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Timothy G.

343 Brook Road Honesdale, PA 18431 (570) 470-5663 tgs5800@g.rit.edu 216A Poplar Avenue Edgewater, MD 21037

Graduate of ABET-accredited BS/MEng program with twelve months of successful co-op experience and a passion for prototyping and testing new and innovative products. Available full-time July 1, 2014 and willing to relocate.

ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Rochester, NY Expected Graduation: May 2014 Master of Engineering / Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Overall GPA: 3.97 Professional GPA: 4.00 Passed FE Mechanical Exam HONORS & GROUPS: Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award 2013, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, ASME GRAD COURSES: Systems Modeling, Vibrations, Mechanics of Solids, Composites, Project Management

Carrier Air Conditioning - Advanced Refrigerants Intern June to Aug 2013 Lead engineer in charge of building a ~$20,000 test rig for R&D and future testing projects. Controlled ordering, technician contracting, equipment reconditioning, storage and test room acquisition. Oversaw model shop fabrication, developed test plan, and set up theoretical modeling for future work. Offered full-time position at completion of internship. RIT Mechanical Engineering - Robotics Teaching Assistant Aug to Dec 2013 Revamped and streamlined mechanical engineering robotics class content to utilize Arduino microcontroller. Taught lab component of class to follow curriculum development and gain teaching experience. Co-authoring ASEE article on successful development of new course structure. Carrier AC Indianapolis - Advanced Refrigerants Intern June to Nov 2012 Modeled system performance for alternative refrigerants and tested the systems to achieve target performance. Developed new cost analysis tool on system subcomponents for team's modeling purposes. Streamlined work processes through VSM activities, collaborating across a national team. Meier Industries Custom Machining Machinist Intern March to May 2011 Operated mills, lathes, plastic injection molding equipment, and other shop machinery creating medical components. Reducing cycle times through modifying CNC G-Code files and updating schematics.


1.) RC Camera Car (ongoing): Leading student-initiated senior design project to drive modified RC car using steering wheel, pedals, and video feedback through custom interfacing; role involves CAD work, console and car fabrication, 3D printing, soldering, and microcontroller work with final product for Imagine RIT and the Freescale Cup. 2.) Autonomous Quadcopter (ongoing): Developing algorithm and sensor suite for object avoidance of a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 using an Arduino Uno; building groundwork of project through independent study for external company planning to include GPS waypoint navigation and spark interest in robotics at RIT. 3.) Hard Drive Persistence of Vision Display: Created visual display by spinning a slotted hard disk platter, measuring rpms, and flashing an RGB LED strand with each rotation to create primary and secondary color slices that can be modified and pulse as a VU meter from an audio input signal using an Arduino Uno and custom circuitry. 4.) Tuned Vibration Absorber Rig: Built custom tuned vibration absorber rig of rotating unbalanced mass-spring system and modeled response using MATLAB; project to be integrated by department into student curriculum. 5.) Pneumatic Damper Dynamic Response Rig: Modified screen door closer with linear potentiometer for data collection and comparison with Simulink modeling of choked and unchoked airflow; kept by professor for class demonstrations. 6.) Ping Pong Ball Collecting Robot: Created platform from scratch designed to autonomously collect ping pong balls and return to home position using sonar and line following algorithms; involved CAD, machining, microcontrollers and circuitry. 1.) http://goo.gl/X2SGZr 2, 4, 5.): http://goo.gl/r4Caq0 3.) http://goo.gl/fjr2MM 6.) http://goo.gl/pRcBCJ