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Energy Saving Systems for Railway Platforms

INTRODUCTION In todays world. Microcontroller based control systems are gaining more importance, because of their number of advantages over the manual control system. The microcontroller based control systems are more reliable, accurate and easily programmable. Hence they allowed user to perform data transfer, data security, design the control system and tracking the changes in the system. In this project we have tried to make such a control system for energy saving on platform lights. e have placed I! sensors on both the sides of station in order to sense the presence of train. hen any train crosses the I! sensor It cuts the I! beam. This event will be tracked by Microcontroller. hich will turn "# the lights for limited pervade of time hence saving the energy wastages and over consumptions

Block Diagram

," &! (-,,%* I! (&#("! T. I! (&#("! !. MI$!" $"#T!"%%& !

%'! (&#("!

(I/#)% $"#'ITI"#I# /

!&%)* '!I+&!


Microcontroller This is the most important segment of the project, i.e. the microcontroller 8051 The controller is responsible for detection and polling of the peripherals status. It is responsible for making. It is responsible for prioritizing all the devices attached to it. e have used the !T"#$ 8%s51 atchdog microcontroller. The !T8%&51 is a lo'(po'er, high(performance )"*& +(bit microcontroller 'ith 8, b-tes of in(s-stem programmable .lash memor-. It has got /0 I1* lines, full duple3 serial port, on(chip oscillator, and a clock circuitr-. timer, t'o data pointers, t'o 12(bit timer1counters, si3(vector t'o(level interrupt architecture, a

Infra Red (IR) Sensors: Infra red sensors are a t-pe of light sensors the- function in the infra red part of the fre4uencLight Sensor: This is second sensor 'hich is used to sense light. This can be $56. *utput of sensor given to signal conditioning circuit 'hich 'ill raise signal to re4uired level of microcontroller:
REL !" e will need to drive a lamp with respect to sensors output. purpose e are going to use !elay for this

Advantages 1. This project saves electricit- 'hich is most important feature in toda-7s life. 0. "odifications can be made in the s-stem just b- programming. /. 8ser friendl- s-stem. +. #as- to implement, $o' cost.

Applications 1. Its application is in street light controlling 0. Industrial 5epartmental $ight /. $ighting control of office departments +. $ight control in Tunnels on road


0. Microcontroller 1 2340 5. ,ower (upply 1 4+ '$ 6. (ensor 1 %'!, I!