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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is the seq uel to the much loved film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

This is an animated childrens movie directed by Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn! We meet the lovable Flint Lockwood and his crazy friends again in this laugh-out-loud tale. Flint is on the mainland after his disastrous food-maker machine, the F.L.D.S.D.F.R, (Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator), started making spaghetti tornadoes and other natural disasters out of food. In doing so destroyed his home island, (Swallow Falls), forcing all the inhabitants to leave. Flint was offered a job at Live Corp Company, owned by his idol Chester V. There is something fishy but not Subwhale going on. After a disastrous try at the scientist of the year competition (which gives normal workers a chance to be a 'Thinkinot', the highest level they can reach), Flint is enlisted by Chester V himself to find the F.L.D.S.D.F.R and destroy it. He isnt supposed to tell his family or

friends about his mission, but one way or another they find out, persuading Flint to let them come along. Upon setting foot on Swallow Falls they find some rather wacky foodimals. They seem to want to kill them - but is it all as it seems...? I went to see this because I had seen the first one, and thought highly of it, but I had no idea how good the sequel would actually be. The script was fantastic, very easy to relate to and full of funny jokes. It was upbeat and modern, full to the brim of happiness. It certainly put a smile on my face quite a few times during its 95 min duration :) The actual story line was very good packed with unlikely twists and turns. While it kept me guessing and smiling, my sixteen-year-old cousin seemed to be enjoying herself just as much. Timeless appeal. Pleased me, my cousin, my ten-year-old brother and everyone else in the cinema. A great watch for anyone and everyone.

This issue's top singles are...

1- Dark Horse by Katy Perry ft. Juicy J. We love the mysterious, dark vibe of Katy's latest hit single complete with some rap from Juicy J which adds an extra cool factor to the song.

2- Timber by Pitbull ft. Ke$ha The duo nailed this one. A definite party track, this is the perfect song to get you and your mates onto the dance floor! 3- Team by Lorde Lorde's latest hit's beautiful melody and amazing vocals make this song truly spectacular!

By Mairad Butler

A tragic shipwreck occurs out at sea in the Pacific Ocean and the only two survivors are Pi ( a young sixteen year old boy), a zebra with a leg injury, a hyena, an organ-utan and a Bengal tiger. This book has actually been made into a major movie if you want to see the film before reading. I, myself, have not seen the film but the book itself was a thrilling read with lots of unexpected moments. A tale of adventure, friendship and courage all at the same time. If the book sounds good to you I strongly recommend ( as I usually do with all of my reviews) that you to read it. By Ryan Curley

The Life of Pi By Yann Martel

its patron saint, is mainly The history of Valentines Day and of Valentines Day is not just a unknown to historians, bar a few facts. ixture of Christian and Roman Christian celebration, it is actually a m festivities. t three saints called Valentine The Catholic Church recognizes at leas ) so, Valentines Day could or Valentinus (all of whom were martyrs One of these saints was a be a celebration of any of those saints! eror Claudiuss law that priest called Valentine who defied Emp rried these couples and was soldiers had to be single. Valentine ma n he was in jail, Valentine fell subsequently executed for his faith. Whe day of his execution, in love with his jailors daughter. On the ing it From your Valentine. Valentine wrote a love letter to her, sign se. It was not until the Middle This is where we get this common phra ciated with love. Ages that Valentines Day became asso y a Christian celebration in the Pope Gelasius declared 14th Februar ize a popular pagan 5th century AD in an effort to Christian Roman festival of fertility. This festival was ither called Lupercalia, and is thought to e ed be a festival of Lupa, the wolf who look s of after Romulus and Remus, the founder an Rome; or a festival for Faunus, the Rom god of fertility. It was commonly believed in France and the England that the 14th of February was t was start of the birds mating season, so tha Day one of the places where St. Valentines and love were inter-connected. a At the moment, in the US, on average ! It person spends $130 on Valentines Day tury AD! really has come far since the 5th cen

By Mairad Butler

The Southern Black Widow Spider. The Praying Mantis.

The Praying Mantis is part of a group of insects called the Mantids. This species can go from 1.2 cm to 15 cm long. The are usually green or brown, the colour depending on the plants in their native habitat for camouflage reasons. The Praying Mantis was named after their own bent front legs that suggest that they are in the 'praying' position. The Praying Mantis is a carnivore that feeds on a variety of things. Their diet changing as they grow. For eg., when they hatch they eat flies or their own siblings and when they are mature they devour scorpions, lizards, frogs, crickets and grasshoppers (ooh and they like tiger beetles as well)! The Praying Mantis reproduce in awkward conditions. During the Autumn season, the male begins a court ship dance to distract his partner but once this ritual is over she will inevitably bite off his head and proceed to feed on his flesh! The female can lay anywhere from 10 to 400 eggs then after waiting for a few weeks the 'Nymphs' (Praying Mantis hatchlings) emerge from the eggs baring resemblance to its parents. A Praying Mantis' life span in the wild is about one year.

The Southern Black Widow is a venomous spider of the latrodectus genus. It is native to North America although it does have Mediterranean and European cousins. This insect measures 33 mm long and 6.4 mm in diameter. The spider is of a black and shiny with bright red 'blood' colored spots on its back. The Black Widow is one of the most deadly and vicious spiders. With the venom stronger than that of rattle snake, a single bite could be lethal! Its diet consists mainly of flies, mosquitoes, grass-hoppers, beetles, wood-lice and caterpillars....Mmmm delicious! This carnivore is like most of its species in that to catch its victims it spins a nice long sticky web and waits. It takes two months for a female to mature enough to mate and once a Widow has chosen a mate, reproduction follows swiftly. After mating (or in between) I suppose the female feels a little peckish and so, she devours her partner before laying her egg sacks. In one summer the Black Widow can lay up to four to nine egg sacks each containing one hundred to four hundred eggs. After laying the egg sacks, the Black Widow starts the next process - incubation. A female spider can incubate for twenty to thirty days; its rare for more than one hundred eggs to survive this process. The female Black Widow has a life span of three years however, the males life span is significantly reduced due to the extreme hazards of reproduction...

Valentines Day is a special holiday for everyone - and for holidays like this, you want to look good, dont you? There are some simple wardrobe essentials that, if you know how to use them, can make your Valentines Day look fashion-forward and fabulous! I have used pretty simple components for each outfit that most people have in their wardrobe. If you do not have the exact piece of clothing, then improvise and use what you do have!

imaginative. The belt nips in at the waist, making the wearer seem slimmer at once. The shoes make the outfit more tom-boy and are easier to walk in! I would advise you This is a smart-casual, relaxed to wear your hair in a outfit. It can be worn either to an relaxed style, to suit occasion or, just for mooching around this relaxed outfit. at home. The shirt covers the All in all, this is a shoulders of the wearer and makes relaxed and funky the dress look quite eclectic and outfit! The Walk in the Park Outfit I used: A tea-dress, A pink/red short-sleeved shirt, A skinny belt High-top canvas shoes.

screams tom-boy. The scarf covers the neck, which will be handy if Valentines Day is a cold day! Again, the shoes make the outfit tomboy and easy to wear. I would recommend that This outfit would be what I would your hair be worn in a describe as a going shopping outfit. high pony-tail or down. It is a fashionable, easy-to-wear This is a funky, outfit, thats perfect for going out fabulous, 50s style for lunch (or on a date!!) The jacket outfit! adds to a comfy outfit, that The Retro Love Outfit What you'll need: A tea dress, A denim jacket, A (patterned) skinny scarf, High-top canvas shoes. The Neat and Knitted Outfit What you'll need: A tea-dress, A jumper, with a heart or other valentine's day pattern A rose-patterned skinny scarf, Navy high-top canvas shoes. This outfit is the most comfy and cosy outfit I've created. It is a warm and cosy outfit, that is perfect for a Valentines Day at home. The

- A girly tea-dress, preferably with a collar (it doesnt have to be girly, but it does have to look very Valentines Day! A tea dress should reach to about your knee and be floaty.) - High-Top Converse/ canvas shoes (these are not essential, but I think they work well with the outfits here). - A belt - A scarf - A glittery cardigan - pretty pumps - Your imagination (this is what creates great outfits)!

one!) Its very glittery and girly! The The Glitter-Glam colour of the scarf screams Girl Outfit Valentine's day while the pumps What you'll need: compliment the cardigan perfectly. I A tea-dress, would recommend that your hair A glittery cardigan, should be worn down or in a top knot. A This is a girly, glamorous and gorgeous red/pink/patterned outfit. If your wearing this on a date, skinny scarf, then hed better be worth it! Shiny/glittery pumps. Happy Valentines Day readers, if you This outfit is strictly have a date, then good luck - but you for family meals and wont need it - not looking like you do! dates (if you have

jumper is just enough Valentines Day to fit the theme, and will keep you warm. The scarf is very pretty and really adds that little extra special touch to the outfit. The canvas shoes complete it with a trendy but relaxed look. I would advise that your hair is worn in a side-plait, or just let down. This is a warm, happy and comfy outfit - should be worn while reading Top-Mag!

Native to eastern Asia, this delicious-looking fruit has been cultivated for the last 2000 years at least. Ranging from bright red to a deep purple, the Yangmei is round and about 2 cm long, containing a single seed. It's flesh is juicy, sweet and sour, and said to taste like a cross between a rasperry, strawberry and pomegranate. Aside from being eaten fresh, the fruit can also be canned, dried, made into jam and juice while the bark from it's tree can be used to make a red dye.

Noni is a 10 18 cm long oval-shaped fruit grown all throughout the tropics. When ripening, it has a very strong smell (which is why it is sometimes referred to as cheese fruit or vomit fruit). However, it is very nutritious and so, despite it's unfortunate odour, is widely eaten on the Pacific Islands (often cooked into a curry or eaten raw with salt).

OK, so maybe this fruit doesn't exactly look appetizing... but it's definitely not something you see every day! The wood apple gets it's name from it's thick, hard rind which looks exactly like wood. It grows in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and other parts of Southeast Asia. Once you have cracked it open, you will find a sticky sweet and sour brown pulp containing a few white seeds. The pulp is scooped out and eaten raw (sometimes with sugar, for breakfast), made into juices, jams and mixed with coconut milk and sugar syrup to make a special beverage. The fruit can also be made into sweets, frozen to make ice cream or used to make glue, dye, oil and soap. This tropical fruit is believed to be native to former Indochina and Malaya. It is about the same size and shape as a peach and also has a similar fuzzy, orange skin. Inside the Santol's thick rind is a white sweet and sour pulp which contains brown seeds. The fruit sometimes contains a milky juice. It's uses include being made into jam, confectionery, beverages and being added to pork or prawn curries.

Forget normal apples, these tropical 'water' apples look like they're made out of candy! This is due to the colour of the pear-shaped fruits which varies from white to blush pink. And don't worry... these taste as good as they look! Refreshing and sweet, their glossy skin contains a crisp, juicy white flesh. Popular in Asia (especially amongst children), the fruit is eaten raw, juiced or added to refreshing tropical salads.

is an British sport, Although football (soccer) best if not the best the Spanish are one of the duced some excellent at the game. Spain has pro ty years including footballers over the past fif ain have won the some of the worlds best. Sp ion in 2010 (making world cup on only one occas champions). There is them the current reigning of Spains greatest a league in Spain for some Barcelona and Real football clubs including FC a BBVA. Spanish Madrid called La Liga or Lig y and has still got football has come a long wa watching the world far to go. If you do plan on is year, keep an eye cup taking place in Brazil th come champions on Spain as they may just be once again.


o o th iry is a T a F h t o o th e T P e r e z. In Spain atoncito R d ania, e m a n fr o m Is p s e ' M o us e ' m o c rd Spain its. 2 . T h e wo d o f r a bb n la e h t s an is the only in a which me p S , e p f E ur o na na s . 3. In all o o d uc e s b a r p t a h t ly wild hich c o un t r y c a que s w to th e o n a e m m y o r h a b e r th th e B a 4. Spain is wo r d kn o w n a s e p o r u E e Catalan illess! h a t t e ,' s b e o t t monkey in u c ns lled ' gly happe na a re c a lo e c r a interestin B C re nna n te r s o f F Caoilte B r y o b p p u S . 5 f o r 'a s s '.


By Ryan Curley

Have you ever wondered what festivals are like in Spain? L a Tomatina is the strangest of them all. The festival takes pl ace in a small town called Tomatina in Vale ncia. At this festival you will see many Spanish people take par t in what is quite literally a tomato food fight purely for fun. On this day man y people throw tomatoes at one another. Although this sounds like a lot of fun, there are some disadvantages. One of them being the mess that is made and the fact tha t others have got to clean up afterwards. This festival usually takes place around late August. If you do plan on attending (if you happen to be nearby on holiday perhaps), I would advice bringing a pair of goggles along!

By Ryan Curley


people know when a You use Invitations to let an invitation: on. Here is a picture of hy phrases. The Invites often have catc mustache one above uses the word ese often instead of must ask. Th ing and make intrigue the person read ming to the them like the idea of co party. Decorations

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y then rations. If it is a birthda Most parties have deco a hday!" Banner placed on rt Bi py ap "H a be t gh mi there e are also balloons and door or something. Ther occasionally pinatas too! Games that ere are loads of games In little kids parties th heil, In The Bucket, Pass-T you can play: Pin The Ta Parcel etc. ve ur 12th birthday, you ha yo y sa , er old t ge u yo As fun rties. However, it is still sleepovers and cinema pa ur BFF w Well Do You Know Yo to play games such as Ho s. _____ the longest game and who can ________ by Roisin Clarke

Eimear 12 One day while at sc hool, my friends an d I were skipping an in to beat a record d I jumped . My foot got all ca ught up in the skip though and I fell ov pi ng rope er. As I was falling a big gust of wind grey school uniform hi t and my skirt went flying up wards. Loads of pe what happened and ople saw had a good laugh! I was really red! Eimear 12 I was in school and the guy that I liked was sitting beside were doing somethi me. We ng in our books and he asked me if it wa "YES!" I screamed s page 9. in front of the whol e class and everyone staring at me for ag was es! I felt like I wa nted to disappear. Megan 12 I was sitting beside s this guy and it wa s really quiet. I wa the One Direction's s humming song "Kiss You" and all of a sudden I sa "Lemme Kiss You"! id out loud Everyone started la ughing and the guy I was sitting next away and said, "like to moved EMMMMMMM NO THANKS"! Even th were laughing! e adults

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In this issue, we got to ask costume designer Lindi Gander a few questions about her job. At the moment shes managing her art Galerie in the south of France, but shes also worked on plenty of films such as Sherlock Holmes 2 and L'Assassinat de Henri IV' [The Assassination of Henri IV]. I did a fine art foundation course for 2 years and then studied film, textile and sculpture at the University of Fine Art in London. First I worked on commercials as a painter or props/set decorator. I was also a wig maker for two years, a model maker (for TV shows) before I started working with clothing. Finally, I started making costumes for movies.

Got questions about your future career? We interview professionals from all over the world to get the answers!

I think the best bit is the first day you get the brief: when youve had a meeting with the director - seen ideas, pictures then you start thinking about different fabrics, techniques all the ideas for your next project!

Try lots of things earl on, to see how everything works, whether it s film, fashion Get a lot of experience to see which aspects you enjoy! Interview by Maya Brennan