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Test Paper The12th(2nd lang) Fill in the gaps with the right form of the verbs in brackets.30p 1.

Daisy (bring) some chocolates to the birthday party. 2. I (hear) a new song on the radio. 3. Peter (read) three books last week. 4. The miths (speak) Italian to the waitress. !. "y mother (#orget) to b$y some milk. %. $san (ha&e) a baby in '$g$st. (. I (gi&e) my mother a )D #or her birthday. *. 't the age o# 23+ she (become) a teacher. ,. Peter (tell) me that he li&ed in -ew .ork. 1/. 0e (lend) 1ohn 22//. 11. he (drink) too m$ch co##ee yesterday. 12. The children (sleep) in the car. 13. 0e (choose) the steak #or dinner. 14. The #ilm (begin) late. 1!. They (#ly) to "adrid. 1%. 0e (dri&e) to 3dinb$rgh. 1(. "rs. 4lack (teach) 3nglish at the 5ni&ersity. 1*."y parents 6666..666 home be#ore I came back #rom school. (arri&e) 1,."atilda 7777777777 (to be) a &ery intelligent yo$ng girl. 2/.1ohn 777777777777777 (to lo&e) reading books when he was a child. 21.'t one time "atilda 7777777777777 (to disco&er) that she 777777777777 (to ha&e) s$per powers. 22. he 7777777777777777 (to #oc$s) on a glass with her eyes. 23.In the end she 7777777777 (to help) "atilda by in&iting her to stay with her. 24.4$t his s$ccess#$l career 6666666. (start) one e&ening. 2!.'nd then in 2//1 he 6666666(play) the part o# 8arry Potter in 98arry Potter and the Philosopher:s stone; 2%. <ate 8arwood+ who 666666666(prod$ce) 9Da&id )opper#ield. 2(. 3&erybody 66666666.(like) it a lot. 2*. 98arry Potter and the Prisoner o# '=kaban;+ 6666666.(come) o$t in 2//4. 2,. People 66666666..(want) to know abo$t his #ilm and his career. 3/.'manda:s parents66666.(in&ite) some #riends #or dinner. Fill in the blanks with suitable reflexive pronouns.20p 1) >$r #riends and we go to school 777777777777. 2) "y #ather does his work 777777777777. 3) erkan c$t the trees 777777777777. 4) "y mother and #ather decorate the ho$se 777777777. 5) <erem and I did the Pro?ect 777777777777. 6) "y grandparents had a &ocation 777777777777. 7) @idan cooked this delicio$s meal 77777777777. 8) >$r teacher plan the lesson 777777777777. 9) >$r cat drink the milk 777777777777. 10) 8akan does the shopping 777777777777. Choose the correct demonstrative pronoun to complete each sentence.10p 1. 77777777777777777777 (TheseAThis) are the shoes I like. 2. 77777777777777777777 (ThisAThat) car o&er there is the best one. 3. 77777777777777777777 (TheseAThose) books right here are mine. 4. 77777777777777777777 (ThatAThose) store across the street sells clothes. !. 7777777777777777777 (ThoseAThis) st$dents o&er there are my #riends. %. I:&e been looking #or a t$rkey+ and I:d like to b$y77777777(thatAthose) one. (. 777777777777777777(ThisAThese) is the year we:ll win the championshipB *. 77777777777777777(ThoseCthese) years at the lake were the best times o# my li#e. ,. 77777777777777777(ThisCThat) is the toy I wo$ld like to b$y. 1/.77777777777777777(TheseCThose) are absol$tely delicio$sB