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Planning Schedule

EPQ objective: to create an investigation around any topic. The question can be a short statement/question/hypothesis
with clear focus to be investigated.

Use the planner below to assist in organising my time.

Start by
Task Marks

SET UP plan (time I believe each step will take) and log(time each step actually took)–
maintain regularly throughout whole portfolio
Read thoroughly the EPQ Secification2007. Read ‘The Brief’ carefully.
Come up with project research title.

Make sure you maintain the diary/log and keep it up to date, reporting on:
• Must work closely on person analyzing to help with investigation
• How important decisions were made by you and how others were informed of these

PLANNING – use min TWO project management techniques

Manage Read books and find out a bit more about eczema, research different psychological effects and 10
1 week select a few to find deeper analysis and to help support investigation.

I need to:
• Access and search the Internet, read text books (go to the library).
• Consider that research is very broad at this stage and can include any information closely
06/09/09 relating to the question.
• Must brainstorm and come up with a more detailed title.
• Create a plan with gentt chart

Project plan:
• Setting realistic targets
• Organization of information and resources
• Time for reviews and modifications

Search deeper into investigation and create a case study of a child eczema sufferer

I need to:
13/09/09 • Interview a child aged 14 or below and find out a bit about them realizing that I am asking
personal questions I will leave the name of the interviewed person unanimous (unless they
Use agree that I can share their name).
Resources • From this case study I will investigate accordingly to form my investigation answer.

update blog with video/audio and picture clips

20/09/09 I need to:

I will regularly need to update my blog inserting images, video/audio to help the audience know
about my progress.
Develop support materials for use of information. 20
Do a second questionnaires/interview and quizzes experiments to see psychological effects
Develop and
realise Back to School

Form a written report

Identification of your own skills:

• skills and techniques;
04/10/09 • The degree to which your work meets professional standards.
• Refer frequently to the requirements of the brief
• In your diary log an analysis of your current project
management skills
• proof reading of the pages to ensure that there are no
spelling or grammatical errors.

11/10/09 Create a presentation on the process of project with review.

Critically evaluate user requirements and evaluate the progress I have made and how I have
worked and the new skills learnt analysing their strengths and weaknesses. I need to consider
whether my investigation:

• meets the original list of intentions;

• is true and not fabricated
• is all my work

Review Additionally, I need to: 10

• identify the good and bad points of investigation;
• describe any difficulties with time
• Explain what you did
• Comment on the relevance of information from resources
• Identify weaknesses and potential improvements if I was to do investigation again.
• Evaluate your success in PLANNING the project.
• include an analysis of your own performance in keeping to deadlines
• Knowledge and understanding and suggest enhancements in these areas if the project were
to run again.

Extra time for any extra improvements


Submission Date 30/10/09

AO1 total 10 marks

AO2 total 10 marks
AO3 total 20 marks
AO4 total 10 marks
EPQ totals 50 marks
Total schedule approx 9 weeks
Very little slack in the schedule