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Disclaimer: I do not own anything you recognize from the Harry Potter books (no matter how much

I wish I did), and any lyrics are property of their respective artist (even though I sing them all the time) Summary: Harry and Charlie were happily planning a future together when suddenly everything came crashing down around them, and neither one of them understood why. But as they begin to uncover the truth of what really happened between them they'll start to see just how far someone they both thought they knew would really go to get exactly what she wants... and she wants
Misguided Roses The war had ended nearly two years ago, the exact day of Harrys twenty-first birthday. There had been minimal actual battles, but it had ended with a climatic fight between Harry and Voldemort just like everyone had ex ected. !uckily however that had been the only real large scale battle and there had been minimal losses on both sides as Harry had ended it as "uickly as ossible, going for Voldemort during the night while the others had been re aring and lanning for the battle that was su osed to break at morning. #n fact, the fighting had not started until after Voldemort had already fallen, and by then most of the $eath %aters had either fled or sim ly surrendered. Harry had s ent nearly two weeks recovering in the hos ital at Hogwarts then he had thrown himself into the rebuilding of the &i'arding world, becoming one of the most im ortant olitical figures and making a name for himself outside of sim ly being the (oy &ho !ived to $efeat Voldemort. Harrys o inion became even more im ortant than the )inisters did or even $umbledores and Harry had used that voice to his advantage bringing about great change for the &i'arding world in a matter of months. Harry had cam aigned to make life easier for creatures like *emus. He had actively hel ed or hanages find new homes for children left without arents by Voldemort and his $eath %aters. Harry had gone to every trial, making sure the $eath %aters were justly dealt with so that there would be no more incidences like +irius. He ersonally handed an ,rder of )erlin first class to +everus +na e for his role as a s y during the war. #n addition, Harry had constantly visited and ke t u dates on those injured or affected by the war. They had all known that by throwing himself into his charity work and olitical work Harry was trying to forget about the de ression of his failed relationshi . He and -harlie had started dating near the end of Harrys seventh year after meeting once again at one of the ,rder meetings during -hristmas break. Harry immediately had been drawn to the red head and it had sur rised everyone when shy, awkward, and "uite, Harry .otter had a roached -harlie right before his initiation into the ,rder. Harry, the same insecure young man who didnt date anyone. &ho had been terrified just days before of anyone finding out that he was attracted to men. Harry, who half the time didnt think he was good enough for anyone, who couldnt understand why anyone would like him ... had walked right u to -harlie &easley, second oldest son of )olly and /rthur, and in front of everyone resent had asked him out on a date.

Hermione watched out of the corner of her eye as Harry fidgeted in his seat. She knew that he was uncomfortable around many people, but he knew everyone here in the Order. Hermione could not understand why he would be acting so bashful now. Normally Harry and Ron were both trying to get information out of the grownups after the meetings were over, and now they were finally getting to join in on the meeting. t just seemed an odd time for Harry to become shy once again. !esides, he had spent all summer in this house with most of these people, and Harry knew just about everyone here, e"cept for a few new recruits who were being initiated tonight as well. !ill and #harlie were here, but Harry had met them before too, plus they were $easley%s therefore, she knew Harry would feel instantly comfortable around them. &et he continued to pull at a thread on his sleeve, head bowed, eyes on the table, as he smoothed his fringe down over his forehead in a nervous gesture that everyone associated with Harry. Hermione looked on the other side of Harry to Ron, who had also noticed Harry%s odd behavior, but Ron simply shrugged his shoulders in confusion as well. Her frown deepened in worry, but she turned back as the last few Order members continued arriving. 'hey would eat dinner before the meeting so she would just have to wait. She could not ask Harry what was wrong now in front of everyone, which would possibly embarrass him more. nstead, as she heard Harry%s fingers begin drumming on the table in another one of his nervous gestures she reached out and placed a hand over his to get him to calm down. Harry%s head jerked up at that. (Sorry.) He mumbled clasping his hands together as he noticed *umbledore and the others had stopped talking as he had drawn everyone%s attention to him. 0+re you alright Harry,) Remus -uestioned cocking his head to the side as he looked at Harry from down the table where he had sat himself beside Snape who had also paused in fi"ing his own plate of food. Hermione felt Harry tense as he looked at the werewolf who was studying him closely. ( %m fine .oony.) Harry replied shifting uncomfortably as Remus%s eyes scanned over him. Remus% eyes narrowed. Harry only ever called him .oony when he was an"ious, shy, or worried about something, which meant Harry, was not fine. He studied Harry harder and suddenly he could sense it, and nearly laughed aloud in astonishment that he hadn/t noticed it before. 'he feelings were so strong, the want and attraction so tangible that Remus really did not have to put out that much of an effort to sense it really. 'hat at least e"plained why Harry was so distracted. 'he poor boy was debating whether he wanted to risk asking this person out, it also e"plained why Harry was so nervous as well, but that did not e"plain why Harry was so scared. Remus couldn%t remember seeing or hearing about Harry ever asking anyone out, but Remus had also never sensed this level of attraction in Harry. Harry had never wanted someone -uite so much before and Remus could understand why Harry would obviously be a little scared to ask someone out. 'he fear of rejection was pretty tangible, he had sensed it plenty of times before in others to recogni0e it, but there was another fear there to. One not related to Harry

just asking this person out, it was deeper than that, a deep1seated fear of rejection that went beyond just this one person2 Harry was truly terrified of something, and that almost had Remus going to him, but he hid it not wanting Harry to find out that he knew just yet until he could figure out what was scaring Harry so much. 0+re you sure because you seem a bit2 distracted,) Remus replied a slow amused smile making it%s way across his face as he took in a deep breath smelling the air trying to see if he could sense e"actly who Harry%s attraction was directed to. f it was someone in this room then perhaps he could understand Harry/s fear better. 'hen suddenly Remus caught it and his eyes widened in shock. nvoluntarily he let out a small gasp of surprise. (Oh2 that is2 une"pected,) was all the werewolf could say as he stared in shock at Harry. He honestly had not anticipated that. Harry suddenly flinched back as if he had been hit a heavy blow to the face. ($hoa Harry.) Ron said steadying his best friend as he nearly fell off the back of the bench. Harry flinched away from Ron%s touch however before standing to his feet. 0Oh .erlin Remus2 %m sorry2 didn%t mean to 2 just can/t help it 2 but won%t 2) Harry began to ramble incoherently as he backed away from the table holding his hands up as if Remus was about to attack him and trembling. Remus was immediately on his feet walking around the table to stand in front of Harry. Harry stopped backing away and cringed down making himself smaller than the werewolf in an act of submission, turning his face away, as if he were waiting for his punishment. $hatever it was that Harry thought was going to anger Remus though wasn%t working. Remus%s eyes and demeanor showed absolutely no sign of anger as he moved toward Harry. 'here was only concern and horror as he -uickly grabbed Harry%s trembling form and pulled him tightly against his chest before Harry could even register that no blows were coming. 0No2 no cub2 am not angry. 3ar from it, there is nothing wrong with it2 nothing wrong with you. t%s okay. &ou%re fine.) Remus -uickly reassured stroking Harry%s unruly hair. Remus pulled back after a moment, holding Harry by his still shaking shoulders, but Harry would not meet his ga0e as he chewed nervously on his bottom lip. (#ub, haven%t you told anyone,) 'he werewolf asked voice overwhelmed with concern. Harry%s eyes went wide and he shook his head fiercely. (.y relatives2 my relatives found out and they2) He suddenly trailed off shuddering violently. Remus pulled Harry back against him pulling his head down against his shoulder and cradling him there and Harry accepted the comfort practically hiding against Remus. .rs. $easley stepped forward with concern reaching for Harry, but Remus pulled Harry tighter against him protectively and shook his head at the woman. Surprisingly .olly just nodded sadly and backed down. Remus ran his fingers through Harry%s hair as he kissed the top of the messy head a few times while closing his eyes tightly for a moment. (+lbus /m afraid Harry will have to be initiated another night. 'his discussion can not wait.) 'he werewolf stated opening his worried eyes again to look at the Order leader. 4veryone could definitely see now that something was seriously wrong. $hatever Remus had found out about Harry was major, and Harry obviously had not wanted

Remus or anyone to know from the way he had reacted. $hatever this secret of Harry%s was, he obviously thought it would anger them, anger them enough to hurt him2 hurt him like the *ursley%s had. 0'ake care of him Remus.) +lbus said looking at Harry sadly. Ron and Hermione both went to take a step forward reaching for Harry who was still pressed tightly against Remus/s shoulder, hands covering his face. (Should we2) Remus took a step back with Harry shaking his head. (No2 need to do this2 just wait.) He said pulling Harry with him towards the door. Ron and Hermione nodded backing down, but no less worried as the door swung close behind Harry and Remus. Over the ne"t week, Harry began coming out of his shell once again. 4very day he and Remus would meet in the study or library to talk about things. $hat they talked about no one knew, but it was easy to tell that whatever it was, it was helping Harry immensely. He gained all of his previous confidence back and then some, flirting back with 'onks instead of blushing and mumbling, as he normally would have. 4ach day he seemed to grow more and more comfortable in his own skin, in fact by the end of the week Harry had even allowed 'onks and a few of the other new women Order recruits to give him a makeover after they had been pestering for the last three days. 'hat night when Harry walked through the kitchen door and into the meeting room jaws dropped. 'here was a crash from somewhere beside her. Hermione glanced over, and out of the corner of her eye, she could see #harlie stumbling over a chair. 'he dragon tamer caught himself on the edge of the table, while his eyes remained fi"ed on Harry in ama0ement. !ill and a few others nearby were laughing as 5ingsley picked up the fallen chair and #harlie turned a shade of $easley red they had never seen before. He could not seem to take his eyes off Harry though as 'onks proudly displayed her masterpiece by making Harry turn so they could see every angle. Hermione had always known that behind the round glasses, baggy clothes, shaggy hair, and shy demeanor Harry was an attractive guy, but not even she could have known that this was what had been hiding from them all this time. Harry was by all definitions of the word handsome. His hair, now cut shorter, instead of just looking messy now looked stylishly messy. He no longer wore the hideous round glasses, but instead had none at all, which brought your attention straight to his striking emerald eyes instead of his scar, and the fact that his eyebrows were now perfectly arched and groomed helped as well. Hermione could see that by the satisfied smirk on 'onks% face she had finally convinced Harry to spend some of his ridiculously large fortune on himself. He had finally bought himself a completely new, and much needed wardrobe. Harry was now wearing a long1sleeved, fitted, black shirt that showed off a lithe torso and accented beautiful lean muscles that Hermione had never known he had. t was paired with a pair of loose, worn, denim jeans that hung low on his hips, but weren%t too saggy as to be unflattering, in fact they fit him so perfectly and were so flattering, especially in the back, that Hermione found herself blushing as the thought crossed her mind. She was not ashamed to admit when she saw a nice ass however, and Harry was definitely sporting one hell of a nice ass. Harry also had a few accessories Hermione noticed. He had a few thin scarves

wrapped around his neck, an emerald green and black. 'hey wouldn/t really do anything against cold weather but they worked nicely as accessories. He wore a beautiful silver watch that was obviously of the more e"pensive variety if the diamonds surrounding the face were anything to go by, and Hermione wondered how 'onks had talked Harry into buying that for himself. She gasped as she noticed that his ears were now pierced in not one, or two, but in five different places, two in each earlobe and then another loop in the top of his right ear. .rs. $easley would surely have a heart attack when she noticed that, but so far, the woman hadn%t said anything. 6ooking down Hermione was happy to note that Harry%s old worn sneakers were gone, replaced by a pair of beautiful dragon hide boots. Overall, the whole appearance was very rock glam as muggles would put it, and definitely looked like a creation of the 'onks variety. +t the same time, it seemed to fit Harry perfectly. He looked ama0ing, and Hermione was eager to see what other outfits he had bought. 5nowing 'onks there was a lot more where this came from. Harry suddenly stepped a bit closer to her and Hermione%s eyes snapped up to meet his uncertain ones. (So what do you think,) He whispered to her biting his lip nervously as everyone continued to stare at him in shock. Hermione suddenly felt tears come to her eyes as an overwhelming feeling of happiness overtook her at seeing Harry look so perfect and grownup like this. He finally looked like the young adult he was, and even uncertain as he was now, he still e"uded confidence and power. Harry would never know how ama0ing he was and she marveled at how he could still be so insecure yet look the way he did at that moment. (&ou look ama0ing Harry.) She whispered back placing a gentle hand on his arm, and was happy when a look of relief settled in his eyes and he softly smiled back at her. Hermione was roughly elbowed out of the way however as 7inny latched onto Harry. ($ow Harry8 &ou look gorgeous8 $ho knew all this was under all those hideous clothes8) She e"claimed one hand latching onto Harry%s bicep while another raked over his chest and abs in admiration. Harry seemed just as shocked by 7inny%s boldness as everyone else did as he frowned down at her and took a step back trying to pull his arm free. She followed him back however pressing against his side and grabbing his wrist so she could see his watch. ('his must have been so e"pensive8) She e"claimed eyes lighting up. (+re the diamonds real,) 09hh, yeah,) Harry said tugging his arm free, but 7inny would not relent as she continued to grab him, e"claiming over his new clothes and accessories. 0:ust think Harry8 $e%re going to look so perfect together when we go back to Hogwarts.) She declared and suddenly everything fro0e again. 0&ou and 7inny are dating,) Ron -uestioned incredulously as all of the $easley/s were staring at Harry in shock now. (How come you didn%t tell me,) He e"claimed taking Harry%s pale face as answer. 0 2) Harry began mind going blank, but 7inny cut him off. 0!ecause it%s none of your business Ronald,) She snarled at her older brother grabbing Harry around the waist and resting her head on his chest. (Harry and in lo2) are

Harry grabbed her shoulder%s pushing her away and finally managing to pry her off him. (No8 $ait8 No8 7inny and are not dating8) He e"claimed taking a stumbling step back. 0$hat8 Harry we belong together8 $e look good together8 4veryone thinks so8) 7inny e"claimed trying to grab at Harry again, but Harry dodged her by putting the table in between them. 0So you two aren%t dating then,) Ron -uestioned again face scrunched up in confusion. 0&4S8) 0NO8) 06ook 7inny don%t know what gave you that idea, but we%ve never been dating. %m sorry if led you to believe that, but you%re not my type.) Harry stated firmly as 7inny took a step back lip trembling. ( %m sorry2 didn%t know had given you that impression.) He apologi0ed again sorry for hurting her. 0'hen what is your type,) 7inny -uestioned softly. ( can dye my hair and2) 0No, 7in2 mean, it%s not like that8 &our hair is fine. &ou/re very attractive the way you are. /m sure any guy would be lucky to date you2 but not me2) Harry trailed off uncertainly rubbing the back of his neck. 0'hen what is it,) 7inny snapped her eyes hardening in anger as she abandoned all pretenses of sadness and the famous $easley temper began showing itself. Harry looked around at the group watching the scene uncertainly, until his eyes landed on Remus. (Harry we talked about this remember. ts okay, go for it. He hasn/t been able to keep his eyes off of you since you stepped into the room.) 'he werewolf encouraged with a wolfish smirk, and before anyone could register the implication of the /he% in that statement Harry had taken a deep breath turned marched right up to #harlie, and pulled the shocked red head into a fierce kiss. $hen Harry pulled back they were both panting, lips swollen, and #harlie looked to be in a da0e. ( %ve wanted to do that for a while now.) Harry admitted pulling back and resting their foreheads together while keeping the fingers of one hand wrapped in #harlie%s hair at the base of his neck as his other hand gripped the front of #harlie%s shirt. ($ill you go out on a date with me #harlie,) Harry then -uestioned. #harlie, still unable to form a complete thought, merely nodded his head in reply. 07ood.) Harry stated before pulling #harlie back into another kiss amid catcalls and wolf whistles. He backed #harlie completely against the wall, pressing, melting against him perfectly for a moment before once again pulling away from the shocked man and releasing him. 'hen Harry simply walked pass #harlie and everyone else and into the meeting room leaving behind a very surprised group of people. 7inny gave a small scream before stomping her foot and storming out of the room. #harlie on the other hand had to lean against the wall heavily bracing himself there as the rest of the Order filed into the room behind Harry chuckling at the disheveled

state of the man. 'he twins clapped their brother on the back offering their congratulations, while a shocked and possibly scarred Ron had to be steered into the room by Hermione who, along with .r. $easley, Remus, and *umbledore, was smiling in amusement at the whole display. Surprisingly even .rs. $easley was smiling and humming happily, as she began passing out tea and snacks to everyone, before going upstairs to try to console her inconsolable daughter. 0&ou okay,) !ill asked trying to hold back his laughter as #harlie merely lifted a hand and grunted not even raising his head to look up at him. ($ell was it what you imagined it to be,) He -uestioned after giving his younger brother a moment to get his voice working again. !ill had known for the last few weeks that #harlie had been seriously attracted to Harry, almost to the point of pining after the young male, but #harlie had not acted on it because they had thought that Harry and 7inny were together2 at least that%s what 7inny had told everyone. 4ven before today, their sister had been telling them that she and Harry were an item. n addition, they hadn%t even known if Harry liked men. +pparently he did however if the way he had just kissed #harlie was anything to go by. 0$ell,) !ill asked as #harlie began to stand up straight again. #harlie looked up at him with a smirk on his lips. (*amn that boy can kiss.) He stated with a shake of his head as if to clear it of any final ha0e, and !ill finally laughed as he clapped his brother on the back and led him into the meeting room where he could sit and stare at Harry all he wanted to now and glare openly at anyone who hit on him.

/fter that, -harlie and Harrys relationshi had taken off like a whirlwind. #t had been easy to see that Harry had com letely adored -harlie, and that -harlie likewise had been com letely ca tivated by Harry. Their relationshi had been so intense and their affection for each other so obvious that )rs. &easley had not even rotested to them sharing a room. +he knew that most of the time Harry was too tired from training for -harlie and him to do anything but slee . They also reali'ed that Harry never looked more rested and alive than he did after a full nights slee with -harlie as they came downstairs hand and hand every morning for breakfast. Thats why when Harry had started dating 1inny not long after the final battle things had become "uite tense in the &easley household. 2o one knew what had ha ened with Harry and -harlie. #n fact, they doubted if Harry and -harlie even knew what had gone wrong between them. They had somehow drifted a art with the war and everything until eventually -harlie went back to *omania, back to his dragons, and Harry had stayed behind to clean u after the war. Then what had sur rised them most was how "uickly 1inny had moved in, taking advantage of Harrys de ression to worm her way into his 0heart0.

#t had been obvious to everyone, even )rs. &easley who had scolded and frowned at her daughters actions. Harry had been to oblivious to notice at first, but there was no doubt that he noticed now that 1inny was taking advantage of him, and what

broke their hearts the most was that he didn3t seem to care. Their relationshi had instantly become a dramatic romantic love story according to the a ers and 1innys interviews, along with a few of 1inny3s friends and classmates who claimed that 1inny and Harry had always been sweethearts, dating each other in secret so that Harry could rotect 1inny from Voldemort and his $eatheaters. They had even somehow managed to twist the com letely last battle as Harrys heroic attem t to kee her safe. %ver since the day those stories started ouring out into the ress tension in the &easley household had been high. 1inny blissfully ignored the disfavor her family showed, living it u as Harry .otters girlfriend or fianc4 as she liked to tell everyone, even though Harry had never ro osed and there was no ring to show for it. 1inny had soon convinced Harry to let her move into .otter )anor where she immediately set about redecorating the lace to the house elves dismay. +he began dressing in the finest robes, wearing ex ensive jewelry, and throwing arties once a week. +hed even had a co y of Harrys 1ringotts bankcard made for herself so she could sho and buy ex ensive gifts for her and her friends whenever she leased. They had tried to talk to Harry about it, even )rs. &easley had commented on it, but Harry had ignored them all. Harry had begun s ending more and more time away from his own home, and when he was home he stayed mostly in his study. %ven when *on, Hermione, and the others came to visit, they more often then not would find Harry in his study going over a erwork. ,r as it seemed to be more often now days sim ly sitting in front of his fire lace with a glass of scotch staring blankly into the fire. He had sim ly sto ed caring what 1inny did, even when the ictures had surfaced of 1inny kissing )ichael -orner in an alley Harry had been furious and hurt, but somehow 1inny had managed to worm her way out of it and had blissfully gone back to s ending more of Harrys money. #t had not been until a week before -hristmas, when they all had gathered at the (urrow for )rs. &easleys birthday that they had finally reali'ed how it was that 1inny seemed to have so much control over Harry, and they wondered why they had never noticed it before. -harlie had been there at the arty as well. He and (ill had both decided to stay at the (urrow for the week until after -hristmas so that they could come for their mothers birthday as well. 1inny had made sure to kee him and Harry well away from each other though. /lthough it would not have mattered as Harry had not so much as lifted his eyes in -harlie direction since he had arrived, and hadnt s oken more than two words other than to grant )rs. &easley a whis ered Ha y (irthday. #t was as *emus, who had sur risingly come with +everus, was about to go over and ull Harry into the room that it ha ened, and it was something that had shaken them all. 0-ome on Harry5 .lease67 1innys leading voice suddenly broke through sto ing nearly all conversation as they turned to look at her and Harry just outside the living room door. They obviously thought no one could see or hear them from the angle they were standing, but they could. 1inny had her arms wra ed around Harrys waist leaning into him while looking u at him leadingly as he stood there tensely looking "uite uncomfortable. ,ut of the corner of her eye, Hermione saw -harlie look away for a brief moment with an unreadable ex ression, but his attention along with her own went back to the cou le as soon as 1innys rather annoying voice broke through again.

0(ut Harry, # really really need it67 +he outed ulling back as Harry crossed his arms over his chest with a frown. 01inny you have one just like it already.7 Harry re lied with a sigh, dee voice sounding tired and exas erated as if hed had this conversation lenty of times before. 0(ut this ones blue Harry6 # dont have a blue diamond6 #t matches my eyes67 1inny stated blinking her large blue eyes u at Harry as if that would convince him. Their eyes widened in sur rise. 1inny already had a ton of jewelry, but this one must have been articularly ex ensive if she needed Harry with her to urchase it, or at least Harry3s bank card to urchase it. There was a certain amount 1innys card would not allow her to s end on a single item, and that amount was high, so this blue diamond she wanted must have been "uite ex ensive. Harry sighed tiredly rubbing his head as if he was getting a headache. 02ot right now 1inny. #ts your mothers birthday. &ell go look at it tomorrow.7 He answered trying to lacate her and kee his voice low, but with no one else talking, it carried across through the o en doorway and into the room. 1inny huffed angrily stom ing her foot. 0#ts rare6 #t will be gone by tomorrow if )alfoys wife has anything to say about it6 8ou dont want her to have it do you97 +he asked on the edge of throwing a real tantrum. 0#ve told you a million times 1inny, $raco3s become a very res ectable erson, and his wife is a very nice woman. +he does a lot of charity work. # could really care less what he buys for her.7 Harry sighed rubbing a hand over his face. He looked com letely worn down, as if he had not sle t very well in a while, and that worried them. They had not noticed how tired Harry looked before. He had become an ex ert at hiding it, but now they could clearly see every worry line on his handsome face, every weary shadow cast over his once smiling features, and the dullness in his once brilliant emerald eyes. #t broke their hearts to see him this way, and Hermione remembered with a sad frown that he had not been this way when he had been with -harlie. +he and *on had been u late many nights discussing this very fact. 1innys li trembled although they could tell it was fake. 08ou would want her to have it instead of me, after everything #ve done for you. /fter everything # have given you. He left you remember, and # was here. # was here for you. /fter he didnt need you anymore, # did6 # still need you Harry. $ont you love me9 &hat would you do if # left you like he did because you couldn3t make me ha y either9 &hat would my arents say if they knew you weren3t taking care of me like you couldn3t take care of him9 7 +he asked sim ering, but with an edge of biting sarcasm and anger that was clear. *on took and angry ste forward ready to throttle her at hearing the low his sister was willing to go to get what she wanted, but Hermione "uickly grabbed him knowing that Harry would only run off again if they tried to confront him about it. #t was better just to let this lay out, lus she had always wondered what 1inny held over Harry that made him give her everything she wanted, and now they were finally seeing this other side of 1inny.

Harrys frown suddenly dee ened almost into anger and he moved to turn away. 01inny sto it6 !eave him out of this6 He has nothing what so ever to do with this. $ammit6 This is your mothers birthday arty. #m not talking to you while youre like this.7 He stated firmly moving around her towards the door leading outside to get some fresh air and calm down before rejoining everyone. +uddenly 1inny took out her wand worrying them for a moment that she was about to curse Harry, but the next second she did something even more shocking and lower even than what she had just said. *aising her wand, she ointed it at herself. Her once free flying curly hair ulled back tightly into a onytail at the back of her head, and thats when they saw it. &ith her hair like that, it was easy to see that 1inny looked exactly like her fifth oldest brother. #t was ama'ing the facial resemblance between them, and they were shocked that they had never noticed it before. They doubted that even )rs. &easley had noticed it as 1innys hair was a fiery red color and -harlies was more strawberry blonde. He had been the only &easley to come out with that light of hair color. &ith 1innys hair now ulled back away from her face however, it was staggering to see the facial resemblance between them, both with high cheekbones, lightly freckled skin, full li s, and ale blue eyes. 2one of the &easley children looked that much alike, aside from the twins, and in fact, 1inny and -harlie could have been mistaken for twins if not for the obvious age difference and hair color. 1inny grabbed Harrys arm ulling him back around to face her, and Harrys eyes widened marginally before he adverted them away from her face as if in ain. 1inny reached u stroking his face as her voice took on a dee er softer "uality much like -harlies did when talking to a wounded animal. 0&hats the matter !ittle $ragon5 !ook at me5 $ont you love me97 +he whis ered forcing Harrys face so that he had to look at her. Hermione made a chocked sound of shock unable to sto herself. That was exactly the nickname that -harlie had called Harry 5 his !ittle $ragon. Harry jerked out of 1innys gras as if it had burned him. 0$ont say5 $ont do that. Here, buy whatever you want.7 He mumbled shoving his entire wallet into 1innys hand before turning and fleeing the house. 1inny called out a "uick goodbye to whoever would hear her, unaware of those in the room staring in horror at what they had just seen and heard, as she walked out of the (urrow with a satisfied smirk on her face.

0&heres mom97 (ill asked as he moved to sit between :red and -harlie in the ensive kitchen, filled with his four younger brothers and Hermione. 0+he was u set so she went to go lay down, +na e went to Hogwarts with dad to get her a calming otion, and # think *emus needed one as well. His wolf is right furious with 1inny. #3m sur rised he didn3t go after her.7 *on answered voice laced with anger as he sat by Hermione with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at the table as if it had offended him in some way. (y the looks of it *on was retty issed off, and it was taking all of Hermione3s control over him to kee him in his seat. 0# cant believe 1inny would do that67 He then sna ed as Hermione laced a calming hand on his arm.

08eah5 # mean we all knew 1inny had turned into a snobbish little bitch ever since she had managed to get her claws into Harry3s money, but # never thought she would stoo that low5 # mean )erlin even +na e looked horrified67 1eorge trailed off still in a bit of shock himself as :red nodded silently beside him in agreement. They had never thought 1inny was that bad, they had just thought that erha s Harry was just too soft towards her, that he couldn3t say no. 0-harlie9 /re you okay97 Hermione suddenly asked noticing -harlies dee frown. -harlies head sna ed u to look at them before he sighed. 0# didnt know it was this bad. 8ou all wrote to me, but # thought that you were just being overly dramatic because of our breaku . Hell, mom even told me that # needed to come home and talk with Harry about whatever it was that had ha ened. +he leaded with me, told me that somehow we could work out whatever roblems we were having. # couldnt face him though. # mean what good would it have done. Harry had clearly stated that he wanted to move on. Then a few weeks later, # found out from the a ers that he was with 1inny. # couldnt come back then.7 He said with a sigh and a shake of his head. 0&hat do you mean Harry said he wanted to move on97 *on asked "uickly sna ing to attention so "uickly at that comment that they were afraid for a second that he had given himself whi lash. -harlie looked at his youngest brother curiously for a moment a sinking feeling suddenly starting to form in the it of his stomach as he answered. 0/fter # went back to *omania # got a letter from Harry. He had asked to meet me +aturday for a date. / few days before +aturday though # got another letter from him canceling and telling me that he thought it best if we sto ed seeing each other. #t com letely blindsided me. He had never given any hint5 # didnt know he had been feeling that way, and # tried writing back to reason with him, but he said that he had already moved on and that if # had loved him at all then # would res ect that and leave him alone and let him be ha y.7 Hermione and *on were both looking at him in com lete shock, mouths o en and eyes wide. 0$o you still have these letters97 Hermione "uestioned breathlessly. -harlie blushed in shame shaking his head. 0# burned them5 # was angry and57 He trailed off eyes falling to the table. 0# saw them.7 (ill stated hel fully cla ing his brother on the shoulder in su ort.

(ill had been the one to find -harlie after another handler had called. He had been listed as -harlies emergency contact if something was to ever ha en. (ill hadnt been able to get much out of the handler about what was wrong, but what he saw when he arrived at -harlies small flat on the reserve hadnt been at all what he had been ex ecting to find. 2ever in a million years would he have thought that Harry and -harlie would have broken u . #n fact he had been so sure that one of them was about to o the "uestion that the entire family had been s eculating on who would do it first and how. To say that -harlie had been distraught would have been an understatement. (ill had been truly scared for his brother and hed had to hysically restrain -harlie from destroying anymore of his home. He had never seen -harlie so broken u before,

and had to resort to giving him a sedative to knock him out for a while. (ill had stayed for nearly two weeks in *omania debating on whether or not to bring -harlie back to %gy t with him, or call their mother, but eventually -harlie had sna ed out of his de ression enough to go back to work, and once he had done that he had gradually gotten better. /lthough even now there were still times when -harlie woke u in the middle of the night and fire called (ill to talk, but (ill didn3t mind. He was ha y that his brother trusted him enough to hel him through this, unlike Harry who robably hadn3t s oken to anyone about anything. Harry had never been one to share his feelings. ,nly -harlie had ever been able to crack his tight barriers, which had only sur rised (ill even more when Harry had been the one to call off the relationshi . #t had not seemed right at the time, and (ill could unch himself now for not looking into it more. He should have asked more "uestions, went with his gut feeling to visit Harry, but at the time -harlie had been the only thing he had been able to focus on, all of his energy had gone into kee ing -harlie going. 0!etters,7 *on whis ered to himself suddenly turning red in the face, and it was not out of embarrassment. 0&hy that little bi57 He began rising to his feet, only to be ulled back down in his seat by Hermione who seemed just as stunned as *on was angry. 02o thats not right - Harry didnt break u with you -harlie.7 +he stated shaking her head as a dee angry frown marred her retty face. (ills head sna ed u along with -harlies in shock, as the twin3s frowns dee ened. 0&hat9 8es he did57 -harlie began in obvious confusion, and (ill had to agree. He had seen the letters himself, and then there was the fact that Harry had moved on so "uickly, shacking u with 1inny just weeks later. &hile -harlie had yet to make it through one full date with anyone, or go a full day without thinking of Harry. #t was easy to see that -harlie was still ho elessly in love with him. He had done nothing but stare and ine after Harry all day today. (ill had done his best to distract him, but even after so long Harry still had -harlie wra ed around his finger. 0Harry didnt break u with you57 Hermione stated again shaking her head. 05 because he was com letely devastated when you broke u with him57

Hermione sat curled up on the couch near the fireplace reading a book. t was the perfect time for this. Ron was upstairs taking a shower, it was storming outside which somehow seemed to make the fire and couch even more co0y, and the book was just getting to the good part. Her peace was suddenly interrupted however, as the loud banging of the front door brought Hermione off the couch in an instant wand raised and ready. +s the soaking wet, puffy eyed, completely pathetic looking figure came, stumbling into view. Hermione got a good look at him and her wand immediately dropped. She was across the room in an instant. 0RON8) She screamed knowing by the state of Harry that something terrible had happened. He looked as if he had just been through the war all over again. Seconds later Ron came barreling down the stair having hastily thrown his clothes back on, wand raised and ready, but he too dropped his as he caught sight of them.

0Harry, Harry8) He called out racing over and grabbing hold of Harry%s shoulders as he sagged. (Harry what were you thinking coming through this storm like that8) Ron reprimanded pulling off Harry%s soaked cloak and trying to warm him. Harry%s whole body was trembling and it took Hermione a moment to reali0e that it wasn%t from the cold. Harry was silently crying2 sobbing more like it. (Oh god Harry what happened, s someone hurt, +re you hurt,) She asked frantically checking him over -uickly but finding no blood or wounds. 0Harry mate, you have to tell us what%s wrong. $e can%t help you unless we know what%s wrong.) Ron tried as they both grabbed hold of Harry%s arms and led him over to the couch. Harry began trembling even more violently, but he finally managed to get one word out. (#harlie.) He gasped finally breaking as harsh sobs began to escape him and he couldn/t seem to catch his breath. 0#harlie8 s he okay, *id something happen,) Hermione asked frantically as Ron jumped to his feet to fire call his mother and find out what was happening. Harry was too far gone to say anything more and Hermione could do nothing but dry his clothes with a wave of her wand before pulling his head into her lap and stroking his hair. Ron came back a few moment%s later face pale as he paused in the doorway, staring at them, unable to speak for a moment. ( s #harlie okay Ron,) Hermione asked softly not sure if she really wanted to know the answer. 0He%s fine.) Ron answered his voice sounding almost disconnected as he stared at Harry in disbelief. 0!ut if #harlie is fine then what%s 2) Hermione suddenly trailed off, the answer hitting her like a blow to the gut. (No.) She stated in disbelief, shaking her head in denial, arms tightening around Harry, because that answer was just not plausible. #harlie and Harry were perfect2 they wouldn%t have... Ron did not answer her. nstead, he walked over and knelt down on the floor in front of them before pulling Harry off Hermione%s lap. He held Harry%s head against his shoulder and wrapped his arms around Harry%s, holding him tightly. Harry if possible began sobbing even harder, wrapping his arms so tightly around Ron that Hermione was sure if that had been her then Harry would have crushed her, possibly broken some ribs. Ron would definitely have bruises tomorrow, but he didn/t seem to care as he simply held his best friend through his pain. 0 t%s okay Harry2 &ou%ll be okay2) Ron whispered as they just let Harry cry it out. $hen Harry finally stopped his racking sobs, to e"hausted or numb to move Ron levitated him up the stairs, but instead of bringing Harry to the guest room Ron floated him into their bedroom. 'hey laid Harry in the middle of their bed and then got in on either side of him. 4ven Ron unashamedly curled up around Harry, holding his best friend tightly while Harry drifted in and out of an e"hausted, nightmare1filled sleep.

Hermiones frown dee ened as -harlie still looked lost. 0He clearly told me and *on that you were the one to break off the relationshi . Harry stayed for a while at our house after it ha ened com letely de ressed. Then 1inny came along and somehow wiggled her way into it. The next day it was all over the a ers that they were together, that they had been dating secretly since5 forever. /lthough # dont think, Harry even noticed anything that they were writing at first, and then once he did 1inny had already gotten him exactly where she wanted him. %veryone thought they were together, the ublic, your arents, even we thought they were together, and eventually Harry just gave u and went along with it5 He just settled.7 +he finished as -harlies face took on a slightly des erate and anicked look. 02o5 no, # never broke u with Harry. # loved him. # love him6 # wouldnt have6 &hy would he think that97 -harlie rotested mind racing and heart feeling as if it were about to burst out of his chest. Then suddenly it hit him and his eyes widened. #f Harry claimed that -harlie had broken u with him, and -harlie clearly remembered reading the letters from Harry, then there was only one ex lanation. 02o, she couldnt have5 she wouldnt have -7 05 sunk that low.7 *on finished for him with a sneer. 0# think weve all seen the lengths 1inny is willing to sink to have Harry right where she wants him. # mean she obviously knows he still has feelings for you5 # never knew that the two of you looked that much alike.7 (ill added studying -harlies face as if it was the first time he had ever seen him ro erly. 0.lus she also has easy access to co ies of both of your handwriting. 8ou and Harry both wrote letters to mom regularly, and she could have easily gotten hold of them and erform the s ell to du licate the writing styles.7 :red and 1eorge watched -harlie for a long moment as their second oldest brother ut his head in his hands suddenly com letely and totally overwhelmed by the revelation that had just occurred to them all. 0,h )erlin5 # cant believe this is ha ening 5 # thought he - # thought...7 He trailed off choking u and unable to finish. Hermione was immediately on her feet and around the table, wra ing her arms around -harlies shaking shoulders, as (ill laid a hand on to of -harlies bowed head massaging the back of his neck soothingly, and *on silently rocked in his seat fuming over the ain his sister had caused to their own brother and his best friend. :red and 1eorge then glanced at each other, and a silent agreement was decided between the two of them. 1inny was not going to get away with this, sister or not, she was going to ay. -harlie and Harry were going to be together, because it had been obvious from the moment shy little Harry .otter had worked u all his courage to ask their older brother out that the two were going to have something s ecial5 that they were made for each other. *on caught their look and a slow smirk crossed his face. 0&hat are you two lanning97 He asked uncrossing his arms as his eyes lit u with vengeance. Hermione, (ill, and -harlie looked u at this as well, -harlie trying to wi e his eyes without them catching it. The twins both o ened their mouths. They did not know exactly what they were

going to do just yet, but they knew they were not going to sit back and watch their brother and honorary brother suffer anymore when they could sto it. They would see their brother ha y again, and they would save Harry from the downward s iral of de ression in which he had fallen. Their lack of a lan was solved however as the next second Hermione i ed in sur rising them s eechless. 0# have an idea97 +he suggested seriously, as *on nearly fell out of his chair in shock. 0&e need to gather evidence before we confront Harry about this otherwise he3ll just lock himself in his study again. 1inny never was one to throw anything away. &e need to get into her room at .otter manor and try to find something, but it will be difficult. .otter )anor is warded heavily against someone breaking into anothers room without ermission, and we3ll need to distract Harry and make sure 1inny is out of the house.7 0$ont 1inny and Harry share a room97 -harlie asked softly staring down at the table as a bit of the hurt he felt at that thought made its way through in his voice. *on and Hermione glanced at each other before *on answered. 02o they dont. Their relationshi is not a very hysical one as far as # can tell. Harry rarely touches 1inny at all in fact, and he tends to avoid her touches as often as ossible.7 Then *on suddenly blushed brightly, but he forced himself to continue. 0Harrys told me uhh5 that he doesnt5 he doesnt react sexually to 1inny that well5 and uhhh5 he admitted that5 well5 he said that he5 umm57 Hermione sighed rolling her eyes and decided to save *on as it looked as if he was about to combust from the sheer humiliation and embarrassment of what he was trying to tell -harlie, but she could see that -harlie was listening with ra t attention, needing to hear this. 01inny let sli one day when she went into one of her rants that Harry never initiated any intimacy with her, and that he was normally half aslee when she snuck into his room or not5 lucid when it ha ened. # don3t know what she meant by not lucid5 but # think she may have given him something a few times5 if not every time. # think Harry knows about it, but he3s never mentioned it himself.7 Hermione stated uncertainly as she reached across the table and clas ed -harlies trembling hand in her own giving a gentle s"uee'e as she looked u to meet his des erate eyes soaking in everything she was telling him like a dieing man gas ing for breath. 01inny admitted to me as well that Harrys only ever called out your name the few times that they were intimate5 and if 1inny has drugged him then5 well she could get into serious trouble if Harry ever decided to tell someone and ress charges.7 0&hy doesnt he9 Thats5 thats ra e67 (ill stated in outrage at hearing this. 0(ecause (ill, you saw what ha ened today5 how easily 1inny mani ulated him.7 *on answered for Hermione, understanding better where Harry was coming from. 0Harry already blames himself for his and -harlies failed relationshi . He already thinks that the family is angry with him for that5 no matter how many times we tell him otherwise. ;ust imagine what he thinks we would do if he ever broke 1innys heart. # mean we did lay the rotective big brother roles to the extreme before 1inny became such a conniving little bitch. (esides, no matter how much Harry is not in love with 1inny he is not willing to hurt her. #t3s just the way Harry is.7 0Harry doesnt love her.7 -harlie re eated softly to himself as if des erately wishing

those words were true. 02o, -harlie, Harry isnt in love with her.7 Hermione reassured honestly, watching as some of the tension left -harlies face and he sagged a bit in relief. 0The only reason hes with her is because its what the ublic ex ects. #t is what Harry has come to acce t is his only o tion in life now. /fter he thought, you left him he shut down. He gave u on love and his own ha iness, and he settled on what everyone had ex ected of him since Hogwarts. %veryone at school who hadnt known Harry ersonally thought he and 1inny were meant for each other ever since Harrys second year, and once again, like everyone had ex ected him to kill Voldemort, Harry is just laying his role5 doing what he thinks is his duty now. He still loves you -harlie, anyone with half a brain can see that. He has always loved you. He never sto ed.7 -harlie nodded, releasing a breath he hadnt even known he had been holding as he looked into Hermiones earnest eyes finding nothing but concern and truth there. 0+o what have you got lanned97 He asked with a feeling of heart wrenching antici ation, if all went according to lan he would have Harry back by the end of the week, and he couldn3t think of anything else he would want for -hristmas.

/ll heads raised as 1inny walked into *on and Hermiones home through the floo without Harry by her side. +he blinded them with a da''ling fake smile before walking over to the dinning room table, right off the living room, and taking a seat. Hermione had invited all of *ons brothers over for dinner that night, and knew she wouldnt have been able to invite Harry without 1inny. 0&heres Harry97 *on asked watching 1inny with a frown as she began ouring herself a glass of wine before even saying hello. 1inny seemed to jum as if just remembering something. 0,h yeah, he told me, to tell you, that he was sorry but he couldnt make it. He hasnt been feeling well all day.7 +he re lied scoo ing some s aghetti onto her late. 0/nd you left him home alone97 Hermione asked incredulously rising to her feet, re aring to go over and check on Harry. ,ut of the corner of her eye she could see -harlie rising as well, only to be sto ed by (ill who shook his head softly at him and laced a calm hand on his arm to kee him seated. #t wouldnt be good to make 1inny aranoid of -harlie any more than she already was, not before they had ut their lan into effect anyway. *ight now -harlie needed to continue acting as if he had gotten over Harry and wasn3t about to try and steal him back. 1inny sim ly shrugged unconcerned. 0&hat do you ex ect me to do. #m not a Healer.7 08ou should have at least stayed with him incase he needed something.7 Hermione re lied sna ishly. 1inny snorted. 0#m not his maid. Thats what we have house elves for. He can ask one of them if he needs anything, and besides .arvati invited me over for tea this

afternoon and # couldn3t miss it.7 +he answered reaching for the bread. 08ou mean youve left him alone all day.9 Hes been sick all day and you just left him there97 Hermione asked growing angrier by the second. (ill could feel the tension in the room rising, as *on too began turning red in anger. 0# checked on him before # came here. # had to go home and change clothes anyway. He looked fine to me then. He took some medicine and said he was going to be reading in his study or something.7 1inny re lied with a careless wave of her hand. That3s when it caught Hermiones eye and she felt her blood go cold for a moment. 01inny is that --7 +he asked cutting herself off and staring down at 1innys left hand. +he felt her heart sinking in her chest as she looked over to -harlie who had just noticed as well. His face had gone com letely white and his fork was trembling in his hand. 1inny suddenly beamed roudly, holding u her hand for all to see. 0&hy yes it is Hermione. Harry and # are engaged67 +he exclaimed ha ily as everyone stared at her in shock. Hermione studied the ring a bit closer. #t didnt seem to fit 1innys elaborate taste at all. #n fact it was robably the furthest from what she would have imagined 1inny to get. #t was a sim le looking band, but even Hermione could tell that the gold it was made out of was not normal. &hen the light hit it just right she could have sworn she saw a flame of fire shoot across it. There were words written in beautiful scroll along the outside of the band in !atin that she could translate into 3)y !ove :orever or 3:orever )y !ove, however you ha ened to read it. #t was a very elegant and beautiful ring in Hermiones o inion, it just wasnt 1innys style. 0#t looks like a guys ring.7 :red suddenly commented from beside 1eorge, who nodded his head in agreement. 1inny waved her hand nonchalantly. 08es, well you know Harry.7 +he re lied dismissing the comment. -harlie gas ed from beside (ill, drawing everyones attention from 1inny to look at his shocked face. 0&hat is it -harlie97 1inny asked innocently twirling the ring on her finger in lan view, and now Hermione could clearly see that the gold wasnt normal as flames seemed to jum along the band, but they didnt burn her. 0#ts dragons gold.7 -harlie managed to choke out in ama'ement as he stared at the band. <nderstanding dawned on Hermione and her head jerked back to look at the ring again. $ragons gold was very rare and extremely ex ensive. #n fact the only other lace Hermione had ever seen a iece of the gold was in a museum in *omania when she, *on, and Harry had gone to visit -harlie one weekend, and she didn3t know of any lace that you could actually buy the gold from. ;ewelry stores didnt sale it, and she doubted the museum would have sold theirs to Harry. 0*eally97 1inny asked studying the band as if she had just seen it for the first time. 0)aybe # wont get the diamonds ut into it then 5 although then again 57 +he went on uncertainly studying the ring at a different angle as if considering how a diamond

would look in that osition. 0# would have to remove the writing otherwise the diamond would --7 08ou didnt know97 *on interru ted his sister incredulously. 0$idnt Harry tell you what it was when he gave it to you97 1inny suddenly flushed lightly as she looked u at her older brother, and Hermione had that sinking feeling again. 0&ell, he didnt exactly give it to me yet.7 +he stated ulling her hand away as if they would snatch the ring off her finger. 0&hat do you mean, 3didnt exactly give it to you yet97 (ill asked with narrowed eyes. 0&ell, # found it.7 +he re lied shifting in her seat uncomfortably as the tension in the air rose. 08ou found it.7 (ill stated inning his youngest sister with a hard stare. 0&here exactly did you find it97 0The to drawer of the desk in his study.7 1inny answered and then continued "uickly. 0# know he robably wanted it to be a sur rise, but # couldnt hel myself. &eve been engaged for ages now and hes never bought me a ring.7 Hermiones eyes widened as a sudden thought occurred to her, and it was so shocking that it took her breath away. 02o,7 +he breathed grabbing *ons arm to steady herself as she swayed in her seat. 0Hermione what is it97 *on asked softly luckily having been the only one to have noticed. 0*on,7 she whis ered frantically, gri meant for 1inny.7 ing his arm tightly. 0# dont think that ring was

0How can you tell97 *on asked looking at her intently, already knowing that she was right. Hed had that feeling as well. 0!ook at it *on,0 she began "uietly turning to look at the ring herself. 0#t doesnt look like a ring for a girl. # mean, # know Harrys not the greatest at icking out jewelry and things like that, but even he would be able to tell the difference, and that ring looks s ecifically designed for someone. #ts dragons gold *on. How much more obvious could it be.7 +he continued as com rehension began to dawn on *ons face. 0(esides, 1inny said she found it in his study, in the drawer of his desk. &here does Harry normally go when hes feeling de ressed, when he needs to think, when hes remembering. He goes to his study, and what does Harry normally kee in the to drawer of his desk97 0/ icture of -harlie.7 *on answered softly as Hermione nodded her head sorrowfully. 0+o you think the ring was meant for -h 5om h67 Hermione "uickly elbowed *on in the ribs to sto him from saying anything out loud as the table suddenly went com letely "uiet, and looking toward the door she knew why. Harry stood there com letely drenched from the rain that had been ouring outside. :rom the way Harry looked Hermione immediately got a "uick flashback of the night

he had come to them after he thought -harlie had left him, and she knew instantly that something was wrong. 0Harry97 +he asked tentatively standing to her feet, but Harry ignored her com letely as his angry, feverish eyes 'eroed in on 1inny. 0&here is it 1inny97 Harry asked with a forced calm that belied the anger showing clearly on his face. 0&heres what love97 1inny asked innocently as she continued to eat, not even looking at Harry. 01inny dont lay with me. 2ot with this. 2ow tell me where it is67 Harry demanded taking a ste closer to his fianc4e. The five boys stood u along with Hermione not knowing what to do about the whole situation as they didn3t know what Harry was searching for. 1inny waved her hand dismissively. 0#m afraid # dont have a clue what youre talking about Harry.7 +he re lied as if she didnt care that Harry looked like he had just walked over here through hurricane. Harrys attention was caught however, by the hand that 1inny had waved, and immediately Hermione understood and by the tension that suddenly filled *on she could see that he had understood as well. 01ive it here 1inny.7 Harry gritted out through clinched teeth. 1inny looked u at Harry then and then back down to where his eyes had focused on her left hand. 0&hat, my ring97 +he asked holding it to her chest tightly. 01inny, give it to me now.7 Harry demanded in a forced calm that would have had anyone else scrambling to do exactly as he said. 0(ut, its my engagement ring.7 1inny sim ered uckering out her li , but Harry wasnt moving this time. 01inny,7 Harry warned eyes flashing as he took a ste closer holding out his hand. 1inny stood to her feet backing away as she held her left hand in her right as if guarding the ring. 0# dont see what it matters. 8ou were going to give it to me anyway. #ts an engagement ring.7 +he sna ed giving u the act. 02o 1inny6 # want it back now67 Harry sna ed still advancing on the stubborn girl.

0&hoa, Harry mate calm down. &ell get the ring back and you can ro ose ro erly. 1inny was just excited about wearing it. Thats all.7 1eorge stated trying to calm their friend, but Harry shook his head fiercely. 0#ts not hers. #t was never meant for her.7 Harry re lied still staring at 1innys hand and not noticing the affect his revelation seemed to have on the others in the room. 02ow give it back 1inny.7 Hermione and *ons beliefs were instantly confirmed, as both :red and 1eorge aled

and looked at each other in shock, and (ill had to "uickly lace a hand on -harlies shoulder to steady him as the truth hit him like a blow to the stomach. 0$ammit 1inny6 Take the ring off67 Harry shouted growing im atient. 0Harry 57 1inny tried to whine, but Harry wasnt having it this time. :or once he wasnt giving in to 1inny, which showed those in the room just how im ortant this was to him. 01inny # swear if you dont take it off now #ll cut it off.7 Harry warned in a deadly voice, and there was not a single erson who didnt think he wouldnt do it. 1inny glared at him and stom ed her foot like a etulant child, but she jerked the ring off and threw it. #t was only Harrys seeker reflexs that enabled him to catch the small object, and as soon as it was in his hands he s un around and stormed back out of the house and into the cold $ecember night.

Hermione waited until the next day, much to -harlies annoyance, before she went to check on Harry. <nsur risingly, he was in his study, but what did sur rise her was that he had the engagement ring in his hand in a small dark blue velvet box. He was fli ing the box o en and closed staring down at it, not even reali'ing that anyone had even entered the room, or so Hermione thought. 08ou know 57 Harry began softly startling Hermione as she cre t closer, until she could take the seat across from him. 0# had it all lanned out. #t took me months to find someone who would sale the gold to me, aid a small fortune for it too. The guy was reluctant to art with it, but #m Harry .otter, and # always get what # want.7 He s at bitterly and Hermione couldnt sto the small flinch she gave at the sound of his voice. 0# had the goblins themselves mold it and cast their rotection on it. # wanted it to be erfect, and # knew no one could do it better than them. #n return # had to hel them gain their freedom.7 Hermione nodded her head with a sad frown now understanding. +he had never understood at the time why, on to of everything Harry had taken on with the werewolf rights, the or hanages, the trials, and the war re arations, why he would ile more work on himself by taking on the 1oblin rights movement. #t had just seemed like an odd choice at the time, but now she understood 5 #t had been for -harlie. 0Then # wrote to -harlie 5 # asked him to meet me on +aturday. # had called his boss ahead and had gotten him to give -harlie the month off work, of course -harlie didnt know that yet, it was to be ke t a secret. # had it all lanned out, all the arrangements had been made, all the ortkeys ready 5 # still have them in fact.7 Harry laughed bitterly waving a hand in the direction of his desk. 0&e were going to go to all the laces he had ever told me he wanted to go. /frica, Hawaii, #taly, + ain 5 everywhere he had ever dreamed of going. # was going to ask him in .aris, it was going to be our first sto .7 Harry suddenly gave a tearful laugh, and Hermione wanted nothing more than to reach forward and gather him in her arms, but she held back knowing that Harry needed to tell someone. How he had ke t it bottled u for so long without telling someone she didnt know,

but now she understood why Harry had never really come out of his de ression over losing -harlie. Hermione doubted that if she ever lost *on she would have been able to make it like Harry had, and what was worst 5 -harlie hadn3t died. They werent being forced a art by something as final as death. They were being torn a art by a horrible misunderstanding, and it was taking everything Hermione had not to try and tell Harry right there. +he would have to get roof first. Harry had to get rid of 1inny first before he would go back to -harlie, and without roof of what 1inny had done they knew Harry was too decent to do it. They had to get Harry angry enough to throw her out without feeling guilty about it later 5 they needed those letters. 0# remembered that -harlie had joked once about how sa ily romantic it would be to have a icnic on to of the %iffel Tower, in the most romantic city in the world, while watching the sunset.7 Harry smiled softly as he remembered the conversations they always had while lying wra ed u in each others arms after a long sessions of lovemaking. Those were Harry3s fondest memories, but now even those made him feel broken inside. 0# had everything erfect, even the white and red checkered icnic cloth, oak wicker basket he had described, the vase with a single red rose, floating candles, and #d even managed to find a violin that layed itself.7 Harry suddenly fell silent with a broken chuckle staring down at the ring resting on the lush velvet cushion. 0# just 5 # love him so much Hermione.7 Harry whis ered so softly and brokenly that she almost hadnt caught it, but she did note that Harry hadn3t used ast tense when he had said that and her heart s ed u at that bit of encouragement. 0&hat am # doing97 He then asked throwing her off. 0&hat do you mean Harry97 +he asked frowning at his hunched form. 0#ve tried so hard to make her ha y. #ve tried so hard to give her everything she wants, but # cant make myself want her. # cant make myself love her the way she wants me to.7 Harry re lied, and it took Hermione a moment to reali'e who they were talking about, and when she did her eyes widened. This could be her o ortunity. 08ou dont have to Harry. #f youre not ha y with 1inny then you dont have to be with her. 2o one will blame you for it. #n fact we would all su ort you one hundred ercent. &e love you Harry and we want you to be ha y. #f you3re not ha y then dont force yourself to be with her.7 Hermione encouraged ho ing that Harry would agree with her. #t would make what they had to do a whole lot easier, but Harry shook his head. 0#ts too late Hermione. Hes gone, and # have to acce t that maybe # wasnt meant to be ha y. This is all # have. There3s nothing else left for me.7 Harry re lied softly, and before Hermione could rotest his hand suddenly reached out blindly and caught her hand. 0Hermione, # dont 5 # dont feel so good.7 He said breathlessly and then slowly he slum ed forward and assed out in her arms. 0Harry67 Hermione cried in shock as she caught him in her la . 0Harry67 +he cried again ho ing to get some sort of res onse, but nothing ha en as she ushed Harry back laying him gently against the chair he had slum ed in. 0,h god 57 +he anicked for a moment trying to figure out what to do, and then her mind finally kicked in as she raced to the fire and threw in the floo owder. 0H%!.6 H%!.6 +,)%,2% H%!.67 +he cried ho ing someone was around to hear here. +he hadnt even noticed tears

had started falling down her face until she felt them hitting the back of her hand, but she couldnt careless as (ills worried head finally a eared. 0Hermione what3s wrong97 The oldest &easley boy asked immediately as he took in her tear streaked face. 0# dont know we were just talking and he colla sed67 Hermione re lied trying to kee her breathing under control and giving u on the tears as they continued to fall. 0+te back #m coming through.7 (ill stated already getting to his feet so that he could come through the fire lace from the (urrow where the four brothers had been having lunch together while Hermione checked u on Harry. Hermione scrambled back just as (ill tumbled out, and immediately he moved ass her to where Harry lay lim ly in the wing backed chair. (ill immediately cursed as he laid a hand on Harrys severely overheated forehead. The young mans shirt was even beginning to cling to him as ers iration began to build as his fever rose. He swe t Harry into his arms "uickly before turning to the anicking girl. 0!isten to me Hermione. # need you to floo back to the (urrow.7 (ill started slowly making sure he had the girls full attention. 0Tell -harlie to come straight here, and tell *on to call for a Healer.7 He ordered and was relieved when Hermione seemed to ull herself together and race toward the fire disa earing into it. / few seconds later -harlie came tumbling out, but he used the momentum to stumble across the room and was immediately at (ills side. 0Harry67 He exclaimed in anic at seeing Harrys lim form and (ill could see that it was taking everything -harlie had not to take Harry from his hold. 0-ome on -harlie we need to get him to his bedroom and lower his tem erature.7 (ill ex lained sna ing his brother out of his anic. -harlie got himself under control and nodded as he o ened the door to the study for (ill. -harlie knew some healing from working on a dragon reserve, but he also knew how to cool things down "uickly, which was a necessity when working with fire breathing dragons. They made it to Harrys room and (ill laid Harry on the bed after they had undressed him down to his boxers. -harlie immediately began casting charm after charm trying to cool Harrys overheated body. Harry whim ered softly and turned over to his side curling u in a fetal osition as if in ain. He moaned louder as his body began trembling, lightly at first, but it was steadily growing more violent as Harry curled in on himself tighter. His eyes closed shut tightly as his whim ering grew and his knuckles turned white from clinching so tightly. Harrys breathing began coming in shar gas as tears began to leak from the corners of his eyes. 0,h )erlin (ill whats ha ening97 -harlie asked in a anic as he stroked Harrys hair from his face. He didnt know anymore charms and it seemed Harrys fever still wasnt going down. (ill looked on ale and shook his head. 0# 5# dont know.7 He whis ered uncertainly. Harry gave a choked gas and -harlie couldnt hold himself back anymore. He climbed onto the bed with Harry and gathered him in his arms, s ooning u behind him. -harlie wra ed one arm around Harrys waist while the other hand wra ed in

Harrys hair ulling his head back against his chest as he tried to whis er comforting words into Harrys ear. Harrys body shivered violently against him and -harlie could feel Harrys stomach muscles tensing and convulsing under his hand. 0Harry 5shhh, shhh 5 its going to be okay. #m here and *ons gone to get a Healer.7 -harlie whis ered kissing Harrys tem le as he ran his fingers through his hair. Harry whim ered softly clutching -harlies arm tighter around his waist as he burrowed further into him. -harlies heart s ed u at the motion holding the sick form as close as he could against him, and ho ing with all that he had that Harry knew exactly who he was seeking comfort form. -harlie buried his face in the back of Harrys hot neck, breathing him in dee ly before trailing kisses from his neck to his shoulders and back u , not caring that (ill was standing only a few feet away watching him with saddened eyes. #t seemed like an eternity before they finally heard a commotion down the hall, and (ill rushed to the bedroom door to see who was coming, and warn -harlie if it was 1inny. -harlie wouldnt have cared anyway. 1inny or not, there was no way he was letting go of Harry. !uckily it wasnt 1inny as Hermione, *on, )rs. &easley, and the twins came rushing in, followed closely by an older looking gentleman caring a black leather medical bag. -harlies family sto ed short at seeing him in the bed with Harry, but shook it off and continued forward as the Healer ushed through them. The Healer sat his bag on the bed and o ened it while he addressed -harlie. 0!isten sir, # understand that this must be very hard for you to see your artner this way, but #m afraid youre going to have to let him go so that # can erform the test to find out exactly what is wrong with him.7 The Healer stated ausing to wait for -harlie to move. -harlie aused for a long moment knowing that he would have to let go, but still not wanting to. %ventually though he forced himself to, and slowly disentangled himself from Harry, nearly laying back down as Harry gave a whim er of rotest followed by a moan of ain. The Healer went straight to work, running test after test, and on the fifth wave of his wand he took in a shar breath of sur rise. 0&hat is it97 )rs. &easley asked immediately as the Healer seemed to shake off his shock. He reached into his bag and gave Harry a otion, and they were able to relax a bit as they saw Harrys body slum into slee . 0$id )r. .otter grow u with )uggles97 The Healer then asked straitening and turning to the grou , ignoring )rs. &easleys "uestion for the moment. 08es, his /unt and <ncle.7 -harlie answered before anyone else could. 0/h, that would ex lain it then.7 The Healer said taking a folder from his case and beginning to scan through it. 0#t seems )r. .otter has caught a rather bad case of the wi'arding flu.7 %veryone gas ed in shock, the wi'arding flu was like the muggle flu, but ten times worse, and a lot deadlier if not caught and treated ro erly. #t was rare that anyone ever got it however as there was a vaccine that only needed to be taken once to

revent it from ever occurring. :or some reason it only occurred if a wi'ard actually lived in the wi'arding world however, so muggleborns never had to have the shot until they actually entered wi'arding society. 0&hat6 Thats im ossible67 Hermione suddenly stated in disbelief. 02ot as im ossible as it may seem. &e still get a few cases of muggleborns who forget to take the vaccine, although even that is "uite rare. &e do try to send notices out to all muggleborns stating all the wi'arding sicknesses they could catch and the vaccinations they would need to revent them. # su ose everyone just assumed that Harry .otter would know.7 The Healer ex lained still looking through the file in his hands, obviously it was Harrys folder. 0/nd his folder indicates that he never showed u for his a ointment to get the vaccine.7 Hermione o ened her mouth to say something when suddenly the bedroom door o ened and 1inny walked in. 0&hats going on97 +he asked looking around the room in confusion. 0The house elves told me that you were all here, and that you had brought a Healer with you. #s someone hurt97 0/ arently Harry is sicker than you thought 1inny.7 Hermione stated angrily sur rising them all as she turned on the red head with a fierce glare. 0,h,7 1inny said looking at the girl warily. 0&ell then whats wrong with him97 0He has wi'arding flu.7 Hermione answered sna ishly taking a ste foreword.

1inny only res onse was to ale and take a small ste back. 01inny 57 Hermione growled warningly at the girl causing 1inny to jum slightly. 0# forgot okay6 #m sorry67 1inny suddenly huffed defensively. 0.arvati called wanting to know if # wanted to go sho ing in .aris with her and the other girls, and # forgot67 0How could you ossibly forget something so im ortant6 This is Harrys health6 !ife and death6 He could have died because of this67 Hermione shouted advancing on the girl, but *on "uickly grabbed her arm. 0&hat ha his sister. ened97 He asked frowning in confusion as he looked between his wife and

%veryone else wanted to know that answer as well. 0The day # went to get my vaccination # made Harry an a ointment as well, because # knew that it was ossible that he hadnt gotten a am hlet like the rest of us muggleborns. &hen # flood to tell him about it later that day he wasnt here though, so # left the message with 1inny.7 Hermione answered before turning her glare back on 1inny. 0+he said she would tell him as soon as he came home. # even told her to write it down so that she wouldn3t forget.7 01inny is that true97 )rs. &easley demanded staring at he daughter as if she had never seen her before.

1inny crossed her arms over her chest and glared at them all defiantly. 0+o, # forgot to tell him big deal6 #t3s not like you haven3t caught it in time. He3ll be fine again once the Healer heals him.7 +he answered insolently. *on could hear -harlie softly growling behind him as they all stared at 1inny in disbelief, but then suddenly the Healer cleared his throat drawing their attention back to him and the task at hand. 0/nd who might you be dear97 He asked 1inny curiously having heard the whole conversation. 0#m Harry .otters fianc4e.7 1inny answered raising her chin roudly and instantly brightening at being able to tell someone that. The Healer frowned in confusion as he glanced at -harlie, but luckily he didnt say anything and instead turned back to 1inny holding u the file in his hand. 0$o you know if )r. .otter is allergic to anything97 He asked her and immediately 1innys smile fell from her face. 0<mm 57 1inny began uncertainly. 02othing, hes not allergic to anything.7 +he finally answered. The Healer nodded his head moving to make a note on his charts, but -harlie "uickly interru ted him. 0(elladonna, honey, and strawberries. Hes extremely allergic to eanuts as well, and the standard bruising salve irritates his skin. He has to have some s ecially made.7 -harlie answered "uickly before the Healer could make the mistake of writing down that Harry was allergic to nothing. That could have been very dangerous, es ecially considering that belladonna was used in most healing otions, and strawberries and honey was used as most flavorings for most otions. 0/lso, he has this s ecial muscle relaxant that he gets from .rofessor +na e at Hogwarts, it3s s ecifically made for him. He may have some 57 -harlie trailed off going into Harrys bathroom. He found the salve exactly where he remembered Harry used to kee it and brought it out to the Healer. The Healer looked at -harlie curiously for a moment, but once again he didnt comment as he instead studied the salve. 0This is good. # imagine hell be needing this, es ecially if he starts vomiting. This could hel with the strain that would ut on his muscles and the stomach cram s. &eve caught the sickness in time so that # wont have to admit him into the hos ital, but #m afraid we didnt catch it soon enough. #ts still going to be a hard few days for him.7 The Healer stated, and then he turned toward 1inny ex ectantly. 0# imagine that you will be the one staying with him for most of his recovery97 1inny hesitated for a moment. 0&ell, #ve already made lans with !avender, and # really cant ost one them 57 +he trailed off. )rs. &easley huffed in annoyance and anger at her own daughter before facing the Healer herself. 0#ll be staying with him.7 +he answered confidently. 0#ve raised seven children and Harry is just like one of my own. #m sure #ll be able to do whatever needs to be done to get him through this and back on his feet.7 The Healer nodded his head with a warm smile at the matronly woman and began taking vile after vile of medicine out of his bag. He ex lained each one to )rs.

&easley, what they did, how many times a day Harry was going to need to take them, and exactly how much in each dose she would have to give Harry. (ill watch closely as -harlie listened to everything the Healer said to his mother with a look of focused concentration, taking it all in. He then looked over at 1inny to see her twirling a iece of her hair uncaringly around a finger and glancing at her ex ensive watch every two seconds as if she was just waiting for this to be over with so that she could leave. ,nce the Healer was finished ex laining everything to them he administered the first doses of the otions to show them how it was done, and once again -harlie closely watched, while 1inny sim ly ignored everything that was ha ening. The Healer finished with the last otion before acking his things, and then he hesitated as he took out his card. The Healer glanced at 1inny for a second, who didnt even take notice, before he turned instead to -harlie and handed him the card. 0This is a direct address to the floo in my office. )y secretary is always there if # am not. -all me immediately if anything should ha en or he does not im rove within the next twenty four hours.7 -harlie took the card with a relieved thanks, and with a final nod the twins escorted the Healer back down to Harry3s study. %veryone was silent for a few moments after the Healers de arture, but then 1inny shifted on her feet and s oke, her voice iercing the hushed room like a scra ing chair.7 +ince youre going to be staying with him mother # guess #ll go meet !avender then. #f # hurry # wont be too late, and #ll robably be gone all day tomorrow as well.7 )rs. &easley didnt say anything to her daughter, sim ly turned her back on her and began fixing the blankets over Harrys slee ing form. ,nce 1inny left -harlie went immediately back to Harrys side, taking the wet cloth out of his mothers hands, who made no rotest, and di ing it into the cool water to run over Harrys forehead, neck, and chest to try and soothe his feverish skin a bit more. Harry stirred in his slee , shifting and whim ering every now and then, but -harlie would immediately soothe him with soft words and tender caresses, and Harry would calm again. +oon -harlie was again lying in the bed with Harry like before, des ite his mothers resence, but he knew she wouldnt mind. #t wasnt hard for any of them to see why Harry belonged with -harlie. %ven )rs. &easley was ho ing that one day Harry would come to his senses and see how much her son still loved him. +he knew 1inny wasnt right for Harry, and it broke her heart to see both her boys so heartbroken, because she knew without a doubt that Harry still loved -harlie as well. )rs. &easley sat back with a sad sigh and watched her son care for his love so tenderly that it brought tears to her eyes. +he doubted that she would even need to be here with the way -harlie had instantly taken over Harry3s care. +he didnt mind though. +he knew how much -harlie needed to do this. -harlie gently caressed Harry reverently as he laid down beside him and ulled him close. He seemed to be soaking u as much comfort from Harry as Harry was from him. /s if -harlie couldnt believe he was holding Harry in his arms like this again, and was afraid that at any moment it would all end. He kissed Harry softly a few time as he sim ly watched him slee , before slowly and reluctantly falling aslee himself. )rs. &easley smiled fondly at the icture they made as she watched over her two boys. %verything would work out in the end, it just had to.

(ill, *on, and Hermione, soon left the room after making sure -harlie and )rs. &easley had everything they would need for now. They met the twins coming back from Harrys office, and all it took was one shared look between them before they turned and se arated, each going to a different art of the house to do a bit of investigating. (ill went straight for 1innys room, being a curse breaker he was sure he would be able to detect and break through any ward she had set, and the sooner he found those letters the sooner he could give his brother and Harry back the life they both deserved.

-harlie sat u in the bed not sure what had woken him until he heard the sound of his mothers soft murmurings. He threw off the blanket she had laced over him and scrambled to his feet "uickly. &hen he reached the bathroom he didnt hesitate to go in through the artially o en door. 0&hy didnt you wake me97 -harlie hissed at his mother as he ushed assed her. He fro'e after the words came out and looked over at his mother a ologetically. He hadnt meant for it to sound so cold, but he was worried, and thats the way it came out. !uckily, though she seemed to understand and sim ly continued wetting a washcloth in the sink. 0Hes okay -harlie, just feeling a bit sick, which is to be ex ected. # was going to wake you to come get him once he had finished.7 +he re lied walking back over and lacing the cool cloth on the back of Harrys neck. Harry had his forehead resting against the toilet seat as he took in dee breaths, trying to calm himself and hold the sickness at bay. -harlie knelt down beside him, rubbing soothing circles into the small of his back trying to loosen the tense muscles. Harrys eyes suddenly flew o en once again and he lurched forward dry heaving into the bowl. -harlie didnt move away and took over his mothers osition of whis ering words of comfort as he brushed Harrys sweaty hair out of his face, and continued to rub his straining back and neck. &hen Harry was finally finished he just sim ly to colla se. -harlie "uickly wra ed an arm around his shoulders and brought him back to lean against his strong chest. He ran another wet cloth over Harrys heated face, wi ing away the tears and sweat. He did a s ell to "uickly clean out Harrys mouth, and then another to hel sooth his throat. 0Here 5 make sure he drinks lenty of water. &e dont want him to get dehydrated.7 His mother stated handing him a glass of cool water. -harlie took the glass and ressed it to Harrys li s. #t didnt take much encouragement to get Harry to drink it, after the first dro hit his cha ed li s Harry was drinking greedily from the glass and -harlie had to make him ace himself. &ith a soft sigh Harry fell back against -harlie and snuggled against him. -harlie looked down at him with a soft smile as he ran his fingers through the raven hair. He had missed this, holding him, he had missed this so much. 0!et me just go change the sheets on the bed, and then you can bring him back in.7 )rs. &easley said watching her son holding Harry with a sad sort of smile. They were so beautiful together. The sheets really did need to be changed, considering Harry had sweated through

the night due to the fever, but she offered to give her son a few minutes alone with Harry. )olly ho ed Harry would remember this, although with his fever as high as it was she doubted he even knew where he was, but she would make sure he knew that it had been -harlie who had taken care of him this whole time. +hed be damned if she let 1inny take advantage of the situation again. Honestly, she didnt know where she had gone wrong with that girl.

Hermione and *on looked u as the twins came back into Harrys study. 0$id you two find anything97 +he "uestioned, eyeing them cautiously. +he didnt think they would be ranking at a time like this, but then again this was the twins and you could never be too cautious. :red 5 or 1eorge nodded his head, but before he could answer (ill came stumbling into the room clutching some a ers in his hand. 0# found them.7 He stated sim ly walking over and laying the letters out on Harrys desk. Hermione "uickly waved her wand over them and frowned. 0These are all originals, the letters Harry must have tried to send -harlie. 1inny interce ted them and sent her own version, which means 57 +he continued digging through one of Harrys desk drawers before ulling out a similar stack of archment. 0These are all the fakes 1inny made that -harlie su osedly sent to Harry.7 +he waved her wand again over the archment and nodded. 0Her magical signature is all over them.7 (ill looked around at the other stuff Hermione had taken out of the drawer and laced on the desk, a stack of ictures of Harry and -harlie in *omania at the dragon reserve, at the &easley home, here at Harrys home, a few news a er cli ings of their various dates taken by re orters, other letters exchanged between the two bound in different stacks based on dates, the beautiful white scarf that -harlie had bought Harry for -hristmas that year they had gone to the charity ball together, and another icture this one rofessionally done and framed. Theyd taken it on a whim not long after they had started dating, and the love already clearly resent in the mens eyes as they ga'ed at each other was breathtaking. There was one item though that really caught (ills attention-- The ring 1inny had been wearing. #t was back in its box, and seeing it there sitting so innocently seemed to bring everything into ros ective. (ill reached over and gently icked it u the black velvet box and o ened it to look at the beautiful ring sitting inside. 0&as he really going to ask him97 He asked, which was an obvious "uestion, but one that he needed confirmed. 08es,7 Hermione answered softly with a heartbreaking look as she too stared at the ring. 0He told me about it before he assed out. Harry had lanned a whole tri . He was going to take -harlie to all the laces hed ever wanted to go, and he was going to ro ose to him in .aris on to of the %iffel Tower.7 +he ex lained with a fond smile. (ill snorted in amusement. 0&ho would have thought Harry would be such a romantic.7 The oldest &easley commented. 0Hes not actually.7 *on re lied icking u the framed icture and looking at it. 0Hes com letely oblivious to those kinds of things most of the time. Harrys idea of the

erfect date is going to a "uidditch game 5 or worse, challenging his date to a "uidditch game.7 *on laughed with a shake of his head. 0(ut -harlies a romantic. -harlie loves that kind of stuff, and Harry loves -harlie 57 He trailed off with a shrug of his shoulders. 0There isnt anything Harry wouldnt do to make -harlie ha y.7 0&ell, # think its about time we found out what ha ened then right97 :red asked icking u the to letter on the stack Hermione had taken out of Harrys desk drawer. 0$ear Harry 57 He began reading aloud as they all made themselves more comfortable in the study. must admit for the first time writing to you that really don%t know what to say. think it would be easier for the both of us if just came out and said it, so here it is 2 don%t think we should see each other anymore. know this may come as an une"pected shock to you, but for me it has been many weeks of contemplating and processing our relationship and where it seems to fit into the plans %ve made for my future. %ve come to the conclusion that there is no future for us. $e lead very different lives, yours in 4ngland, and mine here in Romania. %ll admit at first thought that being Harry ;otter%s partner would not be a problem for me, but %ve come to see that being in the public eye, watched all the time, is not the kind of life want to live. +ll can say is that %m sorry. really am sorry, but Harry you must understand that it was only a matter of time before we grew apart. haven%t seen you in three months now, and %ve come to reali0e that this is not the type of relationship want to be in. want a partner who can be with me always, not someone who drops in every few weeks for a -uick shag. know that was a harsh way of putting it, but it%s the way %ve been feeling. &ou say you love me, and truly thought that loved you, but %ve come to reali0e that it wasn%t love. f you love someone you want to be with them. &ou make sacrifices to be with them, you compromise, and you work things out. f one person wont however then there is really no where else for the relationship to go. %m sorry Harry, but can%t give up Romania, and know you can%t give up the work you are doing with the war orphans. 'his isn%t how wanted things to be between us, but this is how it must be, and hate that have to end things like this. truly am sorry Harry, and hope you all the best. &ou deserve all the happiness in the world. #harlie. 0&ow 5 # cant imagine how Harry must have felt when he got that.7 *on commented in disbelief once :red had finished reading. 0!ike a unch in the stomach most likely.7 1eorge answered with a grim frown. 0&ell, why dont we find out.7 (ill answered holding u the first letter off the stack he had brought from 1innys room. These were the letters Harry had written back to -harlie. 0$ear -harlie 57 &ou%re right don%t understand where any of this is coming from, but %m sure that whatever it is we can work it out. &ou are supposed to meet me Saturday, but this can%t wait until then so %m taking the soonest portkey can get to Romania. ;lease, %m begging you, just wait for me. f you%re having doubts then we need to talk

about them face to face and set them right, because %m not. love you more now than ever. &ou must believe me on that, please don/t doubt that. %ve never been so sure of anything in my entire life. :ust please, before you make any decision wait. %ll be there tomorrow night at the latest. love you always, Harry. The writing was horribly shaky, and there were lenty of smears in the letter, most likely from tears, but there was no doubt that it was from Harry. #t had his crest stam ed into the seal. 0&hat was the re ly97 Hermione asked as *on icked u the next letter on Harrys stack. =*ear Harry 57 He began frown growing as he read through the letter. am sorry to say that there is nothing to talk about. will not be waiting for you at the gate should you come, and all other handlers have been informed not to allow you entrance. have made my decision and have moved on. had originally wanted to simply break it off and not hurt you further by telling you the truth, but fear will have to if you insist on not letting it go. have met someone. %ve enclosed a picture with this letter if you re-uire further proof. He is another handler, and we are very happy together. ask that you please not interfere with that. met him not long after you went back to 4ngland that last time and we became friends, but what had been a great friendship, has over these last three month turned into something more. #harlie. 0.icture-- what icture97 1eorge "uestion leafing through the stacks on Harrys desk, but all of them were of Harry and -harlie or -harlie by himself. 0Here67 Hermione exclaimed holding u a small hoto that had been lying face down in the bottom of the drawer. (ill snatched the icture out of Hermiones hand, which ictured -harlie with another dark-haired guy laughing with each other outside one of the dragon ins. They did seem to be really close, and if you hadnt know any better you could have said that they were lovers, but (ill knew otherwise. 0Thats bullshit67 He exclaimed throwing down the icture angrily. 0Thats *obert, one of -harlies friends. The guys com letely straight. Hes ha ily married to his wife of three years with a baby on the way.7 0&e never met him.7 *on commented, trying to remember all of -harlies friends they had met while in *omania with Harry, but he couldn3t recall meeting this guy. 0Thats because he works at another reserve.7 (ill answered sim ly. 0He visits *omania every once in a while trans orting a dragon or when they need an extra handler.7 0# wonder how 1inny got this icture97 :red asked icking the icture u to get a better look.

0-ould have been that time she visited -harlie with your mom and dad a few weeks after we left.7 Hermione answered reaching for the next letter on (ills stack. 0-harlie 57 5 please don%t do this. %m begging you. $e can talk, work this out, just please meet with me. know our relationship isn%t ideal, with you in Romania and me in 4ngland, but %ll come there. can live in Romania too. :ust please don%t leave me. need you. need you more than anything. %ll give it all up. :ust please #harlie talk to me. &ou%ve got to talk to me so %ll know what to do, what you want from me. can%t change anything if you don%t tell me what you want, what /m doing wrong. ;lease meet with me so that we can talk. +ll want to do is talk okay. %m sending a portkey with this letter. t%ll bring you too that talian restaurant you like so much. %ll be waiting for you there. +ll my love, Harry. This letter was even more unintelligible than the last. The writing was so shaky that it looked as if a six year old could have written it, and there were smears covering half the words making it very difficult to make out what was being said. 0)erlin Harry 57 *on breathed looking at the letter himself ale faced. 0The ortkeys still here.7 He then said icking u the coin. #t had never been activated. 0Theres only one more here that was written from 3-harlie.7 Hermione whis ered, her voice full of grief as she gently icked u the last letter from the stack out of Harrys desk. 0(ut before that one was sent Harry wrote a few more.7 (ill interru ted her grabbing the next few letters off of the stack from 1innys room and showing them the dates. 0-harlie 57 ;lease don%t ignore me. %m begging you just meet with me, please. Something must have come up so %m sending another portkey, it%s for the same place. +re you all right, &ou didn%t get hurt did you, 6ove, Harry. #harlie please at least tell me your okay. .eet with me. Harry. #harlie, understand you don%t want to see me, but you haven%t written back. %m coming to Romania to make sure you%re all right. have to at least make sure you%re okay, but please, we need to at least talk about this. Harry. need you. love you.

0Thats when 3-harlie wrote back.7 Hermione stated holding u the last letter. 0Harry 57 &ou are correct in assuming that don%t want to see you anymore. 'here is nothing to talk about. %ve moved on and so should you. and my partner are -uite happy with the way things are going in our lives now, and ask once again that you do not disrupt that. am perfectly healthy and happy. 'here is no need for your visit and ask you only once to please stop writing. %m sorry Harry, but don%t love you anymore. am in love with Robert now, and ask that you please respect that and respect our wishes to be left alone. #harlie. 0/fter that there are a few more from Harry to -harlie, but they were never sent.7 Hermione stated leafing through the rest of the ile taken from Harrys desk. 0They all retty much say the same thing though 57 0Harry begging 57 *on stated with a look of disgust as he read over the last few letters. The disgust wasnt directed at Harry though, but at what his sister had done to Harry, reduced him to. Harry was the strongest erson *on knew. He did not beg, not when his uncle beat him, not when $eath %aters ca tured him, not when Voldemort tortured him. 0%xce t for this last one 57 Hermione re lied holding u the last letter and wi ing a few tears away as she read over it. 0$ear -harlie 57 ;lease don%t throw this letter away before you read it. %m not trying to get you to meet me. t%s just that, it%s been a while since we last spoke to each other, and was just writing to see how you were doing. don%t hear much from your family anymore, and don/t get out much to talk to Ron or Hermione. hope you%re doing well though and that you%re happy. read an article the other day on that new dragon they discovered in #hina. bet you%re e"cited about that. 'hey said they were recruiting from other reserves to go study it. know you will be one of those picked to go. &ou were always the best, and you%ve always wanted to visit #hina. n case you were wondering %ve been okay, not that e"pect you are thinking of me or anything. tend to think about you more often than not though. e"pect that it annoys 7inny to no end, but can%t help it. miss you, and still love you. %m not telling you this to try and win you back. just thought that you should know. +ccording to the papers %ll be marrying 7inny soon. t would probably be the right thing to do, but don%t love her. just can%t get over you, and don/t want to. don%t want to forget what we had, and don%t want to move on with anyone else. &ou were the only one for me #harlie, and know you probably don%t care now, but did love you. still love you. thought we were going to spend our lives together, and now don%t know what %m going to do anymore. don%t know what to do. 'his ache, it%s only getting worse, and everything%s just so messed up. don%t love your sister and can%t give her what she wants. can%t give anyone what they want. can%t do it anymore. don%t want to. just feel so empty all the time, and can%t get rid of it. +nyway, you probably didn%t want to hear all of that. !ut if you%ve read this far then please just, know that love you and that always will, and if you ever think you

want to give us another shot then %ll be here waiting for you always. 6ove, Harry. 0This is the last letter. #t was never sent. Theres no seal.7 Hermione added once she had finished reading, and laced the letter back in the stack making sure to kee them in order. 0&hats the date on it97 (ill asked with a frown. He felt a bit odd reading these letters. They were so ersonal, it was like eaking into someones diary. They were ractically witnessing Harrys breakdown after he thought -harlie had left him, it made (ill3s skin crawl to reali'e what his little sister had done. Hermione glanced at the date and really took it in for the first time-- Her breath caught. 0Two weeks ago.7 +he answered shakily. %veryone just stood there in a shocked silence for a while not knowing what to say.

-harlie carried Harry out of the bathroom and laid him down on the fresh sheets. 0-an you hand me the muscle relaxant97 He asked his mother, indicating to the jar on the beside table as he knelt beside Harry on the bed. +he handed it to him without a word before going back to the bathroom to clean u and make sure everything was saniti'ed. -harlie turned Harry onto his stomach and began massaging the salve into his taut back muscles. #t was ama'ing how tense he was, and -harlie knew that there was no way Harry could be this tense sim ly from vomiting. 0)erlin Harry what are you doing to yourself.7 He asked softly kneading the muscles into relaxing. +lowly, Harrys body began to catch u with his mind and relax into slee . -harlie finished the massage, that had already lasted longer than was necessary, before reluctantly removing his hands from Harrys liant body. His eyes were full of longing as he trailed his fingers a few more times over the warm ex anse of skin from Harrys neck all the way down to the lower art of his back, but then his mother noisily o ened the bathroom door and walked back into the room and -harlie was hel ing her dress Harry in a new set of ajamas. He knew Harry liked to slee in just his boxers normally, but with eo le coming in and out of the room to check on him -harlie wasnt sure if he would a reciate them seeing him with so little clothing, even though -harlie a reciated it lenty. Harrys body was exactly how -harlie remembered it, but somehow even better because he hadnt seen it or touched it in what felt like a lifetime now. Harry was ama'ingly beautiful, like a model or something, and -harlie felt rivileged to have had Harry for the short amount of time he had. 1inny didnt know how lucky she was to have someone like Harry, and it angered -harlie to think of how she used him and took from him. Harry deserved so much better. He deserved someone who loved him and adored him com letely. Harry deserved someone who wanted only him, not his money, not his fame, not his social standing, but only him, just Harry.

-harlie did. He wanted Harry so much it hurt, and not just emotionally either. #t hurt hysically, so much so that sometimes -harlie was left breathless with the ain of it. He seriously couldnt imagine his future without Harry in it, and all this time already s ent without Harry was killing him. 0#m going to make this right Harry.7 He breathed softly, ressing his li s against Harrys ear. -harlie convinced his mother, after they gave Harry his next dose of medicine, to go home for a while and take care of his father. The oor man was robably starving to death, and sur risingly his mother had easily agreed to. +he knew -harlie would die rather than let anything ha en to Harry. /fter watching Harry slee dee ly for a while, and after checking his dro ing fever and other vitals, -harlie reluctantly removed himself from the bed and decided to go see what the others had found, because he knew they wouldnt have missed the o ortunity to go snoo ing around while 1inny was gone. -harlie found them in Harrys study, sitting around the fire lace talking softly to one another. 0$id you find anything97 He asked as they all looked u , but by the looks on their faces they didnt even have to answer him. 0-harlie #-- # think you should sit down.7 His oldest brother said standing to his feet and grabbing -harlie by the elbow to lead him to an em ty chair. -harlies heart ounded in his chest as they all looked at one another warily before Hermione took a dee breath and ulled out two se arate stacks of archment, sliding them over the table to him. -harlie couldnt breathe 5 he really, really couldnt breathe. His emotions were com letely out of control, disbelief, sorrow, hurt, shock, but most of all anger 5and he could feel his magic vibrating just beneath the surface because of it. 0-harlie6 -harlie calm down.7 (ills voice leaded, breaking through the ringing in his ears. / glass vial was shoved into his hands and he didnt even ask before downing it. /lmost immediately he felt calm again, and his breathing evened out as Hermione gently took the em ty vial from his numb fingers lacing it delicately back into the cabinet where she had gotten it from. -harlie looked at her curiously, forgetting for a moment why he had nearly lost control. 0Harry kee s them on hand 5 just in case.7 +he answered adverting her ga'e from him a rehensively. 0# thought his magic was under control.7 -harlie re lied still confused. /fter Harrys seventeenth birthday he had lost control of his magic. The inheritance he had received had been like nothing they had ever seen before. Harry had taken so many calming droughts to try and kee it under control that he had become an emotionless 'ombie for a while. (ut -harlie had hel ed Harry work through it, and Harry had learned control 5 There was something Hermione wasnt telling him. Hermione looked around the room, anywhere but at -harlie or the others. 0+ince your 3breaku 5 sometimes Harry cant-- +ometimes its hard for him to deal with the emotions.7 +he finally answered reluctantly. 08ou mean 57 -harlie began licking his suddenly dry li s and taking a dee breath. %ither the calming drought wasnt very strong or his emotions were just too high.

08ou mean he takes it to be numb 5 so that he cant feel.7 02ot all the time. #3ve only seen him do it a few times 57 Hermione trailed off eyes widening as she said too much. 08ouve seen him67 *on suddenly exclaimed looking at his wife. 0&hat the hell6 Hermione do you know how dangerous this is. &hy didnt you tell me97 0# romised him # wouldnt.7 +he answered shamefully. 0Hermione you should have told someone. This could be very serious.7 (ill rebuked softly. #t wasnt good for someone to su ress their emotions. Thats robably one of the reasons why Harry was boarding on de ression right now-- if he wasnt already there. Hermiones shoulders slum ed. 0# know 5 but he romised me he didnt do it all the time. ,nce a month maybe -- and #ve ke t tabs. $obby tells me exactly how many bottles Harry has and how many hes used. # told Harry the first time # found him like that, that he should come to me or even *on before he did it again. # thought that maybe we could talk whatever he was feeling through.7 0$id he97 :red asked cautiously as Hermione aused to wi e at a few tears that had fallen. +he nodded her head trying to ull herself back together. 0He wrote to me, and # came over immediately, but god *on 57 +he breathed turning to her husband trying to get him to understand. 08ou should have seen him. He was so-- so broken. #d never seen anyone like that, hurting like that, and it scared me. # didnt know what to do. # couldnt hel him, and # was scared about what he would do, so # just let him continue taking it. He made me romise not to tell anyone, and # romised him # wouldn3t as long as # was sure that he wasn3t utting himself in any danger.7 0How many has he taken this month97 -harlie "uestioned walking over to the cabinet and looking into it with a frown. 0:ive.7 Hermione answered. 0(ut you said--7 *on began to rotest. 0# know.7 Hermione cut in shar ly. 0He normally doesnt take more than one or two a month, and only when things get really, really bad for him 5 &hen he doesn3t feel like he can deal with it 5 but this month was different-- it3s a lot worse.7 0How so97 1eorge asked, although he already thought he had a retty good idea of what had changed. 0&ell for one thing -harlie3s back.7 Hermione answered stating the obvious first, but then she hesitated as she contem lated revealing the next art to them. 0 5 and well, things with 1inny are getting worse.7 0&hat do you know Hermione97 *on "uestioned crossing his arms over his chest and giving the woman one of his sternest looks. This wasnt a time for withholding information.

0&ell shes been ushing marriage on him retty hard-- says its what your arents would want him to do, that its the right thing to do. #t3s even come out in the a ers that they3re engaged now. 1inny also mentioned that she wants to have a baby 5 all the other girls are having them. +o # imagine she3s been ushing Harry for that to. /lso 5 well it3s nothing new. 1inny s ends money like cra'y.7 Hermione continued listing things off. 0#ve been sho ing with her. +he has no regard for Harrys money at all. +hes taken over Harrys home. This is the only lace Harry has thats his anymore.7 +he continued waving her hand around the study. 0/nd you know how Harry hates the ublic unless it3s a charity event, but 1inny forces him to go to all these balls and arties, arading him around like some sort of tro hy. Then there are the other men--7 0,ther men97 -harlie cut in eyes widening in sur rise. Hermione blushed. 0&ell yeah, Harrys caught 1inny kissing another guy5 it was in the a er. +omeone had sna ed a icture of it. #t was "uite embarrassing for Harry actually. The media it caused was horrendous, but he never said anything about it although # could tell that he was hurt and angry at her 5 and # sus ect she3s doing it again. # can tell Harry knows.7 0&hy that little 57 -harlie could think of a whole bunch of words. He just couldnt ick which one to say. 0%xactly 57 *on echoed not needing -harlie to say it because he knew exactly what his brother was thinking. 0/nd now to to it off youve come back.7 Hermione finished nodding at -harlie. 0Harry hasnt seen you since you broke u . #ts even harder for him because he never really dealt with it. He never gave you u -harlie, and 1innys gotten even more ossessive lately because she knows that.7 -harlie ran a hand through his hair and sat back down heavily. He stared at the floor for a moment letting everything sink in. 0#ts okay 5 its okay 57 He breathed, more to himself than the eo le around him. 0#m here now. # wont let 1inny hurt him anymore.7 -harlie declared more firmly lifting his head. He looked to both :red and 1eorge. 0&hat was it you two found97 The twins looked at each other for a moment before :red ulled out a half em ty vial and handed it to -harlie who studied it curiously. 0&e recogni'ed it the moment we s otted it.7 :red ex lained. 0#ts a lust otion.7 1eorge then added shocking them all. 0&e ex erimented with a few of them to develo one of our roducts.7 -harlie felt the blood drain from his face as he nearly dro ed the vial.

0Thats illegal67 Hermione exclaimed covering her mouth. 01inny could go to /'kaban for even having it 5 and you two shouldnt have had it either67 +he then re rimanded at the last minute. 0How is that illegal97 *on "uestioned 0The girls at school used to try to give them to Harry all the time at school.7

(ill shook his head taking the vial from Hermione and studying it. 0That was different.7 He answered. 0Those were mild love otions, schoolyard ranks, like what :red and 1eorge have at their sho . Harry could still control his actions and thoughts if he really didnt want something. He could still say no. (ut this 5 this is something totally different. #ts-- well, its ra e.7 0&hat97 *on breathed in disbelief. 0,ne erson uts a iece of their hair into the otion, and whoever they give it to, the otion makes the drinker want them. The drinker cant control their actions, even if they wanted to.7 Hermione ex lained with a frown. 0&hat do you mean even if they wanted to97 *on asked not sure he wanted to hear the answer. 0#n some cases the drinker knows that they dont want to. They just cant do anything about it.7 (ill answered before Hermione could. 0Thats why its considered ra e. 8oure forcing someone to have sex with you.7 0)erlin, you really think 1inny would 57 *on trailed off. 02evermind.7 He added remembering why they were here in the first lace. 0This could get her sent to /'kaban.7 :red stated shaking the half em ty vial, it had been used, but even if it hadnt just having the otion would have gotten 1inny into major trouble. (ill looked to -harlie who ga'ed straight back at him, and their eyes locked. 0-harlie, what do you want to do97 He asked willing to su ort his younger brother-- whatever his decision. 0# want to check on Harry.7 -harlie finally answered after a long moment. He just needed to see him, to touch him, to make sure that he was alright. -harlies mind was racing as the horror of what his sister had done finally sank in. He honestly didnt know what to do, but at that moment all he could think about was getting back to Harry. -harlie ste ed out of the study being followed closely by the others. They would all go in and see Harry, and if Harry was awake and feeling better they would try to tell him 5 The sooner they got 1inny away from him the better. ;ust as they reached the corridor leading to Harrys bedroom they were sto ed short as 1inny ste ed out of the room and into the hallway. Her eyes immediately landed on -harlie and she sneered. =&hat the hell do you think you>re doing coming here6= +he exclaimed loudly rounding on -harlie. =8ou>ve got a lot of nerve6 8ou think you can just walt' in here and disru t what Harry and # have6 &ell youre wrong6 2ow leave you were not invited6 #n fact, # don>t remember inviting any of you here today6= +he ranted furiously, and entirely to loud considering Harry was sick in the next room. =&ell then it>s a good thing we>re not here to see you isn>t it... &e came to see how Harry was doing.= *on re lied crossing his arms as he glared down at his sister. =&ell Harry is aslee so you can all...= +he began, but this time (ill cut her off.

=...be very, very "uiet as we check in on him.= (ill su lied walking ast his little sister and steering -harlie along with him, while hiding the letters out of 1innys sight. =,ut6 # want you all out6 1%T ,<T6 1et out of my house6= 1inny seethed at (ill and -harlie as they dared walk away from her, followed closely by *on and Hermione, and :red and 1eorge who ushed ass her as well trying to get to the bedroom door before she was able to wake Harry u . -harlie suddenly sto ed however, and turned back to face his little sister with a serious frown on his face. =Harry>s house 1inny... This is Harry>s house.= He reminded her, which only roved to infuriate her more. 1inny growled stom ing her foot in anger and ushing through them all to stand back in front of the door. =# don>t care6 # want you all out6 /nd you6= +he started again on -harlie, oking a finger hard into his chest. =8ou are not allowed here6 Harry does not want you around6 He wants nothing to do with you anymore6 He loves me now6 8ou are nothing to him6 He hates you6 8ou are to stay away from him6 $, 8,< <2$%*+T/2$6= +he shrieked fiercely sla ing and ushing -harlie back who made no move to ut his hands on his sister to sto her. Hermione was just debating whether or not she should ste in, being the only other girl there. +he could certainly lay into 1inny without feeling bad about it. (ut before she could decide a shadow suddenly fell over 1inny from behind and as 1innys hand once again raised to hit -harlie her wrist was caught by a bigger one and sto ed. Hermione and the others looked u and gas ed softly as they saw Harry standing there behind 1inny, feverish eyes narrowed in anger at the girl. He ulled her wrist back, turning her and bringing her hand away from -harlie, as he ste ed in between them. =8ou will not treat my guest in such a disres ectful manner again. *o you understand9= Harry began voice hoarse but furious as he towered over 1inny, taking a ste forward and forcing her to ste back =8ou do not have the authority to order anyone around in this house. *o you understand9= He continued as 1inny stared u at him with wide disbelieving eyes as Harry actually re rimanded her. =8ou also do not have the ower to banish anyone from this house. .y house. *o you understand97 *ons jaw was nearly on the floor now, never had he seen Harry so dominating before, obviously 1inny laying her hands on -harlie had triggered something for him. 0/nd touch -harlie-- or anyone else, in anger again and #>ll make sure the only thing in this house you can touch is the doorknob leading out of it. *o. &ou. 9nderstand9= Harry annunciated each word in a threatening tone that 1inny would have been suicidal to argue with. 1inny must have seen this as well, as her eyes narrowed at Harry and she sneered defiantly, but she didnt o en her mouth to rotest. #nstead, a slow smirk crossed her face before her whole demeanor changed in an instant. 0,f course love50 +he stated sweetly as she slinked forward leaning in and molding her body to Harrys. Harry stiffened, but she didnt seem to take notice of it as she snaked a hand around his neck and ulled him down for a dee kiss. 05how silly of me.7 +he whis ered into Harrys ear nu''ling it softly while staring straight at -harlie and smirking over Harrys shoulder before turning and walking away. ,nce 1inny was gone Harry grabbed the doorframe, leaning on it heavily for su ort.

The twins immediately grabbed hold of him and steered him back into his room as Hermione rushed ast them to ull the comforter back and fluff the illows u . 0Harry you shouldnt have gotten out of bed67 +he re rimanded, but there was a small trium hant twinkle in her eye at seeing Harry finally ut 1inny in her lace. 08es mother.7 Harry re lied with a layful smirk that was dam ened by the exhaustion they could see shinning clearly in his eyes. 0Here, you need to take your medicine.7 Hermione sighed once they had gotten Harry settled back in. +he walk over to the vials sitting on his nightstand, but reali'ed once she got there that she didnt know which ones to give him. 0<mm 5 -harlie97 +he asked unsure of what to do. -harlie didnt hesitate though, ste ing forward and handing the correct doses to Hermione, even ex laining to her what each one was for. Hermione assed them straight on to Harry, who was staring at -harlie in confusion, before his eyes suddenly cleared a bit and he ut two and two together. 0-harlie97 Harry suddenly asked softly once he had taken the last of his medicine. -harlies back tensed as he ut the ca on the last vial, and he warily turned around. 0Have you been here this whole time97 Harry asked with a thoughtful frown, even as his eyes were beginning to drift close again from the mild slee ing drought. There was a long ause before -harlie cautiously nodded, not daring to o en his mouth. / slow smile s read across Harrys drowsy face as he reached out a hand to -harlie. -harlie immediately took it lacing their fingers together. 0+he tried to tell me it was her 5 but # knew 5 she was lying 5 # knew it was you.7 He breathed, almost to low for them to hear. 0How did you know Harry97 -harlie asked as Harrys eyes drifted close. He kissed Harrys hand clas ed in his own wondering if Harry would answer him. Harry actually rolled towards him, tugging on -harlies hand weakly until -harlie got the idea and crawled into bed with him des ite the others silently watching in the room. 0(ecause # felt safe 5 ha y 57 Harry answered voice trailing off as he snuggled into -harlies chest with a sigh of contentment. #n seconds he was sound aslee , and -harlie rayed that Harry would remember this moment when he woke u again. ?@ Then next morning -harlie sat by Harrys bed sim ly waiting for Harry to wake u again. He wasnt sure if Harry would remember what had ha ened the night before, but he ho ed he would. -harlie had gone over a million times what he was going to say to Harry once he woke u again, but every time Harry shifted as if he were about to awaken every s eech -harlie had lanned suddenly flew out of his head. He leaned over and laced his hand on Harrys forehead to check his tem erature. -harlie could have just used a s ell, but he would take any excuse he could to touch Harry as much as ossible.

Harry felt a little warm, and -harlie frowned glancing over at the half em ty bottles of medicine sitting on the beside table. #t was almost time to give Harry another dose, but -harlie was reluctant to wake him. #n the end though he knew he would have to, so with a sigh -harlie began gently running his fingers through Harrys hair while whis ering his name. +lowly Harry began to stir, until with a soft sigh his slee y eyes blinked o en. -harlie didnt sto his hand though and got a thrill down his s ine as seconds later Harry consciously leaned into the touch. Their eyes remained connected as they just stared at one another in silence for a while - both wondering what this meant for them. 0#ve missed waking u like that.7 Harry finally admitted with a sad smile. 0/nd #ve missed watching you.7 -harlie whis ered softly in re ly, still running his fingers through Harrys messy hair. They stared at each other for a few more silent moments before -harlie began coaxing Harry into a sitting osition. 0-ome on you need to take your medicine 5 How do you feel97 He asked as he measured each dose and handed it to Harry. 0# feel much better.7 Harry answered him drinking each dose -harlie handed him without "uestion, and swallowing it without so much as a grimace. -ausing -harlie to remember that since the war the taste of otions didnt really have an affect on Harry anymore. Harry had sim ly learned how to take them without acknowledgment. /fter he was finished -harlie conjured him a cool glass of water to wash the taste away, and also to make sure he wouldnt get dehydrated. 0/re you hungry97 -harlie asked softly as Harry finished drinking one glass only to wave his hand and have it refilled. 0<mm 5 no #m - maybe later.7 Harry answered head bowed as he icked at a loose thread on the bedcovers. 0Harry97 -harlie asked moving a bit closer as he sensed that something was wrong. 0Harry whats wrong97 There was a long ause and then finally Harry lifted his head and looked straight at him and -harlie felt as if hed just been unched in the stomach. There was so much ain and confusion in Harrys eyes that -harlie felt com letely overwhelmed by it. Then suddenly there were tears, brimming the edges, overflowing, and then falling down that beautiful, ale face that -harlie loved so much. -harlie didnt hesitate and reached out and gathered Harry into his arms. Harry clung to him like a lifeline, sobs racking his frame, and wetting -harlies shirt. Then suddenly there were li s on his, ressing des erately for a res onse that -harlie was too shocked to give at first. /s soon as his mind was able to focus in on what was ha ening however his hands shot u to tangle into Harrys hair as he kissed Harry back with just as much des eration and emotion. Harry ulled on -harlies shirt and everything was ha ening so fast that -harlie really didnt register it until he was lying on to of Harry shirtless, and Harry was grabbing and kissing him as if his life de ended on it. 0&ait - Harry wait -7 He finally managed to get out, breathing hard as he ulled away only to have Harry try and follow him with a des erate whim er.

-harlie laced a hand on Harrys chest to sto him, but then he caught Harrys eyes and the ure need he saw there was his undoing. 0-harlie lease5 please.7 Harry begged through kiss swollen li s, and -harlie couldnt have refused even if he had tried. He grabbed Harry behind the head and started kissing him again. Harry res onded with vigor, ulling -harlie back down until they were flush against each other exactly where they were su osed to be. They kissed des erately for a while, gro ing and ulling until every stitch of clothing was removed between them. /s soon as their skin met it was like heaven to -harlie. %verything slowed down then and the frantic gro ing became gentle caresses, the des erate whim ers became contended sighs, and the frantic kissing became slow and languid. 0)issed you5 missed you so much57 Harry breathed while tangling his fingers in -harlies hair and letting his head fall back so that -harlie could have better access to his neck. -harlie didnt answer. Honestly, he was too choked u to, but he roceeded to show Harry with his actions just how much he had missed him too. He kissed down Harrys chest, taking his time to ex lore every art of Harrys beautiful body. Harry moaned and writhed so beautifully against the bed sheets that -harlie could have came just by watching him. )erlin he had missed this5 missed Harry so much. -harlie wasnt sure now how he had survived so long without Harry. -harlie loved the noises Harry made - just for him. %s ecially the way Harrys breath caught as -harlie swallowed him, and the long moan he drew out of him as -harlie sucked him hard and slow. He loved the way Harrys hands would tangle and tug at his hair, the way Harrys back would arch off the bed so beautifully, the way his head would fall back against the illow and thrash from side to side as his chest heaved in an effort to draw in enough air. -harlie loved the way Harry would whim er his name like a rayer, the way Harrys thighs would fall o en wider - inviting him in more and the way his legs would tremble as the leasure began to take over. -harlie loved everything about Harry, but it was those eyes that did it, those gla'ed emerald gems ga'ing down at him through half lidded eyes, burning with leasure and assion. -harlie felt himself throbbing and knew that he would have to do it soon before he came right then just from the look in Harrys eyes. He released Harry, who gave a low throaty groan, but didnt rotest as -harlie slid back u his body lanting kisses along the way. 08es5 please...7 Harry whim ered clutching at -harlies shoulders des erately and answering -harlies unasked "uestion as he aused before ressing a lubed finger into Harrys entrance. -harlie groaned and ressed his forehead against Harrys shoulder as that single finger made its way ast Harrys rotesting ring of muscles and into his im ossibly tight hole. Harry was so tight, reminding -harlie of the first time they had been together - Harry had only been a virgin then. He re ared Harry as slowly and as thoroughly as he could before both of their needs became so great that neither could wait another second. Harry tugged on his shoulders as -harlie removed his fingers. 02eed you now5 need to feel you in me57 He gas ed ulling -harlie u into a slo y kiss as -harlie aligned himself with Harrys entrance and began to ush.

0,h god Harry.7 -harlie moaned as he kissed Harrys neck and shoulder re eatedly to try and distract himself from the tight heat envelo ing him. -harlies hands fisted the illow tightly on either side of Harrys head as Harrys legs tightened around his back bringing him in dee er. ,nce -harlie was fully seated in Harry he aused, and he and Harry sim ly breathed together for a few moments. He kissed Harrys closed eyelids before slowly ulling back and then ushing back in. -harlie re eated this slowly for a few times before Harry began moving with him and whim ering for more. The ace icked u after that, both already too close to the edge to draw it out any longer. Harry clung to him as -harlie hit his rostate over and over again. He remembered every angle Harry liked and soon -harlie had Harry worked into a state of ure oblivion. Harry came shouting -harlies name, and -harlie followed seconds later at just the sound of his name s oken that way from Harrys lum red li s. They clung to each other breathing heavily, and -harlie felt Harry start shaking as silent sobs racked his smaller frame. He sim ly held him, kissing and caressing soothingly until Harry finally calmed down. 0/re you okay97 -harlie asked worried that Harry was regretting this or worse that he had hurt him somehow. 08oure going to leave again.7 Harry stated, and it broke -harlies heart to hear the resignation in that statement, because thats what it was, not a "uestion, but a statement of fact. Harry really believed that -harlie would use him and then abandon him all over again. The thought made -harlie feel sick. 02o Harry5 2o. #m not leaving again.7 -harlie answered lying beside Harry and ulling the blankets u over both of them. He ulled Harry on to of him, against his chest, and held on tightly. 0#m not leaving.7 ?@ &hen Hermione and the others walked into Harrys bedroom later that evening it was to a scene that shocked and thrilled them all at once. -harlie was lying on his back, wide awake and bare-chested with Harrys slee ing form lying eacefully on to of him also bare. -harlie motioned for them to be silent as they came in before continuing to run his fingers through Harrys messy hair and down his back. 02ot to be intrusive or anything but are you both -7 Hermione trailed off with a blush glancing down at the comforter covering both -harlie and Harrys lower halfs. &hat she really wanted to know was if theyd actually had sex, but that would have been far too embarrassing to ask. 02aked97 -harlie finished Hermiones "uestion with a smirk. Hermione nodded feeling her cheeks flame as (ill and the twins chuckled "uietly. -harlie chuckled as well before shaking his head, and for some reason Hermione felt a ang of disa ointment at that. #t was embarrassing to admit, but she had been ho ing that they had sle t together. 0&e ut some slee ing ants on.7 -harlie then confessed with a smile and Hermione felt a smile break across her own face des ite her embarrassment. 0&ouldnt do to have 1inny walk in and see us lying here naked.7

(ill snorted at -harlies mischievous smirk. 0# dont think you would have minded her walking in on the two of you going at it.7 He laughed. 0&ould have ruined the moment, but her ex ression would have been riceless, es ecially when Harry called my name.7 -harlie agreed. 0<lgh6 Too much information67 *on hissed rubbing at his ears. 0/www5 did that hurt ickle *onnikins sensitive sensibilities97 0Has Hermione not had the birds and the bees talk with him yet97 0+hut u you two67 *on hissed at the twins as he turned redder than his hair. 0Honestly you three, could you try to act a little more mature6 This is serious67 Hermione re rimanded getting them to shut u . 0$id you tell him97 +he then asked turning back to -harlie wondering how this had ha ened. -harlie frowned as he focused on the hand he was currently running through Harrys hair. 02o actually, # didnt5 he just sort of - leaded for me. # couldnt tell him no.7 He answered with a sad sigh. 0&hen we were done he started crying. # thought that maybe he was regretting it. That maybe he had thought he had cheated on 1inny or something, but that wasnt the reason.7 -harlie continued looking u at them with ain filled eyes. 0He wasnt crying because he had cheated5 he was crying because he thought # was going to leave him again.7 0#ts like # told you -harlie. Harry loves you. Hes always loved you.7 Hermione said soothingly. 0%ven though he thinks # would use him and leave him.7 -harlie stated in disgust at himself. He felt a few tears leak out and wi ed them away angrily. 02o -harlie. Harry doesnt really think that. Hes just confused right now. He doesnt know why youre suddenly here again. He doesnt know whats going on, but were going to tell him. &ell make it right again.7 (ill re lied lacing a comforting hand on -harlies shoulder. 0#ts all going to work out.7 -harlie nodded his head with a sigh. 0# just hate seeing him in so much ain.7 He whis ered kissing the to of Harrys head as the brunette began to stir. 0!ets end it then5 lets tell him the truth.7 Hermione said ulling out the stack of letters that she had ke t safely in her ocket. Harrys head suddenly sna ed u and his eyes immediately fell on -harlie. &ithout warning he lurched forward and kissed the red head hungrily for a moment before ulling back and staring down at -harlie in wonder. Harrys hands caressed -harlies face, tracing every feature and curve, as his eyes followed a similar attern as if drinking him in and memori'ing -harlie all over again. -harlie sim ly allowed him, never moving his eyes away from Harrys mesmeri'ed face, because an hour ago he had been doing this exact same thing while Harry sle t. Harry bent back down and kissed -harlie again, on his forehead, his eyes, his cheeks, and his li s, before wra ing his arms around -harlies shoulders and

burying his face in the red heads neck. 0# thought that # was a dreaming again.7 They heard Harry whis ering, and they had to look away at the intimacy of the moment. 0# thought it was just another dream and that when # woke u you wouldnt be here like all the other times5 but you are youre here.7 08es, Harry #m here.7 -harlie answered stroking Harrys hair. 0#m here and #m not going anywhere.7 01od dont let this be a dream.7 Harry leaded still not fully believing it, but wanting to with all his heart. 0#m here Harry and this is real5 #ve missed you so much.7 -harlie soothed feeling hot, wet, dro lets dri ing down his neck. 0&hy did you leave me -harlie97 Harry suddenly sobbed heartbreakingly. -harlie sat u with Harry in his arms, cradling his head against his shoulder, and holding Harry tightly as he rocked him back and forth. The others "uietly moved to the other side of the room, giving -harlie and Harry some rivacy until -harlie was able to calm Harry down enough to really ex lain things to him. Harrys whole body trembled and shook with the ain and grief he had been holding onto for so long, and -harlie felt himself silently crying as he buried his own face in Harrys shoulder. 0Harry # need you to listen to me okay5 # need you to trust me. $o you think you can still trust me97 -harlie asked feeling Harry finally starting to calm down a bit as he took in dee shuddering breaths. Harry nodded his head against -harlies shoulder. 0# never sto ed trusting you -harlie - just as # never sto ed loving you either.7 He whis ered sagging against -harlies chest com letely drained. 0,kay Harry - Hermione, *on, (ill, and the Twins are here. Theyve brought some things that we think you should see. +o youll see that # never sto ed loving you either57 ?@ 0Harry are you alright5 do you need some water or something97 Hermione asked worriedly. Harry nodded his head and *on rushed to the bathroom to get his best friend a glass of water. The others stood back cautiously, knowing that if it hadnt been for -harlies resence, rubbing soothing circles in Harrys back, then they were retty sure the room would have been demolished by now. *on returned seconds later and handed Harry the water who shakily began drinking it down. 0%asy love - take it easy.7 -harlie murmured against Harrys ear while grabbing the glass and hel ing Harry drink at a more normal ace. Harry calmed a bit more as the cool li"uid hel ed in soothing his overheated body. His magic and body were ractically vibrating in anger as what he had just learned

began to really sink in. -harlie hadnt left him5 1inny had made -harlie think Harry didn3t want him anymore. 1inny had hurt -harlie - shed hurt Harry too - but hurting -harlie was unforgivable. 0+he - she57 1od Harry couldnt even s eak he was so furious. 0+hhh5 calm down love.7 -harlie whis ered stroking his hair and kissing his head as Harrys body trembled with his anger. 0How could she fucking do that67 Harry finally shouted releasing his magic and blowing u a nearby vase. / house elf o ed in immediately, cleaned it u , and then o ed away seconds later. Harry felt he could breath easier though as the strain lessened. 0,kay5 okay - #m alright.7 He breathed to the others who had all taken a cautious ste back - exce t for -harlie who sim ly held him, having gotten used to these sort of dis lays after the war. 0Harry you need to try and stay calm. 8oure still sick.7 -harlie soothed rubbing his hands u and down Harrys trembling back and shoulders. 0+he lives here -harlie. # let her live here. 8ou were su osed to live here with me share my bed, but # - # sle t with her. 1od #m so sorry.7 Harry stated, voice thick with disgust and self-loathing. 0#ts okay Harry -7 -harlie began, but Harry shook his head furiously. 02o its not67 He shouted ri ing himself from -harlies arms. 0# - # sle t with -7 He began standing from the bed, but suddenly Harry aled and raced toward the bathroom with a hand over his mouth. -harlie followed him "uickly and held him until he was through, rubbing gentle circles in his back. Hermione came in a few moments after the retching was done and wet a cloth for -harlie so that he could wi e Harrys mouth and forehead. 0#m so sorry -harlie. ,h god #m sorry5 # - # dont know why # did it. # didnt want to.7 Harry moaned turning and clutching at -harlies waist as he buried his head into his shoulder as if -harlie would suddenly ush him away. 0# know Harry.7 -harlie whis ered stroking Harrys sweaty hair. 08ou were drugged. &e found the otion in 1innys room. #t was ra e Harry. +he forced you. #f you decide to ress charges she can go to /'kaban for it.7 He ex lained deciding then and there, as Harry sobbed brokenly into his shoulder, that no matter what the brunette decided he would back Harry one hundred ercent. 1inny was his sister, but she deserved everything she got for destroying their lives the way she had. The second she hurt Harry in such a way she ceased to be anything to him. 0He should take a bath.7 Hermione said crouching down beside them to smooth Harrys hair away from his face. 0Hell feel better once hes had one.7 -harlie nodded in agreement. 0-an you run the water. #ll stay here with him.7 He answered holding Harry tightly as Hermione went to run the water for them. 0#ll take the others back to his study and well wait for you there.7 Hermione said once the water was ran, and then she was gone, leaving -harlie and Harry alone

again. -harlie undressed them both before lifting Harry into his arms and sitting them both down in the large bathtub with Harry nestled in his la . He then scrubbed them both clean and washed Harrys hair for him. /fter that was finished Harry rolled over onto his stomach and -harlie moaned softly as their groins became aligned and he felt Harrys hardening. Harrys eyes were half lidded as he leaned u to kiss -harlie dee ly, making sure to slide their bodies together deliciously. 0Harry,7 -harlie breathed as Harry sli ed between his legs. -harlie lifted his knees on either side of Harrys waist to give him more room for that sli ery, wet, friction. His head fell back against the cast iron tub as Harrys mouth began moving down his neck, sucking and licking at the dro s of water. Harrys fingers trailed u his thighs, over his hi s, u his waist, to his ni les where they rubbed tantali'ingly. -harlie arched his back, gas ing and moaning, and felt Harry wedging himself further between his legs. 0-harlie # need you to erase her memory5 # need to feel only you - see only you. # want your warmth around me, s"uee'ing, consuming. # want to come inside of you, feel you ulling every last dro from me. # want to see you writhing beneath me57 Harry gas ed trailing a hand down to -harlies o ening and swirling a finger around his ulsing hole. -harlie whim ered and nodded his head for Harry to go on and take what he wanted. Harry hadnt to ed very often in their relationshi before. #n fact, hed only done it twice, and that was sim ly because hed been curious as to what it was like for -harlie. /fterwards Harry had confessed that he love being on bottom more, which worked for -harlie erfectly because he loved being inside of Harry. Harry re ared him slowly and thoroughly, until -harlie was ractically begging for him, and when -harlie finally felt Harry entering him he nearly came right then. Then Harry began working them both into a state of oblivion. Harry ke t his thrusting at a smooth even ace, kissing -harlie dee ly, and hitting his rostate over and over again. The warm water surrounding them only seemed to make the sli ery friction that much better, but when -harlie was right on the edge of no return Harry suddenly ulled out breathlessly. -harlies eyes sna ed o en to see what was wrong, but was met by such a look from Harry that no words were needed for -harlie to understand exactly what Harry needed in that moment. -harlie fli ed them over in the tub and entered Harry in one swift movement. Harry cried out, clutching at -harlie tightly with his arms and legs, as -harlie began thrusting into him at an unrelenting ace. Harrys head was soon thrown back, eyes o en and gla'ed - com letely lost in the overwhelming leasure - and mouth o ened in an ,-sha e as he emitted noises that drove -harlie even wilder. They hadnt had rough sex very often either, but at this moment Harry needed to be owned. He needed -harlie to claim him, to lose all control, to be com letely dominated, and thats exactly what -harlie did. &hen Harry finally came with a hoarse scream -harlie held his lovers trembling body and allowed his own orgasm to ulse through him. 0# love you. # love you. # love you

so much.7 Harry chanted over and over again like a rayer as he tried to catch his breath, and -harlie e ered him with kisses all over his face. 0# love you too.7 -harlie answered rinsing them off once again before hel ing Harry out of the tub and drying him off. They walked back into the bedroom where robes had been laid out for them both. 0/re you well enough for this97 -harlie asked watching Harry slowly get dressed. Harry looked over at him and nodded with a grim frown. 0# want her gone. ,ut of my life. /way from us.7 He answered walking over to -harlie and wra ing his arms around the taller mans waist. 0# want you to stay.7 -harlie wra ed Harry u into his own arms and smiled as the shorter man snuggled closer with a sigh of content. 0#m not going anywhere Harry.7 He answered breathing Harrys fresh scent in dee ly. ,nce they were com letely dressed and -harlie was sure Harry was feeling alright they walked hand in hand to Harrys office where the others were waiting. Harry wasted no time going over to his fire lace and fire calling 1ringotts. The others listened closely as Harry instructed the goblins to take 1inny off of his account com letely and lock any card of his that she may have been using at the moment. Then to -harlies sur rise Harry added him to the account instead, asking for a key to be made for him. -harlie moved to rotest that he didnt need Harry to do that, but *on sto ed him before he could, and -harlie sat back with a sigh, allowing Harry to do what he needed to do. Harry then called a house elf to him and asked that all of 1innys things be acked and moved to the entrance hall, and to make sure that it was only the things 1inny had brought with her from the burrow when she had first moved in. The house elf ractically lit u in ha iness and eagerly o ed out to carry out Harrys orders. Harry then moved over to his desk and lovingly began taking out all the ictures of him and -harlie that he had stored away. &ith a wave of his wand they were hanging once again all over the walls and set u on his desk - back where they belonged. -harlie walked u behind Harry and wra ed his arms around his waist as Harry stared down at one of the ictures in his hands with a soft smile on his face. 0# remember when that one was taken.7 -harlie whis ered, resting his chin on Harrys shoulder. 0#t was right after the war. &e were at the celebration ball they were throwing at Hogwarts in your honor. # got jealous when # saw you dancing with all those girls, and a few guys, so # went over and -7 0Aissed me.7 Harry finished for him, hugging -harlies arms around him tighter. 08ou kissed me for the first time in ublic, right in the middle of the dance floor, and the re orters went cra'y.7 0# wanted to make sure that there was no doubt in any of their minds who you belonged to - who you came home to every night.7 -harlie re lied with a smile. Harry suddenly s un around in -harlies arms and wra ed his own around -harlies neck, burying his face in -harlies shoulder to hide his sudden tears. 0)erlin #ve missed you.7 He breathed fighting with himself to maintain control of his emotions,

but it was really hard when everything seemed to be hitting him all at once. Harry never thought hed be here again, in -harlies arms, but here they were and Harry swore in that moment that nothing would ever tear them a art again. 0Hermione and *on told me how hard its been for you Harry - not that its been easy for me either - but #m going to hel you get through this okay5 &ell get through this together.7 -harlie romised kissing Harrys head. /t -harlies words it was like a dam suddenly broke and Harry began sobbing loud, heart wrenching sobs, that tore at their hearts. His knees went out and -harlie sank into the desk chair with him as Harry clutched him tightly - refusing to let go. -harlie glanced u at Hermione who was silently crying as well and *on who was holding her with a soft, sad sort of smile. They had been so worried about Harry and the de ression he had fallen into, but now with -harlie back they knew that he would be okay. #t was a large weight off of everyones shoulders, and Harry was finally going to be able to heal. &hen Harry was once again settled down and sitting calmly in -harlies la (ill decided that it was best to get everything out of the way all in one go rather than drag it out longer than necessary. 0Harry, did -harlie inform you of the otion 1inny was using on you97 He asked as :red took the otion from his ocket and showed it to Harry. 08eah, he told me.7 Harry answered softly. 0Then you know she could go to /'kaban for this.7 (ill continued, and Harry nodded solemnly. 0Then # want you to know Harry that we are behind you one hundred ercent - the whole family is.7 Harry looked u at (ill in sur rise. 08oure arents -7 0Have decided to disown her,7 (ill cut in. 0# told them everything, and dads already filing the a er work to have it done5 They love you Harry. 8oure like one of their own.7 0This must be hard for them though57 Harry trailed off uncertainly, and they could see the guilt cree ing in. 0,h no you dont67 :red suddenly exclaimed. 0This is not your fault,7 1eorge added. 0#t is our stu id,7 0+ oiled,7 0(itchy,7 0%gotistical,7 02arcissistic,7 03ormer sisters fault,7

0+o dont you dare feel guilty about a damn thing Harry .otter.7 08ou were the victim here.7 0&e should go ri her hair out right now for what she has done to you and -harlie.7 0+he is no longer worthy of having the &easley red hair.7 1eorge finished causing a small smile to cree across Harrys face. 0Thanks guys.7 Harry whis ered feeling his heart swelling at the love and su being offered to him. ort

0Hey, we look out for family, somewhere along the way 1inny must have forgot that. 8oure our brother Harry.7 :red said as a few more tears leaked from Harrys eyes at those words. 0(rother-in-law,7 -harlie suddenly corrected causing a chuckle to ri room. ?@ &hen 1inny arrived back at the manor everyone knew it. Her voice was shrill as she screeched for Harry who ha ened to be standing at the to of the staircase in the entrance hall. 0Harry6 Harry6 Harry - ,h Harry you wont believe what those dreadful goblins did to me67 +he cried finally s otting Harry and running toward him, not even taking note of the others behind him or the three small suitcases acked on the floor with all her ossessions. 0They cut me off com letely6 .ansy and # were sho ing and the store clerk in .aris said my card wouldnt go through, and when # went to 1ringotts to demand to know what ha ened they had two burly guards manhandle me out67 +he outed looking com letely unkem t, as if the 1oblins had indeed had "uite a bit of fun escorting her from the building. 0,h you must do something Harry6 They must be unished for this6 They cant treat your fianc4e this way6 #tll be in all the a ers tomorrow67 Harry sim ly glared at the girl, remaining stoic as -harlie laced an hand at the small of his back in silent su ort and comfort. 0They didnt do anything # didnt tell them to do.7 He finally said once 1inny sto ed long enough to take a breath. The girls mouth sna ed shut and she stared at Harry in shock for a moment. 0&hat67 +he then screeched eyes wild with rage. 0#s this some kind of joke6 # made a com lete fool of myself6 8ou must go down there immediately and tell them this was all just a misunderstanding. &hat would my arents think of you Harry - treating their daughter this way6 How dare you embarrass me in such a way67 0,h #ll dare a lot more than that dear.7 Harry sneered in disgust. 0#ts over6 # know everything 1inny5 the letters you forged between -harlie and # to break us u , the otion you used to make me slee with you5 and guess what honey # just had an in de th chat with the goblins at 1ringotts and found out all about the ro erties and money youve been handing out to all your lovers67 Harry was backing 1inny down the ste s now, as he continued moving forward. 0(y the time #m through with you love, you wont have a name to drag through the mud5 2ow get the fuck out of my house67 le through the

0 5but Harry you didnt even let me ex lain67 1inny whined des erately reaching for Harry who jerked violently away with a furious glare. 01et out 1inny.7 Harry hissed through clinched teeth. 1innys brothers shifted on their feet not knowing what to do if Harry actually attacked the girl, not that they didnt think 1inny deserved it, but they knew Harry would never forgive himself if he ever laid a hand on her in anger. 0(ut Harry67 1inny continued ignoring the danger signs. 01inny,7 Harry warned in a dangerously low tone. 0# love you67 1inny exclaimed still ignoring him. Harry suddenly sna ed. His hand flew like a flash, grabbing the ex ensive diamond necklace that was around 1innys neck and ri ing it off of her as she gave a scream of shock. Then he reached down and grabbed the nearest suitcase icking it u com letely and threw it out the front door and down the front staircase, where it crashed on the ground outside. 01%T. ,<T. 1%T ,<T6 1%T TH% :<-A ,<T ,: )8 H,<+%67 Harry shouted eyes bla'ing with fury as he began grabbing all of 1innys things and flinging them out of the front door. Hermione "uickly grabbed 1innys arm and ulled her back. 2ever in a million years would she have even considered the ossibility of Harry striking a female, but even Hermione had to admit that at that moment he looked retty close to doing it. Then once all of 1innys things were littering the front staircase Harry suddenly came at them. 1inny finally seemed to get the hint as Harry towered over her and she cringed away. Hermione saw (ill and the others start forward, but Harry was "uicker. He grabbed 1inny by the u er arm and jerked her out of Hermiones gras . 1inny gave a small cry of alarm as Harry began dragging her to the front door. He then flung her out, causing her to stumble down the stair and land in a hea on to of all her clothes. 0$ont come back here again.7 Harry warned and with that he turned on his heal and stormed back into the room closing the entrance doors with a resounding bang. They could hear 1innys furious scream from the other side, but Harry sim ly ignored it as he stormed ass them and out of the room. -harlie went to follow him, but (ill "uickly grabbed him with a shake of his head. 0!et him cool down.7 He stated reasonably knowing that Harry would be in no condition to talk right now. -harlie went to Harry about an hour later and Harry immediately colla sed into his arms. 0&hat do you want to do now Harry97 He "uestioned running his fingers through Harrys hair. 0# want to be ha y again,7 Harry whis ered holding -harlie tightly.

0,kay.7 -harlie answered. 0Then that is what well be.7

,ne 8ear !ater 0 , Harry ;otter, take thee #harlie $easley, to be my bonded, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.) 0 , #harlie $easley, take thee Harry ;otter, to be my bonded, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.) ?@ 2ews of the beautiful wedding of Harry .otter and -harlie &easley s read like wildfire throughout the entire wi'arding world, and even to a small cell in /'kaban where a dirty, nameless, redheaded girl, dressed in rags, sat on a tiny cot waiting to be taken and stri ed of her magic. +he would be released in another year to rejoin the world as nothing more than a s"uib.