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DCS Offerings

System 800xA, Freelance are current offerings. Prior generation systems inclu e Symphony !"armony an #elo y$% &'F& (0% )ontronic% #aster% #*+ ,00% Freelance -000% Satt.ine% +)& System Six.
DCS Business

&n A//0s 1iew, the primary mar2et

ri1ers behin

the implementation of safety

automation to ay are increase pro ucti1ity an flexibility, re uce lifecycle costs, safe3guar ing in1estments, energy efficiency an management. architecture. A powerful ob5ect3oriente technology, calle Aspect *b5ects resi es at the core of System 800xA. Put simply, Aspect *b5ects allows users to 1iew any aspect of the automation scheme, from a pump or a 1al1e to a process unit or pressure transmitter, as a software ob5ect. 6ach ob5ect in the system has a number of attache aspects that can range from integration to computeri7e maintenance management systems !)##S$ an enterprise asset management !6A#$ systems to schematic rawings an tren ing information. Aspect *b5ects pro1i es the 2ey real3time lin2age between e8uipment an applications. System 800xA pro1i es these functions with a single win ow en1ironment for context3sensiti1e information access an na1igation, an buil s on a common asset en1ironment for engineering, operations, information management, an 4hese are also the primary en1ironmental an ri1ers behin the System 800xA

optimi7ation. System 800xA also pro1i es a common operator en1ironment for A//0s entire portfolio of safety an process control systems, pro1i ing access to information across the enterprise as well as context3sensiti1e ecision an action tools that allow the right users access to the right information at the right time from any point within the system. A 2ey strength of System 800xA is its ability to exten its reach beyon the tra itional functions of the +)S to inclu e functions such as collaborati1e pro uction management, safety an critical control, a 1ance control, information management, smart instrumentation, smart ri1es an motor control centers, asset management, enterprise connecti1ity an ocumentation management capabilities. System 800xA was built from the groun up as an integration platform an its

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Study Title Executive Overview

architecture, together with the Aspect *b5ect technology, pro1i es the foun ation for integrating A// an thir 3 party har ware an software. &n early -00(, A// release the &n ustrial &4 6xten e Automation System 800xA with S&., integrate safety. 4his release complete A//0s portfolio of S&.3 certifie safety systems an pro1i e a i1erse architecture that supports both ual an 8ua configurations.

ABB System 800 A

IEC 61850 Module

&n a

ition to S&.,, A// also release

its&6)9:8;0 communication mo ule high 4his enables A// to eli1er a

supporting the &6)9:8;0 stan ar for communications with me ium an 1oltage switchgear an protection e8uipment.

seamlessly integrate automation an electrical solutions pro1i ing interoperability between &6+s !intelligent electrical e1ices$ an thus re ucing operational an engineering costs. 4o ay, A// can integrate the process control, process electrification, an power istribution an management portions of a plant with System 800xA, so information is a1ailable to all areas. 4he &6)9:8;0 stan ar is a 2ey component of their strategy. 4his strategy is particularly interesting to in ustries that are hea1y electrical users such as oil < gas, utilities, pulp < paper, an metals. 4hese in ustries 1iew electricity as a raw material. 4he company now has many pro5ects un er way for integrate process an power automation, an the approach continues to gain traction.

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Study Title Executive Overview

800 A !ele"se 5#1

A//0s latest release of System 800xA came out at the en of the first half of -0:0, an A// currently claims o1er 9,000 800xA installations. A//0s 800xA =ersion ;.: inclu es ma5or enhancements in alarm management an situation awareness, engineering, management of change, system maintenance an wi er 1ariety of networ2s, inclu ing wireless an &6) 9:8;0. =ersion ;.: is a >in ows ?3base release. 4he system is well suite for 1ery large applications, but the latest 1ersion expan s the si7e capabilities e1en further, with the base system being able to accommo ate :-0,000 ob5ects. 4he new 1ersion also supports larger applications an together.
Di"gnosti$s% Se$urity% "nd &irtu"li'"tion (e"tures

iagnostic features,

se1eral impro1ements in the control system har ware, an better connecti1ity to

ma2es it easier to integrate multiple systems

=ersion ;.: inclu es a ocumente proce ure for no e bac2up an reco1ery using Acronis 4rue &mage. 4here is a new o1erall system a ministration interface for security an o1erall system management. 4his inclu es a new security up ate tool, iagnostics collection tool, an system chec2er. All of this ma2es it easier to 2eep up with #icrosoft security patches an other &4 infrastructure management issues. Support of 1irtuali7ation for all 800xA ser1ers was first release in @une of -00(. =ersion ;.: offers support of 1irtuali7ation for =#ware =Sphere A 6SB/6SBi. =irtuali7ation is hea1ily emphasi7e in the new release an can cut own on the number of P)s re8uire for installation by as much as ?; percent.
(ield)us% *ireless% "nd +et,or- Conne$ti.ity

A// has long been a supporter of both Foun ation Fiel bus an Profibus for process an iscrete automation. =ersion ;.: of 800xA features a "igh Spee increase in the number of 6thernet !"S6$ solution for Foun ation Fiel bus that has greatly re uce infrastructure re8uirements, allowing for a fourfol e1ices that can be connecte to one no e. Support of +e1ice'et through 6thernet &P is also part of the new release as is support of >ireless"AC4. A// has an alliance with PepperlDFuchs to pro1i e that company0s >ireless"AC4 gateway. For &6) 9:8;0 integration, A// has increase the number of e1ices supporte from ;0 to 80, with :90 intelligent electrical e1ices !&6+s$ per *P) ser1er instance.
Al"rm M"n"gement "nd Situ"tion A,"reness

Alarm management an

o1erall situation awareness continue to be a primary

concern for en users an A// has ma e se1eral a 1ancements in this area for

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Alarm management enhancements inclu e alarm suppression, alarm

shel1ing, an built in alarm analysis techni8ues. 4he new alarm analysis list is all inclusi1e of the &SA :8.0- stan ar . /uilt in alarm an analysis isplays are nati1ely accessible by operators through the >in ows Presentation Foun ation !>PF$. Along with the a itional alarm management capabilities, 1ersion ;.: allows

operators in ifferent areas of a facility to ta2e control of a plant area or unit from the currently responsible operator. *nce the action is appro1e , permission to operate that area or unit of the plant is transferre to the new operator an it is capture in the au it trail log. All area or unit alarm an e1ent messages are then route to the new operator. 4his Epoint of controlF capability impro1es coor ination of operators uring critical perio s of plant operation such as shift changes, an impro1es safety an security in the process.
Engineering "nd Configur"tion

*n the engineering an configuration si e, A// has ma e se1eral enhancements to the Function +esigner, Foun ation Fiel bus engineering functions, an change management. =ersion ;.: features a etaile ifference report that can compare pre change to post change configuration to etermine what has change . 4he multi user support for Foun ation Fiel bus means that multiple users can commission multiple ": segments faster. Foun ation Fiel bus bul2 ata management capabilities are also part of the new release, offering the same bul2 ata han ling capabilities as the rest of the 800xA system. A 4as2 Analysis 4ool lets users e1aluate how applications will be execute base on the current tas2 rates assigne before they ownloa the application. .atency or conflicts are easily i entifie an an error seems imminent. ownloa of the application can be pre1ente if 4he 4as2 Analysis 4ool also performs Ewhat ifF

scenarios. 4he +etaile +ifference Ceport allows users to see changes ma e to control applications an graphics an generates a report on what has been mo ifie , a e , or remo1e .

B"se 0"rd,"re Im1ro.ements

A// has also ma e some 2ey impro1ements so System 800xA control har ware. &mpro1ements ha1e been ma e in controller to controller communication. A new high performance P# 8(: controller is a1ailable that offers more applications per controller. P# 8(: has three times the cloc2 spee at A;0 #"7 an A times the memory.

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Integr"ted A11li$"tions

&n a ition to A//0s new System 800xA features, se1eral integrate applications ha1e been certifie o1er the past few years. 4hese applications inclu e A//0s own 6nterprise )onnecti1ity solution, &ntergraph0s Smart Plant &nstrumentation an A//0s 800xA 61olution for "oneywell System #igration !"S#$. 4he 6nterprise )onnecti1ity solution !6)S$ pro1i es a streamline , single point interface for 1ertical integration that is suitable for enterprises of all le1els of complexity. 6)S pro1i es a unifie framewor2 for ealing with transactional an e1ent3 ri1en systems in a common en1ironment. &t pro1i es a single, highly flexible an configurable interface, which results in a higher egree of reliable information flowing between manufacturing an business systems an lower engineering an interface maintenance costs. 4he &ntergraph Smart Plant &nstrumentation !SP&$ integration with System 800xA pro1i es automatic configuration of the control system% up ates to the control system uring esign changes% ocumentation of control system configuration% consistent as3built ocumentation ecision3ma2ing
3o"d-E."lu"te-4o *or-flo,

uring plant han o1er% an


uring critical maintenance an

operations e1ents. 4he bi3 irectional synchroni7ation between SP& an 800xA enables efficient engineering an control system. 4he 800xA 61olution for "S# connecti1ity pac2age enables super1ision an operation of ob5ects from a "oneywell 4+),000 from System 800xA. &t pro1i es integrate alarm an e1ents, stan ar 800xA graphical elements an browsable *P) items. 4he single3win ow en1ironment of 800xA pro1i es 1isibility for all control ata !from 800xA an 4+),000$ to the operator to ensure that the right information is pro1i e actions.
3o"d-E."lu"te-4o "s " 5"t6 to 0ig6 A."il")ility Control

maintenance through the entire lifecycle of the

in the right context to support accurate

ecisions an

4he .oa 361aluate3Go feature sprang from A//0s relationship with +ow an is a 2ey re8uirement for +ow applications. .oa 361aluate3Go enables users to mo ify, ownloa , an e1aluate a Ere1ise F application without interfering with the running or EcurrentF application. 4he Ere1ise F application can then be put on line, further mo ifie , or iscar e . .oa 361aluate3Go pro1i es many en user benefits in the

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area of re ucing ris2. Asi e from re ucing the o1erall ris2 of unplanne the process uring application changes in running processes.


.oa 361aluate3Go re uces the ris2 of applying erroneous application changes to

System 800xA supports on3line 1ersion upgra es. >ith System 800xA A)800# controllers in a re un ant configuration, online upgra es of the controller0s firmware is accomplishe by loa ing the new firmware into the bac2up controller, e1aluating 1arious parameters, an then switching it to be the primary controller. 4he secon , now the bac2up controller, will then ha1e its firmware upgra e an re un ancy will be re3establishe . 4his is particularly important in the chemical in ustry, where process plants often ha1e many process streams plus a EcommonF for process ser1ices that ne1er shuts own to facilitate such upgra es.
(reel"n$e System

A// recently release the latest 1ersion of its Freelance hybri process control system, which inclu es new irect an remote input/outputs !&/*s$ for e1en more communication with fiel e1ices, as well as a new bul2 ata management system s to the inclu es *P) interfaces that pro1i e to streamline engineering time, effort an cost. 4he new release also a systemHs PC*F&/IS connecti1ity an expan e access to system information, inclu ing alarms an e1ents. A//0s Freelance control system pro1i es a footprint an price more typical of a P.) system with the functionality of a +)S. &t is i eal for smaller applications, or applications that will expan o1er time. 4he integrate en1ironment facilitates engineering, commissioning, maintenance an fiel bus management. 4he intuiti1e operator interface enables easy operation an iagnostics of the entire system an it allows the integration of all common fiel buses, lea1ing the user to select any they wish 3 whether F*I'+A4&*' Fiel bus, PC*F&/IS, or "AC4.
5"rtners6i1s "nd A$7uisitions

A// recently ma e news in the oil < gas worl when it signe an agreement to ac8uire the business of /er3#ac 6lectrical an &nstrumentation .t . of )algary, )ana a. /er3#ac speciali7es in in ustrial automation, electrical, instrumentation esign, process optimi7ation, panel fabrication, an fiel ser1ices. &t is particularly strong in the oil < gas in ustry. 6stablishe in :(80, the company has en5oye stea y growth in recent years an earne re1enues of ca. J:00 million in -00?. &n *ctober of -00(, A// also purchase another )ana ian systems integrator calle Sinai 6ngineering. Sinai 6ngineering is a consulting firm whose customers inclu e electric utilities, con1entional an hea1y oil, gas processing, pulp an

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paper, mining, pipeline operators, an , in epen ent power pro ucers. &t employs about ,0 employees. A//Hs strong position in both ri1es an in many of the worl Hs most energy3 intensi1e process in ustries, place it in a goo position to ta2e a 1antage of the energy efficiency re1olution. 4he companyHs recent ac8uisition of =entyx for o1er J: billion !o1er four times re1enues$, enables A// to pro1i e a suite of software that pro1i es the glue that allows A// to trac2 the flow of electrons from the point of generation to the point of use.
8ey Industries

A// is a lea er in many of the tra itional hea1y process in ustries, inclu ing upstream oil an gas, metals an mining, cement, pulp an paper, an power generation. Although the company has not particularly been a lea er in +)S sales to the refining in ustry, A// recently won a ma5or contract with Petrobras to pro1i e process automation systems to :0 of the company0s refineries in /ra7il.

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