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Your reason to visit the coffee house Refreshment To hang-out with Friends Work/business meeting


How often do you visit the coffee shop Daily Alternate day Weekly once Once in 2 weeks Monthly once


Please indicate which type of coffee do you drink most Instant Cold coffee Filter coffee De caffeinated Other_______________


Please respond{} at the scale where [SA] is Strongly Agree, [A] Agree, [N] Neutral, [D] Disagree and [SD] is Strongly Disagree
SD I prefer to visit coffee shop which provides Variety I tend to visit coffee shop which provides superior Taste Quality of ingredients in coffee is very important I tend to visit coffee shop which has appropriate pricing I prefer to visit coffee shop which has pleasing ambience I prefer to visit coffee shop where customer service is priority I prefer to visit coffee shop which is nearest to my location Offers/discounts influence me to choose particular coffee shop I Choose Coffee shop which has Side order options I prefer to visit coffee shops which takes less time for service Coffee chains use high quality ingredients in their coffee Coffee chains maintain high level of cleanliness in coffee making Visiting coffee chain regularly is my high class lifestyle indicator Coffee chains are much more peaceful place than any other restaurant I visit coffee shop coffee which has better presentation style D N A SA


Rank the important of factors in your decision making for visiting a coffee house (1- highest, 4-Lowest) [ ] Inner Drive [ ] Family [ ] friends [ ] Work


Please indicate to what extent the following factors are important to you when you choose branded coffee shops Very important Important Friendly staff High quality coffee Good reputation Good atmosphere Value for money Neutral Somewhat important Not important


How often do you ask about coffee specific questions when you are placing order Always Most times Some-times A few times Never

8. Please indicate the information sources that you use most often when making your coffee store visit decisions (Please mark all that apply) Food advertisements Flyers Friends and family 9. I visit coffee shop when I feel: Stressed Overjoyed Sad Other__________ Media Internet/food guide websites and application


Respondent Information

1. Gender 2. Age

a. Male ( ) a. 14- 20

b. Female ( ) b. 21-25 c. 26-30 d. 31-35 e. 31 and above

3. Educational qualification a. Standard 9 or lower b. Matric c. Diploma d. Graduate e. Post-graduate

4. What is your life-position? a. Single-student b. Single-working c. Married d. Parent of young kids

e. Parent of grownup kids 5. Your income level a. <90,000 b.90,000 to 2 Lakh

f. Grand-Parents

c. 2 to 5 Lakh

d. 5Lakh 10 Lakh

e. above 10 Lakh


Contact number_______________________