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Varola - Brutal Genes: Metabolic jump, teracyte, translesion, genetic mimic, extremophile.

Start in China, asap devolve first pustules and after that systemic infection. E volve white pox 1&2. If done fast enough you can hide your disease (restart if y ou get detected before white pox 2 are evolved). You don't need to devolve the o ther symptoms. Don't spend too much DNA in transitions and abilities, you need the DNA-points l ater! Fomites 1&2, water 1, air 1, cold 1, heat 1 and drug 1 are enough at first (perhaps add extreme bioaerosol and/or droplets 2 - because the bonus-DNA for r ed bubbles is random...). Now wait until everyone is infected. While waiting, devolve any mutated symptom immediately if it adds progress to the severity or lethality indicator. When there are no more healthy people left in the world: Evolve black pox and it s symptoms up to total organ failure. Devolve white pox 2. Evolve genetic harden ing 1 and genetic reshuffle 1&2&3 with the DNA you get for killing. If you are l ucky and hard-to-infect-countries are infected early in the game, you will win w ith 2 bio-stars. Be careful, the cure-research-speed is absolutely insane in this scenario. If yo u don't have enough DNA-points to become deadly enough at the end (because you w asted them earlier to speed something up), you end up losing the game, even if t he cure is at 0% when all people are infected. I'm still trying to create a 3-biostar-tactic for this scenario in brutal mode, but because of the cure-speed I see no chance for any other than this "boring hi ding tactic". Perhaps this superfast cure is a bug in the current version of the game and gets fixed with a future release - I won any other scenario with 3 stars (after seve ral tries of course), but this one - argh!! I hope, I could help you to beat this beast of a scenario :--) Varola - Brutal Genes: Salto Metablico (bolhas vermelhas) Teracyte (carro) Transleso (custos para involuir no aumentam) Imitao Gentica (mais difcil de curar) Extremfilo

Pas de incio: - China Etapas: 1 2 3 4 Involuir Pstulas Infeco Sistmica Evoluir Manchas Claras 1 Evoluir Manchas Claras 2

Se for feito de maneira rpida voc consegue esconder a doena. Ob.: recomece o jogo se a doena for detectada antes de evoluir para Manchas Clara s 2 No usar muitos pontos de DNA em transmisses e habilidades, voc vai precisar dos pon

tos de DNA depois. Transmisses: 5 - Fmites 1 6 - Fmites 2 7 - gua 1 8 - Bioaerosol Extremo ou Gotculas 2 Habilidades: 9 - Ar 1 10 - Frio 1 11 - Calor 1 12 - Drogas 1 Esperar todos serem infectados Enquanto espera, involuir qualquer sintoma de mutao imediatamente se este sintoma aumentar o indicador de severidade ou letalidade. 13 14 15 16 Depois de todos infectados: Evoluir Manchas Pretas Evoluir Falncia total dos rgos ou Encefalite Aguda Involuir Manchas Claras 2

Com os pontos de DNA que forem ganhos com o incio da matana geral: 17 - Evoluir Endurecimento Gentico 1 18 - Evoluir Embaralhamento Gentico 1 19 - Evoluir Embaralhamento Gentico 2 20 - Evoluir Embaralhamento Gentico 3 Fim