn the super-heavyweight crown of competition that it faces from well-established incumbents and from new
the world for a long time, but China is proving that size need not be an kids on the block – is astonishing the world by showing us that even a
inhibitor to agility. dragon with 2.8 billion feet can dance.
When, in July 2007, an Economist magazine cover showed Uncle Sam
as an ageing prize-fighter and carried the headline “Still No.1”, the word
“still” immediately begged the question “for how much longer?” In GDP
terms the US will likely retain its economic crown until the early 2020s. Michael Power is a strategist at Investec
Asset Management, based in South Africa.
But between now and then, the waking dragon of China will, as Napoleon
predicted, eventually take over. Indeed, this year, it overtakes the US to He has 24 years of professional experience
working in Africa, the Middle East and
become the world’s largest industrial economy; only Uncle Sam’s larger the United Kingdom. He ran the Barings
service economy still keeps it at No.1. London Stock Exchange-listed Simba
Fund from 1996-1999, and has worked
China may lag in the field of services but in sectors that will ultimately for Anglo American in South Africa and
help fashion a large service economy – the industrial production of steel, Rothschild’s in London (both Corporate
autos, ships, rolling stock – it is now the world leader. Furthermore, at Finance) as well as HSBC-Equator in
Kenya (Development Finance).
$US426 billion per annum1, it runs the largest current account surplus,
although it is still No.2 to Germany in the world of exports. Michael has a PhD in Economics, a
Masters in International Business Practice
China is fast moving up the value-added chain (as Apple iPhone and Law, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political
manufacture testifies), even at the risk of losing its hold on low-end Science and Economics.
manufacturing sectors like shoes and textiles. Contrary to popular myth, For more information, please visit
China is increasingly pioneering R&D, leading innovations in clean coal www.investec.com.au
technology, and battery-powered cars via companies like BYD and New
The US grip on the world super heavyweight title is currently secured by
2 Source1: Bloomberg, as at December 2008.
its military spending – at over $US600 billion per annum it constitutes
Source2: Based on 2008 figures, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
42% of defence budgets worldwide and exceeds the next 14 largest Yearbook 2009 Armaments, Disarmament and International Security.
spenders combined. And, while China’s defence spending is rising, it

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Q&A with a Venture Capitalist
cvc ventures
By Steve Torso

Q. As a Venture Capital firm, what kind of deals do you look for? Q. What are the first 5 things you look for when looking to invest
A. CVC Limited (CVC) began in 1984 as an MIC ( Managed Investment Company)
into a deal?
but it has long since broadened its operations to become a Listed Investment A. I can offer four things that are on our list.
Company dealing in listed and unlisted equity as well as property and funds
Top of the list comes the management of the company being considered for
investment. It usually starts with a compelling individual who knows what he or
We tend to look for compelling management within our investee companies. she is doing and has the ability to assemble a strong team. The type of person
These are companies which are serving a market need with a genuine ability to we are talking about is an entrepeneurial individual. It seems to us that this
maintain, defend and grow their market position. We look for something solid ingredient, the compelling individual, is present as the key factor in about 100%
about the offering that gives them the ability to grow that business. of the deals we would become involved in.
Venture Capital and Private Equity deals are but one of our areas of focus. Venture The next thing is that the offer has to be fairly priced.
Capital deals characterised the very early stage of our development. Today
Thirdly, the business model needs to be robust and scalable without requiring
these kinds of deals are only done through our CVC REEF and CVC Sustainable
too much additional capital. We look for good margins, defendable positions
Investments funds. These funds have picked up excellent opportunities in the
and rapport. On this latter point let me say that it is a bit like a marriage …
Energy, Food and Waste Management sectors.
you have to feel like you are working with friends because you are going to be
In terms of CVC Sustainable Investments, we look for a market opportunity working together for a long time.
that ensures there is a place for the product or service offered. Especially when
Lastly and very importantly we look for a natural group of people who are going
Government support exists to support an absolute need to roll out the product or
to be in the market for the asset when the time comes to sell it. It’s no good
service. This type of situation gives real strength and viability to the opportunity
going into a deal without having your eye on the end game. The better type of
leading to the potential for solid gross margins and returns on investment.
buyer [and it’s best if there are a group of buyers – not just one so we can have
a bit of an auction] is the buyer that sees that we have done the hard work and
Q. Do you have a specific niche or industry which interests you? that they are getting a strong deal served up to them. It’s like they are being
handed it on a plate. There’s value all round in a situation like this and that’s
A. CVC does not limit itself to a specific niche. We look for investments in
what we aim to achieve for CVC’s investors as well as the eventual buyer.
companies that offer strong margins. We tend to be a generalist but we have
developed areas of expertise. Over our 20 plus years of operation we have
developed a ‘nose’ for what is good – what is worth spending time on and
Q. What do you look at as indicator for an ideal time to sell your
what is not worth spending more time on. One of these areas of expertise has
share holding?
been that we have been able to go into well researched opportunities in the
sustainability sector. A. I’d have to say that there is no ideal time although we are good at ‘scrambling’
to meet an emerging opportunity and have been in the right spot to catch the
We try to work with companies which we can help grow, expand and consolidate.
ball by reading the game well
We like to buy well, add value well and sell well. Our key focus is to generate
above average returns to our shareholders. Typically we aim to buy in at a private We never seek to extract every last cent from the deal. There have to be
company multiple and sell at public company multiples. As we add value that can good growth opportunities for others who are to own the investment
lead to a sale price that could be ten times the original purchase price or even more. in the future. Most of our uplift comes from transition from the private
multiple to the public multiple. That’s what gives us a good return.
Q. How has the turbulent public markets impacted the private
sector and your ability to raise money for your VC fund? (please Q. What are you optimistic about?
provide a positive angle) A. We are optimistic about companies that can hunker down in the current
A. For the most part we are not looking to raise money at present. We note environment and get fit. These are companies that have become leaner on costs
that managed funds in general have been spurned while investors put their and given the human capital opportunities out there are putting on the best
houses in order. But in the sustainable funds area we are actively marketing staff. This type of company comes out very, very strong in the future.
with CVC Sustainable Investments (CVCSI) which has been sheltered In this eventuality we see ourselves spending a lot of time adding
from the turbulence. Investors in CVCSI are investing for the long term. value. Certainly it’s allowed vendors to be more realistic and this
along with the increase in opportunities we see a good future ahead.
Q. How has the turbulent market impacted valuations, and how
have you been able to benefit from that? Q. Where do you see the opportunities over the next few years?
A. The current market conditions have made many vendors see things in a far We are seeing opportunities everywhere. Approaches are coming in daily from
more realistic light. A lot of people under stress have been more willing to talk to would-be vendors. The key areas that we will be scrutinising are better pricing
us compared with a year or so ago and this means that the opportunities we are offered by vendors and the opportunity for CVC to be actively involved.
able to look at have very much increased in both quantity and quality
Q. What sort of percentage returns have you been able to
achieve through investing in private companies?
A. We have been able to generate returns for our investors of better than 15%
for almost twenty years and this includes some investments that have stellar
performance where in some cases the returns have been around 25%.
CVC Limited
Q. What tips do you have for investors seeking to invest into
For more information about CVC Ventures, go to cvc.com.au
A. You have to start with a top individual who can engineer success in the
company. [see remarks below]

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Recent developments in
The Life Sciences Market
By Price Waterhouse Coopers

The healthcare industry is seen as a significant investment and business into available institutional capital for new listings. In terms of pipeline, VCs
opportunity due to the ageing population and the need for expenditure on have been investing quite consistently in follow-on funding rounds for their
healthcare in both good and bad economic times. Life science companies Life Science portfolio companies. Pragmatically, they’re prepared to delay
are expected to play an important role in the delivery of world leading and exits until the IPO and trade sale windows begin to look more attractive and
cost effective health solutions in Australia and globally. valuations improve.
A spate of “megamergers” of major pharmaceutical companies further
underscores the opportunity for life science companies.
As the so-called blockbuster drug “patent cliff” chips away at Big Pharma
revenue, and in-house R&D continues with diminished returns on productivity,
smaller life sciences firms will increasingly be positioned to fill product pipeline
gaps by sourcing new innovations and drug prospects – especially with
increased interest in diagnostic and therapeutic biologics.

US market provides guidance

US venture capitalists have been weathering the financial storm, placing
rounds of funding into their most prized life sciences firms in the hope of an
exit through an acquisition or, eventually, through an IPO.

Biologics, in particular, continue to shine as the bright spots – particularly

therapeutic and diagnostic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and immune Opportunities for investors
response effectors (including vaccines and interferons) – with VC investment
Life sciences companies (that survive cash shortages) with drug platforms that
soaring by 45% and 90%, respectively, in 2008 over 2007, according to the
can potentially feed Big Pharma’s pipelines with biologics are in a propitious
MoneyTree™ Report, a quarterly study of venture capital investment activity
spot. There is significant competition among cash-rich pharmaceutical
in the United States . Overall, US VC investment in human life sciences
companies to diversify, which will likely drive further acquisitions of life sciences
(excluding medical devices) fell by about 11% in 2008 against 2007, yet
companies through 2009 and beyond. Life sciences companies struggling
drew some major deals in the US$50m to US$100m range. The survey also
with solvency issues will become increasingly more open to raise additional
found that funding of life sciences seed and start-ups rose sharply in 2008,
capital or to being acquired, even at lower-than expected valuations.
while later-stage funding, though dropping slightly, was still relatively robust,
demonstrating that VCs are still investing in promising areas and holding firm
– and expensive – positions in life sciences companies with the brightest exit
For more information in relation to this article or for information on how you
can maximise the financial performance of your business and investments
please contact:
The Australian listed life sciences market
Manoj Santiago - Partner
There are a significant number of listed life science companies in Australia.
PwC’s BioForum publication is released quarterly and provides an overview
of the Australian listed life sciences (covering biotech and medical devices) Adrian Bunter - Director
market. adrian.bunter@au.pwc.com
As can be seen in the chart below, for the year ended June 2009, both
Tony Gellert - Manager
the PwC Life Sciences index and the PwC Life Science ex-majors index
outperformed the All Ordinaries which was down 26 per cent (ex-majors
decreased 0.7 per cent while the Life Science index was up 5.6 per cent).
Yearly movements of the Australian life sciences sector by market
capitalisation compared to major indices
Whilst the Australian IPO market for Life Science companies has been
closed for the last 12 months, in line with the broader ASX, there has
been renewed activity in the secondary financing market in the June 2009 To be added to the PricewaterhouseCoopers BioForum mailing
quarter. The market is now seeing stronger investment appetite on the list, or to download a copy of the latest BioForum publication visit
retail side through several successful SPPs and rights issues. However, a www.pwc.com/au/bioforum
number of SPPs were still heavily undersubscribed. Accompanying this
was strong institutional support for placements in the June 2009 quarter,
with significant overseas investor interest out of both US and Europe.

With the stockmarket at its current levels, the life sciences sector may
1. National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) based on data MoneyTree ™ Report
continue to see limited action around IPOs as the sector is perceived by same is produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the provided by Thomson Reuters.
investors as a higher risk/higher return proposition. Whilst institutions have 2. PwC Life Science ex-majors index excludes CSL, ResMed and Cochlear.
been supporting placements, these have been limited to companies with
solid results. However this placement support will not necessarily translate

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Nice Set of Numbers By Adrian Herbert - Private Equity Media

Six point four times investment over about six years and an annual average
internal rate of return (IRR) of 39.2 per cent … that is a nice set of numbers for a
business investment exit in this challenging year.
That is what early stage venture manager Start-up Australia Ventures achieved
as a result of the takeover of Arana Therapeutics (ASX: AAH) by US company
Cephalon in June.
That was a return of $36.53 million on an investment of $5.6 million – provided
in a several tranches starting in 2002. Further cash of $1.45 million was received
from another investment that was sold separately to Arana Therapeutics and is
therefore not included in these investment statistics.
This deal illustrates that venture investing, and particularly early stage venture
investing, can provide good returns.
There are lessons from this and similar successes for individual investors.
• Invest in research likely to develop new technologies with a world market.
• Consider human and animal health projects; there is a strong market for such
technologies among trans-national businesses prepared to pay high returns.
Start-up Australia’s initial $1 million investment funded “proof of concept”
• Look for areas in which local researchers have demonstrated expertise. studies and intellectual property protection to enable the company to negotiate
Remember the adage about success being achieved by standing on the partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.
shoulder of others.
An experienced life science company executive Merilyn Sleigh was recruited
• Be guided by public sector and government recognition. Universities and to take on the role of EvoGenix chief executive at an early stage. Following a
research institutes and government commercialisation funding gets spread strategic review under Ms Sleigh’s leadership, the company made a decision to
widely across lots of excellent projects. Private investment is however inevitably focus on the antibody market rather than on proteins in general. As a result,
needed to develop profitable businesses around these ideas. EvoGenix moved to acquire Absalus, a private Californian company with
• Don’t expect to be the very first investor to recognise potential. There is safety an antibody humanisation technology. This enabled EvoGenix to create an
in numbers and early investors tend to reap similar rewards in technology integrated suite of technologies to humanise and optimise antibodies. As a
successes simply because a number of investment rounds are usually required result, EvoGenix became significant player in the antibodies sector.
allowing investments to be equalised. A critical component in the development of these technologies was the long
• Do be prepared to wait for returns, possibly retaining an investment after it is term backing of investors prepared to see the plan through.
converted into a stake in a listed company. Over a number of tranches, Start-up Australia invested $5.6 million and Gordon
A brief outline of the Start-up Australia Ventures investment which eventually Black of Biofusion Capital $1.2 million. Through an IPO in August 2005 EvoGenix
became its investment in Arana follows. High net worth individuals, incidentally, raised a further $9 million. This was followed by $6 million in a secondary capital
were co-investors alongside the funds manager. raising.

Start-up Australia Venture Pty Ltd invested $5.67 in EvoGenix over a number of EvoGenix entered into a number of collaborative arrangements including multi-
investment rounds from August 2001 to July 2005. product deals with major pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline and
Australia-based CSL Limited (ASX: CSL). This provided external validation that
The potential for a strong return was clear from the start, if not the route. The the technologies were robust and had good intellectual property protection.
$40 billion human antibody market is a fast growing and extremely successful
sector for drug development but is closely protected by numerous patents. In August 2007 another ASX-listed pharmaceutical developer, Peptech, which
had a strong cash position, took over EvoGenix and changed its corporate focus
Start-up Australia Ventures investment in EvoGenix followed by its acquisition to concentrate on the EvoGenix technologies. The merged entity was then re-
of US company Absalus, then in turn the merger with Arana Therapeutics named Arana.
produced a company with a complete technology package with clear
competitive advantages over other available tecnologies and with a clear After that it was essentially a case of continuing to develop Arana’s technologies
freedom to operate (that is, no conflicting patents). until a trans-national life sciences company made a move.

Arana Therapeutics was one of only a handful of companies world-wide which Cephalon is by no means one of the giants of the sector but was big enough to
had its own in-house technology which avoided the many patents in the make an attractive offer.
area. The technologies also had a number of competitive advantages. This
was demonstrated by the number of global partnerships Arana Therapeutics
had achieved. Immediately prior to the acquisition by Cephalon, Arana had
partnerships with eight companies worldwide covering 12 therapeutic drug
products in development. In the six months to 31 March 2009, it had revenues
of more than $24 million from commercialisation of its technology capabilities.
But let us go back to the beginning in 2002. EvoGenix was created by Start-up *Adrian Herbert is Managing Editor of Private Equity Media, publisher of
Australia Ventures to commercialise technology out of the CRC for Diagnostics subscription journal Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Journal.
and the CSIRO. The technology, which was later named EvoGene, was a powerful This article is based on material from the Journal.
method of improving the properties of proteins. The investment proposition For access to a free copy of Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital
was that a revolution in genomics and proteomics would produce an explosion Journal and subscription information visit: privateequitymedia.com.au
of protein-based therapeutics, particularly antibodies.

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Opportunities for Investing
Into Distressed Assets
By John Quinlan - Australian Business Lawyers

An attractive wholesale investment alternative in the current financial Further, as the market is deeply divided on company valuations,
climate is investment in distressed debt and assets. This alternative distressed investing creates opportunities to increase value in existing
investment opportunity has been brought on by the advent of the global portfolio companies through the synergies offered by a bolt-on
financial crisis and in effect, created a secondary or distressed investing acquisition, thereby extending the range of those portfolio companies.
market in Australia which may offer attractive acquisition opportunities Distressed companies also present opportunities for current
for investors. management to conduct a management buy-out. An increasing
With a substantial increase in the number of Australian companies number of companies are under severe pressure from their creditors,
entering into voluntary administration or other forms of corporate shareholders, suppliers and customers seeking to protect their
insolvency, their disposal of poorly performing, non-core assets or conflicting interests. This pressure has created opportunities for
companies presents a unique opportunity for investors to inject critical current management to preserve value by facilitating a quick sale of
capital into underperforming assets or companies at a discount to net the company where this course has been determined to be the best
tangible assets. method to maximise value for all stakeholders.

Distressed Investing Retail vs Wholesale Distressed

Distressed investing is focused on two (2)
opportunities: While some advisors advocate the
acquisition of shares or units in retail funds
1. An investment in a distressed asset
geared towards the acquisition of distressed
or company. These assets are typically
assets in order to mitigate the risk of
stressed or in distress from a balance
distressed investing, investors should be
sheet perspective and are no longer
aware that the New York University’s Stern
deemed financially viable, whether as
Business School reports that the average
the result of unsustainable debt levels or
global return for distressed funds was down
depressed industry conditions.
26%, with redemptions of 30%.
2. An investment in distressed debt.
Accordingly, investors should not to overlook
Where a company is unable to service
the opportunities presented by wholesale
its debt obligations and it is facing an
investment in distressed assets or companies
impairment loss on an asset, the ability
in favour of a retail investment product.
of distressed investors to invest in non-
performing loans can provide liquidity in
the market by allowing lending institutions
to release previously dedicated capital, The establishment of a secondary market
which can then be allocated to financially for distressed investing in Australia offers
viable businesses. This type of distressed investors alternative investment opportunities
investing becomes more relevant, as the at significantly discounted values. Further, the
increasing cost and availability of funding acquisition of distressed debt by investors
becomes more limited. may contribute to the stabilising of financial
markets by facilitating the unlocking of capital
currently deployed in non-performing loans
Distressed Opportunities
and other underperforming assets. However,
While distressed investing does not fit with every investor’s individual risk distressed investors should ensure that the investment fits their risk profile
profile, those investors with a medium to high risk tolerance are currently and that asset and company valuations are at an attractive discount.
entering the market to invest in distressed companies at substantially
discounted prices, particularly where the financial circumstances of the
business warrants a swift transaction.
The acquisition of distressed assets can benefit a number of parties,
including business owners, shareholders and key stakeholders, as it may
free up a company’s balance sheet that is compromised by a distressed John Quinlan is a lawyer at Australian Business Lawyers.
asset. These opportunities allow distressed investors to facilitate successful He works on corporate advisory, corporate restructures,
restructurings by providing a distressed company’s management with including advice on capital structure, the acquisition and
time to strengthen a company’s total capital structure, and provide the disposal of businesses and assets and corporate finance.
company with the opportunity to adjust and rationalise operations with a Australian Business Lawyers is a commercial law firm
view to securing and improving future operations and profitability. which specialises in commercial and workplace law.
The prevailing economic conditions have also resulted in an increase www.ablawyers.com.au
in the disposal of non-core business units to third parties looking to
acquire underperforming companies as “bolt-on” acquisitions. This is
particularly true in the case of private equity firms. As the disposal of an
underperforming portfolio company has become increasingly difficult,
private equity firms have turned to strategic acquisitions in the form of
bolt-on acquisitions to enhance the value of those portfolio companies.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Assessing the Strategic
Value of a Business
By Tom McKaskill

To be investor attractive, an emerging company has to have an asset or found in very ordinary products and services which can be sold rapidly into
capability which can drive high growth, either organically or in the hands a large customer base. It is the ability of the acquirer to exploit the asset or
of an acquiring corporation. If you look at the investment outcomes of the capability which is the main determinant of strategic value.
typical private investor you will see about half of the investments have lost
Significant strategic value can exist inside a small business even if that
money, thus the balance must make up the losses. This means that, going
business does not have the capacity to exploit it themselves. It may not
into the investment, the target rate of return needs to be in excess of 30%.
matter how many employees or customers it has or even if it is making
Without high growth potential, this is almost impossible.
a profit. The value is determined by projecting how the buyer will exploit
High growth eludes the vast majority of firms. The ABS statistics for 2007 the acquisition not how the business itself does. Finding the right buyer is
show that only 10% of firms had more than 20 employees and only 6% therefore critical to leveraging a strategic value investment.
achieved revenue in excess of $2 million. What we don’t know from this
This view of enterprise value flies in the face of conventional valuation
data is how long these larger firms took to get to the size they are. We
techniques. Instead of the firm valuation being based on their inherent
do know from research into high growth firms that very few businesses
profitability and growth rate, it is determined by how a large corporation will
exceed 10% growth for even a few years. Thus few firms offer an investor
exploit their underlying asset or capability. A large corporation with 20,000
high growth potential from organic growth. But high growth potential in
target customers does not need your small customer base of 20. If they
the hands of a large corporation is a different matter entirely. This is where
have 200 salespersons, they really don’t need your two. In fact, what you
strategic value investments really pay off.
have achieved in terms of revenue and profit may be quite irrelevant.
We all know that high growth is inherently risky and often elusive. But what if
you don’t have to go down that path to generate a high ROI. As an investor,
you could target those emerging firms which have assets or capabilities
which have strategic value. Instead of building the business through the
long hard slog of acquiring customers, you could focus instead on the
tasks to bring the underlying asset or capability to a point where a large
corporation can exploit it. You need to create an asset or capability which
will have significant competitive advantage in the hands of the buyer, make
it scalable and ensure it is ready to be exploited. Choose your prospective
buyers carefully, those which can fully exploit the strategic value. At that
point, put it into a competitive bid so that its value can be captured in the
sale price.
As a crude estimate, strategic value is the discounted cost savings or gross
margin on new revenue or retained revenue achieved by the buyer in the
first two years after the acquisition. Thus rapid early deployment in the
hands of the buyer is critical. A trade sale which returns 50 to 100 times the
investment is not unusual in these types of deals.
Copyright © 2009 Tom McKaskill

Large corporations already have the market penetration, distribution

channels, funding and organization structures to exploit an acquired
product or capability which has the potential to negate a significant threat,
reduce operating costs or offer an opportunity for new revenue. Not all
products and services are able to create this outcome. To have strategic Dr Tom McKaskill was the Richard
value, an asset or capability must provide a benefit to the acquirer which Pratt Professor of Entrepreneurship,
they could not easily buy, build or assemble. Basically, if they could do it Australian Graduate School of
themselves they wouldn’t need to acquire it. The value to the buyer comes Entrepreneurship, Swinburne
from the cost savings, retained revenue or new revenue which can be University of Technology, Melbourne,
secured only through the acquisition. The strategic value increases as the Australia. He has taught at universities
period of exploitation extends. in the USA, Australia, New Zealand,
and the UK, and completed his
Strategic value is most often found in strong intellectual property such as academic qualifications in Australia
patents, brands, trademarks, licenses and copyright. It can also be found and the London Business School.
in deep expertise which is hard to acquire or assemble. The strategic value
is based in the uniqueness of the asset or capability and the capability and www.tommckaskill.com
capacity of the acquirer to exploit it. While we would normally focus on
strong and sustainable competitive advantage, strategic value can still be

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
do you have confidence in
your confidentiality agreement?
By James Millea and Andrew Ireland - Argyle Lawyers

Trade secrets, whether an “idea”, “invention”, “know how” or • Whether the employees and consultants of a company to which
trade advantage such as customer lists can gain protection by a trade secret is disclosed should also sign a NDA? After all,
a binding legal agreement (let’s call it an NDA), in certain cases simply because you have a NDA with ABC (Holdings) Limited,
by registration with some public authority (such as patents that does not necessarily bind each individual employee and
or designs with IP Australia) and in some other limited cases consultant engaged by that company, most of whom may not
automatic protection is provided by the relationship of the parties, even be aware of the NDA;
for example an employer/employee relationship. • Is the obligation of confidentiality between the parties mutual
But if there is no protection, what happens? or simply one way?
Let’s make it simple. •  If the parties are in different countries, the law of which country
You cannot own trade secrets unless they are protected. should apply to the NDA, eg should it be the law of the UK,
Denmark, Singapore etc? Different countries have different rules
To protect information it has to be a secret disclosed in that apply to confidentiality and the protection of trade secrets;
circumstances where the person to whom the trade secret is
confided understands or ought to be aware that the information • Should the NDA also include a provision that the party to
is confidential. whom the information or idea is disclosed may not “use” that
information, ie a non compete provision;
How many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have there been, anxious
to not only show off their “idea” or “invention” but to also raise • Has the NDA been properly signed and date
the funds to commercialise the “idea” or “invention”, found the
potential investor liked the idea or invention so much that they
pay the entrepreneur the ultimate compliment and decided to use
the “idea” or copy the “invention” - but without the entrepreneur?
The most obvious way to gain protection for a trade secret is by an
agreement such as a properly drafted Confidentiality Agreement.
Many inventors forget that if they disclose the secrets to their
invention they traditionally lost the right to patent the invention.
Disclosure could be to just one person or an obscure journal
available to the public, even in another language and in another
One of our clients went so far to protect from prying eyes the
testing of their invention prior to filing their patent application that
they tested the invention at 3am in the morning.
While there is some limited protection in Australia and the United
States where an invention is disclosed or used within 12 months
before an application is filed to patent an invention, this protection
does not exist in other countries in Europe and Asia and certainly
not one a prudent businessman should rely on.
A common problem arises where “confidential information” is
circulated within an organisation and shared out among staff and
consultants. At some point the information risks becoming “public
knowledge” and no longer protected.
But before you rush off and use any old NDA, you need to think
about such issues as:
• W
 hat are you seeking to protect? A trap for young players is to
claim that all information is “confidential” or is protected for an
“unreasonable period”;
• Who owns the trade secret? Was it jointly created, created
by an employee or independent contractor? Different rules
apply depending on who and in what circumstances the trade
secret was created;
• W
 ho are you dealing with? There is a lot of difference between
a business name and an incorporated company;
• A
 re you dealing with one company that is part of a Group of James Millea jmillea@argylelawyers.com.au and Andrew
Companies? Are all members of the Group bound by the NDA?; Ireland aireland@argylelawyers.com.au are at Argyle Lawyers
• W
 ho has authority to sign documents - you would not usually specialising in commercial and corporate law with a particular
expect a junior employee to have authority to bind a large public focus on private equity, renewable energy and commercialisation
company; of intellectual property. www.argylelawyers.com.au

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Hadley Green Securities Board & Management:
Sector Property Hugh Zochling - Executive Director
Yr established 2001 Hugh has an extensive background in property
investment, management and research spanning
Business stage Expansion more than 20 years in Australia and North America.

Location Sydney/Canberra, Australia Paul Hammon - Investment Committee

Extensive property career having held senior
Opportunity Capital Raising positions with Stockland, AMP and Prudential.

Nigel Oliver - Investment Committee

Chartered Surveyor with over 20 years experience in
Australia and the UK.
Executive Summary
Hadley Green Securities is offering wholesale investors the opportunity for a 10% cash yield,
100% tax deferred, via units in the Chisholm Village Property Trust (CVPT) for the acquisition
Corporate Structure
of the Chisholm Village Shopping Centre Chisholm Village Property Trust will be an unlisted
The Chisholm Village Shopping Centre, located in the established Canberra suburb of unit trust.
Chisholm, is a modern, 5,034 sqm neighbourhood shopping centre anchored by a 2,597 sq
metre Coles supermarket on a 15 year lease and supported by twenty specialty tenants. The
investment will be managed by the experienced team at Hadley Green Asset Management
Exit Strategy
With a philosophy of active asset management and an experienced team, HGAM is confident The intended timeframe for this investment is 7
of its ability to generate strong investor returns through attractive income distributions and years. After 7 years, the shopping centre will be sold
potential capital gains. and net proceeds returned to investors. There is no
redemption faciility prior to that, however investors
will be freely able to sell their units in Chisholm
Competitive Advantages Village Property Trust after 12 months.

• High initial yield of 10% p.a., 100% tax deferred.

• A “back-to-basics” direct property investment in a modern, well located, Coles anchored
neighbourhood shopping centre
• Counter cyclical investment opportunity in Australia’s best performing commercial property sector
• Hadley Green has had over 8 years experience
• Proven history of shopping centre projects
• Secure income - over 50% of income from Coles and other major ASX listed Groups
• Competitive fee structure with no entry or exit fees

Key Investment Highlights

• Secure income with attractive capital growth potential
• Initial Cash yield of 10% PA and initial equivalent pre-tax yield of 18.2% PA for top marginal
tax payers
• Returns to investors will be highly tax-advantaged with distributions forecast to be 100% tax
deferred for the first two years.
• Modern asset that has recently been substantially refurbished and expanded costing
apprximately $5 million
• Strongly performing Coles supermarket anchor tenant Further Information:
• Secure cash flows underpinned by 15 year lease to Coles & centre WALE (Weighted To learn more about this opportunity, including
Average Lease Terms to Expiry) of approximately 9 years downloading the Information Brochure, go to
• Attractive capital growth potential through counter cyclical purchase and attracive income growth www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au
• Hadley Green has been successfully managing property funds invested in neighbourhood click on View Investment Opportunities and search
shopping centres on behalf of private investors since 2003. for Hadley Green Securities.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Kordz Pty Ltd Board & Management:
Sector Electronics David Meyer - Managing Director
Yr established 2003 Ass. Dip. Business (Acc), Retail & e-commerce
business management.
Business stage Expansion Background in Accounting and natural business
accumen. Also on the Board of CEDIA AP.
Location Seaford, Australia
James Chen - Director - Sale & Operations
Opportunity Capital Raising 20 year AV industry veteran, retail, installation and
wholesale experience.
Richard Woods - Non-salaried Executive
Fellow of Chartered Accounts & and Tax Agent
Executive Summary Vast experience in financial management and
 ustralian based specialist brand of AV interconnects & accessories, offshore
A accounting services.
manufacturing with matured Australia/New Zealand wholesale distribution network,
currently expanding into the USA. Corporate Structure
Australian Pty Ltd company governed by a formal
Competitive Advantages Shareholder Deed. Top tier Ordinary Shares with full
voting rights.
• Established and respected brand with registered trademark protection
• Multi-award winning, recognized and respected in the ANZ marketplace Exit Strategy
• In-house R&D for high integrity products; we don’t just source & import
Kordz Pty Ltd is proposed to effect a float on an
• Market focus on lucrative niche of specialist retailers & installers - CEDIA base
appropriate exchange within the next 2-3 years.
• Genuine licensed Adopter of HDMI technology
• Australian MD sits on Board of Directors for CEDIA Asia Pacific, enhances brand integrity
• US office already established in the heart of Silicon Valley, California USA, 1.9 miles from
HDMI headquarters
• Michael Schaller, Director of Kordz USA, Inc is the former HDMI Licensing Global
Compliance Director
• Company and brand focus on compliance & education of industry personnel, media and
• 6 year matured business history
•  Kordz “IMMORTAL” lifetime warranty on key product lines

Key Investment Highlights

• Invest into the genuine international growth phase of 6-year matured and proven business
• Comprehensive & unique skillset of the Kordz management & team for the highest investor
• Market focus on CEDIA and HDMI, strong links with Kordz into both organisations for
undisputed credibility
• Strong financial position with equity more than 80% of tangible asset value, pre-
• A majority of the new investment funds will stay on the balance sheet
• All R&D and marketing activities to be funded by existing cash flows, new funds for
inventory & infrastructure
• Sales projections are conservatively realistic and VERY achievable, with absolute
Further Information:
confidence of success To learn more about this opportunity, including
• Enhanced Shareholder Deed gives better balance and more rights to shareholders than is downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
common practice
• Share holdings to remain in Aussie company, with Kordz USA, Inc being majority
subsidiary click on View Investment opportunities and search for
• R.O.I. projected at 2.5x initial capital investment over four years, effective 25% p.a Kordz Pty Ltd.
compounding, plus franked dividends
w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u

Company Name CassTech Limited Board & Management:

Sector Agro-industrial, clean tech
CassTech Limited
Robert Ashley Pearce - Chairman
Yr established 2008 BCom CA
acn 133 093 660
Chartered accountant with broad experience as
Business stage Pre-IPO (IPO team in place a director of a number of companies listed on the
ASX, LSE, AIM, TSX and NYSE. Mr Pearce was
Location Burdekin region, Australia previously chairman of Gladstone Pacific Nickel Ltd.

Opportunity Capital Raising Lincoln Munro Doggrell - Non-Executive Director

B.Sc (Tropical Agronomy)
Lincoln has 40 years experience in technical,
operational Farm management
and corporate Factory Feedlot
in the
agricultural sector in Australia.
Executive Summary
Peter Cain - Director
CassTech Limited is seeking to establish an integrated cassava farm (6,000 ha), starch B Chem Eng (Monash), B Economics (UQ),
factory, stockfeed mill and feedlot in the water-rich Burdekin region of North Queensland. M Eng Sc (Monash)
The enterprise will exploit the projected domestic and regional shortfall in the supply of starch Peter has over 20 years technical and sales
- a key input in food and industrial applications. experience in the starch, biotech and paper
Location of processing facilities on-farm and 24 hour per day farm operation will enable chemicals industries across North America, Europe,
the company to be amongst the lowest cost producers of tapioca starch in the world. Australia and Asia.
Co-location of downstream starch convertors within the starch factory/feed mill precinct is CassTech Limited
expected. Stewart Peters - Director/ CEO
Energy, stockfeed, pellets and fattened cattle are produced as by-products. Consequenlty, B Chem Eng (UQ), B Economics (UQ), MBA (MBS)
the diverse revenue base of the company provides a strong platform for ongoing expansion Is cassava
Stewart hassomething
in excess of 25new?
years engineering and What y
in an agricultural region which is not constrained by water availability. project management experience in the resources,
No. Cassava is grown commercially in Australia in small quantities, Cassava roo
and power, ethanol Sugar
CSR, Bundaberg and pulp
and and paper
Fielder industries.
Gillespie established 500 of Primary I
hectares in the 1980’s to produce bio-ethanol.
Competitive Advantages
60 tonnes p
Corporate Structure
More recently, Meat and Livestock Australia and, independently, Our farm is
• Global food prices are rising on the back of carbohydrate (starch) shortages the University of New England have undertaken detailed studies
to promote it as Limited is an feedstock.
an alternative Australian unlisted public  over
• Regional shortages are being magnified by limited land availability and increasing demand company with 21.2 million shares on issue held by
 a slig
for western diets Is availability
24 shareholders.of water an issue?
• Integrated cassava farming gives control over production inputs and delivers a very low production No. The Burdekin region has around 100,000 megalitres of unallo-  high
cost Exit
cated waterStrategy
available. The project has 4.5 km of frontage along
Yields of gr
• Low carbon footprint and full traceability is very attractive for Asian markets experiencing the Elliot Main Channel – a large irrigation channel. the project m
contaminated foods The project financing strategy proposes to seek
• Diverse income stream from starch, stock feed, pellets and cattle admission to a suitable exchange at the earliest time
What a
• Located in Australia’s most efficient, globally competitive agricultural region. El The project
lio farming ope
Key Investment Highlights ain
quired to p
activities w
ne practices.
• Accomplished Board and Management Team with expertise in Cassava, farming l
and start ups Building ap
• Integration of farm and other facilities maximises project EBITDA with 50% EBITDA margin Planning Ac
Burde essing”, ther
• Project land secured kin Riv
Feedlot app
• Land value increases by $75M after conversion to cropping industrial land
Industries o
• Low carbon footprint and full traceability delivers a Clean, Green Project This proces
• Support for project by domestic and foreign starch consumers Further Information: complete.

• Interest from companies in co-locating starch converting facilities

To we
learncompete with
more about this Thai producers?
opportunity, including Will we
• Detailed farm design commenced, factory contracted, feed mill and feedlot quotes received
The downloading thecassava
cost of producing Information Memorandum,
root in Thailand is aroundgo
1.3toto 1.4 Yes/No. Ca
• Pre-commercial growing trials demonstrate high yield (above modelled yield)
Baht per kilogram. At 26,5 Baht to the Australian dollar, this is the
same as our cost of production. Frequently, the Thai government
tralia so it is
be necessar
• Newer high yielding varieties sourced
intervenes andView
click on sets a Investment
floor price of around 1.8 baht per
Opportunities andtonne.
search dant in the B
• Short IPO turnaround time
for CassTech Limited.
We are able to be competitive because: The herbicid
 Land is owned by CassTech and full crop value is extracted ; it requires z
point of focu
20  GPS guidance and wireless to maximise throughput;
w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u  24 hour/days, 365 days/year operation; The Compan
Company Name Property Planet Pty Ltd Board & Management:
Sector Property TIm Jamieson - Director
Yr established 2003 Left Delfin Lend Lease in 2003 to commence
company. Strong sales and marketing experience in
Business stage Early Stage land and new home market.
Simone Bertalli - Secretary
Location City Australia Mortgage Broker, Licenced Estate Agent
Opportunity Capital Raising Solid sales and marketing experience in Property
and Finance. Also Director of Finance Planet

Corporate Structure
Executive Summary Propriety Limited Company.

Property Planet provide quality and affordable house and land packages First Home Owners
and Investors in Melbourne, Australia. We currently specialise in the sale of single storey Exit Strategy
dwellings on the fringes of Melbourne. We have two operational sales centres in display
villages with four more locations in growth areas soon to open. We outsource all building to This unique investment offers returns in full within
registered builders and have zero risk associated with our core product. We have developed 6 months or the option to roll funds over into
a very successful finance product that offers substantial scope to be intergrated across the additional cash advance deals. Alternativley there
property market. There is simply no kind of investement opportunity that offers as much is the option to invest in the company and the
security and scope in the property sector as our Cash Advance model. Cash Advance system. The exit for the business is
to list on a suitable exchange post Stage 2 of the
business plan
Competitive Advantages
• Cash Advance: This facilty is an exclusive product in Australia. No builder or land developer
offers anything similar.
• Product Offering: Our Cash Advance offer combined with out affordable homes, finance
approval rates and special promotions makes us not only the only option but in many cases
the best option.
• Tested & Measured: We have tested and measured lead generation, sales and adminstrative
process over an extended period and have a unique, simple and effective system.
• Low Risk: We have no substantial risk in the operation of the business. Land is provided by
developers, houses are provided by builders and staff are sub-contractors.
• Scalaility: Our business model can be replicated anyhwere in Australia and vertically
integrated to the land development industry.
• Performance: We have built this current model in 6 months and acheived 100 house
sales. We expect to tripple this in the next financial year.

Key Investment Highlights

• Low Investor Risk: We have mitigated all risk for investors offering four levels of security including
property security on each Cash Advance deal.
• Investor Returns: We provide guaranteed returns of 12%. As our incubation period of funding is
6 months, returns can be annualised at 24%.
• Purchasers able to take advantage of State and Federal Government grants and incentives.
• We have tested our system for successful exit strategy.
• Opportunity: We offer two levels of investment. Firstly, as a pure cash return investment on each
Cash Advance opportunity or secondly as a stakeholder in the company to fastrack our solid
Further Information:
business plan. To learn more about this opportunity, including
• Targets: We continue to exceed targets monthly and are on track to produce $1m+ EBIT in the downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
next 12 months of operation. www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au
• Growth Prospects: We have set acheivable targets to have 600 sales in Victoria by 2011 before click on View Investment opportunities and search for
focusing on interstate replication.
Property Planet Pty Ltd.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Agri Fuels Limited Board & Management:
Sector Renewable energy/agri-business Gregory Lee - Non Executive Chairman
Yr established 2006 CPEng
30 years experience in oil and gas industry and
Business stage Early Stage project management

Location Sydney/Childers, Australia Brendon Elett - Managing Director

B.Sc, Dip Mkg, PG Dip Ecc Mgt
Opportunity Capital Raising 10 years corporate marketing and business
management and 10 years agricultural farming

Guiseppe Graziano - Non Executive Director

Executive Summary CA
17 years experience in public practice.
The project (in Childers, QLD) is based around a proprietary variety of the powerful energy structures.
crop Sweet Sorghum.
In the AgriFuels business model, the grain head of the Sweet Sorghum is used for food/fodder. Robert Smallwood - Executive Director
The remaining stalk yields sugar juice and fibre (bagasse). The sugar juice is processed into B.A. Comms. F.C.C. License 1st Class (USA
syrup, alcohol, yeast and biofuel; the fibre is used as fertiliser, animal feed, paper pulp or is Senior management roles in renewable energy, IT &
combusted for green electricity to power the mill and refinery. Excess electricity is sold back Telcos.
to the grid for additional profit.
Corporate Structure
AgriFuels is a public unlisted company. Currently
Competitive Advantages there are 58 shareholders and 21,117,850 shares
on issue.
• Low production cost of renewable energy
• Sustainable profits with ethanol production cost less than A$0.40 per litre
Exit Strategy
• Carbon-neutral end-to-end process 3 - 5 year exit opportunity via trade sale or listing a
suitable exchange. Anticipate substantial positive
• Total control of input costs -- (unlike biofuel projects) cash flow upon project being fully commissioned,
• Generates food rather than using food for fuel production making AgriFuels an attractive takeover target.

• Produces electricity from waste fibre at a cost equivalent to coal

• License for Govt import approved, proprietary, high-yeilding crop variety
• All necessary technology to process products is current and proven
• Asset backed investment -- project owns agricultural and commercial land
• Refinery is cost-effectively adaptable to next generation technology

Key Investment Highlights

• Strong agribusiness cashflow projected from 2010
• Substantial cashflow from 2nd year of renewable energy refinery operations
• Multiple revenue streams with demand greater than production capacity
• Low technology risk with farmland and commerical property asset backing Further Information:
• Crop of choice develops sustainably higher farm income than comparable crops To learn more about this opportunity, including
• Significant Intellectual Property from past four years of international R&D downloading the Information Memorandum, go to
• Experienced, multi-disciplinary management team and board www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au
• Strong political and community contacts in region click on View Investment Opportunities and search
for Agri Fuels Limited.
• First project located in Childers, QLD with additional projects planned for other regions

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Benson (WA) Distributors Pty Ltd Benson
& Management: ning has been working
Sector Air Conditioning
Benson AC Hot Water Sytem for Australian
Posselt - Director
with all aspects wide.
of running the Air
Yr established 2009
Business stage Seed The Conditioning company.
Benson Enviro 3 AC Hot Water System ca
Charles Posselt - Director
system within Air
Has been high efficiencies
Conditioning Industry forofover
15 input to n
Location Perth, Australia
It can also be used as a normal Airconditionin
years. Has installation company
Opportunity Capital Raising
What makesStructure
Corporate this system so special?
While system
Benson the unit
(WA) Distributors is heating
Pty Ltd or cooling, it c
is a private company.
We have added a special process to the air co
Executive Summary Exit Strategy
Possible for investor to exit in approximately 6-12
Benson (WA) Distributors Pty Ltd is a Green Air Conditioning Wholesaler, which will supply Unitmonths.
both Domestic and Commercial Air Conditioning to WA’s Builders, Mine Sites and general Ultimate
• Cooling Eco will beSystem
Other options Heating Solar
considered. 3.5kW (Model Num
population. It is a Global Leader through the use of non ozone depleting refrigerants used • Cooling
on all systems.
4.9kW, HeatingEnviro 4.9kW 3 (Model Num
Coming soon • Cooling 6.3kW, Heating 6.4kW (Model Num
Competitive Advantages Want to reduce your
Related products
• All Benson Enviro3 Air Conditioners use R290 Refrigerant A Ducted System is also available, this system h
carbon footprint
• Global and Market Leader with Hydro Carbons
while heating/cooling
• Only Manufacturer with AC Hot Water Technology
your house and also
Benson Airconditioning
• Tested for Higher operating temperatures
• 100% Australian Owned
heating your hot Phone: 1300 4 BENSON (1300 4 236766)
• Some of the highest Energy Ratings water...for free*?Email: bensonac@
Solar Panel 1,800 watt
• Ability to obtain RECs for AC Hot Water Web: www.bensonairconditioning.com.au
Benson's Earth Saver
• Carbon Neutral, 2 trees plant for every system sold
• Plasma Air Stream standard in all ducted systems
Package combinesDisclaimer The information
Indoor fan coil in this brochure was deemed correct at time of printin
or vary productsHeating/Cooling
and offer without notice.
your house

• Global Warming Potential reduced from 1,890 to only 3!! Solar Panels and the
• Benson has support and the backing from Green Peace International, AC Hot Water
the United
Nations Environmental Department and the United Nations Environmental
Development Organisation System to give you:
• Green Peace are supporting R290 as the refrigerant of the future.
• Free Heating
• Free Cooling
Key Investment Highlights
• Free Hot Water Outdoor unit available as:
• Margins set for a large return *While the sun is powering the Solar • 3.4kW Cooling and 3.5kW Heating +
Tank sizes available"
Free Hot Water
• Knowing the Investor is helping the Environment panels • Standalone Hot Water System 50 to 300 Litres

• Australias largest Environmentally product range of Air ConditionersOnly

manufacturer with AC Hot Water Technology
Further Information:
Benson Airconditioning
Phone: 1300 4 BENSON (1300 4 236766)
• Market leader in refrigerant and designs Email: bensonac@bigpond.net.au
Web: www.bensonairconditioning.com.au
• Constantly updating technology To learn more about this opportunity, including
downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
Disclaimer The information in this brochure was deemed correct at time of printing June 2009 however may be subject to change. Benson Airconditioning reserves the right to discontinue

• Great connections with factories over seas

or vary products and offer without notice.

• Can design systems to order

click on View Investment opportunities and search for
• The United Nations is trying to ban CFC’s and HCFC’s in Air Conditioning
Benson (WA) Distributors Pty Ltd.
• Suitable for all sectors of the market, domestic, commercial, industrial etc..

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
The Daily Commute

Company Name The Daily Commute Board & Management:

Sector Green / Transport / IT Glenn Batson - CEO & MD
Glenn brings 16 years of entrepreneurial, business
Yr established 2008 and commercial skills to TDC.
Business stage Early stage, Expansion Sectors to which Glenn has strategic and tactical
business experience includes agriculture, property
Location Melbourne, Australia development, equity trading, tourism and IT
Opportunity Capital raising and Strategic Partnership
Amit Pathik - Chief Software Architect
A Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing
professional, with a decade of experience in building
and analysing complex systems / applications for
Executive Summary large corporates.

The Daily Commute (TDC) is a dynamic and robust ridesharing website, enabling Corporate Structure
organisations the opportunity to implement an environmentally responsible, smart, secure
transport solution, through a pioneering web-based application.
TDC is an Australian private company, looking
The solution utilises an innovative SMS feature and makes ridesharing viable by offering to raise capital preferably through strategic
live matching anywhere where Google Maps has street directories available, through TDC’s partnership.
ridesharing algorithm.
TDC offers analytics and reports, as well as the ability to connect to a specially designed
reporting database.
Exit Strategy
TDC’s unique marketing vision can assist in advocating the uptake and use of ridesharing Trade sale or listing on a suitable exchange at the
among organisations and users. appropriate time.

Competitive Advantages
• SMS, with iPhone technology in development.
• Allows for the reduction of carbon footprint and heightens Corporate Social Profile.
• Relieves pressure on roads and public transport systems and reduces road congestion.
• Security - available to organisations and their employees (users).
• Other security functions (i.e user identification/profile).
• Works with Google Maps through a GIS enabled application, utilising
TDC’s ridematching algorithm.
• Ease of use and navigation, including Online Help functionality.
• Strategic vision for engaging users and encouraging ridesharing
(eg Events-based ridesharing).
• Innovative development framework to allow for technology/service add-ons.
• Available through a licensing agreement.

Key Investment Highlights

• Debates the Government’s opinion that there is no ‘silver bullet’ to the countries road
congestion problems.
• Scalable worldwide (26 countries where Google Maps exist).
• Absence of a strong brand in the (ridesharing) sector of the transport industry. Further Information:
• Multiple ongoing revenue streams.
To learn more about this opportunity, including
• Provides serious scale in profitability without being capital intensive. downloading the Information Memorandum, go to
• Partners have a vested financial interest in the business.
• Business sector falls within Government’s current agenda (enabling further R&D grants).
click on View Investment Opportunities and search
• Self-sustaining business & financial model.
for The Daily Commute.
• Attractive business as a franchise development.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Ceebron Pty Limited Board & Management:
Sector ICT Food Technology Don Richardson - CEO
Yr established 2003 M.Eng Sc. BSc
Don has managed businesses and corporate
Business stage Expansion development of major corporations in international
food markets over 27+ years including some 9
Location Sydney Australia years based in USA

Opportunity Capital Raising Emyr Jones - Chairman - Non-Executive

BA Econ (Hons), FCA
Over 30 years’ experience in listed UK companies
and non-executive director of, and investor in,
emerging business.

Executive Summary Dr. Philip Bennett - Non-Executive Director

MBA, BComm
Ceebron has developed and proven an on-line cold chain monitoring technology, using state Over 25 years experience across a broad range of
of the art communications technologies to protect foods, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and industry sectors. Director of UK public company.
other temperature sensitive perishables from abuse and degradation during road, rail and sea
transport. Ceebron has raised over $5 million for its technology developments efforts and now Roderic Holliday-Smith - Independent Advisor
seeks downstream commercialisation funding. Current ‘risk reducing’ corporate partnerships and to Board
relationships include Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), Motorola Inc, Minorplanet Systems Plc.
and CSIRO. BEc (Hons)
Chartered Accountant, Ric has more than 20 years’
Ceebron’s Smart-Trace tm System provides the transparency and audit controls necessary for
food safety of perishable goods from origin to destination, as mandated by international legislation, experience in banking and finance in the UK, USA and
and now recognised internationally in the non-negotiable terms of international trade. This is a web Australia. Director of Australian public companies.
enabled solution.
Corporate Structure
Competitive Advantages Australian Pty Ltd company governed by a formal
• Ceebron has been granted patent protection in major international markets, enjoys an early Shareholder Deed. Top tier Ordinary Shares with full
priority date and has successfully defended these comprehensive business process patents voting rights
• The Smart-Trace solution makes the temperature history of the products totally transparent in
real-time from supplier to retailer, with automatic alerts, making the supplier the first to know of Exit Strategy
problems, with his product.
• The solution is a better, faster, cheaper, on-demand one - that is accurate, reliable, usable, and The likely ultimate exit strategy for the company
affordable is the sale of its business as going concern to an
international ‘supply chain technology’ company.
• Ceebron has had CSIRO as independent auditor, sign-off on its extensive field trialling efforts.
• Ceebron has a business plan that reflects the staged penetration of it targetted country markets
and first 8 customers ready to roll-out, once funded for product manufacture and working capital
• The projected high quality of earnings of the business model are driven by: 1. high repeat rates,
2. IP protection, 3. Massive/growing global trade in perishables 4. Regulatory/food safety ‘non-

Key Investment Highlights

• Investment is a high growth rate, global opportunity, underpinned by a disruptive and protected
• Investment is to take Ceebron to cashflow positive by third year, for a highly profitable mid term
• Investment has economic, environmental, social and corporate governance, benefit aspects -
feel good factor!
• Global business ultimately using alliances for international expansion- agile- ecommerce business Further Information:
• Target customers (Food or Pharma) are quality conscious, large, many international - very low To learn more about this opportunity, including
commercial risk downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
• Beyond the more affluent countries initially targeted, there remain many huge markets with www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au
seriously underdeveloped cold chains, but which are rapidly moving to the western diets and
food forms. Brazil, Russia, India, China and Middle East. Typically their poor cold chains result in click on View Investment opportunities and search for
20-30% waste, and new investments in technology growing at ~20%pa.. Ceebron Pty Limited.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Globo Hydro Power Limited Board & Management:
Sector Green and Clean Industry Elaine Johns - Joint Managing Director
Yr established 2009 Industrial Psychology, HRD, Business Management.
Founding Director, whom is moving “Globo Hydro
Business stage Pre-IPO Power” from concept to commercialisation.

Location Sydney, Australia Peter Feeley - Joint Managing Director

HRD and Business Management.
Opportunity Capital Raising Founding Director, whom is moving “Globo Hydro
Power” from concept to commercialisation.

Rajeev Shirodkar - Director

Finance Management.
Executive Summary Company Director providing a financial control
element to the business and its operations.
Globo Hydro Power is a fuel enhancing process suitable for application within fossil fuelled
internal combustion engines, which has been 5 years in development. Specific applications
are Petrol, LPG and Diesel engines of the inclusions of motor vehicles, motorised equipment, Dorothy Johns - Director
power generators, marine transport and locomotive transport. Company Director providing a public perspective to
Globo Hydro Power Limited’s Founding Directors have been the driving force over 4 the business and its operations.
years of product R&D and 1 year of business establishment. This involves the sourcing
of parts that make up a product installation kit, the branding of installation kits, the set-
up of operational infrastructure, the securing of product and personal liability insurances Corporate Structure
associated with Globo Hydro Power Limited, and the promotional awareness of Pre-IPO
shares that will lead to a comprehensive product release into the consumer market place. Globo Hydro Power Limited is a non-listed public

Competitive Advantages Exit Strategy

• GHP as a product is a minor engine adaptation, necessitating no design, structural or
operating changes to an engine. •As an exit strategy for Pre-IPO Investors, sale of
shares on a suitable exchange.
• GHP is a fuel enhancer, thus it works with an engine’s existing fuel system.
•IPO is visioned and planned for 2010, however
• GHP utilises hydrogen as its chemical enhancing substance, of which is naturally present
in fossil fuels, no foreign substances added. if sales are as actual as business opportunity
presents, then Investors may elect to retain their
• GHP utilises 99.5% hydrogen purity, providing greater safety over Brown’s Gas utilised in shareholdings and receive favourable dividends.
on-board electrolyser systems.
•The growth plan for Globo Hydro Power Limited
• GHP utilises compressed hydrogen gas, stored in steel cylinders, over on-board
electrolyser systems that produce chemicals as you drive. is up to 20 years, with its life span far more, as its
product applications move into other and larger
• GHP installations are conducted by Authorised Auto Mechanics/ Auto Electricians within industries, thus the “Ultimate” exit plan is to attain
1.5 hours, compared to > 2 days as with LPG systems. a lucratively buy-out from a Corporation(s) that will
• GHP saves up to 50% in fuel costs, comparative to LPG conversions but LPG systems add value to their company via the GHP Limited
use up to 30% more fuel in operation. acquisition.
• GHP reduces up to 45% negative greenhouse emissions, highly favourable to Vehicle
Operators falling under emission reduction mandates.

Key Investment Highlights

• GHP Limited is an established business entity for the sole purpose of commercialising the
GHP product.
• Supply agreements in place with a listed multi-national, for the supply of Hydrogen.
• The company has established multiple revenue streams, including the sale of hydrogen.
• GHP Limited is growing its business related Industry Alliances and associated operating
infrastructure development.
Further Information:
• GHP Limited commences as an Austalian Company, with International expansion planned To learn more about this opportunity, including
to occur upon receipt of further investment, and when Australian business objectives are downloading the Information Memorandum, go to
• GHP Limited will expand into other and larger industries, beyond automotive, in line with
business growth directives. click on View Investment Opportunities and search
for Globo Hydro Power Limited.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Jadato Holdings Pty Ltd Board & Management:
Sector Agriculture Peter – CEO
Yr established 2008 12 years banking industry and founder of a major
PLC in the UK. Born and raised in the industries
Business stage Early stage, expansion Jadato are targeting. Full details in IM.
Brian – Director
Location NSW and QLD Engineer by trade and a successful rural developer.
Opportunity Capital Raising Full details in IM.
Neil – Director
Retired from the building industry bringing valuable
construction knowledge
Stuart – Director
Executive Summary Effective August 2009,17 years property developing
and currently in banking
• Jadatos goal is to invest in sustainable properties, in the agriculture sector, in order to
supply fresh, organic products to consumers Deloittes - as auditors and advisors
• Jadato offers a diverse, integrated supply chain incorporating; Allen Arthur Robinson - as legal team
• Grain farms in geographically disparate regions to ensure a reliable supply of grain to
livestock farms and grain mills; Corporate Structure
• Grain mills for the production of grain-based feeds and supplements;
• Jadato Holdings is a Proprietary Limited
• Livestock enterprises to take supply of grain-based feeds and supplements; Company
• Organic fertiliser production to maximise income from the grain milling and livestock • Jadato manages majority owned subsidiaries
operations by taking waste by-products and converting them to a saleable commodity with key staff that have vested interests in their

Exit Strategy
Competitive Advantages
• Potential Trade Buyers have been identified
• Drought proof products (in fact we like the drought!)
• Jadatos structure allows for an appropriate
• Several uses for product if traditional markets downturn exchange listing
• Control of the supply line • Jadatos founders believe a MBO will exist in
• Manageable upsizing returning greater profits than independent operations and minimizing
risks • Exit and Risk strategies are constantly under
• Our waste by-products from milling and egg operations are our most valuable asset used
for producing organic fertilizers
• Capacity for considerable market share increase only limited by available capital

Key Investment Highlights

• Each property/business must have land assets that can have value added and
on multi titles
• Organic, sustainable practices within agriculture currently command premium consumer
• Recession proof – products for human and animal consumption mostly under sales
contracts Further Information:
• We buy businesses showing 35% plus returns and secure key staff to manage on our To learn more about this opportunity, including
behalf giving them “ownership with reward”
downloading the Information Memorandum, go to
• Growth opportunities exist in business model duplication by state
• The existing businesses we buy currently have no export contracts!
click on View Investment Opportunities and search
for Jadato Holdings Pty Ltd.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Activeplus Pty Ltd Board & Management:
Sector Health care Geoff Crittenden - Executive Chairman
Yr established 2008 Geoff is an entrepreneur who has spent the last nine
years running his own company. Prior to that Geoff
Business stage Early stage was CEO of a Transfield-Worley JV.
Rakesh Raj - Managing Director
Location Sydney, Australia Rakesh is a highly experienced senior manager
Opportunity Capital
Activeplus sells safe, reliableRaising / strategic
and affordable partnerAustralian-made
pharmacy-only who, until recently, was director responsible for
the pharmacy division of global pharmaceutical
healthcare products which promote well-being and an active lifestyle.
company Sanofi-aventis. Prior to joining Sanofi,
Our purpose is to build equity in our brand portfolio through sales Rakesh was General Manager of the generic
and marketing operations in the pharmacy channel. pharmaceutical company Sandoz, part of the

Executive Summary Novartis group.

Stuart Hackett - Finance Director (Non-Executive)
Activeplus is a dynamic consumer healthcare company focused on selling high-value Stuart worked in the financial services industry in
Australian made complementary medicines which promote well-being and an active lifestyle. Australia and UK for over 25 years. His previous
positions have included CEO, GIO Building
The Australian market for vitamins and supplements is worth $1.5 Billion; 2 out of every 3
Australians take a form of complimentary medicine. The market has more than doubled Society, CEO, Challenger Life Ltd, General Manager,
in the past five years. Over 70% of the profit in this category is generated by 20% of the Superannuation
products on sale. Managed Investments, GIO Australia Ltd.
Our strategy is to simplify selected categories for both the pharmacy and consumer by
offering core products that provide clear consumer benefits and higher profits to pharmacy.
Corporate Structure

Currently Activeplus is a private company but plans

Competitive Advantages convert to Public (unlisted) following investment.
• All our products are Australian Made
• 60% of our products have unique formulations Exit
• Pharmacy only distribution has generated strong support for our brand from pharmacists
and distributors • After the Company has converted to an Unlisted
• Creative packaging design stands out from competitors Public Company shares can be bought and sold
through the company’s share register.
• The only company to offer an every day 1 for 5 consumer offer
• Ultimately the business will be sold through a
• Innovative business model offers excellent profit incentives to pharmacists trade sale.
• Fully integrated sales incentive scheme

Key Investment Highlights

• Activeplus has an experienced and highly respected management team
• Low risk business model minimizes the requirement for capital expenditure on infrastructure
• EBIT will be in the order of 15-20% of revenue
• Trade sale multiples for mature companies in this sector are in the 12-16 x EBIT range
• Estimated ROI 33%
• Product is already ranged in 2 major national wholesalers and with 2 significant pharmacy
Further Information:
• 1000 units sold in April with sales predicted to double month on month
To learn more about this opportunity, including
• Excellent growth opportunity to expand the company into other categories downloading the Information Memorandum, go to
using ‘Active’ brands.
• Export opportunities to India and Middle East.
click on View Investment Opportunities and search
for ActivePlus.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Klaus Maertin (Aus) Pty Ltd t/a Floaties Board & Management:
Sector Consumer goods
Philip Maertin – Managing Director
Yr established 2008 Philip is the reason why Floaties ® was invented. He
has a life long involvement with the brand and more
Business stage Early stage than 20 years experience in market and product
development and innovation. He has worked with a
Location Sydney, Australia number of blue-chip companies across a range of
Opportunity Strategic Investment consumer products internationally.
Phil Evans – Director
Phil is the director of corporate relationships.
Don Champagne – Chief Executive Officer

Executive Summary Advisory Board

Peter Nagle
Klaus Maertin (Aus) Pty Ltd (“KMA”) is a new company formed to re-launch worldwide the Barrister
iconic Australian brand, Floaties ®. KMA holds the rights to all Floaties trademarks and
brands. Floaties ® is instantly recognisable world wide for a range of inflatable aquatic / Kieren Perkins
swimming related products and pool accessories. Olympic champion swimmer

Every year more than 126 million children are born. The objective of KMA and Floaties ® is Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith
to reach a significant percentage of these children with a product relevant to their needs and Head of Prevention Research Services – Victorian
to promote worldwide swimming tuition. Institute of Forensic Medicine

KMA has agreements in place with Funtastic, Australia’s leading toy distribution company. David Bonython
In partnership with Funtastic, KMA will develop world wide marketing, distribution and Strategic Sourcing Australia
manufacturing solutions to ensure Floaties ® is represented in all significant markets. Edward Smith
Director – Beijing Consulting Group

Corporate Structure
Competitive Advantages Klaus Martin (Aus) is a proprietary limited company.

• A world market for the Floaties ® brand

Exit Strategy
• Trademarks registered in all key markets KMA intends to build a global business prior to
• Licensee manufacturers established converting into a public company and listing on a
• Sales agents in key markets including USA, China and Japan suitable exchange.

• Discussions on-going with major blue chip companies for licensing of product, as well
as with smaller companies
• Expanded range of products ready for development
• Economies of scale achievable through a worldwide business focus

Key Investment Highlights

• Opportunity for an investor to take a minority shareholding in KMA
• Instant brand recognition of Floaties ®
• A trusted brand with a long history in the market (over 40 years)
• Swimming is a life skill and Floaties ® is synonymous with swimming
• A truly international business opportunity with the potential for sales in the world’s
largest markets through a combination of licensing and manufacturing in key Further Information
To learn more about this opportunity, including
• Established manufacturing methodology for mass production downloading an overview document, go to
• Substantial investment in global IP protection
• Development of a core range of products, brochures and ranging with the major retail
department stores for the 2009 Australian summer click on View Investment Opportunities
and search for Klaus Maertin.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Wasabi Holdings Pty Ltd t/a WASHPOD Board & Management:
Sector Automotive & Industrial Paul Piercy (Chairman)
Yr established 2004 Mr Piercy was Managing Director of WesTrac
Equipment from 1997 to 2000 before playing an
Business stage Expansion, pre-IPO integral role in the successful establishment of
WesTrac China, as its Chairman/CEO based in
Location Perth, Western Australia China. His broad mining, industrial and equipment
management/ servicing experience also includes
Opportunity Capital Raising International roles in Africa, China, UK and Papua
New Guinea.

Fenton Goddard (Managing Director)

Executive Summary Founding director, technical innovator and driving

force behind the WASHPOD™ concept, Fenton
is a pioneer in the field of Automotive Workshop
Wasabi Holdings Pty Ltd trading as WASHPOD has designed and developed a range of
Productivity Improvement with six patents to his
“HIGH IMPACT” automatic parts washing machines marketed under the brand name of
name in the field. With 20 years specific experience
“WASHPOD™”.The machines use only water and detergent to clean and de-contaminate
in all facets of the automatic parts washing industry
mechanical and electrical parts in a range of industries, from the automotive service industry
he heads the rapidly growing team.
to mining, marine, aviation and manufacturing sectors.
He is a Licensing Executive member of Licensing
WASHPOD™ is a disruptive technology that has been specifically designed to displace the
Executives Society of Australia and New Zealand
incumbent technology of rented manually operated solvent based parts washing.
and a member of the Australian Institute of
The Company is in a strong commercial and financial position with the rapid acceptance of Company Directors.
the product in the very competitive local Perth market and having successfully concluded
negotiations with a credible Chinese based manufacturer on 90 day payment terms that Corporate Structure:
match a line of debt capital credit facility from the National Australia Bank to fund the roll-out Wasabi Holdings is an Australian private company
of the WASHPOD rental fleet. looking to raise capital.

Competitive Advantages Exit Strategy

• Early opportunity to exit via Public Listing
• Provides superior value for money compared to competitors • Flexibility to extract early partial returns and
• Delivers a higher quality cleaning performance with a lower operating cost hold for growth
• Is safer and more environmentally sustainable
•  Faster cleaning with a shorter wash cycle
•  Significantly reduced service and maintenance requirement for lower rental equipment
operating costs
•  Totally eliminates the use of petroleum based solvents

Key Investment Highlights

• Unique disruptive technology driven by strong environmental and occupational safety
• Strong development history with proven management team
• Market proven product already developed & tested
• Proven long term profitable rental product to market strategy
• Product “sells” strongly in recessionary times (rental)
• High production capability with China and Australian based manufacturing with planned
Further Information:
rapid market penetration To learn more about this opportunity, including
• Powerful Co-Marketing Uber-Brand leverage to accelerate market penetration rate downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
• Long, stable, highly profitable rental fleet income stream delivering strong dividends and www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au
high capital growth potential
click on View Investment opportunities and search for
Wasabi Holdings.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Biotech Australia Pty Ltd Board & Management:
Sector Clean technologies Dominic Calabro - Project / Finance Manager
Yr established 2009 Project management commercial construction
finishing trades, HR
Business stage Early Stage Les Mccall - Scientific Director
Experience in construction, new technologies
Location Western Australia, Worldwide and innovation, has produced technology for the
Opportunity Capital Raising / strategic partner/ Debt Equity / Loan advancement of prior refineries.
Martin Rice - Co Director
Currently a Co-Director in Refinery in Liverpool (UK).
Will Mccall - IT Manager
Currently the IT designer for the Refinery in Liverpool (UK).
Executive Summary
Chemists have reported the development of what they termed the first economical, eco-
friendly process to convert algae oil into biodiesel fuel — a discovery they predict could one Corporate Structure
day lead to the Planet independence from petroleum as a fuel. Proprietary Limited Company
Biotech Australia Pty Ltd is a company which currently has the technology to deliver biodiesel
fuel to the market. It has a plant at Liverpool in England which is ready to commence
production. Exit Strategy
Biotech Australia Pty Ltd will be at the forefront of biofuel production globally due to its • Either interest paid or sale within company
technology and plants which are in readiness for production. • 1 year to 5 years
• Company aims to achieve a listing on a suitable
exchange within two years
Competitive Advantages
• First to market technology
• Proprietary extraction and growth methods
• Efficient to build and run compared to standard refineries
• Requires less land area than current researched technologies in same sector
• Abundant feed source
• Scalable production and expansion capabilities
• Many base products – Waste management, water purification, power and electricity
generation and food sources
• Billions of dollars mandated from Governments to this area
• Large scale demand for core and bi-products
• Waste management
• No waste or emissions

Key Investment Highlights

• 4 month timeline for project development and diesel refinery
• 6 -8 months for construction of Omega 3 Refinery
• Upon completion of construction, production commences immediately
• Additional revenue opportunities from the bi-products of feed stock for humans and Further Information:
animals, land fill regain and power generation
To learn more about this opportunity, including
• Research and development complete downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
• Currently in negotiation with strategic partners
• Multiple Government Grants are available
click on View Investment opportunities and search for
• Taxation credits available on investment capital Biotech Australia.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Wholesale_Investor_Issue2_11_08.indd 24 13/7/09 2:59:07 PM

Company Name Withheld Board & Management:

Sector Food Manufacturing & Retail Professional board structure has evolved in the
Yr established 2003 company over the past two years to provide
the necessary governance and direction for the
Business stage Expansion and pre-IPO business.
Location Australia
• Food Manufacturing
Opportunity Capital Raising • Financial
• Retail
• Strategic

Executive Summary
• This is an exciting opportunity to invest in an established market leader in the food Corporate Structure
manufacturing and retail sectors in Australia. The business model is vertically integrated The business operates under a series of private
with ‘branded retail locations’ and food manufacturing to supply the retail locations. Australian companies.
• The business has recently built a new manufacturing infrastructure that can support a
500% increase in group revenue across Australia by supplying retail and wholesale locations
from one manufacturing plant.
Exit Strategy
• The growth capital will be applied to scale the wholesale and retail distribution across The business has the options of IPO, private sale
Australia over the next 2-3 years as a precursor to broader international expansion.
and international expansion as potential exit strategy
within the next 3-4 years.

Competitive Advantages
• Largest retail network in its sector in Australia with an end game of 150+ stores and
significant wholesale distribution planned
• The only business in the sector to have a centralised manufacturing model capable of
supplying fresh to all Australian retail locations
• A retail store model that generates above industry average returns
• Significant gross margin advantages due to less capital intensive vertically integrated
business model
• DC Strategy input as the region’s leading specialist consulting and legal firm that have
developed the networks and brands of many of the region’s most successful businesses
such as Boost Juice, Pandora, Flight Centre, OPSM, and Gizmo.

Key Investment Highlights

• Proven business with $2million EBIT+ position where scale in distribution will lift profits into
the $4million+ within 2-3 years
• Founding family committed to the business and key driver of the success
• National expansion in Australia provides serious scale in the profitability without being
capital intensive Further Information:
• International expansion is planned in a 3-5 year timeline
To learn more about this opportunity, including
• Wholesale distribution is a significant expansion opportunity that has yet to be commenced downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
but could double the turnover of the business
• The business has experienced management and stakeholders that have the capability and
click on View Investment opportunities and search for
track record of scaling nationally and internationally.
DC Strategy.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Withheld Board & Management:
Sector Pharmacy Retail & Healthcare Professional board structure has evolved in the
Yr established 2006 company over the past two years to provide
the necessary governance and direction for the
Business stage Early stage business.
Location Australia
• Pharmacy
Opportunity Capital Raising • Retail
• Strategic

Executive Summary Corporate Structure

Private Australian company.
The Pharmacy and health care sectors in Australia are set for significant change in the
next 5 years. This business has completely reinvented the approach to pharmaceutical and
healthcare retailing which has resulted in significant changes to store design, location and
retail approach which has created profit results considerably above the industry average.
Exit Strategy
With a string of awards and exceptional consumer and pharmacist interest the business The business has the options of IPO and private
has planned for national expansion to take full advantage of the forthcoming industry sale within the next 3-4 years and international
changes and the absence of a strong brand in the industry.

Competitive Advantages
• A fresh, exciting and award winning approach to an old established sector with the
opportunity for a national footprint of 200+ locations
• Existing sales results prove the early impact and sustainability of the business model and
innovative approach
• The change in demographic over the next 5-10 years will result in significant growth in the
sector against any historical benchmarks
• Proven business model that has been replicated on multiple occasions successfully
• Significant interest from landlords and pharmacists
• DC Strategy input as the region’s leading specialist consulting and legal firm that have
developed the networks and brands of many of the region’s most successful
businesses such as Boost Juice, Pandora, Flight Centre, OPSM, and Gizmo.

Key Investment Highlights

• Seeking $1million equity capital to expand the network using a combination of franchised
and company operated locations in both greenfield and conversion of existing operator
• An exceptional opportunity to be involved in a proven business model and network that
have scale in a stable growth sector
• The Healthcare sector is forecast to experience a significant uplift in growth over the next
5-10 years
• Existing results have proven the innovative and fresh approach achieve above industry
returns that will only scale as the network grows
Further Information:
To learn more about this opportunity, including
• DC Strategy input with a proven track record of building national and international
downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
• Award winning founder committed to the future growth of the business www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au
• National expansion focused over the next 3-4 years prior to an international expansion to click on ‘View Investment Opportunities’ and search
take advantage of the international growth in healthcare for DC Strategy.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Pacific Island Aquaculture Board & Management:
Sector Fish Farming Malcolm Garbutt - CEO
Yr established 2009 20 Years experience in successful startups from IT
to Boating and Marine.
Business stage Seed/Early Stage Rick Hewson - Executive Director
Over 20 years experience in Fish farming and
Location QLD Australia / Fiji aquaculture. Was on an advisory committee to
Seeking Capital Raising Great Barrier Reef Marina Park Authorities and QLD
fisheries aquaculture projects. Master 2 shipping
Jovesa Korovulavula
Executive Director of Fiji Fisheries, 20 Years
Executive Summary experience with Aquaculture.

PIA Fiji Aquaculture is a company that will be breeding the Mahi Mahi fish in the tropical
waters of the Fiji waters utilizing the proven sea cage methods of the tuna industry, with Corporate Structure
modifications to suit the Mahi Mahi Fish.
Public Unlisted Company
We have been in negotiations with the Fiji government, councils and Island Chiefs for the last
4 years and have secured water rights for the sea cages, full access to the processing plants
and land for the development of the hatchery, and the south pacific bait license.
Exit Strategy
• Planned exit strategy will be trade sale, company
Competitive Advantages buyback of shares or IPO
• Estimate exit time will be 3-5 years
• Full support of the Fiji Government and related fisheries.
• Mahi Mahi Fish produce up to 80,000 eggs every full moon.
• Massive demand for high omega 3 fish products.
• Mahi Mahi grows to plate size in 3 months.
• Fiji Fisheries executive is a shareholder.
• Fiji will not allow the Japanese or Taiwanese to start an aquaculture business in Fiji, but
will allow them to buy the fish.

Key Investment Highlights

• Current supplies only satisfy 10% of the market demand.
• High demand from the Asian and American markets.
• Trials conducted on a small hatchery in Fiji 2 years ago were very successful on
hatchery breeding.
• This is stage 2 which will has the capacity to produce approx $10M EBITDA 18-24 months
after commencement
• Potential to generate 100% ROI in 18-24 Months Further Information:
• Stage 3 will involve duplicating stage 2 by a factor of 5 to 10
To enquire or download an
• Key players are shareholders and have a vested interest in the success of this project Information Memorandum, go to
click on View Investment Opportunities and search
for Pacific Island Aquaculture.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Viva Properties Board & Management:
Sector Real Estate Michael Ta – Executive Director
Yr established 2001 BCom , Barts, MasBusSys, Dip. Financial Services
(PS146 Compliant), licensed Real Estate Agent (VIC,
Business stage Expansion NSW, TAS).
10 years of Project Management and I.T.
Location Melbourne, Australia experience.
Seeking Capital Raising and JV Projects 8 years experience in Real Estate - specialist in
affordable residential housing development.
Greg Rips – Executive Director
Dip. Building Technologies
17 years in business, and over 8 years experience
Executive Summary in real estate - specialist in affordable residential
housing development.
Viva Properties Pty Ltd (“Viva”) is a niche property development company specialising in
the development and construction of affordable housing in Australia. It has developed IP
and methodologies specifically to procure and manage the entire supply chain to operate
profitably in the affordable property market segment. Corporate Structure
Viva recently secured tenders and partnering arrangements with the public sector and is • Viva Properties Pty Ltd is a private company. It
owns a portfolio of residential property projects
currently a major supplier of affordable housing for the Tasmanian State Government and
a large portion of which have pre-leasing
is a recognized expert in this property market segment. Viva is seeking to expand via joint arrangements with the public sector.
venture arrangements or equity funding initiatives. As part of its expansion plans, Viva has
launched a special purpose vehicle (National Affordable Properties Ltd) to raise funds for a • National Affordable Properties Ltd is an unlisted
public company.
75 residential unit development.

Exit Strategy
Competitive Advantages • Investors in National Affordable Properties Ltd
• Viva has existing key relationships with government bodies in the affordable housing will receive their initial investment back (via a buy
back of pre-shares) and profit distributions from
the project at completion.
• Established player in the market - Viva has been developing affordable properties for over • Viva Properties Pty Ltd is open to discussion with
8 years and has a successful track history interested parties relating to wrapping projects in
• Increasing body of intellectual property in this market niche its portfolio into fund raising structures, which can

• Extensive due diligence carried out on Viva’s methodologies and systems as part of
public tenders and prospectus reviews
• Proven history of profitable project delivery

Key Investment Highlights

• Project is underpinned by 50% of the dwellings in the development being set aside to be
leased to the Tasmanian State Government
• Existing high demand for affordable housing in Hobart
• Target project duration is 2 to 3 years
• 50% of net profit from the project will be distributed to investors on a pro rata basis at
Further Information:
completion To learn more about this opportunity, including
downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
• Vendor is an owner of other sites in the region
• Vendor terms are available and are flexible
click on ‘View Investment Opportunities’ and search
for Viva Properties.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Speciality Entertainment Pty Ltd Board & Management:
Sector Leisure & Entertainment Craig Caruana - Managing Director
Yr established 2004 Craig has been involved with the management of
franchise companies for over 10 Years. Craig is the
Business stage Early Stage/Expansion President of the Australian Amusement Association.
Grant McFadden - Director Of Operations
Location Sydney Australia Over 15 years experience in site management and
Seeking Capital Raising training and is the leading consultant to installations
For Freestyle Slides Inc (USA).

Corporate Structure:
Executive Summary Speciality Entertainment Pty Ltd is a Privately
Speciality Entertainment™ is Australia’s largest supplier of Licensed inflatable’s with over owned Company.
thirty franchise locations across Australia and New Zealand. The company has secured
exclusive licenses to the worlds largest brands including The Wiggles, Marvel Comics, Hi-5
Bratz, Barbie, Thomas the Tank Engine and the National Rugby League (NRL). Speciality
Entertainment™ leverages off the millions of dollars invested in these well known brands.
Exit Strategy
Speciality Entertainment is ideally suited to being
The success of the companies franchising model has provided a number of unique
purchased by a larger Entertainment and Leisure
opportunities with the company planning to expand its operations in Western Sydney to
operation looking to expand their operations into
include the development of a 50 Acre site into a Family Fun Park with substantial returns
new lucrative markets within the next three years.
forecasted for investors.

Competitive Advantages
• Well established company with growing profile with 40 Franchised locations, 300 Corporate
clients and 5000 birthday parties every year.
• Experienced management team within the Amusement and Leisure Industry.
• Proven business model with low risks and provides for multiple revenue streams
• Exclusive rights to world leading brands, including Spiderman, The Wiggles, Marvel Comics
and the National Rugby League
• Demand for Products and Services within Region with no competitors

Key Investment Highlights

• Averaged over 50% compound annual revenue growth since 2004
• Scalable infrastructure and business systems to allow for strong growth.
• International Expansion, Merchandise sales, Catering and new brands provide additional
revenue opportunities
• Revenue projected to grow at over 45% over the next 3 years Further Information:
• 50 Acre site in which to develop a large scale Family Fun Park To learn more about this opportunity, including
downloading an Information Memorandum, go to
click on View Investment opportunities and search for
Speciality Entertainment.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Company Name Broome Hovercraft Board & Management:
Sector State, national & international tourists Roger Colless - Sole Director
Yr established 1999 Roger is a qualified aircraft engineer with 20 years in
the RAN Fleet Air Arm; ten years in offshore oil and
Business stage Expansion gas management; ten years in design engineering
and project management before starting in the
Location Broome, Western Australia tourism industry.
Seeking Strategic partner or outright buyer He is now a qualified hovercraft master who can
train and endorse all hovercraft pilots.

Executive Summary Corporate Structure

BH provides adventure tours around Roebuck Bay with Scenic & Historic tours, Sunset • The company structure is flexible and can be
Cocktail tours, WW2 Flying Boat Wrecks tours and Charters. discussed with investor to suit
Pre & post conference tours and activities, company incentive seminars, wedding • Currently an unlisted Pty Ltd company though
ceremonies and soon, ferry trips to other remote locations north & south of Broome with could become a public company with Australia
the new, bigger hovercraft. wide expansion program.
The Hoverport is also set up for food and beverage service, the licences for which are
close to approval.

Competitive Advantages Exit Strategy

• Investor can exit by selling his shareholding, either
• Hovercraft tours in Australia have no direct competitors to the current owner or to a third party partner.
• Looking at 5-10 years time frame, with agreed
• Prices kept higher than the rest of the field; people pay for quality options.
• The ultimate exit is a sale of the business, or
• Hovercraft can go where no boat or land vehicle can travel
geographic portions
• Currently we are turning many people away due to lack of seats
• New hovercraft can operate on higher tides thus increasing numbers of tours each day and
to other coastal attractions.
• Broome Hovercraft has an unblemished record for safe operations

Key Investment Highlights

• The investor will be entering a unique and exciting business which currently is the only
commercial hovercraft operator in the southern hemisphere.
• The returns for the investor are excellent, particularly with the intended expansion program
almost doubling the gross income.
• The hovercraft is one of the most popular tours in Broome.
• Almost 100% of creditors pay out within 30 days, with 60% prior to the tours and tour
agents guaranteeing payment.
• Within the specified parameters, hovercrafts are very safe and smooth in operation, giving
an exciting amphibious tour over the tidal flats and the sea.
• 500% increase in return over the first six years of operation. Further Information:
• Broome is a booming tourist, natural resource and pearling town
To enquire or download an
• Partnership already started for operation along the Tamar River in Launceston, and likely Information Memorandum, go to
development in Hervey bay, QLD
click on View Investment Opportunities and search
for Broome Hovercraft.

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
Eco Investor
Forum 2009
21 October, Hilton Hotel, Sydney
Be part of Australia’s largest gathering of leading environmental,
cleantechand clean energy companies. Every company and
fund presenting is an Australian or world leader in their field.

The Forum is suitable for investors, advisers, environmental

companies, entrepreneurs and other leaders
from all parts of the industry.

Presentations by:
Arrow Energy - Australia’s largest pure play Australian Ethical Equities Trust - Australia’s
coal seam gas developer leading environmental and ethical equities fund
Geodynamics - Australia’s largest geothermal Impax Environmental Markets Trust - a leading
energy developer international environmental equities fund
CleanTeQ Holdings - a leader in air and water August Investments - Established in 1981,
purification and metals recovery August is Australia’s oldest environmental
Willmott Forests - a leading plantation land and equities fund
forestry business with a focus on renewable
Ceramic Fuel Cells - Australia’s leading fuel cell PLUS!
developer 21/2 hours of networking time.
Carnegie Corporation - Australia’s leading wave
energy developer PLUS!
Jackgreen - Australia’s largest pure play green Pitches by five ‘Investment Ready’
energy retailer unlisted companies
BluGlass - Australia’s leading high-tech LED
efficient lighting developer
CVC Sustainable Investments - Australia’s
leading unlisted and listed environmental
equities fund


Eco Investor Forum is presented by Eco Investor Magazine, Australia’s specialist environmental investment magazine.

38 www.ecoinvestor.com.au - 02 9713 7608

w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u
w w w. w h o l e s a l e i n v e s t o r. c o m . a u