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PART 1 : Focus on Part 1 and get ready to interact with your classmates and share your

O Where does the story take place? Justify by quoting from the text . (Country
,Town, River, Area )

O Who are the people present in the scene ? Find information about them and
classify them into two groups.
Group 1 Group 2
How many ?
Nationality ?
Name when
given ?
O a - !ead the first six lines again and list all the verbs .

b - !ephrase what you ha"e understood and say what happens at the beginning
of the text.

O !ead from l.7 down to l.15 (started north). #ist all the words describing the
tra"elling conditions and classify them into 2 columns .
What do they travel in ? Conditions ?
O a - Find words related to money $

b - %xplain who gets the money . What for ?

O a - What do the underlined words ha"e in common ? a man named Hanson
growled : .! as he drove, a "ohort rode ato# the "a$ o% the tru"&, &ee#ing a shotgun aimed at
the #assengers. '(on)t no one try to *um# o%%), he warned. (l.10-19)

b - What can we guess about the passengers& feelings then ? Why?

O Infer the meaning of the words you dont understand 1

a - 'an you name each item ? Find the words in %nglish .

b - (se the context to guess the meaning of the underlined words and phrases.
a) They and other +e,i"ans have $een gathered together $y smugglers.
b) At this #la"e the Rio -rande was so shallow that the +e,i"ans "ould wal& almost
"om#letely a"ross, needing to swim only the last %ew yards to the Ameri"an side. (l.1-4)
c) .i%teen $u"&s, and / #ut you on a $a"& road to .ort 0to"&ton. (l.11) . He stood in the
shaded glare o% the headlights, veri%ying the #ayments, (l.12-14)
O *ick the title that best corresponds to this part$
E A dangerous *ourney E A way to heaven E A ride to the
1romised 2and E A #leasant tri#
O *ell the story with the help of the following words $
sneak across (3 #asser %urtivement #ar del4 ) ) uncomfortable conditions + greedy (3 gourmand)
+ cash in on (3 tirer #ro%it de) + unscrupulous ) ill)treated ,mistreated

G -ake guesses about what may happen next based on what you know now. !"A# $


PART , : Focus on Part 2 and get ready to interact with your classmates and share your
O .kim through (#ar"ourir ra#idement ) Part 2 and make guesses about what hast
/ust happened . 1 !"A# $ "I)*T $ "'-T . *A/0 . /- Parti1i2e

O !ead the first paragraph . Where and when does the action take place? Justify
by quoting the text .

O a - Who are the people present in the scene ? Justify by quoting the text.

b - Who are the 0u1mans (full names ) ? 2ow are they related to each other ?

O a - 3ick out 2 "erbs showing that the truck has a problem $
b - the engine $egan to s#utter , "aught, and then #urred ni"ely . (l.26)
What does the word 4nicely 5 indicate about what is going on ?
E The #ro$lem has $een solved E The #ro$lem has not $een solved
1- 6n this context7 can you guess the meaning of the word 4delight 5 (l.26) (l.89) $ .
d- .ay in your own words what has /ust been done .

O a - .ay what the underlined word refer to $
5 (amnit, 'he "ried, ' we)we got to %i, this) . (l.24 ) 1..
) 6ut to their horror (l.25-26 ) 1.

b - *ick the correct answer . 1 *he incident was $ E a tra# E a game E a road
1- .um up the incident in your own words .

d- 2ow did the passengers feel at that moment ? .

O 3ick out at least sentences related to the climate .

O a - What did they need most ? :uote key words only .


b - What are the consequences ?

. 1 4 Find the opposite of the word

4hea"en5 (; #aradise)
O a - What happened to the 0u1mans ? .

b - Fill in the chart and say what happened .
5 a6m 17 a6m noon ,26m late afternoon
day 1 8


O %xplain this quotation with the following words $ /t was a tri# into hell.(l.29)
=e lured into (; >tre attir? dans ) + decei"e (3trom#er) + easy prey (3#roie) + nightmare +

G Who does the narrator side with ( 3 se ranger du "7t8 de) ? Find clues in the text to
/ustify your answer. What are the narrator&s intentions ?
tragic plight (3 situation "riti9ue) ) frightful (38#ouvanta$le) ) betrayal (3 trahison ) )
betray (; trahir) ) inexperience + gullibility (; naivet8:"r8dulit8)