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Information pertaining to Technica Training Centre ! DMW! Patia a (a) Basic details :Technical Training Centre ( TTC ) Sh. Sanjeev Garg !" C#$ % Planning !iesel &oco #odernisation 'or(s) Patiala -*+,--. -/,,/0+0--* -*,5-0./,0+, -----#onda" T3esda" to 1rida" Sat3rda" : : : : : -, -- to *0 -- 9rs 8 *. -- to *, -- 9rs -, -- to *0 -- 9rs 8 *. -- to *: .- 9rs -, -- to *0 -- 9rs

Name of the Training Centre Name of the Principal ddress Phone No. 1a2 N3m4er $mail-6! 7ision 8 #ission statements) if an" Classroom Timings

9ostel 1acilities Classroom 1acilities #essing 1acilities

0; 4ed 9ostel Classrooms are e<3ipped =ith chairs) ta4le and =hite 4oard. Nil

( 4) !etails of 1ac3lt" > Ga?etted and Non-ga?etted : s per anne23re @ A ( c) Calendar of training co3rses : s per anne23re @BA ( d) Ne=s letter of the training centre : Nil ( e) Photographs of the training centres : s per anne23re @CA ( f) n" other important activit" 3nderta(en 4" the training centre : machine maintenance co3rse ($lectronics 8 9"dra3lics) =as started for s3pervisors and artisans of !#' and Bonal Cail=a" staff. ( g) St3d" material) lect3re notes) case st3dies) D3estion 4an( etc. : s per anne23re @!A

ANNE"#R E$A S% No% * 0 Name &S!Sh%' Sanjeev Garg S. E. 7erma De(ignation !" C#$%Planning '#%6$ )*a ification B$ % $lect. $ngg. (9ons) !6P in #ech. $ngg. E+perience 0: "ears e2perience in vario3s fields . "ears for maintenance 8 operational control of coaches and =agons) 0; "ears for planning) processing sched3ling of reman3fact3ring of $ngine Bloc(%# 1rame. *5 "ears in plant maintenance) -. "ears in C6T$S) 0-*%0 "ears in incentive 8 #8P cell and +-*%0 "ears in TTC. *0 "ears in prod3ction 8 testing of &oco items) -+ "ears in PCF and -, "ears in TTC. *, "ears in G6G 8 TFF& !CG.) -+ "ears in Plant !rg. nd -+ "ears in TTC *- "ears in D3alit" Control) -+ "ears in Sale !eptt.) -, "ears in prod3ction shop and -* "ear in TTC *+ "ears in prod3ction shops) -0 "ears in planning and -: "ears in TTC. -/ "ears in prod3ction) -, "ears in PCF) -5 "ears in 6ncentive Cell and -. "ears in TTC. *0 "ears in prod3ction) -: "ears as safet" officer and -5 "ears as 6nstr3ctor%TTC along=ith safet" officer. -0 "ears in installation)*: "ears in prod3ction -0 "ears as 6# (Tr. G$)) -5 "ears in TTC.

G. P. Singh


!6P in #ech. $ngg.

+ 5 :

S. P. G3pta S. E. Gera C. P. Shrivastva


#$%$lect. $ngg. #$%6nd3strial $ngg. !6P in $lect. $ngg.

, ; /

S. E. !ogra N. C. Singla !arshan Singh


#6$%#ech $ngg. #$%6nd3strial $ngg. !6P in #ech. $ngg.


Eh3sh=ant Singh


6T6) 6ntermediate. pp. #ech.



An ISO .//0- ISO 01//0 2 IS 03//0Certifie4 Organi(ation


S%No Co*r(e De(cription APR MA7 8#N 8#L A#G SEP OCT NO9 DEC 8AN :E, MAR

0% 5% 6% 1% >% ?% @% 3% .% 0/% 00% 05% 06% 01% 0>%

RE:RESHER CO#RSES S*per;i(or De;e opment Prog% Machini(t Genera :itter 2 Too Ma=er T M :itter Die(e :itter T 2 C :itter MW Mechanic MW E ectrica 2 E ectrica :itter Crane Dri;er- Rigger 2 Dri;er Tech% Painter Carpenter We 4er Te ecomm*nication RAC CNC M!C Programming Co*r(e :or Arti(an &MCT' SPECIAL CO#RSES In4*(tria Safet< :ir(t$Ai4 :ire A :ighting CNC Machine Programming Co*r(e for S*per;i(or( CNC Machine S*p Maintenance Co*r(e &E ectronic( 2 H<4ra* ic(' Arti(an

E+c *(i;e < for DMW Staff

-/-0+ -;-*0 -.--, *5-*/ -0--: -,-** 00-0: 0+-0; 0:-.0*-05 0,-.* *,-0* -5--/ 0.-0, 05-0/ 00-0: *--*+ */-0. *+-*; *;-00 -;-*0 **-*5 0--0+ *0-*: *.-*, -*--5 -,-** *5-*/ -:-**5-*/ -.--, -/-*. 0*-05 -5--/ **, -; *5 0.-0; *.-*; 05-.00-0, 0+-0/ -5 */ **, -, 0* ** *; -/ *: *. 00*-0: **-*5 00-0: 0.-0, -+--;


-0-*, *:-0- -:-*-0--: *:-0*.-*,


0?% 0@% 03% 0.%

** *;

-; *5

2 B$RL7:or DMW












INTROD#CTION 6ntrod3ction to the s34ject co3rse) need 8 o4jectives) Short vie= of the s"lla43s to 4e covered d3ring this programme. :INANCE A0 B3dget) its appropriation) Stages of revie=) Contin3it" of the process. :INANCE A5% Cole of a3dit) control f3nction e2pendit3re) 'hat is a3dit) =ho is competent to a3dit ns=era4ilit" to a4ilit". PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT$0 S3spension) penalties) disciplinar" a3thorities) applets a3thorities) revie=ing a3thorities) serving of orders and noting) ! C in<3iries) proced3res for imposing penalties) !oAs and !onAts for in<3ir" officers) !oAs and !onAts for presenting officer. PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT$0I Need for ind3strial relations) 9ealth" =or(ers participation and management relationship. caps3le on 1actor" ct Cole of trade 3nions) constit3tion and election of office 4earers) levels of f3nctioning of trade 3nions) iss3es to 4e disc3ssed =ith trade 3nions. PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT$III Personnel f3nction (Scope 8 Frganisation)) Selection (Process 8 methods)) performance appraisal) =ages 8 salar") dministration) selection of $mplo"ees) grievances) =or(ers participation PC$# caps3le on 'or(menAs Compensation ct. PERSONS WITH DISA,ILIT7 ACT 0..> Cights and entitlements of persons =ith disa4ilit") Sensiti?ation to=ards disa4led staff) Creation of free environment for disa4led persons) Non discriminating environment for disa4led persons. MANAGEMENT $ 0 To manage reso3rces li(e #en) #achines) #aterials) Time 8 Capital.

To strive of optim3m 3tili?ation thereof. Planning) Frganisation) staffing) controlling.

MANAGEMENT A 5 Comm3nication process) St"les of spea(ers) &istening) 4arriers to comm3nicate) Comm3nication channels. MANAGEMENT $ 6 Priorit" of needs 8 motivation)) #arlo=s 9eirach" needs) factors) motivation. &eadership st"les) poor relationship 8 st"les ( Personalit") !evelop &eadership) ction =ise theories) !efining and planning a project) implementation stages controlling) =or( in progress) feed4ac( )project completion. MANAGEMENT A 1 T"pes of !ecisions) Steps 8 aids in decision ma(ing) giving choice in decision. Common pro4lems (procrastination polic" delegator)personal sense of time) identif"ing long term goals 8 plans) planning the da") time effectiveness in offices. Stress management co3nseling) 1actors responsi4le for creating stress) &ife st"ling and attit3des to cope =ith stress) rela2ation techni<3es.


MATERIAL MANAGEMENT !IN9ENTOR7 Frganisation and control) #aterial planning and 43dgeting) Codification and standadisation) BC anal"sis) so3rces) selection) and inventor" of rail=a"s.

HEALTH AND N#TRIATION Balance diet) #edical Chec( 3p) 1irst- id Bo2) Contri43tion of health of manpo=er in prod3ction

HEALTH ED#CATION 2 MEDICAL PS7CHOLOG7 N3trition) 9"gieneAs) 1irst- id and #edical chec(-3ps) Behavior) $motions 8 Stresses) ttit3des ) &earni"s ha4its) Personalit") 6ntellegeno3s and life c"cle of famil")

PRE9ENTION O: NON $ COMM#NICA,LE DIEASES 2 :AMIL7 PLG% ids) F4esit") !ia4etes) 9"pertension) Coronar" arter" diseases and 1amil" Planning.


Colling stoc( programme) #8P programme) =or(s programme) Preparation at preliminar" and final stages.

DISASTER MANAGEMENT 6ntrod3ction of disaster management) #ain t"pe of disasters) Preparation for pre-disaster) ction d3ring disaster and after disaster) Cesponsi4ilities of management and responsi4ilit" of s3pervisor.

SA:ET7 Safet" preca3tions to 4e o4served in =or(shop) &egal o4servation) !3ties of shop incharge and responsi4ilit" of management as per 1actor" ct. 9IGILANCE Cole of vigilance) a g3ide) &istening preca3tions. C#STOMER CARE C3stomer care and Co3rtes"- importance of c3stomer) Concept c3stomer friendl") co3rtesies =hich ma" 4e e2tended. :#T#RE TRENDS $merging trends on 6ndian Cail=a"s. 'hat are the f3t3re plans on 6ndian Cail=a"s) Prod3ction of .*-- 9P &oco 8 +--- 9P G# &oco. GENERAL Frganisation of rail=a"s) 7ario3s departments) 6nterdepartmental =or(ing and an" da"-to-da" =or(ing of rail=a"s. ISO Brief introd3ction to 6SF) =areness of D3alit" #anagement S"stem 6SF /--*:0--;) $nvironmental #anagement S"stem 6SF *+--*:0--+ and Fcc3pational 9ealth and Safet" S"stem (F9S S *;--*:0--,) ) Stat3s of 6SF /--*:0--;) 6SF *+--*:0--+ and F9S S *;--*:0--, in !#' D3alit") $nvironmental and Fcc3pational 9ealth and Safet" Polic" of !#'. :EED ,ACK E 1eed 4ac( of the co3rse) Shortcomings 8 s3ggestions to improve the co3rse f3rther. !isc3ssions on the <3eries of participants a4o3t the co3rse. /5 :IRST AIDE 6ntrod3ction 8 Principal of 1irst id) 9andling 8 Transportation of 6nj3red Person) Cespiration 8 sph"2ia) 'o3nds 8 Bleeding) 1ract3re 8 !ressing%Bandage) !iarrhea 8 1ever) #anagement of an 3nconscio3s patient 8 Bites)

B3rns 8 Poisoning) 6!S) !onAts in 1irst id) Practical !emonstration of 1irst id.

/6 IND#STRIAL SA:ET7E 6ntrod3ction to 6nd3strial safet") Hse of personnel $<3ipments) Ce<3irement of ind3strial safet") Cight to safet" and safet" principles) 7ario3s ca3ses of accidents) Prevention of accidents) 7ario3s t"pes of ha?ards) T"pes of vario3s (inds of accidents and their reporting) Cole of management) s3pervisors 8 =or(ers on ind3strial safet") Safet" Committee #eeting and its f3nctions) Cond3cting of moc( drills and an" other.

/1 :IRE :IGHTINGE 6ntrod3ction) 6dentification of 3nsafe condition for fire prevention) Frgani?ing for fire protection) Control of emergencies) !isaster control organi?ation) General organi?ational consideration.

/> CNC MACHINE PROGRAMMINGE 6ntrod3ction to part program) 'hat is programming) 'hat the programmer has to do) Preparator" (G) 13nctions as: 6SF :+: (1an3c s"s 8 Sin3meric latest)) #iscellaneo3s (#) 13nction as: 6SF :+: (1an3c s"s 8 Sin3meric latest)) Common Codes 8 ddresses for &athe% #illing 8 !rilling #achines) Proced3re associated =ith part program) Str3ct3re of part program in the ta43lation =ith $2ample) Co-ordinates S"stem) Programming #odes) 4sol3te 8 6ncremental #odes) !iameter and Cadi3s Programming)

Program of Step T3rning ( 4sol3te)) Program of Step T3rning (6ncremental)) Step T3rning 8 Threading) Taper T3rning) Step t3rning =ith Taper T3rning) Cadi3s Cloc( 'ise) Cadi3s Center Cloc( 'ise) Parting S34ro3tine) #illing Circ3lar 8 Canned C"cle f3nction) #illing Cectang3lar 8 Canned C"cle f3nction) &etter 13nction ) &etter 13nction C) Circ3lar ngle 13nction) #irror 13nction) Scaling 13nction) !rilling =ith Cepeat 13nction) Pic( drilling c"cle.

? CNC MACHINE MAINTENANCEE Basic electronics) !escription of semicond3ctor devices) 7isit to electronics la4) Bloc( diagram of CNC) !etail of P&C of a CNC machine) $2planation of plc and CNC fa3lts) Shop floor visit for a=areness of electronics circ3its electronics circ3its) !C and C drive of CNC control) !ifferent t"pes of controls) 1eed4ac( devices 8 tro34leshooting of CNC machine) Shop floor visit for a=areness of electronics circ3its 8 electronics circ3its.) 1eat3res of different t"pe of machines.) Basics h"dra3lics) #achine maintenance.) Practical on h"dra3lics in #echatronics &a4) Shop floor visit for a=areness of h"dra3lic s"stem) 9"dra3lic maintenance.) 9"dra3lic tro34le shooting.) Shop floor visit for a=areness of h"dra3lic s"stem. practical implications of 8 practical implications of


/0 Machini(tE 6ntrod3ction) Tool #aterials 8 Tool Geometr") General p3rpose machines 8 special p3rpose machines ) CNC Part Programming) CNC Tooling and <3alified tooling) CNC #achine advantages and disadvantages) #achining operations) $ngine Bloc( 8 Con. Cod man3fact3ring process) Capacit" 3tili?ation) Car4on Br3sh #an3fact3ring Process) Cam Shaft #an3fact3ring Process) Gear man3fact3ring and testing processes) 6SF a=areness) !isaster #anagement. /5 Die(e :itterE 6ntrod3ction) T=o Stro(e 8 1o3r Stro(e 6.C. $ngines) T3r4o S3per Charger) Constr3ction details and specifications of !iesel $lectric &ocomotive) 13el Fil S"stem 8 13el 6njection $<3ipments) ir Bra(e S"stem) &34e Fil S"stem 8 'ater Cooling S"stem) Hnder 1rame Cam4er) B3ffers 8 CBC Co3pling) Bogie Constr3ctional !etails) #odifications carried o3t on !iesel $lectric &ocomotive) 6SF =areness) !isaster management. /6 Gen% :itterE 6ntrod3ction $ngineering !ra=ing) &imits) 1its and Tolerance) 9and Tools) Gigs 8 1i2t3res) 1asteners) Threads and Goints) #eas3ring 6nstr3ments) !estr3ctive Testing 8 Non-destr3ctive testing) Po=er transmission) Bearings mo3nting 8 dis >mo3nting ) 9eat Treatment) Cevision and clarification session 8 feed4ac() 6SF a=areness ) !isaster #anagement. /1 We 4erE Basic (no=ledge of $lectricit") 7ario3s t"pe of $lectrodes) Gas 'elding 8 F2" C3tting 'elding) #6G 8 T6G 'elding) 'elding of Cast 6ron 8 Stainless Steel) 'elding defects 8 its remedies) S34merged 8 Plasma rc 'elding) 9ealth 8 Safet" aspects in 'elding) rc 'elding principles !.C 8 .C) 'elding Plant 8 c3rrent re<3irement) 6nspection8 non-destr3ctive test of =elding) Co4otic =elding techni<3es% 3tomation of =elding 8 its advantages) 9eat Treatment Process) 6SF a=areness) !isaster #anagement. /> T2M :itterE 6ntrod3ction to $lectrical $ngineering) 6ns3lating materials 3sed for re=inding of Traction #otors and Traction Generators) Traction #achines) Comm3tator and its constr3ction) rmat3re 'inding 8 Stator =inding) Process of man3fact3ring of Stator 8 rmat3re coils) Process of re=inding of Traction #otor and Traction Generator 8 lternator) Testing facilities for T# ) TG 8 Traction lternator) Common defects on !.C. #achines and their remedial meas3res) $#! T #an3fact3ring 8 repairs) Fverha3ling of C Traction #otors (Siemens #a(e )) 6SF a=areness and disaster #anagement. /? Crane Dri;erE Signals 8 Safet" C3les) Constr3ction feat3res of Crane) 13nctioning of $lectrical S"stem) !ail" cleaning and l34ricating sched3le) 'or(ing of Crane) 'or(ing of !iesel $ngine)Tro34le shooting of !iesel $ngine) Preventive #aintenance of Cranes) Slings) Tac(les) 'ire Copes and Enots) Safet" and 1irst id) 6SF =areness) !isaster #anagement. /@ RiggerE Hse of #eas3ring tape and other simple #eas3ring instr3ments) Preparation 4efore c3tting a rope for Splicing) &ength of rope to 4e left for Splicing) Eno=ledge of tool 3sed for Splicing) Splicing a =ire rope =ith or =itho3t Thim4le) 9o= to Splice a Cotton or #anila rope) 9o= to remove slight (in(s from =ire rope) Strength of =ire ropes) Chain % manila ropes) Cotton ropes 8 N"lon ropes etc) Crane Signal) !ifferent 'eight that can 4e lifted =ith Crane at corresponding angle of Gi4) Crane 4rea(do=n 8 po=er fail3re) Cigging Tac(les) Preventive maintenance of 'ire ropes) Chain Slings 8 &ifting Tac(les) 1irst id) 1ire 1ighting 8 Safet" at =or() 6SF =areness and !isaster #anagement.

/3 Dri;er TechE Eno=ledge a4o3t Coad r3les and S"m4ols) Eno=ledge of vario3s parts of vehicles =hich are important =ith respect to safet" s3ch as 4ra(es) steering) gear and control etc) 'or(ing and difference 4et=een t=o stro(e and fo3r stro(e engines) Control and (no=ledge of speed) acceleration and t"re press3re and driving on all t"pes of roads) Eno=ledge a4o3t all t"pes of dash4oard meters s3ch as oil press3re) temperat3re) ampere meter) charging of 4atter" etc) 'or(ing and difference 4et=een Petrol $ngine and !iesel $ngine) =areness a4o3t allo=ed and safe load. (Carr"ing capacit" of vehicle.) Eno=ledge of dail" maintenance of Batter" s3ch as terminals cleaning) electrol"te level and general safet") Eno=ledge a4o3t r3nning maintenance s3ch as oiling) 4ra(e adj3stment) ignition adj3stment and oil level etc) Eno=ledge of driving of all vehicles s3ch as car) for( lifter) tr3c() 43s etc and (no=ledge of their parts) Eno=ledge a4o3t starting) stopping 8 driving of vehicle) sho3ld hold heav" d3t" driving license) Eno=ledge a4o3t l34rication. (Parts =hich are not l34ricated a3tomaticall")) 6SF =areness) !isaster #anagement.

/. CarpenterE$ 6ntrod3ction) Classification of Tim4er. T"pes of tim4er) Str3ct3re of a Tim4er tree) The specific 3ses of different t"pes of tim4er. Conversion and mar(et forms of tim4er) Seasoning of =ood. Common defects in tim4er) Pl"=ood and preservation of tim4er) Carpentr" mar(ing and meas3ring tools) Carpentr" c3tting tools. Sharpening of =ood =or(ing tools. Care and safet" preca3tions d3ring =or(ing) Carpentr" processes s3ch as ma(ing) sa=ing) planning) 4oring) grooving etc. Safet" in carpentr" shop) T"pes of =ooden Goints 8 preca3tions =hile ma(ing joints) 32iliar" materials 3sed in =ood ma(ing) 'ood polishing materials as Paints) 7arnish and &ac<3ers etc) $stimation of cost) 6SF a=areness) !isaster #anagement. 0/ PainterE Eno=ledge of colo3rs and paints s3ch as primar" and secondar" colo3r) s"nthetic enamel) deco paint) sto=ing paints etc) Eno=ledge of vario3s t"pes of p3tties) their preparation and specific 3se) Eno=ledge of vario3s t"pes of thinners 3sed in painting) their specific 3se and (no=ledge of other solvents 3sed in painting) Eno=ledge of methods for removal of old paints) Proced3re for painting interior and e2terior s3rfaces. Hses of 3nder coat and final coat) Eno=ledge of stencil c3tting and =or(ing) letter =riting in $nglish) 9indi and Colo3r-coding) Eno=ledge of vario3s t"pes of e<3ipments s3ch as sanding disc) p3tt" appl"ing tool) p3tt" c3tting etc) Eno=ledge of vario3s t"pes to machines and their maintenance 3sed in painting s3ch as c3p g3n) press3re feed) air less painting etc) Eno=ledge of calc3lating the <3alit" of paint re<3ired for specific 3se 3nder standard conditions) Eno=ledge of simple dra=ing 3sed in painting and preparation according to the dra=ings) 6SF a=areness) !isaster #anagement. 00 E ectrica :itterE Basics of $lectricit") Po=er factor improvement) ca3ses of lo= po=er factor and losses of lo= po=er factor) 6ndian $lectricit" C3les) $lectrical ccidents) $arthing and safet") #aintenance of $lectrical s34 station and transformers) Testing and Commissioning of $lectrical installations) 6SF a=areness) !isaster #anagement. 05 RACE Basics a4o3t ir Conditioning 8 Cefrigeration and its definition) Comfort ir Conditioning for h3man 4eing) Cefrigeration 8 ir Conditioning e<3ipments 3sed in !#') ' C) Split C) Cefrigerator) !eep free?er) cooling ca4inet) 'ater cooler Panel CAs central C plant) T"pes of compressors 3sed in ir Conditioning % Cefrigeration i.e. open t"pe) semi-sealed) thematicall"

sealed) Cotar") 6ntrod3ction of different parts of central C Plant i.e. !I t"pe) Chiller t"pe) &atest developments in Cefrigeration 8 ir Conditioning) 6SF a=areness) !isaster #anagement. 06 Te ecomm*nicationE FhmAs &a=) Series and Parallel connection of resistance) Basic $lectricit") #aintenance of telephone instr3ment) #aintenance of po=er plant) #aintenance of line plant) Eno=ledge of P s"stem microphone) amplifier horn t"pe and 4o2 t"pe spea(er) Basic (no=ledge of 1 I machine operator console) T"pe of telephone e2change there facilities and 3ses) General (no=ledge of =al(ie-tal(ie set) 791 set etc) H91 8 #icro=ave e<3ipments) Ca4le jointing) General (no=ledge of fa3lt finding of 3nder gro3nd and overhead ca4les) Eno=ledge of F1C ca4le) General (no=ledge of PCS) 6SF a=areness). 01% M W MechanicE 1eat3res of different t"pes of machines) T"pes of machine maintenance) #aintenance tools) #achine 1o3ndation and &eveling) Po=er Transmission mechanism) 3tomo4iles) &ifting Tac(les) 1l3id Po=er 8 9"dra3lics (Training in #echatronics &a4)) Pne3matics (Training in #echatronics &a4)) Bearings) 6SF =areness) !isaster #anagement.