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Bedside Clinic

Patient X is 77 years old, female residing at Villa Kananga , Butuan City. Shes married and blessed to have 7 children. Shes too old to engage in work so she better stay as housekeeper and takes care her grandchildren. She loves to do gardening and newspaper reading. Her usual breakfast consists of cooked rice, cooked vegetables and a glass of coffee and ate cooked meat/fish as dishes for lunch and tinolang manok for dinner. She had no known food and drug allergies. She admitted that shes a hypertensive person with usual bp of 150/100 mmHg and often suffering from morning headaches as she calls it, and chooses to just self-medicate it with herbal capsule. Last December 2013, she was admitted to Butuan Medical Center due to stroke. According to her, a night prior to that, she felt terribly dizzy and she fell on the floor. It was her husband who approached her immediately after he heard something upstairs fell down, then he immediately call the attention of their neighbors for help and immediately took her to the hospital. She was given with medications and currently taken it as her maintenance. On January 17,2014, she was admitted at Butuan Doctors Hospital around 3:30 in the afternoon, due to left sided body weakness and paralysis. Few hours before admission, according to her SO, she suddenly feel on the ground while doing gardening. She was maybe on her 2nd attack, the SO added. Her vital signs during admission were as follows: Temp= 36.8 degree Celsius; pulse of 96bpm; respi of 22cpm and bp of 180/160mmHg. Immediately, one liter of IV is infused at Right metacarpal vein at 20 drops per minute. She was also given with antihypertensive drugs. She was currently under the care of Dr. Sy with co management of a physical therapist. She is suffering from constipation for 3days and she was placed on soft diet. Her current medications were as follows: CADORIL 4 Gracio Med(Perindopril erbumine) for the treatment of Hypertension, Melzin ( Clonidine HCl) and Aldacton (Spironolactone). Health teaching and nursing interventions were given were as follows: 1. Teach patient to massage gently along the transverse and descending colon; 2. Encouraged to increase fluid intake and fiber in the diet unless contraindicated; 3. Administer a laxative or enema as prescribed;4.Instructed patient to avoid straining during elimination; 5. Encourage patient to assist with movement and exercises using unaffected extremity to support/move weaker sided