B.C.A (Pt.II) 215 Obj. Ori. Prog.

(Three-Year Scheme of 10+2+3 Pattern) (OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING) PAPER 217 TIME ALLOWED: THREE HOURS Maximum Marks— Answers of all the question (objective as well as descriptive) are to be given in the main answer-book only. Answer of objective type questions must be given in sequential order. Similarly all the parts of one question of descriptive part should be answered at one place in the answer-book. One complete question should not be answered at different places in the answer-book. No supplementary answer-book will be given to any candidate. Hence the candidates should write their answers precisely in the main answer-book only.

OBJECTIVE PART-I Maximum Marks :20 It contains 40 multiple choice questions with four choices and students will have to pick the correct one (each carrying ½ mark) 1- What is a method? (a) A function or procedure which is defined in class (b) A way of handling the variables of class (c) An exception handling way (d) The way a function can be used

2- The maximum number of MDI from which we can have in an application? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) None of the above 3- Which one is not primitive numeric data type in VB? (a) Double (b) Integer (c) Contingent (d) Variant 4- To manipulate a ListBox control from within your application, you should be able to: (a) Add items to list (b) Mark items in list (c) Add a list in list (d) Refresh the list 5- VB is a … ………………………language (a) Object oriented (b) Object base (c) Procedural (d) Name of the above 6- OLE stand for: (a) Object Library Execution (b) Overloading library event (c) Object Linking Event (d) Object Linking and Embedding 7- ADO connects itself to a database through: (a) Record set

(b) OLEDB Provider (c) Data Source (d) None of the above 8- DLL stands for: (a) Dynamic Local Library (b) Data Link Library (c) Dynamic Link Library (d) Data Local Library 9- What is the extension of form file? (a) .FRX (b) .FAB (c) .FRM (d) .FRA 10- What will be the value of x in the following VB code? X=0, for i=1 to 10 step 2, x=x+I, Next i (a) 21 (b) 25 (c) 30 (d) 28 11- A pop-up description box that appears when the user resets the mouse pointer over a control is : (a) Control tip (b) File tip (c) Pop-up tip (d) Tool tip 12- Which command is used to remove an item from a menu array? (a) Delete (b) Unload

(c) Drop (d) Remove item 13- Visual Basic’s default coordinate system uses a unit called: (a) Twip (b) Tiff (c) Points (d) Pixels 14- Which object is used in add item method to add new item? (a) List box (b) Text box (c) Combo box (d) Both (a) and (c) 15- The extension of activex control file is: (a) .vbp (b) .ocx (c) .vbx (d) Both (a) and (c) 16- Which key event occurs when a key is pressed? (a) Key type (b) Key up (c) Key enter (d) Key press 17- A control array is : (a) Group of similar elements (b) Group of similar controls (c) Group of controls that have same name (d) None of the above

18- Which statement causes termination of a FOR loop in VB.? (a) Exit (b) Exit for (c) Exit Do (d) Exit Sub 19- Which of the following statement is used to size or resize a dynamic array? (a) Dim (b) ReDim (c) Declare (d) Array 20- ODBC stand for : (a) Object Database Control (b) Open Database Connectivity (c) Open Database Control (d) Object Database Connectivity 21- The process by which one object acquires the properties of another object is : (a) Polymorphism (b) Inheritance (c) Encapsulation (d) All of the above 22- Which of the following is not a keyword in Java? (a) Extended (b) Implement (c) Protected (d) Public 23- A package is collection of : (a) Classes

(b) Interfaces (c) Editing tools (d) Classes and interfaces 24- Which keyword is used in Java to define a constant? (a) Final (b) Static (c) Abstract (d) Public 25- Exceptions of type error in Java are handled by: (a) User program (b) Operating system kernel (c) Interrupt (d) Java run time environment 26- What are the Applet’s life cycle methods? (a) init( ) , start( ) and destroy( ) (b) init( ),start( ) and paint ( ) (c) init( ),start (), paint ( ),stop ( ), and destroy ( ) (d) init( ), start( )and stop( ) 27- threads in Java can be created by :(a) implementing Runnable Interface (a) extending thread class (b) both (A ) and (B) (c) By using main thread 28- Wrapper classes in Java are used to : (a) Convert primitive type into object type (b) Convert objective type into primitive type (c) Convert object to a class (d) None of the above

29- Which type of inheritance can be accomplished in Java using interfaces? (a) Single inheritance (b) Multilevel inheritance (c) Multiple inheritance (d) Hybrid inheritance 30- Which method is executed first when an applet runs ? (a) Destroy( ) (b) init ( ) (c) stop( ) (d) main( ) 31- Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is: (a) Java Variable Module (b) Interpreter for type code (c) Compiler for byte code (d) None of the above 32- Access specifier keyword is: (a) Protected (b) Private (c) Public (d) All of the above 33- Short integer data type have the length in Java language is: (a) 8 bits (b) 32 bits (c) 16 bits (d) 64 bits 34- The type casting is : (a) Convert one type of value to another type (b) Convert one type of value to same type

(c) Both (a) and (a) (d) None of the above 35- A function, that is called automatically when an object is destroyed, is : (a) Function prototype (b) Destructor (c) Constructor (d) Instantiation 36 –Class members are by default: (a) Static (b) Public (c) Protected (d) Private 37- To inherit definition of one class into another is done by using keyword: (a) Extends (b) Extend (c) Extended (d) Extend 38- If an exception is thrown which block of exception handling must be executed? (a) Catch (b) Exception (c) Finally (d) All of the above 39-Method declared final cannot be : (a) Overridden (b) Overloading (c) Inherited (d) Abstracted

40-What is the correct syntax for main method in Java? (a) Public static void main () (b) Public static void main (string ar [ ] ) (c) Static void public main( ) (d) Public void main( string ar [ ] )

DESCRIPTIVE: PART-II Maximum Marks: 30 Attempt any four descriptive type of question out of six. All questions carry 7.5 marks each 1- Why has object oriented programming become so popular among the programmers? Discuss its main features with suitable examples 2- (a) What are different control statements available in Visual Basic? Explain them by giving proper examples. Write a program code in Visual Basic to print the Fibonacci series upto 10 terms i.e. :0 1 1 2 3 5 8…………………..


3- Write notes on the following: (a) MDI form (b) Activex controls (c) Combo box (d) Arrays 4- What is an exception ? Give various keywords available in Java for exception handling. Explain nested ‘try’ statement using a suitable example. 5- What is a tread? Explain the multithreading with suitable example. Also explain the expected output of your program.

6- (a) write a program in JAVA to find out the factorial of a natural number-5 (b) What is an Applet? Explain its life-cycle with diagram? ----------------------------