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Accessories: Compact Steam Trapping System - PC01

Spirax Marshall's compact steam trapping station formed by connecting the Universal Steam Trap to the Pipeline Connector is solution offered, as an effort to impart compactness and ease of installation and operation of the steam trap and trap handling equipment. The main components of a compact steam trapping station are Pipeline Connector and , Universal Connector Thermodynamic Steam Trap. The pipeline connector comes with three additional drain valves viz. The bypass valve, the trap depressurization valve and the trap test valve. All these valves are nothing but glandless Piston Valves.

Forbes Marshall In The Hospitality Industry

Customer Taj Coromandel Taj Krishna Taj Mansingh Hyatt ITC Windsor Manor Infosys Technologies Hotel Leela ITC Maurya Imperial Hotel KLE Hospital Sahara Hospital Ruby Hall Hospital Claridges Hotel Capacity 2 x 2 TPH 2 x 2 TPH 1 x 2 TPH 2 x 4.5 TPH 1 x 1 TPH 4 x 750 kg/hr 1 x 2 TPH 2 x 2 TPH 1 x 2.8 TPH 2 x 2 TPH 2 x 2.8 TPH 2 x 1 TPH 1 x 2.8 TPH Location Chennai Hyderabad Delhi Nepal Bangalore Bangalore / Chennai Goa Delhi Delhi / Africa Belgaum Lucknow Pune Delhi


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Piston Valves
FM PISTON VALVE is energy saving isolation valve, preventing above all types of valve leakages and increasing the life of the valve. It is gland less and Seat less, so it gives relief from the problems associated with seat and gland packings. The Heart of the FM piston valve is Piston and sealing rings. A burnished piston against Stainless steel reinforced graphite rings gives leak proof shutoff , which ensures long life even at high temperatures up to 427 C

Customer Taj GVK Group Le Meridian Taj Krishna Taj Bengal Marriot Imperial Cinnamon Grand ITC Maurya Sheraton Welcome Hotel Hotel Colombo Plaza SAHARA Hospital KLE Hospital
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Specialists in Process Efficiency and Energy Conservation

Packaged Steam Boilers

Over 1,000 of our three-pass wetback boilers are generating steam in plants all over India, the Gulf, Africa, and Southeast Asia. These boilers provide the driest steam possible from the least amount of fuel and floor space. This ensures dry steam goes into the laundry equipment like washers, driers, calendars and presses to increase its productivity. This will also help reduce the overall fuel bill as compared to conventional non IBR boilers. Our boilers are designed for easy maintenance and inspection. Hinge-mounted front doors and rear lift-off doors give you clear and instant access. Every Marshall boiler is manufactured with the latest submerged arc fabrication technologies to ISO 9001, IBR standards. Every boiler is a complete packaged unit, with a Forbes Marshall automatic blowdown control system included as standard. Combined with Forbes Marshall's steam equipment and related instrumentation, you get more than a boiler, you get efficiently generated steam.

The Difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is the little Extra!

Utility System Steam Generation Conventional system Non IBR Coil type boiler Recommended Smoke tube shell type IBR Boilers Benefits of the proposed system Savings in Fuel consumption because of Dry Steam Generation (98.5% dryness fraction) Higher Feed water Temperature possible due to condensate Steam Generation at constant pressure Manufactured as per IBR standards thus ensuring product manufacturing and performance Hot Water Generation System Direct Fired Hot water Generators Calorifiers PHE based Instantaneous Hot water Generation System Skid Mounted Plate Heat Exchanger for efficient and instantaneous Heating High resistance to Thermal shocks Compact Design. Space ratio is 1:7 Instantaneous Hot water generation Inbuilt condensate recovery system. Low running costs due to reduced losses Laundry system Wet Steam Dry Steam Reduced batch time in washing due to dry steam going in. No spotting problem in case of dryers Dry and Crisp ironing from the Calendar machine because of constant steam pressure Increased life of equipment. No rework for drying required. Trapping Station Site assembled trapping system Compact Steam Trapping System Overall length reduced to 160mm Single permanent in-line component for ease of installation. Only 2 welds to install in line Forged Carbon steel construction for long life Time to install - less than 45 mins Installable in any angular direction without any change in trap position Valves in Steam and condensate Piping Globe or Gate Valves Glandless Piston Valves No Gland Leakge and No Inline Leakage Class 6 shut off achieved because Soft seat 88% Larger sealing area as compared to globe / gate valves Self Lubricating and self cleaning Type Does not need valve key Boiler Efficiency Monitoring System No system installed Hotelmax Online Boiler efficiency monitoring Check on Fuel Bills A powerful Diagnostic tool to ensure efficient operation of the boiler system Accurate analysis of the steam load patterns for the hotel Automatic Data logging in PC. Helps generate shift/day/month/yearly reports Real Time trend analysis

Instantaneous Hot Water Generation Systems (PPRS)

The packaged plant room system from Spirax provides instantaneous hot water generation for all domestic hot water requirements using steam as a heating medium. The system comes mounted in a compact frame complete with an effective condensate removal system. The unit is specifically designed to suit the customer's requirement and comes with the correct steam conditioning, temperature and pressure control with condensate removal equipment for effective heat transfer. It comes with the Spirax plate heat exchanger which is specifically chosen as the heating part of the unit. This provides extremely efficient heating within a compact size and can be easily dismantled for examination / cleaning without disturbing the rest of the pipework. The compact system saves costly floor space by eliminating the installation of bulky inefficient calorifiers.

A well designed, operated and maintained boilerhouse is the heart of an efficient steam plant. However, number of obstacles can prevent this ideal. Today, energy conservation is must for survival: that is a much more powerful imperative. HotelMax comes with integrated Oxygen Analyser, Blowdown Control System, Steam Flow Meter and diagnostic software as a standard. HotelMax, Total Boiler Efficiency package incorporates every important parameter in one package: Steam pressure and temperature, steam generation. Flue gas Oxygen levels and Temperature. Feedwater temperature. Blowdown losses, stack loss, enthalpy loss, radiation losses.

Benefits of J N Marshall Boilers:

1. Truly packaged: The boilers are pre-wired, pre-insulated, and ready with all the accessories including the burner. 2. Fitted with JNM make Monobloc burners. This ensures easy access and maintenance of the boiler. 3. All the steam and water lines are fitted with Spirax Piston Valves 4. Compact design, saving costly floor area. 5. Disc check valves from Spirax Sarco. 6. Time-Packaged boiler allows for the customer to reduce his efforts and time at finding right contractor, supervising the activity, testing and ensuring correct finish for the package. 7. Boiler provided with working platform for ease of maintenance 8. Factory insulated to reduce site work and ensure quality workmanship.

With these inputs, HotelMax calculates Boilers absolute efficiency in general accordance with British Standards recommendation BS 845 and controls Boiler combustion and blowdown on-line. Incorporating Auto blowdown system on your boiler ensures you are blowing down right amount of high TDS water to maintain set TDS levels.

General Mimic Indicates

Efficiency Online Get the boiler health at a glance ! Loss Breakups Gives guideline, scope of saving! Steam Flow, Instantaneous and totalise Is my boiler generating correct steam? Feedwater Temperature get a feel of plant condensate recovery. Total Blowdown quantity with boiler water TDS Check boiler TDS levels and get alarms!

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