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Since the dawn of time, the armies of heaven and hell have waged an endless war.

Drawn to the conflict was the charred council, an entity bound by ancient laws to preserve order and balance. It held that any great power unchecked, threatened the very fabric of the universe. In time, heaven and hell came to honor the council and its laws, for none were beyond the swift and terrible justice of the councils enforcers: A fearsome brotherhood known as the four horsemen. Amid the turmoil, the first humans emerged. The council foretold that these weak but cunning creatures would someday be integral to the balance. Thus, the third kingdom was made: The kingdom of Man. By order of the council, a truce was forged between heaven and hell. The great pact was bound by seven seals to be broken at the appointed time, when Mans kingdom stood ready for the End War: The battle that would bring balance, and determine the ultimate fate of the three kingdoms. The bringer of the End War is the horseman War who answers the call to bring about the end of days. When he arrives on Earth, he finds that the battles are already underway, and that the Kingdom of Man was being massacred at every angle. The call was sent early, and because of this, War begins to lose power as he has disrupted the balance that his masters have kept in check for countless millennia. Facing swift defeat at the hands of a massive demon, War is brought before the council to answer for his treason to balance. Proclaiming his innocence, War asks the council to send him back to earth, where The Destroyer, a being of great malevolent power, has made Earth its home, as he knows that the demon who felled him was one of its minions. The council agrees to the deal, as if he would fail, the councils judgment would be served regardless. To make sure that War does not stray from the path, the council fuses The Watcher, an ethereal watchdog, to the horseman.

What in Heaven;s name have you done?-I answer the call. The lawhas been broken-And so have you horsemen.The law is clear-When the seventh seal is brooken.. Four Horsemen shall ride forth to punish the wicked by they Sons of MenLords of Heaven or the DRegs of Hell.. Al lupon the Earth will be judged and the pact forged anew,,, You forget your post Horseman! You fogret the Law! No call was given. Yet the Destroyer marched, and there you were found under his black banner of the claims are true. To Hell with your claims! The Seals were broken! I was summoned! But where are theother Horseme? Were they not sommoned as well? The Seven seals ar ehidden, as they have been since the pact was foged, eons ago.. all of them intact..there was no call. You aided the Dark Ones. Broke a sacred covenant that has doomed Mankind, and theratened the Balance! Do you deny it? When I rodeHeaven and Hell were alrady at war. Abbadon was there. He Knew something! Abbadon fell, fighting off the chaos you unleashed! I foght, powerless against the demons! And still you accuse me?! Your defeat proves nothing! Likely, the Destroyer cast you asode when he was finisdhed with you. You have defiled the Law, Horseman. You will be punished.I serve only the Council. Only the Balance. As the Horsemen always have. Send me back. I will punish the ones responsible. How? What hope do you have against the Destroyers armies? You are powerless! Then I will fail, and the demons will have carried out your sentence. The Watcoer is bound to you. It will ensure your loyalty. Remember that. Or I will really get under your skin! Enough. Rise War, and ar yourself. Seek the demon Vulgrim. Few can afford his services, but perhaps you can strike a bargain. The Council confers with demons now, does it? Long has he soght an audience with usHow long have I been here. Looks like our trajectory was a little off. Not so fast, Horsemen. Lets lay down a few ground rules. Until this is over, youre a dong on a leash. I say bark, you bark. Andi f I have to kick you, youd better bot bare your teeth. Understand? Or should I teach you to play dead?Good boy. Here comes the welcome party.War, why dont you introduce yourself?Subtle. I almost didnt hear you coming. The Council finally took me seriously. If so, youre surely not empty handedor this shall be the breifest of introductions. Oh such haste to die. You arent even a shadow of your former self..you would Besides the way to the Tower is shrouded by demon magicseven I dont know the way. Who does? Feed my hungerand Ill feed your curiosity. Beyond the gate, seek out samaes prison.Once, Samael was close in power to the Dark Prince himself.Some might even say, a threat. You will fiind hei s no friend to the Destroyer.Seek me out when youve gathred more souls. I will make it worth your while. The horn call of my ancetors. Awaken at last from the dreamless sleep. Then ..we afre

free.None are free while the Destroyer still breathes. You have killed many of my warriors. I have yet to fiind a warrior among you. Do you know whats imprisoned here? There are things even You should fear, Horsemen!Once you were strong, but now you are weak. And you are alone. The Destroyer knows of your coming.Even now, he moves his legion against you!Then Ill make this quick.War! Are you here to play executioner? They should have sent all four of you. I have no interest in killing you, Samael. Ha! The Destroyer? Hes beyond your reach. Beyond mine. Has prison made you a coward? Perhaps therse is a way. But you will need to get insode the Destroyers spire. The tower is guarded by four of his questions. Bring me their hearts.And ask me no questions My reasons for helping you are my own.The whole of her domains is a blistered inferno. By land you will never reach itfiind the high ground, with this.And bring me her still beating heart! I have come for the destroyer My brothers spole of your coming. But, a powerful course holds me npw. I cannot help you. Any curse can be broken. Yes..perhaps..These servants of the Destroyer walk unseen withing the Realm of Shadows. By their blood we are bound,By thier blood shall web e free. I can no longer move within the Shadow Realm, ,uch of my power has left me. You need not enter it! I will grant you the power to see into the accursed realm, for a time. But, to what end? What hope have we now against the Destroyers foul sorcery? Hope will not bring you freedom(unseathing his sword) Has the Council reduced the Horsemen to common assasins? Or has Samael boght your loyalty? Because, if you are for sale., Rider. ..perhaps we can strike a deal.-You wont like my terms. This will not end well for you, Horsemen. Do it! Tear out her Heart while she still lives. I want to hear her scream! I am..one of the Chsoen..I can grant. Your every wish..Can you restore the ballance? No wonder Samael wants this things, Its coursing with power. You really think hes going to let you live long enough to collect your end? Tragic..Without your fethered friend, how will you escape this prison of rock? Ill fiind a wat You have certainly proven yourselfresourceful. Perhaps I can provide a quicker way. Speak plainly, DemonSerpent holes..ancient paths that worm their way beneath the husk of this dead world..and beyond. I use them to get about, and for a price..so can you. What do you want..Vulgrim. A trifflle reallythe Chosens heart. I felt its power the moment you stepped from that tower. You wound me , Horsemen..I would never come between you and your friend Samael. Nom I only wish to look at the heart. One glanceand our bargains is sealed.Samael will pe pleased. The serpend Holes are yours, Horsemen.Seek me out when you wish to use them. I trust that she suffered? Not nearly enough, Beutiful The second Guardian-the greiver, moves in tunnels beneath this place. But first there is an..obstacle that must be removed. Ulthane. One of the Old Ones. You didnt mentioned that before. Changing the deal already, Samael? Be silent, filth. My business is with the Horsemen. Ulthane is no ally of the Destroyerbut you wont fiind the greiver without confronting the black hammer. And that will require strengh you dont posses..huh..yet! What the hell do you think youre doing Samael? Tell him Watcher. How you stifle the Horsemens true power in order to leep him on the Coundils leash.War-destroye this parasite. You so much as blink at me and the Council will end you, Both of you! Im Protected! Not in here. You are War! Rider of the Red Horsse! Not some puppet on this pathetic creatures strings! War, I will make you suffer! Focus your anger. A great rage stis within you, clawing to get out. You MUST release it! Or a puppet youll remain. You are reborn! Whawas that?! The Horsemen is broken, but there is still much power in him. For a moment I sawone who would stand alone against the Destroyers Army. Forgive me, friend. I would grant you passage were it within my power.Do for me what you have done for my brethren, and I will hinder you no more. Threre must be another way. The Curse must be broken. THen, you may pass.Ancestors praise you. Soonwe will be free You plan on usin them hand ever again Youd best not go touchin..that what aint yers. Ulthane. You know me. But I dont know you. And I dont like stranger. Especially the uninvited kind. And maybe who you are dont matter as much as what you want. I;ve come for the black hammer. Really now?! Well, youre welcome to give it another go. But after that, I best not catth you around here again. Its you. Whats that now? The blak hammer..its; you. Do yer worst. But let

me tell you a little secret , boy. The one in the dirt, is by far..the easier of the two. I ani;t been tagged in millenia. Hmm. One hundred years. Since the day Abbadon was taken from us. I have prayed for this moment. For your crimes, I would see you tried in the White City. But untill this world is free of the Deestroyer, its gates are closed to us. And justice will not wait. I sentence you, here and now! Yer justice can wait till we finish our little scrap , missy. There ain;t no sport jumpin a tussle what dont concern you. Goon! Fly away, pigeons! Fore I pluck ya.Blasphemer, it is you who takes sidesin a battle that dosentconcern you Bwahahaha! PleaseAllow me. Thats what you get fer tohcinwhat aint yerz. Id duck if I were you. Abslom will be avanged0defend yourself traitoer. Ah, could be you really are who you say. Them pigeons seemed mighty convinced. But I aint . So once again. You know me, but I still dont know you. The greivers laier. The greivers beyond here. Had to seal these passaages up toght to keep her pets outta my yard. Little bastards kept droppin by uninvited. Taking things what dont belong to m. I am who I claim to be. You kill that Greiver. You even make it back out othat hole, thatll be proof enough. Then, I promise, well have words. Now get offa my property before more pigeons come lookin on a crap in me yard.Two down , two to go. You mu=ight make it to the Tower after all, Then, the real fun begins.Now, lets get this thing bak to Samael.(throw his the hammer once you couldnt lifet through his door into the wall) Oh, welcome back Horsemen. You could have knocked, But I suppose that isnt your way, is it? Why are you here? Strange question, seeinhow youre the one, broke into My house! You werent always the Black Hammer. You huddle in exile=--a hermit among tombstones.Why? What role did you play in this, Ulthane? HorsemenI;ve got something for you. A fair bit oworh, butits a bit dainty for me. Itll serve you better.(and point the offered gun to his face) You didnt answer my question, Old One. Maybe I like the scenery. Whats it to you? You asked for my help, and I gave it. You go on beinungrateful and Im liable to get upset.(pulls the trugger, empty gun, lthane points his face in the gun)- Do I look like Im afraid odeath boy? Its not deathyou should fear. Did you enjoy yourself? War and the Black Hammer pluckin pigeons You see a great many things from inside a prison, Samamel.There is little you can keep from he Horsemen, once I have a mind to know it.And what do you know of Uriel? Oh, I toght the Horsemen were above such earthly pursuits.She belives I killed Abbadon. The Hellguard worshiped their fallen lord and leader. And Uriel..some might say her admiration was less than proffesional. She will stop ad nothing to punish the one respolsible. I foght the demon who killed Abbadon. An he will be punished. Straga is the strongest of the Chosen. No doubt youll face him againhe draws power fom the spire and wont stand to be away from it long.With all I have taught you, you might even survice the reunion. Whose heart would you have demon? The stygion is King of the ancient worms and now palague the Ashlands. It wont be easy The woroms grow well in such fertule ground.Fertile? Fertilw with death. Decay.All the land is coverd in it. The ashes of the dead. But you may be in luck. It seems that some fooll demos have taken to capturing the worms for sport.And they huntother creatures as well. The strongest are made to fight in a acruel arenas. The demons seek to take the Stygian. Not kknowing that within the monster, thers beats a black heart of the Chosen. How did the demons avoid the Ash worms? You know of the Chronospheres? A gift of the OLD Ones. It is said that to master the chronosphere is to master time itself. One could stop time, or even move itforward and back, Indeed. None of the old masters exist, but the demons have learned to use them, to a lesser degree. I can grant you a basic understandng of the chronospherses. It wont be much perhaps just enough to avoid the worms. Perhaps? Perhaps not. What is life is certain , Horsemen?other than our word , of course? You disappoint me, Horsemen. You look quite small from up here. You can look me in the eye when I kill you. Lets see how you fare, Horsemen, with only two legs to cary you. Leave nothing of him. Ruin! I wont fight you. You fool I order you to brake that nag. AND if I refuse youkill me?-Ill take my chances. Are you not entertained!?Welldone. But that ws only practice for the Stygian. The biggest, and meanest of them all. So thats the sigian. Looks like they worked him over ptety good. Now you just have to get in there and finish what they started, One

mireJust one moreand the, Waryou get to your Tower.Silithas web-infested lair is far across a great chasom in the Ashlands.Ruin has yet to regain much of his strenghs, but he will make the distance. As for, Silithajust get there, and shell fiind you. The Broodmother is a collectoer of sorts. Most who enter her realm, she feeds to her young. The ones she takes an interest in..adh,,those are the inluck ones. Those she keeps alive. And they can live a long time..long enough to tell her things. You could Ay she collects stories. Infromation.What stories will she tell me about you, Samael/?Careful! Or your ending will be a tragic one! Sometimes, the hero dies in the end. But Horsemen I like stories that have a happy ending. Now bring me the final Heart! You honours me with your presence, Horseman. There are so manu stories about you. You killed three of the Chosen. Taken their HEARTS. Disturbing. Is that why you have come? To slay the final Tower Guardian? To take My Heart? Did Samael tell you how we came to bear this tainted blood? Why his accursed power beats within out breast? It is not the Tower that the Chosen protect, Horseman. Our charge , is t prevent Samaels return at any cost. You may kill me and return to Samael with my Heart. But in him, will you face a thrat grater than all the Chosen combined. I did not come for your consuel, spider. Or your stories. My children will dance to the music of your screams. I was begining to worry you might not live up to your end of the bargain. Give it to me. You lied to be about the Chosen..They never guarded the Tower. What does it matter? Our deal wasnt for ancient history. I promised you the Tower, and you shall have it. Did it amust you, to deny whats rightuflly mine? With my powr restored, I am like unto a God I could suck the marrow from your bones before you drew another breath. I couldbut I too have a code by which I do business. Besides, say what ou will about Balance and your ridiculous Law. I recognize a quest for revenge when I see one. And regenve, I respect. As for the details of my resignationwell.. I do not approve of the company my master keeps. Why did you challange the Destroyer, Samael? See your journey to its end, Horsemen, you will understand soon enough. You trust him?! Who knows where in the Nine Hells this portal will take us. We will , meet again. Azreal. Heaven Help me...the seventh seal..was not broken. What have you to fear from me, Angel of Death? If you do not intend to kill me, then perhaps..you will help me? Youve given me no reason do to either. Listen to me. The Gate must be shut. The Tower must bec ut off from the Well! It is from the Weell that the Destroyer draws his power. The Well of Souls. Millions of souls..yes.Enslavedtwisted. A corrupt power to fuel the Destroyers armies! You are Stewaed of the Underworld. Watcher of the Welll. Not a single soul flows back into this world without you knowing..unless, gatekeeper, you opened the way? The Destroyer sent the mightiest of his Chosen against me. I fared no better than you diid, Horsemenagainst Straga. Straga Y ou will take me to him! You have my word. Then tell me what I must do.Angel of Death. HorsemenI never imagined that you would bem y salvation. Hurry now, before Straga learns of your coming. When I found you, you said the sevent seal was not broken. Ive heard those words before. Abbadon said the sameright before he died. The universeis sick, Horsemen. The Charred Council refuses to admit it, but those of us who look..we see..we had to do something. An open atack on the Dark Kingdom would violate the treaty! What youre proposing is madness,Azreal, evl daknens every corner of creatuonand Heavven waits?! The Council ties our hands! To question the is to question the CreatorDo you belive you know better? Yes, old friendI do. When the seals are broken , hel will send its Chosen to declare battle rights. Their leades will be gathered in one place. And there..we will sever the head of the beast. The Hellguaed stands ready! Breaking the Seals will trigger the Endwar! The kingdom of Man IS Not yet strong enough. Earth will be destroyed!! No, there will be no war, Azrael! We will crush the dark ones before its even begun. The pact is a sacred covenan.t Even in victory we will face the weah of the Council.They will arive to fiind the Seals intact. And it wil be our wordHeaves word against of the Prince of Lies. Now do you see?The seals will be reforged .All will belive that Helss legion invaded and were delivered to justice by our hands. For the glory of the Light, will you do this? Oh Azrealyou old fool.We broke all but one. Abbadon ordered the final Seal not to

be harmed He priected it hiimself!Are you certain? Without question. We ..daredn not to involve the Horsemen. We never dreamed we would have to, until it was too late Yet I a to pay the price for your betrayal! Treason! War, you wil root out all involved m and make them Pay! Starting with this one!No. Fool! You deny the will of the council? You heard the angels confession. My service to the Council is ended.We made you! We own you! Youre not done untill you fiind the Destroyer and shut him down! Ballance;..remember? Get up. Azrael lives untill he stops being useful After that, you Will do your duty! Straga awaits. Looks like you finally outllived your usefulness, Azrrael.And how do you propose to leave the Tower once Straga has been dealt with?Straga and thte Tower are one. Even if you madage to defeat him, youll be trapped without me. We need him. Pray the Horsemen dosent makei t back alive. But here you face Straga with no hope of victory or escape.Straga is the mightiest of the Destroyers Chosen!-And the last. Your master chose poorly. As I said, Straga and the Tower are one. Now, lets see how useful I can be.Into the well. Hurry. He came to me after his death.Abbadon. Alive, and I wanted so much to belive I was sucha fool. Azraelyou saw Abbadon after he fell?Saw him? I broght him hereto Eden.What treachery is this Azrael? Eden dosent exist. Not any more Ignorant sprite! I bore witness as the First Ones were cast out and the Garden fel to ruin! I could not let Heaves first giftand greatest weapon, simply rot, or worse , fall to darkness. Ihid it awat. The Tree of Knowledge. ThenAbbadon has been to the tree?! You must draw upin its gifts now. If some way exists to stop the Destroyer, the tree will show it to you. I never dare duse it myself. Perhaps if I had, things would have been. Diffrent. And Abbadon?What of his gift?That was not for me to know. Each who comes before the tree receives a diffrent gift. Some receive nothing. Others are driven mad by vision, or simply destroyed.No, I cannot say for certaion . Come.There;s no way across. There is, for those who are worthy. Or those who can fly. Horsemen, you have foght against the darkness so long that it has marked you.Creatures of the light will sense it, as i have. In this place you are worset than a demon.Conquer the shadow! Then, you may pass.Are you ready to face yourself in the light? Not all are prepared for what they see.The Mask of shadows. Yes,, You will see into the shadow realm for as long as you wear the Mask.Fight well. Heavens first gift awaits you. I will reamin here, with the Watcher. Im not letting the Horsemen out of my sight! Where he goes, I go! Indeed? Go then darkling-make for the Tree. You will never reach the other side. Hurry up! And dont forget who holds the leash. Would you serve in Heaven? Or rule in Hell? A storm is coming Uriel.Soon-- I will need you at my side. I would follow you into Hell, my Lord.They knewhow did they? The best laid plans;; or so the humans used to say. Youdid this? You plotted and schemed to call us to this world. I simply took advantage of your initiative.No! I will consider this offering Abbadnand you, my loyal servant. Join me, and take up the mantle of the Destroyer!NO.Once the Throne learns what youve done, you will be cast down Dragged in chains before the Council, Youre already damned. So, I offer you this ChoiceWould you serve in Heaven? Or rule in Hell? Nowm return to Azrael, Persuade him to help us. Thentogheter, we will change the face of the universe.Abbadon Must be punished! He bends the Law to his will! Laughs in the face of the Council. What proof do we have? The Seals are intact! No doubt the angel had help. But from whom? Until we know, we must wait! His act breeds open defiance! The Council weakensHow long before we are overthrown? We cannot stop Abbadon..but there are others who mightif they had resason.We dare not send the Four! Without proof, there is no justice. Only murder. They will see no reason in this..assasination! We will send one, for whom vengance is reason enough. The blade is scattered. I guard the Seventh Seal! This world is ours! Heaven is ours! You had to know it was a one way ticketAbbadon is the destroyer. He was betrayed, He is only a pawn in some greater game.You mustbring him peace. Peace? Abbadon is the Destroyer! Im pretty sure peace is off the table. Did you fiind any clues among the visions? A way to stop him? There was a swordone wthich broke the seals,The Armageddon Blade. Butafter the seals were broken, Abbadon ordered the blade destroyerd, on the very anvil of its creation. Horsemen..I fear the blade is lost to us now. It will be made again.What else did you see? Abbadon

guards the seventh seal, He plots with others to storm the White Gates. Uriel will lead the Hellguard against himand ail. What else did you see?-I saw nothing else. I will open a gate to retur sus. Once it is closed, the garden and its secrets will be lost forever. When you are ready, I will begin.Seek Ulthane, He will help you. He must help you Abbadon will have scattered the swordsreamons. Hdden them where none that walk in the light could fiind them.The shadow realm Yes, Use the Mask of shadows. Assemble the broken blade. Then, return it to the forge of the Black Hammer. When this is done, return to me. Perhaps I can seve you one last time before the end. Azrealat any time you could have left me to my fate. Deat in the Tower. Lost aming the ashes of Eden.Why d you help me now? When this is over, the Council will see that justice is done. I will kill Abbadon. And all who schemed with himWe all must answr for our sins, Horsemen.When the hour of my judgement comes, I will embrace it.Whatever the light decidesGo! Waste no more time on me. And tell Ulthanehei s the last hope of an old fool. This is no ambush Horsemen.I come alone. I, Uriel of the Hellguard, Champion of the White Citycall you Horsemen, TO Nex Sacramentum. FoolI lay claim to your life before the Creatorwill you dishonour this law as well?Why? Becasue Abbadon said you understood honourand becsusehe was the best of us. The Death Oath cannot be brokenUntill one falls bu the hand oft theo other..I accept.Harvest this wech, War dont you dare walk away from me, The Nex Sacramentum is Mine. I decide when the angel dies. Not You. You swore an oath to me. Abbadon IS THE Destroyer. Liar! To protect you, he lept you from the truth. You pledged to follow your Lord into Hell, never knowing what awaited you. Or what he would become. Abbadon. He was betrayed, and became the enemy of all creation. I;ve been to the tree. Its gift, was truth. AAnd I share it with you now,Remember the Death OathSaooon, Iit must be fufilled. My greatest work..Until now. Its Abbadon, Uriel has lead the Hellguard agsint him. It is as you foretold. The Helguard will fall.Angel of Deathserve me one last time.She mistook me forsomeone else.She loved him. And I belive that he love d herlong ago, before all of thisFoolishly, he chose duty above all, and died for it. Will you do the same? "Heaven hunts you... Hell hates you. All of creation cares not whether you
live or die. Join me War. Like a great sword, I will raise you up and our enemies will shatter against us. The spoils of a thousand victories will be yours... Or serve the justice of a corrupt Council. And a Creator who abandons his most faithful. I offer you this choice, Horseman. Would you serve in Heaven, or rule in Hell ?? " War was silent for a moment and replied "I choose what once a coward

did not" as he drew his sword. Ah the Armageddon Blade. This will be interesting. Youu have taught me somthign, Abbadon. Sometimes duty must be cast aside, to do what must be done. It is not for duty that I kill you now. UrielReap what you have sown, betrayer. WAR..You had to know it was a one way ticket The CouncilThey knew you;d never play executioner because of your precious honour. They let you take the fallThey knew youd bither everyone involved to clear your name. And you did. No! Patience, whore. Ive got some for you too. Ill take that. . If it were to get broken, you might get ideaslike not going backin your little cage. Its tragic, really. You had freedom in the palm of your hand..and you Lost it! Whats so damn funny? Even you wouldnt laugh at your own funeral.Ilaughingat yours. Nex Sacramentum The Death Oath is Complete. Hellguard bitch! What did you do?! No no No! Im going to pull your guts out through your halo! Keep getting upIll just kill you again! I was just following orderslike you What are you going to do, fight the Council? Fight EVERYONE??!! Youll never get awayyou hear me? NEVER!Dontforget;who holds..the leash.-I haven;t forgotten. You knewYou knew what would happen here. What I would do. Thats why you spared me. No. Then why? Because I would not have the last of Heavens honour die with its Champion. All debts are repaid. They duty I upholdit may call me to raise my sword against you. Andi f that day comes, I wont hesitate. You will be hunted! The White City for certainThe Councilandthere will be others! You would wage this war alone?! No. Not alone.