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S A P T r a n s a c t i o n C o d e s ( = T C ; T - C o d e )

List of useful SAP Transaction Codes for SAP Basis System, ABAP, DataDictionary, Spool, Transports, Authorization, Archive, Translation, CO and FI. Freely availableformhttp://www.smart-words.org 2010
ABAP / Data Dictionary TC
se11 Dictionary Definitions
se14 Database utility
se16 Data Browser (display only)
se16n Modify :&sap_edit (uase16n)
sm30, sm31 Table views maintenance

se37 Function module editor
se38 Program editor
sa38 Program execution
se80 ABAP repository editor

se18 BAdI Definitions
se19 BAdI Implementations
se24 Class builder

smartforms Smart forms administration

se43 Area Menu maintenance
se91 Message maintenance
se93 Transaction maintenance
sci Code inspector

Paths, Database, Connections TC
al11 SAP file directory
file Logical file path

scu0 Comparison Customizing
scmp Comparison tables

sm58 Transactional RFC
sm59 RFC Connections

Runtime / Logs TC Dr. Heiko Possel
sm36 Job Definition
sm37 (smx) Job Overview
sm50 Process Overview
sm51 per SAP application server
sm34 View cluster maintenance

sm21 System log
sm13 Update requests
st22 ABAP Runtime Error (Dump)
sm12 Table look entries

sm56 Number range buffers

se30 Runtime analysis

st01 System trace
st05 SQL Trace
db02, st04 Database tool
scu3 Table logging

Spool TC
sp01 Spool request selection
sp02 List of spool requests
spad Spool Administration

Translation TC
oku4 Translation Tool
se63 Standard Translation Environment
smlt Language Management

Archive Development Kit (ADK) TC
aobj Archive Customizing
sari, sarj Archive Explorer (view data)
sara Administration: logs, etc.

Transports TC
se09 (se01) Transports (extended)
se03 Transport organizer tool
se07 Status Transports

stms Transport management
spam Support package manager
spau (spdd) Modification adjustment
sgen Regenerate Repository Objects

Transport: R3TR Objects
PROG Program FUGR Function group
VIEW View TABL Table / Structure
DOMA Domain DTEL Data element
TRAN Transaction TABU Table contents
FORM SAP Script Form

FI Basis Customizing TC
ec01 Copy, Check, Company code

fbkp Accounting maintenance
fbn1 Accounting Document->Number Ranges
fbzp Payment Program Configuration
fi12 Change House Banks / Bank Accounts

ob05 Accounting clerks T001S
ob13 Chart of accounts T004
ob29 Fiscal Year Variants
ob37 CC ->fiscal year variant
ob38 Assign Co.Code -> Cred.Cntl Area
ob52 Posting periods T001B
ob57 User ->Tolerance group T043
ob62 CC->chart of accounts T001
oba3 Tolerances Details
oba4 Tolerance groups T043T
oba7 Document types T003
obas Vendor acc. gr.->number range T077K
obbo Define variants T010O
obbp CC->Posting periods var. T001
obc4 Field Status Variant T004V
obc5 CC -> field status variant T001
obd3 Vendor account groups T077K
obd4 Accounts -> Account groups T077S
oby6 CC global data T001

ox02 Company Code copy, check,
ox06 Controlling area maintenance
ox16 Assign company code->Internl.trad.ptr
oy04 Decimal Places for Currencies
oy06 Country maintenance
oy17 Countries - field checks

ob08 Exchange Rate

FI Operational TC(01 Create, 02 Change, 03 Display)
fb01/.. Document
fd01/.. Customer (= Debtor), CPD
fk01/.. Vendor (= Creditor), CPD
ks01/.. Cost Center
fi01/.. Bank
fs00 Central G/L account
fsp1 G/L Charts of accounts
fss1 G/L Company Code

Without Category TC
sq01 SAP Query
sq10 Standard text editor
sm62 Background Events
sm35, shdb Batch Input

oaad Archive Link: stored documents
swi1 Selection for work items

scc4 Client overview
sm04 User overview
su53 Check authorization data for user
suim User information / authorization
su20 / su21 Authorization object & class / field

snro Number ranges
spro Customizing (IMG)
sd11 Data model
scot SAP Connect (Email, Fax, etc)

General Transactions
/nxyz Terminates current transaction,
and starts transaction xzy
/n Terminates the transaction
(corresponds to pressing F15
(=SHIFT-F3) to go back).
/nend Terminates all separate sessions
and logs off (corresponds to
System - Logoff
/nex Terminates all separate sessions
and logs off immediately (without
any warning!).
/oxyz Opens a new session and starts
transaction xzy in the session.
/o Lists existing sessions and allows
deletion or opening of a new
/i Terminates the current session
(corresponds to System End)
/i1, /i2, ... Terminates the session with the
number given.
.abc Fast path: 'abc' refers to the
underlined letters in the menus.
/h (/hs) Debugging mode (System funct.)
Can either use TC code in the
search criteria or a description. *
is not used as wildcard.
Press SHIFT and *
Start Menu
S000 SAP main menu

Search ABAP program for a string
RSINCL00 Extended ABAP Program Reference

RSBDCOS0 Execute OS command (Logged in
SYSLOG and Trace Files)

RSBTCDEL2 Delete batch jobs (from database

RSTRANSP Create transport for SAP Report
RSVARFIT Adjust Variants to Modified


Evaluation of change logs (table log
must be activated)


Change Object Directory Entries

Include Objects in a Transport

BALVBUFDEL Delete ALV buffer
RSCONN01 SAP-Connect: Start Email Send
User by address data, logon name,

Reports (Display System settings)
SHOWCOLO Show all colors available
SHOWICON Show all icons
SHOWSYMB Display symbols
RSPARAM Display all instance parameters

Reports (Spool)

Delete Old Spool Requests
RSTXPDFT4 Convert spool request to PDF
RSTXPDFT5 GUI download of a spool request