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Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

This document contains references to certain equipment, services, technology, vendors and suppliers. Such references are included for reference only and are intended for evaluation by persons having requisite knowledge, skill and experience in the chemical and sulphuric acid industry. These references are not to be construed as endorsements or recommendations for any particular equipment, service, technology, vendor or supplier, nor are they intended to exclude or disfavour any other of same. An independent evaluation of equipment, technology, vendors and suppliers should be preformed and the ultimate decision as to selection of same rest solely with the persons performing the evaluation.

Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources


Introduction Books Journals Associations and Organizations Fertilizer Agriculture Metals Sulphur/Sulphuric Acid Professional Industry Research Equipment Suppliers Acid Resistant Linings and Mortars Anodic Protection Systems Blower and Compressors Vibration Monitoring Blower Maintenance Catalyst Catalyst Recycling Catalyst Screening Equipment Dampers Expansion Joints Dilution Systems Electrostatic Precipitators FRP/Plastics Gas Cleaning Gaskets Heat Exchangers Plate and Frame Gas-to-Gas Shell and Tube Acid Coolers Specialty Air Cooled Lead Lining Loading/Unloading Accessories Materials of Construction Metals Materials of Construction Diffusion Coatings

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Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

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Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Everyday we are faced with questions related to the business of sulphuric acid whether it is about plant operations, equipment maintenance, materials of construction, etc. The major problem sometimes is where to find the answers to our questions. There are a variety of resources that we can access to find answers. The easiest source is your fellow workers and colleagues. Everyone has a different storehouse of experience and knowledge and someone close by may have the answer. If you cant find a suitable answer to your question in your immediate circle of people, you will need to go further out in search of an answer. Vendors, consultants and contractors have a wealth of experience and knowledge. The key point is that they see problems and solutions in plants other than your own and perhaps can answer your question or resolve your problem based on what was done somewhere else. Journals provide up-to-date information and can be retained to build a reference library of information. Books that deal specifically with the sulphuric acid industry are few and most are out-of-date regarding the latest technology and practices. However, they are still useful for research and the historical perspective they provide on the industry. Conferences and workshops are invaluable for the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the industry but more importantly to network with other people in the industry. The advent of the internet has revolutionized access to information. Virtually all companies related to the sulphuric acid industry have a presence on the internet. Websites vary considerably in terms of usefulness, information, downloads, etc. The most useful sites are updated on a regular basis and provided information and answers on-line. The majority of the content provided in this document concerns how to find information on the internet. The internet is constantly changing and this is but a snapshot of what is presently available.

Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Author Fairlie, A.M. Title Sulfuric Acid Manufacture ACS Monograph Series No. 69 Reinhold Publishing Corporation Duecker, J.R. and West, W.W. Manufacture of Sulfuric Acid ACS Monograph Series No. 144 Krieger Publishing Co. ISBN 0882750151 Fasullo, O.T. Sulphuric Acid; Use and Handling McGraw-Hill Sander, U.H.F. Sulphur, sulphur dioxide, and sulphuric acid: An introduction to their industrial chemistry and technology Verlag Chemie International/British Sulphur Corporation ISBN 0902777645 Louie, D.K. Handbook of Sulphuric Acid Manufacturing DKL Engineering, Inc. To be published Out of Print Out of Print Out of Print Availability Out of Print

Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Title Sulfuric Acid Today A Keystone Publishing Publication Frequency Two times per year Availability By Subscription
Kathy Hayward P.O. Box 3502 Covington, LA 70434 (USA) Phone: 985-893-8692 Fax: 985-893-8693 Email: publisher@H2SO4today.com

Sulphur British Sulphur

Six times per year

By Subscription
Derek Winterbottom Phone: 44 20 7903 2056 Fax: 44 20 7903 2172 Email: derek.winterbottom@crugroup.com

Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Associations and Organizations

Fertilizer Association/Organization
Canadian Fertilizer Institute Department of Fertilizers Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers Government of India Eurpoean Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (EFMA) The Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) Fertilizer Industry Federation of Australia Inc. The Fertilizer Institute Fertilizer Manufacturers Association International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC) International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) The International Fertilizer Society

www.cfi.ca www.fert.nic.in www.efma.org www.fertindia.com www.fifa.asn.au www.tfi.org www.fma.org.uk www.ifdc.org www.fertilizer.org/ifa www.fertilizer-society.org

Agriculture Association/Organization
Foundation for Agronomic Research United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

www.ppi-far.org www.usda.gov

Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Associations and Organizations (continued)

Metals Association/Organization
Government of Chile - Chilean Copper Commission International Zinc Association International Lead Zinc Research Organization, Inc. Lead Development Association International

www.cochilco.cl www.iza.com www.ilzro.org www.ldaint.org

Sulphur/Sulphuric Acid Association/Organization

Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. British Sulphur Phosphate Maintenance Roundtable The Sulphur Institute Sulfuric Acid Today Sulfuric Acid Network

www.chem.ucalgary.ca/asr/ www.britishsulphur.com www.phosphatemaintenanceroundtable.com www.sulphurinstitute.org www.h2so4today.com www.h2so4network.com

Professional Association/Organization
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Central Florida Section


Industry Research Association/Organization

CRU International Ltd. (British Sulphur) Fertecon Fertilizer Week The FMB Group Gobi International

www.cru-int.com www.britishsulphur.com www.fertecon.com www.fertilizerweek.com www.fmb-group.co.uk www.gobi.co.uk

Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers
Acid Resistant Linings and Mortars
Company The Accrington Brick & Tile Company (UK) Alphatherm Inc. (Canada) Arcoy Industries (India) General Description Accrington have many years experience in the design, supply and installation of brickwork linings for sulphuric acid plant vessels. Suppliers of acid resistant brick and mortar. Also suppliers of refractory materials. Manufacturer of corrosion resistant materials. Arcoy are capable of executing complete turnkey construction contracts in India and abroad. Acid resistant linings. Manufacturers of red shale and fireclay brick Suppliers of acid resistant brick and mortar Suppliers of acid resistant lining systems Quality manufacturer and exporter of acid resistant bricks and mortar. Also installation of acid resistant linings Formerly Pennwalt, Elf AtoChem, Atofina. Supplier of acid resistant linings and mortar. Koch supplies ceramic products and associated materials for acid proof construction Website www.nori-acidbrick.com



Atlas Minerals & Chemicals (USA) The Belden Brick Company (USA) Brant Corrosion (Canada) Electro Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing Co. (USA) Gunatit Builders Pvt. Ltd. (India) Henkel Surface Technologies Corporation

www.atlasmin.com www.beldenbrick.com www.brantbcc.com www.electrochemical.net www.gunatit.com


Koch Industries, Inc. (USA) Kothari Corrosion Controllers (KCC) National Acid-Proofing, Inc. SGL Carbon Group Stebbins Engineering and Manufacturing Company Steuler Industriewerke GmbH (Germany) Summitville Tiles, Inc. WECO Limited

www.kochind.com www.kochknight.com www.acidproof.com

Specializing in acid resistant floors Acid resistant linings

www.nationalacidproofing.com www.sglcarbon.de www.stebbinseng.com

Acid resistant linings and self-supporting 'Steuler' dome Specializing in acid resistant floors Chemical resistant masonary consultants

www.steuler.de www.summitville.com www.wecolimited.com


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Anodic Protection Systems
Company Corrosion Service (Canada) EKS GmbH West Coast Corrosion Prevention Ltd. (Canada) General Description Anodic protection of acid coolers and piping. Anodic protection of acid coolers, piping and air-cooled exchangers. Cathodic and anodic protection systems Website www.corrosionservice.com www.eks-gmbh.de www.westcoastcorrosion.com

Blower and Compressors

Company A-C Compressor Corporation GE Power Systems Aktiengesellschaft Kuhnle, Kopp & Kausch (KKK) Elliot Turbomachinery Co., Inc. (A wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebara Corporation) General Description Single stage centrifugal compressors Turbomachinery, single stage centrifugal compressors KKK, HV-TURBO, SCHIELE Single stage centrifugal compressors, PLine series. Website www.accompressor.com www.agkkk.de


Blowers and Compressors Vibration Monitoring

Company Bently Nevada General Description Vibration and temperature monitoring equipment Website www.bently.com

Blowers and Compressors Blower Maintenance

Company Intergrated Turbomachinery General Description Manufacturing and re-engineering compressor impellers for the SO2 industry. Website www.integratedturbo.com


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Company BASF Enviro-Chem Systems Haldor Topsoe A/S Hengyeng Xiangnan Chemical Plant of Hunan Province Projects and Development India Ltd. General Description Types 04-110, 04-111 and 04-115 catalysts Monsanto catalyst VK series of catalyst Chinese catalyst manufacturer and supplier. Indian manufacturer of sulphuric acid catalyst. Website www.basf.com Catalyst Link www.enviro-chem.com www.topsoe.com Catalyst Link http://www.xnchem.com/product.htm business.vsnl.com/pdil/catalysts.htm

Catalyst Recycling
Company Gulf Chemical & Metallurgical Company General Description Currently in the process of being able to take spent sulphuric acid catalyst for recycling. Cost will depend contaminants, moisture content and vanadium content. Acceptance of spent catalyst expected to begin in 1st quarter of 2003. Specializing in recycling non-ferrous metal bearing secondaries i.e. catalyst, oil fly ash, residues, scrap, etc. Website/Contact www.gulfchem.com

Shenyang Fortune Vanadium Industrial Company Limited

Contact: Jason Wang Tel: 8610 6848 0023 Fax: 8610 6848 0029 email: cn_recycle@yahoo.com www.shieldalloy.com/vanadium.html 60790 Southgate Road Cambridge, OH 43725 USA Tel: 1-800-318-8662 740-432-6345 or 1-800-762-2323 Fax: 740-432-5937

Metallurg Vanadium

US Vanadium

137 47th St. Niagara Falls New York USA 14302 Tel: 716 286-4000 40 Rector Street New York, NY 10006 (212) 742-1043

AMLON Metals, Inc.


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Catalyst Screening Equipment
Company Auburn Group General Description BearKat catalyst screening equipment systems designed for a dust free work environment, high performance and low catalyst breakage. Website/Contact www.auburn1.com

Company Application Sales Corp General Description Manufacturer of 'Specialty Damper Valves' that are utilized in many Pollution Control, Mining, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, and Industrial Applications. Manufacturer of metal gas dampers and expansion joints Manufacturer of metal gas dampers and high temperature expansion joints Dampers Website/Contact www.asc-valves.com

Bachmann Dampjoint Inc. (Canada) Flextor Inc. Flowseal Engineering (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)

www.bachmann.ca www.flextorinc.com www.flowseal.co.za

Expansion Joints
Company Bachmann Dampjoint Inc. (Canada) Flextor Inc. Senior Flexonics Canada General Description Manufacturer of metal gas dampers and expansion joints Manufacturer of metal gas dampers and high temperature expansion joints Manufacturer of multi-convolution expansion joints and flexible hose. Website/Contact www.bachmann.ca www.flextorinc.com www.flexonics.ca


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Dilution Systems
Company Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing Inc. General Description Sulphuric acid dilution systems Website/Contact www.powellfab.com Dilution Systems

Electrostatic Precipitators
Company BACT System AB General Description Mission is to provide high performing wet and dry electrostatic precipitators flangeto-flange or as components. ND WESP Website/Contact www.bact.se

Belco Technologies Corporation Beltran Associates Inc. FLSmidth Hamon Research-Cottrell Korea E.P. Co., Ltd. Lockwood Greene Petersen Lurgi Bischoff Lurgi PSI Outokumpu Technology TurboSonic Technologies, Inc.

www.belcotech.com www.beltranassociates.com

Dry and wet ESP's

www.flsmidth.com www.hamon.com www.koreaep.co.kr

Square lead collecting tubes

www.lg.com/about/locations/profile/wiesbadenlgp.asp www.lurgi-bischoff.com www.lurgipsi.com

Boliden Contech WESP technology SonicKleen WESP

www.outokumpu.com www.turbosonic.com


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Company Chemical Process Equipment Limited (India) BELCO Manufacturing Co. Inc. Ershigs, Inc. General Description FRP fabricator FRP fabricator (Texas, USA) (part of Denali Incorporated) FRP fabricators (Bellingham, WA, USA) (part of Denali Incorporated) FRP and thermoplastics. Of special note is the case history of the FRP Joy precipitators (Maple, Ontario, Canada) FRP and plastic fabricator in Chile FRP and plastic fabricator in Chile Vancouver, Canada based fabricator of plastic equipment (Vancouver, BC, Canada) FRP and thermoplastics (Canada) Manufacturer of Z-Core fiberglass pipe FRP fabricator (USA) FRP tank manufacturer Website/Contact www.cpel.com www.belco-mfg.com www.ershigs.com

Fabricated Plastics Limited (FABCO) Fibra S.A. H.E. Fiberglass AC Plastiques Canada Inc. (Prolite Plastics) Troy Manufacturing Smith Fibrglass Products Company Southwest Fiberglass, LLC Belding Tank Technologies, Inc.


www.fibra.cl www.hefiberglass.cl www.acplastiques.com www.proliteplastics.com www.troymfg.com www.smithfiberglass.com www.southwestfiberglass.com www.beldingtank.com


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Gas Cleaning
Company Lurgi Bischoff Lurgi PSI Monsanto Enviro-Chem Outokumpu Technology SWEMCO General Description Full range of gas cleaning equipment and technology Dynawave scrubbing technology Boliden Contech WESP technology Gas cleaning equipment. Gas scrubbers Website/Contact www.lurgi-bischoff.com www.lurgipsi.com www.enviro-chem.com www.outokumpu.com No web site

Company W.L. Gore and Associates Garlock Durabla Manufacturing Co General Description GORE-TEX product line GYLON product line DURLON product line New corporate web site that contains new information and complete data for the Durlon style of products. DuPont Dow Flexitallic Elastomers - Viton, Nordel, Kalrez, etc. Spiral wound gaskets www.dupont-dow.com www.flexitallic.com Website/Contact www.gore.com http://www.garlock.com/ www.durlon.com


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Heat Exchangers Plate and Frame
Company Alfa Laval General Description General information on plate heat exchangers. Visit the US Thermal site for specific info on sulphuric acid application www.us.thermal.alfalaval.com Supplier of plate and frame heat exchangers. Lots of technical data available for their product line. Plate Heat Exchanger Wizard SONDEX A/S Supplier of plate and frame as well as other type of heat exchangers. Associated companies: - Sondex (UK) Ltd - Sondex BV - Sondex Poland Sp. z o.o. Suppliers of the Superchanger line of plate and frame heat exchangers. www.sondex.dk www.sondexuk.com www.sondex.nl www.sondex.pl Website/Contact www.alfalaval.com


www.apv.com www.phewizard.com/content.asp

Tranter PHE, Inc.


Heat Exchangers Gas-to-Gas

Company Enviro-Chem Systems General Description Custom designed shell and tube heat exchangers. Also offer the MonPlex plate heat exchanger. Custom designed shell and tube heat exchangers featuring a unique patented tube layout. Custom designed shell and tube heat exchangers featuring a unique patented tube layout. Custom designed shell and tube heat exchangers with disc and donut baffles. Website/Contact www.enviro-chem.com





Outokumpu Technology



Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Heat Exchangers Shell and Tube Acid Coolers
Company Enviro-Chem Systems General Description Anodically protected shell and tube acid coolers. Quotes for Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers can also be obtained through EnviroChem Systems. Anodically protected shell and tube acid coolers. Anodically protected shell and tube acid coolers. Sandvik SX shell and tube acid coolers (no anodic protection required) Website/Contact www.enviro-chem.com

Chemetics NORAM - CECEBE Edmeston AB

www.chemetics.ca www.noram-eng.com/sulfuric.htm www.edmeston.se www.processsystems.sandvik.com

Heat Exchangers Specialty

Company A-X Heat Transfer General Description Cast iron serpentine cooler. Formerly marketed under the names of Pentex, National and Crane. Manufacturer of process heat exchangers, using the reactive metals Tantalum, Zirconium, Niobium and Titanium. Experience with concentrating sulfuric acid. Manufacturer of tank heaters used in molten sulphur service Annular Groove heat exchanger used for dilution and cooling of sulphuric acid Graphite heat exchangers Website/Contact www.axheattransfer.com

Titan Metal Fabricators Inc.


Brown Fintube GAB Neumann GmbH

www.brownfintube.com www.gab-neumann.de

Graphite India Limited



Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Heat Exchangers Air Cooled
Company Exchangers Industries (Canada) Calhex Industries Ltd. (Canada) Hudson Products Corporation (USA) GEA Luftkuhler GmbH (Germany) General Description Finned fan coolers and waste heat boilers Finned fan coolers Finned fan coolers Air cooled sulphuric acid coolers Website/Contact www.exchangersindustries.com www.calhexindustries.com www.hudsonproducts.com http://www.gealuftkuehler.de/english/nbsp/index.html

Lead Lining
Company Arcoy Industries (India) General Description Manufacturer of corrosion resistant materials. Arcoy are capable of executing complete turnkey construction contracts in India and abroad. Various lead products Erection and maintenance of equipment made of lead, glass & glasslined. A lead burning contractor that manufactures lead lined process equipment for the sulphuric acid industry. Specializing in electrostatic precipitators and homogeneous lead linings Suppliers of lead and lead burning services Homogeneous lead lining, wet electrostatic precipitator fabrication and other process equipment Supplier of lead lining services Supplier of lead lining services Website/Contact www.arcoy.com

The Canada Metal Group (Canada) Cetex (Manali, Chennai) El Dorado Metals, Inc.

www.canadametal.com www.cetexservices.com


General Smelting Company of Canada Ltd. JL Goslar (Germany) (Formerly Neue Apparatebau Goslar GmbH) NECLO (USA) Royston Lead Ltd. (UK)

www.generalsmeltingofcanada.com www.apparatebau-goslar.de

www.nelco-usa.com www.roystonlead.co.uk


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Loading/Unloading Accessories
Company Rail, Barge, Truck (RPT) Services, Inc. PM Systems General Description Portable loading and unloading platforms Loading/unloading platforms and systems Website/Contact www.rbtsi.com www.pmsystems.on.ca

Materials of Construction Metals

Company Meehanite Edmeston AB Chas. S. Lewis Pumps General Description Ductile iron piping Edmeston SX System for sulphuric acid. SX piping class LEWMET Website/Contact www.meehanite.com www.meehanite.co.uk www.edmeston.se www.processsystems.sandvik.com www.lewispumps.com

Materials of Construction Diffusion Coatings

Company National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) VaporKote (USA) General Description Calorizing technology Gas diffusion coatings Website/Contact www.nrdcindia.com/pages/calori.htm www.vaporkote.com

Materials of Construction Metallizing

Company Sulzer Metco General Description Metallizing Website/Contact www.sulzermetco.com


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Mist Eliminators
Company ACS Filters Amistco Separation Products, Inc. General Description Represent MECS Brinks mist eliminators Manufactures mesh type mist eliminators specifically for the Sulfuric Acid Industry. North American licensee for Begg Cousland candle type mist eliminators Mist Eliminators CECO Filters - Mist Eliminators Manufacture knitted wire mesh pads in a variety of materials Represents Enhance Separation Technologies mesh pad product line B-GON mist eliminators Mist Eliminators. Online datasheet/inquiries Mist Eliminators. Brinks Website/Contact www.acsfilters.com www.amistco.com

Begg Cousland CECO Environmental Corp Enhanced Separation Technologies LLC (KnitMesh Ltd.) Harmor Technologies

www.beggcousland.com www.cecoenviro.com www.est-us.com


Kimre, Inc. Koch-Glitsch Monsanto Enviro-Chem

www.kimre.com http://www.koch-ottoyork.com/ www.enviro-chem.com


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Company Rauschert GmbH & Co. KG Koch Knight LLC Lantec Products (USA) Madhya Bharat Ceramics (India) Saint-Gobain NorPro GmbH Vereinigte Fllkrper-Fabriken GmbH & Co. (VFF) Jiangxi Weihua Industrial Porcelain Industry Co., Ltd. (China) BeiHai HuiHuang Chemical Packing Co. Ltd. (China) Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co., Ltd. (China) General Description Supplier of ceramic packing Supplier of ceramic random packing and structured packing Supplier of ceramic packing and specialty plastic packings Q-PAC, LANPAC Supplier of a variety of ceramic packing including saddles and cross-partition rings Packing and packing support systems (Aludur) Supplier of plastic and ceramic packing Manufacturer of plastic, ceramic and metal packings. Standard saddles packing is available as well as structured packing. Ceramic packing manufacturers Website/Contact www.rauschertus.com www.kochknight.com www.lantecp.com


www.saint-gobain.com www.vff.de www.weihuacn.com


specializing in the manufacture of chemical packing (metal: plastic, ceramic and metal ), ceramic grinding balls & honeycomb ceramics



Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Piping Molten Sulphur
Company Controls Southeast, Inc. General Description Fabricated jacketed systems, bolton heating, flexible metal hose products Website/Contact www.csiheat.com

Piping Strong Acid

Company Acid Piping Technology, Inc. Enviro-Chem Systems Chemetics General Description Suppliers of MONDI cast iron piping Suppliers of ZeCor high silicon austenitic stainless steel piping. Suppliers of SARAMET high silicon austenitic stainless steel piping. Producers of cast iron pipe and fittings Suppliers of SX high silicon austenitic stainless steel piping. Website/Contact www.acidpiping.com www.enviro-chem.com www.chemetics.ca

Metacast Engineering Works PVT. LTD. Edmeston AB

www.pipefitingsindia.com www.edmeston.se www.processsystems.sandvik.com

Piping Flange Guards

Company RAMCO Manufacturing Company Limited General Description A variety of different styles and types Website/Contact www.ramco-safetyshields.com


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Equipment Suppliers (continued)

Sulphur Filters
Company Ascension Industries Inc. General Description Pressure leaf filters for filtering molten sulphur. Formerly Filtration and Separation Dynamics (FSD) a division of Aquacare Systems, Inc. Sparkler Filters International Suppliers of filters for filtering of molten sulphur. www.sparkler.nl www.sparkler.com Website/Contact www.asmfab.com


Sulphuric Acid Industry Resources

Source Control Southeast, Inc. Edmeston Amistco Separation Products, Inc. European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (EFMA) AC Plastiques Canada Inc. (Prolite Plastics Ltd.) Henkel Surface Technologies Corporation Website www.csiheat.com www.edmeston.com www.amistco.com www.efma.org Description CSI Jacketed Piping Products and Systems View and download all SX piping specifications Mist eliminator installation guide Best Available Technology (BAT) report for the sulphuric acid industry as well as for other fertilizer industry processes. Dual laminate piping handbook Various information on acid resistant lining and materials

www.proliteplastics.com www.furalac.com/corrosion