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Academic Speaking and Listening 4 I. What Makes a Good Speaker?

A. Discuss with your partner what makes a good (i) speech, (ii) presentation. B. Listen to these two extracts of political party leaders speeches to their party conferences and consider how they make use of the following techni ues to engage the audience and maintain interest. !umour "motion #esture "ye contact $ausing %tressing key words

&. 'ow, listen to three experts talking a(out what makes a good speech and make notes. )he speaker* mentor + Lord %pencer )he (usinesswoman + De(orah ,eaden )he psychologist + Dr Da-id !olmes


Giving a talk 1

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A. .rganise the sentences from the talk (elow under these headings/ 0. .pening remarks 5. A main point 1. Background of speaker 6. A supporting point 2. )opic/ general 7. %ummary*&onclusion 3. )opic/ specific 8. &losing remarks 4. .-er-iew of points

a) As an example of this, in Britain street9lighting often extends well (eyond the city or town limits, whereas in )urkey : () ;d like to talk to you today a(out my initial impressions of Britain. c) ,y name is ,ehmet &ihan and ;m from )urkey. ;-e (een in Britain for the last 2 weeks. d) )o (egin with, one of the first things ; noticed when ; left ,anchester Airport was how different the road conditions are in this country. 'ot only do the British dri-e on the left, (ut also : e) ,y talk will co-er 2 points/ firstly, differences in road conditions< secondly, differences in types of -ehicles< and lastly, differences in dri-ing styles. f) #ood afternoon and welcome. g) =eflecting on my o(ser-ations, it seems to me that some of the differences ; ha-e noticed may (e attri(uted to economic differences (etween the 1 countries, while others : h) >hat ; want to focus on is a comparison of dri-ing and traffic in Britain and in )urkey. i) )hank you for listening. Does anyone ha-e any uestions?


Useful Signposts 2

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;ntroduction )his afternoon, ;d like to talk a(out : )oday, ;m going to descri(e : ;n this short presentation, ; aim to : >hat ; want to focus on is :. #i-ing an .-er-iew ,y talk will co-er three main points/ : ;ll (e focussing on three aspects of : .rdering points @irstly: %econdly : Lastly : ,aking $oints .ne of the most noticea(le things for me was : .ne of the things which struck me most was : ; was particularly struck*impressed (y : ; was surprised*astonished to see : ; was disappointed*shocked to see : ; didnt expect to see : %omething that struck*impressed*surprised me was : >hat struck me in particular was : Another thing that struck me was : %upporting points A good example*illustration of this is : .ne of the main reasons for this seems to (e : )his phenomenon is e-ident in : )ransition 'ow ;d like to mo-e*go on to : And so, to my next*final point/ : &onclusion ;n conclusion, : )o sum up, : ;d like to finish today (y saying that : )o (egin with : )hirdly: @inally :

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