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24714101 (19) A solid understanding of the political background. Good philosophical references.

Occasional lapse in language register and this needed further development. Greater reference and discussion of texts required. 24716678 Youve linked all three texts together in a discussion of Time although this has limited you somewhat. You havent linked the texts well enough to why time becomes an issue post bomb, especially in regard to Godot. Even though Godot may not have felt that he was personally affected by the anxiety post WWII and may not have considered his play a reaction to the bombing of hiroshima, one cannot argue that existentialist ways of thinking became a prominent feature of texts post bomb and that the issues contained within Godot could be linked to post war inertia and anxiety. Look at the details of your text more closely. The Tree has four or five leaves as per the stage directions it is not full of leaves as you have mentioned. 24716902 A wonderful start, and what you have written is Gold. But its not enough. Well need to talk about your exam technique. Please see me. Intro is bland, stilted. Good opening question 24713911 Clever interplay of dialogue Trying to debate weather Godot is God, or someone else just wastes time its not really relevant. At times, your points are not fully explored due to the interruption of another question. Your Rothko analysis is stronger than Godot. 24716864 Solid links between the ways of thinking of the time and the textual detail. Clever interplay of dialogue Now Mr Beckett, two men and a tree It seems rushed toward the end. Pace time more effectively. 25618475 Sound interplay of dialogue between your characters At times, only touching the surface, and not fully exploring points. Good analysis of Rothko. 251127595 Clever interplay of dialogue and directions Choice of texts is excellent and varied.

Some points are not fully explored ie An exploration of taking of the boot is interrupted by Stony Lones and not furthered. Incorrect identification of imagery; the taking of the boot becomes a motif, not imagery. While the argument between Beckett and Rhue is an esoteric one, it cannot be argued that Pollocks art is representative of Cold War anxiety and I think that this is the point that needed to be more overtly expressed.

24679993 Sophisticated language, but at times, a few colloquialisms that would be out of character seem to be a little too conversational to the extreme, Your Godot analysis is a little weak, I feel you may have cut short that last piece of analysis. 24701808 24718301 Youve explored the political ramification of the period. Focus on connecting how these historical events are represtented in your texts is important. Your tendency to focus largely on the historical perspectives of the texts rather than the ability of the composers of the texts to convey those perspectives has limited you somewhat. Good interplay of dialogue. 24889041

TOP MARK 24 AVERAGE MARK 22 Stronger responses: The voices in the transcripts were distinct and authentically reflected the ideas that the candidate was exploring. There was a clever interplay of dialogue between the members of the panel. Paradigms, theorists, and textual analysis was synthesized, sophisticated, and targeted. Weaker Reponses: The voices in the transcripts were not distinct or were stilted, colloquial or not esoteric enough. Did not connect the paradigms to the texts, but instead focused on them separately. For example, a definition of existentialism was provided, but was not linked appropriately to the textual ideas. General comments: Artwork was analysed well. Spending time trying to discuss who Godot is, is not relevant. The parameters of Godots maturation included two worl d wars, two economic depressions ( in Belfast and London) and two civil wars (in Ireland and Wartime france). Beckett observed the gradual spread of totalitarianism across much of the world. He observed the panopoly of human responses to these events: indifference, pettiness, megolamania, bravery, self-sacrifice. He told others, he could not stand by with his arms folded, and observe the suffering around him. Lived in France, wrote text in French.

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