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What would cause a Contactor to burn in a 14 month old Goodman Air Conditioning unit?

marcecore asked 5 years ago I have a NEW Goodman outside Air Conditioner unit outside and a NEW Goodman Air Handler inside.

Both units are about 14 months old.

My A/C unit outside stopped working a few days ago but my air handler was still working.

My house was getting kind of warm (I live in a hot state)

I have the company that installed me unit come by today and he discovered the cause was from a burned "Contactor" inside of the actual Air Conditioning unit (located outside of the house).

Why would this Contactor burn out after 14 months?

The company that changed the contactor said this usually happens after 7-8 years but not after 14 months.

Any thoughts? .AnswerFollowing (1) Watchlist . Best AnswerVoter's Choice Chiefmanycrows answered 5 years ago The contactor coil is energized with 24V AC power. The 24V of control power is obtained from the transformer. Many transformers are designed for multiple primary voltages (120, 208, 230, and 460 are the most common). If the transformer is wired for 230V primary power but you only have 208V, the amperage being drawn will be more than the contactor coil can handle and the coil will burn out. If this condition lasts for some time, the coil's windings can be stressed from the excessive amperage and fail more quickly than normal. There are other things that could cause the problem, but I would think this to be the most likely cause. It will be necessary to check the primary power being supplied to the unit with a multimeter and make sure the transformer is in fact wired for the correct voltage. Unfortunately,

transformers do sometimes burn out for no apparent reason and this may be the case with yours. Inserting a 3 amp fuse in the 24V circuit can help to prevent this from happening. The fuse will pop instead of the transformer windings burning out. The fuse will not prevent your having troubles, but the fuse will protect the more expensive parts from failing. Source: licensed Chief Engineer since 1981 40+ years in the hvac industry 10 years teaching hvac at the technical institute level RateComment .Other Answers (6)Oldest OldestNewestRated Highest Thor answered 5 years ago Low voltage can do it.

But a contactor is a special kind of relay. It is spring loaded to open and close faster to reduce arcing. Because of the higher power draw there will always be some arcing.

My guess is it was just a bad contactor. It only has to not close properly one time and burn the contacts then it will go out before too long.

I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens again in short order. RateComment . D2 answered 5 years ago alum. wiring,no ground to the unit,loose wires,what burnt the line voltage or the low volt side,it could have been just a defective contactor i've seen them burn after a couple of days,so its not a big deal unless it starts doing it over and over Source(s): 25 years in heating&air service RateComment . Cheryl M answered 5 years ago Compressor short cycling, low voltage, loose connections high side RateComment . the lock man answered 5 years ago

faulty part-static elect, lighting,it does happen, make sure outside uint is properly grounded RateComment . robert c answered 5 years ago ODD, factory defect. or a bug or something got in points. dont worry 1 in thousand. RateComment . rottendog93 answered 5 years ago Cheap imported part in the cheapest equipment on the market. You don't get to be the cheapest equipment using grade 1 parts. RateComment .