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Ck CALL 917-373-8090. 1nANkS SC MUCn ICk CUk nLL!
Lllyahu Cabal
was an amazlng
sLudenL ln hlgh school back ln 1986, and
was slngled ouL for speclal Lralnlng ln Lhe
lsraell Alr lorce. LvenLually, he was lnducLed Lo Lraln
ghLer plloLs ln lghL-slmulauon machlnes. 8uL before
beglnnlng hls servlce, he meL up wlLh Lhe charlsmauc 8abbl
8euven uunln and became a member of Lhe Chabad famlly. Cf
course, all Lhls had noLhlng Lo do wlLh Lllyahu's army servlce,
whlch he performed dlllgenLly, buL lL dld glve hlm a greaLer
sense of responslblllLy and Lhe deslre Lo make a dlerence.
Cn every lsraell alr force base were, (and sull are), houslng
nelghborhoods for Lhe plloLs and Lhelr famllles, whlch naLurally
lncluded boys approachlng Lhe age of bar mlLzvah. Lllyahu, well
acqualnLed wlLh a number of Lhe plloLs, was Lhe obvlous
candldaLe Lo prepare Lhelr sons for whaL would be for many,
Lhe only rellglous occaslon ln Lhelr llves.
1he class began wlLh seven boys, and Lllyahu was Lhankful for
LhaL many. 1o hls dellghL, however, Lhe boys en[oyed Lhe class
so much LhaL frlends broughL frlends, and soon, over sevenLy
were meeung Lwlce a week. A sLory Lllyahu once Lold abouL
Lllyahu Panavl (Lll[ah Lhe ropheL) earned hlm Lhe nlckname
"Lllyahu Panavl" and Lhe classes became "Lhe course of Lll[ah
Lhe ropheL." Lllyahu wroLe a leuer Lo Lhe LubavlLcher 8ebbe
reporung hls success. Pe felL lL was llke heaven on earLh! 8uL, as
we know, heaven and earLh aren'L always compauble. uark
clouds soon gaLhered over Lhe horlzon.
Cne evenlng, Lhe commander of Lhls base, 8on Puldal, came
home. "Pello," he called ouL. no reply. Pe caughL slghL of hls
Lwelve-year-old son, Cad, sLandlng sllenLly ln a corner, feeL
LogeLher, swaylng back and forLh and readlng from a book. 1he
general approached Lhe boy. "Pakol beseder?- ls everyLhlng all
rlghL?" 1he boy conunued swaylng, eyes on Lhe book. Pls
moLher enLered and saw whaL was happenlng. "noLhlng Lo
worry abouL," she explalned. "A 8abbl's been comlng Lo Lhe
base and glvlng bar mlLzvah classes. Pe Lold Lhe boys noL Lo Lalk
whlle ln Lhe mlddle of prayer."
"rayer? 8abbl? Cn Lhe base? ln my house.bralnwashlng my
son?" Lhe general fumed. "Who ls Lhls rabbl? Pow dld he geL
here? Why dldn'L anyone sLop hlm?" When Lhe boy nally
found a break ln prayer, he Lold hls faLher of "Lllyahu Panavl."
8uL because Lllyahu always changed lnLo clvlllan cloLhes for Lhe
classes, LhaL was all Lhe boy knew abouL hlm.
lmmedlaLely Puldal conLacLed Lhe chlef of securlLy. "Pow
dare you allow unauLhorlzed personnel on Lhe base," he
"l have no ldea whaL you're Lalklng abouL," Lhe chlef
answered. So he yelled aL Lhe chaplaln, who was also
bewlldered. learlng furLher wraLh from Ceneral Puldal, Lhe
chlef wenL Lo Lhe commandlng general of Lhe enure alr force.
When Lold LhaL Lhe lnvadlng rabbl's name was "Lll[ah Lhe
ropheL," Lhe general almosL fell o hls chalr laughlng. 1he nexL
sLep was a meeung wlLh several oLher omcers. When Lhls dldn'L
help, Lhe chlef
declded Lo Lake Lhlngs lnLo hls
own hands. Pe lay ln walL aL Lhe
classroom as Lhe boys were enLerlng,
and Lhe very nexL day caughL "Lll[ah Lhe
ropheL" red-handed.
When Lllyahu revealed hls ldenuLy, he was ordered Lo
pack hls bags and leave Lhe base rsL Lhlng Lhe nexL
mornlng. PearLbroken, he wenL home. Soon he sLarLed
weeplng buL evenLually fell asleep ln exhausuon. 1he nexL
mornlng, Lllyahu recelved an envelope from new ?ork
conLalnlng a leuer from Lhe 8ebbe, whlch rsL Lhanked hlm for
Lhe news abouL Lhe classes and encouraged hlm Lo conunue
LaLer LhaL week, aL Lllyahu's now requlred meeung for
reasslgnmenL, Lhe omcer Lhere examlned hls papers,
scraLched hls head, and examlned Lhem agaln. "WhaL ls golng
on?" Lllyahu sLammered.
"WhaL do you mean? Why are Lhey klcklng you ouL?" 1he
omcer waved Lhe papers around hls head. "lL wlll Lake me
monLhs Lo nd someone Lo replace you. Why do l need such
headaches?" Scannlng Lhe papers agaln, he conunued, "And l
don'L see anyLhlng wrong. no problems wlLh healLh, conducL,
performance, auendance." Pe glared aL Lllyahu. "nu, say
someLhlng! Why are Lhey expelllng you?"
Lllyahu had no cholce buL Lo Lell hlm. "l LaughL chlldren on
Lhe base 1orah."
"1orah?" 1he omcer lapsed lnLo Lhoughuul sllence. Aer a
whlle he leaned forward, narrowed hls eyes and asked angrlly,
"1ell me, does Lhls have anyLhlng Lo do wlLh Lhe LubavlLcher
8ebbe?" Lllyahu nodded. "lf so," Lhe commander yelled, "Lhey
wlll klck me ouL before Lhey klck you ouL. l'm sendlng you
back! Aer Lhe 8ebbe saved my faLher's llfe l'm ready Lo do
anyLhlng for hlm. AnyLhlng!" Pe pounded hls sL on Lhe Lable
wlLh all hls mlghL. "now you go back Lo your base and Lell
Lhem l senL you!" Lllyahu couldn'L belleve hls ears. 1hls omcer,
who had appeared blaLanLly non-observanL, suddenly
Lransformed lnLo a self-sacrlclng chasld! "1hank you very
much, slr," Lllyahu mumbled. "l'm very graLeful someone ls
ghung for me. 8uL l can'L help wonderlng...why?"
1he 8ebbe was an amazlng man," sald Lhe omcer, who
was able Lo lnsplre people Lo connecL wlLh Lhelr CreaLor.
WhaL's more ls LhaL he cared lmmensely for every !ew and dld
everyLhlng ln hls power Lo help Lhem. My faLher was once ln
need of serlous help and Lhe helped hlm ouL llke no one else!"
WlLh LhaL, Lhe omcer polnLed Lo Lhe door. "And now...go
back Lo your base!"
Lllyahu reLurned Lo hls base, and whlle he was warned never
Lo publlcly Leach Lhe boys 1orah agaln, many of Lhem-on
Lhelr own-came Lo hls house Lwlce a week Lo conunue Lhelr
learnlng prlvaLely. And so, for Lhe nexL year, unul he nlshed
hls servlce ln Lhe army, !ewlsh chlldren overcame all obsLacles
and learned 1orah...on Lhe secular-Lo-an-exLreme base. 8S
W|sdom Irom A 1odd|er
Such a slmple word, no? lL's only goL one syllable and a
mere four leuers, buL my oh my-lL sure can pack a punch.
Pave you ever experlenced a challenge LhaL, on lLs own,
was sLressful enough, buL Lhen wenL ahead and spllled over,
aecung otbet parLs of your llfe as well? lL could be someLhlng
as small as gemng cuL o on Lhe road LhaL puL you ln a sour
mood. 1hen, because of you grumpy mood, Lhe workload you
face on Lhe [ob (whlch normally mlghL noL have been so bad)
now seems worse Lhan cllmblng MounL LveresL ln uecember
wearlng shorLs and a L-shlrL.
lL could be ooy sLressful evenL LhaL happens durlng Lhe
day, buL because we can'L seem Lo leL lL go, Lhe resL of our day ls
negauvely aecLed. Cur mood ls down, our mouvauon
lacklusLer, and we can'L help buL be lrrlLable Lowards frlends and
Slmply puL, we geL angry because of our currenL
predlcamenL and as a resulL, see everyLhlng else LhaL happens
for Lhe remalnder of Lhe day, week, monLh, or year (oy!) wlLh
anger-unLed lenses.
lL's noL so hard Lo lmaglne LhaL Lhls happens more oen
Lhan we'd llke lL Lo.
Well, l know lL sound unconvenuonal, by my Lwo and a
half year old recenLly gave me some excellenL advlce on Lhls
very lssue LhaL l'd llke Lo share.
We were havlng rlce Lhls pasL Monday nlghL as parL of
dlnner, and ln a Lyplcal Loddler fashlon, my son declded LhaL he
had Lo have Lhe enure servlng plaLe of rlce rlghL nexL Lo hlm. l
musL say, waLchlng hlm eaL Lhe rlce was a slghL Lo behold. WlLh
gusLo reserved for an enLhuslasL of Lhe hlghesL order, he sLuck
hls spoon deep lnLo Lhe plaLe and pulled ouL heaplng poruons.
1he facL, however, LhaL 60 of whaL was on hls spoon ended up
on Lhe oor lnsLead of hls mouLh was Lrlvlal, he had Lhe eoute
plaLe of rlce nexL Lo hlm and was Lherefore conLenL.
As you mlghL lmaglne ls Lhe case wlLh Loddlers, Lhe lnlual
so-spoken requesLs Lo move Lhe plaLe away dldn'L amounL Lo
much. Seelng LhaL l was le wlLh no cholce, l ralsed my volce
sllghLly, and wlLh a rm Lone Lold hlm LhaL Lhls was noL rlghL,
and LhaL l needed Lo move Lhe servlng plaLe away. lf he wanLed
rlce, he should eaL whaL was on hls personal plaLe.
Well, LhaL dldn'L work ouL Loo well, and he Lhrew a small
LanLrum. Pavlng learned from 8abblnlc greaLs such as 8abbl
!onaLhan 8lem and 8abbl Lawrence keleman LhaL Lemper
LanLrums are noLhlng more Lhan ghLs for power, l knew LhaL lf l
gave ln now and permlued whaL he wanLed, my son would
know LhaL he owned me. l, Lherefore, slmply repeaLed myself,
Lelllng hlm LhaL Lhese were Lhe rules. lf he wanLed Lo follow
Lhem, he could slL aL Lhe Lable llke a blg boy and eaL Lhe rlce
from hls personal plaLe, spllllng food all over Lhe oor from Lhe
servlng plaLe was noL allowed.
Sumce lL Lo say LhaL Lhe LanLrum blew over ln 3 mlnuLes,
buL whaL happened nexL was compleLely unexpecLed. normally,
when adulLs don'L geL Lhelr way, Lhey carry a grudge and Lend Lo
sLay grumpy for some ume-especlally Lowards Lhe person who
puL Lhem ln a bad mood. Pe, however, looked aL me wlLh a
beamlng smlle and asked lf we could play blocks.
l was boggled. Why was he asklng me Lo play blocks wlLh
hlm? l would undersLand lf he'd calmed down and wenL Lo play
blocks by hlmself. 8uL Lo go ahead and compleLely refuse Lo
carry Lhe baggage of one slLuauon lnLo anoLher-LhaL was Lruly
a lesson learned.
Cbvlously Lhls speclc clrcumsLance was exLremely
slmpllsuc and real llfe lssues we face as adulLs aren'L so easy Lo
geL over, buL as far as l could Lell, Lhe facL remalned LhaL my son
had [usL demonsLraLed whaL Lhe lJeol was, and th|s tru|y
seemed to be an |dea| worth str|v|ng towards.
When frusLraung Lhlngs happen ln our llfe, Lhe ooly
cholce we usually have |s how we're go|ng to react to |t. 1hat's
a||. We may noL llke hearlng lL, buL Lhe facL LhaL Lhe resL of our
day ls rulned or LhaL everyLhlng else seems so dreary now ls
noLhlng more Lhan our personal hang-up! lL's really noL such a
sLreLch Lo say LhaL Messy SlLuauon A" negauvely lmpacLs all my
oLher slLuauons LhaL day ooly lf l let lt!
We mlghL even go so far as Lo say LhaL allowlng our
feellngs of frusLrauon Lo splll over Lo oLher parLs of our llves ls
noLhlng more Lhan a dlsplay of weakness and an unwllllngness
aL auempung Lo deal wlLh whaL ls. erhaps we need Lo reallze
LhaL, someumes, belng able Lo comparLmenLallze Lhe lssue ls
Lhe smarLesL Lhlng we can do, and LhaL by allowlng our feellngs
abouL one negauve slLuauon-no mauer how blg or small lL may
be-aecL Lhe resL of our llves, all we're dolng ls maklng our
llves LhaL much more sour.
1tost me l know LhaL Lhls ls PA8u and LhaL lL's noL
someLhlng aualned overnlghL, l, myself, sLruggle wlLh Lhls
lmmensely. Cone are Lhe lnfanL days where Lhe our worsL of our
problems were Lhe lack of Loys or candles. Llfe, however, can be
llved passlvely-llke a cow does-or llke Lhe eplLome of whaL lL
means Lo be a human.
CrowLh, my frlends. never endlng and never yleldlng
growLh-lL's whaL belng parL of ?lsrael means. 1hough lL may be
hard aL umes, lL's Lhe only ulumaLely vlable opuon.
8esldes, leL's face lL, do we really wanL Lo llve Lhe
alLernauve? uoes tbot sound llke a pleasanL llfe?
Who ever sald LhaL bables weren'L smarL?
ShabbaL Shalom | Chanan 1zlonov
! Lesson From "e Past "at Wi# Change Your Futur$
ln Lhls chapLer, Shelomo Pamelech sLaLes Lhe
.)*(+,-( $./0123 &4/5678 ,"290: 2";95: ,5$(;: ';<."
ne wbo ls qteeJy of qolo, ttoobles bls owo boose,
bot be wbo botes qlfs wlll llve (Mlshlel 13:27)
Shelomo ls Leachlng us LhaL a person who ls greedy
and has lnLense deslre for power or wealLh wlll evenLually
brlng Lrouble Lo hls household, whereas as a person who
sLays away from voraclLy wlll en[oy Lhe essence of llfe and
all LhaL lL has Lo oer. ln facL, we learn from lrkel AvoL
LhaL 8abbl Llazar Pakappar lnsLrucLs us LhaL, jeoloosy,
lost, ooJ tbe potsolt of booot temove o petsoo ftom tbe
wotlJ (lrkel AvoL 4:28).
LeL me ask you, why do our sages urge us Lo refraln
from honor? ln facL, Shelomo Pamelch was an lmmensely
wealLhy lndlvldual and Lhe enure known world showed
hlm Lremendous honor for hls wlsdom. Pow ls lL LhaL be,
ouL of all people, warns us Lo sLay away from gls and
honor? ls worklng hard and dolng everyLhlng Lo aualn
honor necessarlly evll?
A greedy person who lusLs over money and honor
becomes a slave Lo hls lncllnauon. lL geLs Lo a polnL where
he forgeLs whaL really mauers ln llfe, such as Lhe value of
ralslng a proper famlly as well as Lreaung oLhers and loved
ones wlLh dlgnlLy and respecL. WorsL of all, a greedy
person has Lhe ablllLy Lo hurL Lhose around hlm ln order Lo
speed up" Lhe process of aualnlng hls deslred worldly
mauers, and along Lhe way makes rldlculous excuses such
as, l'm dolng Lhls for my wlfe and chlldren," whlch he uses
Lo [usufy Lhe necesslLy for Lhe and per[ury. ln reallLy, all
he cares abouL ls hlmself and Lhe recognluon he recelves.
ln Lhe beglnnlng, lL may seem LhaL he made Lremendous
galns, buL ulumaLely, 30 years pass and he loses all Lhe
Lhlngs LhaL really mauer mosL ln llfe, and ls lnsLead
surrounded by falsehood and a fabrlcaLed llluslon of llfe.
So how can a person aualn recognluon for hls
achlevemenLs Lhe rlghL way? lL all narrows down Lo Lwo
words: 1rusL and pauence. llrsL, a person musL LrusL ln
Pashem LhaL ln due ume, Lhrough hard work and eorL,
Pashem wlll reward hlm. As we learn ln lrkel AvoL, 8eo
neb-neb oseJ to soy. AccotJloq to tbe e[ott ls tbe
tewotJ (lrkel AvoL 3:26), our sages Leach us LhaL no
eorL goes Lo wasLe. Powever, mosL llkely lL won'L happen
overnlghL, and Lhls ls where Lhe pauence parL comes ln. As
we spoke of ln our prevlous lssues, Lhe Pebrew word
Sav|anut (!"#$%&), pauence, and Lhe Pebrew word
N|tzacta (!'(#), succeed, boLh add up Lo Lhe exacL
numerlcal value of 348. WhaL ls Lhe connecuon? A
rlghLeous lndlvldual wlll work hard day and nlghL Lo make
sure LhaL he aualns hls goals Lhe rlghL way wlLhouL
dlshonesLy and crookedness. When a person follows Lhls
paLh, lL feels as Lhough lL wlll Lake forever Lo aualn LhaL
deslred goal. Cur sages Leach us LhaL Lhe reason LhaL Lhe
numerlcal value adds Lo 348 ls because one who follows
Lhe proper paLh wlll surely succeed, even Lhough success
looks llke lL's a mllllon years away.
8ecenLly, l heard 8abbl Mordechal PechL glve a
fasclnaung uevar 1orah, durlng Lhe week of arashaL
1erumah. Pe LaughL abouL Lhe perplexlng lssues LhaL
revolved around 8enel ?lsrael bulldlng a Mlshkan ln Lhe
deserL. 1hlnk abouL lL: lo tbe mlJJle of oowbete Lhey had
more Lhan enough wealLh Lo bulld Lhe Mlshkan and Lhe
kellm. Pow ls lL posslble LhaL ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe desserL,
Lhey had such lncredlble wealLh? A lesson LhaL can be
garnered ls LhaL when one lnvesLs ume ln hls own
Mlshkan, meanlng a kosher home lnfused wlLh 1orah and
lLs values, LhaL's when Pashem wlll provlde. lf Pe was able
Lo bless 8enel ?lsrael ln Lhe deserL, how much more so can
Pe do for us? Powever, when a person lnvesLs preclous
ume ln greed and lusL, llfe ls slmply a wasLe and only
leaves a person vold.
ulumaLely everyLhlng comes from Pashem, and once
we reallze LhaL facL, 8'P we wlll be blessed wlLh Lhe
blesslngs of our forefaLhers ln Lhls world and Lhe nexL.
ShabbaL Shalom - 8en[amln kha
%ishlei Ch. 15 - "e Fu&li' of Gree(
ln Lhls week's parasha, arshaL kl 1lsa, Lhe 1orah relaLes Lhe
lnfamous evenL of Lhe qel nozobov, Lhe Colden Calf. 1he Lrev 8av-a
group of Lgypuans LhaL converLed" and became parL of Lhe !ewlsh
nauon aL Lhe ume of Lhe Lxodus-saw an opporLunlLy Lo make Lhe
lsraellLe masses sln. 8ased on Lhelr lncorrecL calculauons, Moshe
8abbelnu was laLe ln hls arrlval back Lo Lhe lsraellLe camp aer 40 days
of belng on MounL Slnal, as he sald he would. 1hls assembly kllled
Moshe 8abbelnu's nephew, Lhe propheL Chur, LhreaLened Lhe llfe of
Aharon Pakohen and requesLed a new leader" Lo lead Lhem, slnce
Lhey were convlnced LhaL Moshe 8abbelnu was now dead. When all
eorLs Lo quell Lhe crowd falled, Aharon Pakohen lssued an order for
all men Lo brlng Lhe golden [ewelry of Lhelr wlves ln order Lo fulll Lhelr
requesL and Lry sLalllng for some ume. 1he end resulL was Lhe moldlng
of a Colden Calf lnfused wlLh Lhe black maglc of Lhe Lgypuans.
Cur sages go so far as Lo say LhaL Lhls Colden Calf had Lhe moblllLy
of a real llfe calf, proclalmed LhaL lL was Lhe redeemer of lsrael, and
LhaL lt Look Lhe nauon ouL of LgypL. now, when revlewlng Lhe 10
commandmenLs, Lhe bulldlng of a molLen lmage goes agalnsL Lhe rsL 3
commandmenLs, whlch Lhe nauon had [ust rece|ved. C-d's anger
obvlously ared, requesLed for Lhe desLrucuon of lsraellLe nauon, and
deslred Lo sLarL Lhe nauon anew from Moshe 8abbelnu. Moshe
8abbelnu decllned Pashem's requesL, and lnsLead, composed one of
Lhe mosL conclse, yeL powerful prayers LhaL had Lhe ablllLy Lo paclfy
Pashem's anger.
Cnce we undersLand LhaL Lhls prayer of Moshe 8abbelnu had such
an lmmense lmpacL, we musL ask whaL elemenLs dld he lnclude ln hls
prayer Lo ensure Lhelr accepLance? erhaps we mlghL be able Lo uullze
Lhe same elemenLs Lo enhance our own prayers! ln relaung Lhe prayer
of Moshe 8abbelnu, Lhe 1orah sLaLes LhaL he p|eaded wlLh Pashem and
kemembet fot Avtobom, fot ltzcbok ooJ fot lstoel, yoot
setvoots...nosbem tecooslJeteJ teqotJloq tbe evll tbot ne JecloteJ ne
woolJ Jo to nls people. (5bemot J2.1J-14)
lrom Lhe above pasuk, we nd a dlrecL correlauon beLween Lhe
success of Moshe 8abelnu's prayer and Lhe merlL of our rlghLeous
forefaLhers, Avraham, ?lLzchak, and ?aakov. 8efore delvlng lnLo Lhls
Loplc, lL ls worLhy Lo sLaLe some cruclal facLs regardlng Lhe concepL of
prayer. lL ls very well known LhaL Lhe greaLness of man lles ln hls ablllLy
of speech, Lhls ls a unlque quallLy LhaL man was glven by Pashem over
all creauons. 1o Lake lL a sLep furLher, Lhe only way for us Lo esLabllsh a
connecuon wlLh Pashem ls Lhrough our power of speech, malnly by
learnlng 1orah and praylng. ln regards Lo prayer, Lhe Cemara ln
MasecheL 8erachoL uaf 68 sLaLes LhaL prayer ls a mauer whlch ls ot
tbe peok of tbe oolvetse, yet people Jlsqtoce lt, as sLaLed by 8av 8lvl
bar Abaye. 1hls ls Lhe one area ln our generauon LhaL has been grossly
underesumaLed LhaL people do noL uullze properly. 1hrough prayer
wlLh Lhe proper lnLenuons, each !ew ls able Lo brlng abouL change on a
g|oba| level-lf only we belleved lL! When your laLher ls Lhe klng of all
klngs and Lhe CreaLor of everyLhlng ln exlsLence, Lhls above sLaLemenL
has valldlLy. WhaL we lack ls Lhe undersLandlng LhaL we llLerally connecL
ourselves wlLh Pashem aL Lhe ume of prayer, [usL as a person
esLabllshes a connecuon wlLh hls fellow when speaklng wlLh hlm.
now LhaL we shed some llghL on Lhls Loplc, leL's analyze Lhe prayer
of Moshe 8abbelnu ln order Lo learn how Lo enhance our own prayers.
1he one aspecL LhaL l would llke Lo concenLraLe on ls Lhe use of 2ecbot
Avot, Metlt of oot lotefotbets, when lL comes Lo prayer. 8ashl has Lwo
beauuful explanauons LhaL Lell us of Moshe 8abbelnu's lnLenuon of
uslng 2ecbot Avot, as opposed Lo hls own merlL. 8ashl sLaLes LhaL
Moshe 8abbelnu Lold Pashem, lf tbey ttoosqtesseJ tbe 10
commooJmeots, tbelt fotefotbet Avtobom wos testeJ wltb 10 ttlols ooJ
bos oot tecelveJ bls tewotJ fot possloq tbem. Clve lt to blm ooJ let tbe
10 coocel oot tbe 10! 8ashl furLher sLaLes, lf tbey ote cooJemoeJ to
be botoeJ, temembet Avtobom, wbo qove blmself ovet to be botoeJ fot
oot soke lo ut cosJlm. lf tbey ote cooJemoeJ to be kllleJ by tbe swotJ,
temembet ltzcbok, wbo sttetcbeJ oot bls oeck wbeo be wos boooJ. lf
tbey ote cooJemoeJ to exlle, temembet Iocob, wbo wos exlleJ to
notoo. lf tbey wlll oot be soveJ lo tbelt metlt of tbelt fotefotbets, wby
Jo oo soy to me, ooJ l wlll moke yoo loto o qteot oouoo? lf o cbolt
wltb tbtee leqs coooot stooJ op befote oo wbeo oo ote ooqty, bow
mocb less wlll o cbolt wltb ooe leq?
1he rsL Lhlng we learn ls LhaL by uslng Lhe merlL of oLhers, Lhe
LralL of humlllLy ls dlsplayed. 1here ls no quesuon LhaL Moshe 8abbelnu
had enough merlL Lo brlng salvauon Lo klal ?lsrael. 8y uslng Lhe merlL of
oLhers, Moshe 8abbelnu expressed LhaL when a person ls sLandlng ln
fronL of Pashem ln prayer, he should concenLraLe on Pashem's
greaLness and reallze LhaL he ls humbled ln fronL of Pashem's presence.
1he second Lhlng we learn ls Lhe greaLness of our holy ancesLors, and
we furLher reallze LhaL we have Lhe ablllLy Lo Lap lnLo Lhe same
sLorage" of merlL LhaL Moshe 8abbelnu used ln hls prayer. lL ls for Lhls
very reason LhaL Lhe AmlJob, Lhe sLandlng prayer, sLarLs wlLh
menuonlng our holy forefaLhers. Slnce Pashem's cherlshes Lhem so
mocb, Pe shows greaL mercy Lo Lhelr osprlng.
WlLh Lhese 2 ups, praylng wlLh humlllLy and connecung Lo Lhe
merlL of our forefaLhers, we approach Pashem wlLh 2 amazlng Lools
when praylng for anyLhlng, be lL healLh, susLenance or happlness. May
we be zoche Lo uullze Lhe power of prayer Lo brlng us closer Lo Pashem
and Lo see Lhe comlng of Mashlach 1zldkelnu 8lmhera 8eyamelnu.
Amen! ShabbaL Shalom.
NASA once invited a priest, a rabbi and a minister to orbit the earth in a
Upon their return, crowds of people formed to hear their impressions.
First the priest emerged, beaming and full of joy. He said, "It was totally
amazing, I saw the sun rise and set, I saw the seas. It was beautiful."
Then the minister came out, also happy and seemingly at peace. He said,
"I saw the magnificent earth, our home, I saw the majestic sun. I'm truly in awe."
Then the rabbi appeared. He was completely disheveled, his beard
tangled flowing in every direction, his kippah was frayed and his tallit was
wrinkled. They asked him, "Rabbi, did you enjoy the flight?"
He threw his hands up in the air crazily and replied, "ENJOY? What was to
enjoy?? We were traveling so quickly around the earth that every five minutes
the sun was rising and setting! On with the tefillin, off with tefillin, Shachrit,
Mincha, Ma'ariv, Shachrit, Mincha, Ma'ariv!... GEVALT!!!!"
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