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Topic: Describe your field of study.

What has influenced your decision to pursue this path and how do you think it will help in your future career? / Ch : Bn hy t v ngnh hc ca mnh. Ti sao bn la chn con ng ! v n! c! " ngh#a nh th$ no %i v&i ' (nh ngh nghi)* ca bn t+ong t,ng lai? When I was a child, I had a group of friends, and I liked to be the leader. In addition, my friends used to select me as the leader of the team because of my skills. I used to select the game to play, and I liked to watch over my friends. Also, I used to practice Taekwondo, and I was the captain of the team. I always liked to be in control, directing and handling the team. I learned to be organized on an early age. I learned how to manage my time to go to school on time, to practice Taekwondo after school, have time to do my homework, and go to bed at a reasonable time. I did not know that I was developing managerial skills. I was undecided; I did not know what to study. I liked arts, science, math, but I had more skills developing. After many evaluations to see what I should study, I decided to study usiness Administration when I was eighteen years old. usiness administration is the career for me because I have the skills necessary for someone to succeed in this field. !oreover, at that time, I was interested in clothes and selling clothes but my family was "uite poor so I could not catch my passion. When I walked on the street and saw some clothes shop, I had a desire to build up and manage my own clothes shop. #ntil now, I have studied for nearly $ years and I have seen that management is necessary in any company in which a person or group of people are trying to accomplish a specific goal. %very civilization could not have grown without the planning and organizing involved in management. A general e&ecutive manager is responsible to plan, organize, direct, coordinate, formulate policies, and strategies. They may oversee an entire company or a specific department within a company. The general manager establishes policies and goals in collaboration with other top e&ecutives, who are overseen by a board of directors. The size of an organization determines if the duties are

going to be highly specialized. 'ome managers are responsible for the overall performance of one aspect of the organization, such as manufacturing, marketing, sales, purchasing, finance, personnel, training, administrative services, computer and information systems, property management, transportation, or the legal services department. The main thing that I am so e&cited is three level of managing( managing myself, managing group and managing corporation. There is a professor telling me that studying at university is not only getting knowledge but also learning the way you think, the way you solve the problems and especially the way you manage yourself. Thanks to my teachers and professors for motivating me to develop myself, teaching me much e&perience and skills to apply for the life. 'ome real e&perience that I have learned is time management, private financial management, teamwork and so on. !oreover, the knowledge of business I have gained encourage me to achieve my dream to build up my own clothes shop with my sister who is studying fashion designing. At my )nd year at university, I had a scarce chance to meet a professor and I have gained a very important knowledge about operation management, which is *%A+ manufacturing from ,apan. -e shared with me about not only *%A+ knowledge but also his life e&perience that he learned when he was in ,apan. -is story motivated me to develop myself and study ,apanese people in some cases. -e had a desire to improve .ietnamese education to be *%A+. To achieve this, he is day by day teaching students and motivating them to develop our country. I am having a research about *%A+ in .ietnamese education with him. I hope that the research is useful for our country. At the present, I am the $ rd student and it is a very good chance for me to perfect myself and prepare for the future. I believe that with the knowledge and skills that I have gained at my university, I can make my dreams building up my own clothes shop come true and I hope that my pro/ect with my professor will be successful and make our country be better. Therefore, '! 0 1lobal 2oundation 'cholarship will support for my dream. *ast but not least, I would like to e&press my sincere thanks to everybody who created the opportunities for us, the students, to apply for this significant and meaningful

scholarship. I believe that whoever to receive this scholarship will surely continue to bettering themselves so that the society will be benefited.