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Getting Started

With Twitter
CeLLlng SLarLed wlLh 1wlLLer Soclal-l 2013

age 2

Gett|ng Started w|th 1w|tter
1o assess where you are aL wlLh 1wlLLer you may wanL Lo rank your ablllLy on Lhe scale

CeLLlng SLarLed wlLh 1wlLLer Soclal-l 2013

age 3

Sett|ng up a 1w|tter Account
1. Co Lo 1wlLLer.com

2. Cn Lhe fronL screen flll ln Lhe approprlaLe lnformaLlon ln Lhe new 1o 1wlLLer" area and cllck
slgn up for 1wlLLer.

3. ?ou wlll be Laken Lhrough Lo Lhe nexL screen where you wlll need Lo compleLe Lhe accounL
seL up process by flndlng a username. lL maybe LhaL Lhe username (your 1wlLLer name) ls
already Laken so you wlll need Lo be creaLlve ln chooslng anoLher one.

4. When you are ready cllck CreaLe my accounL" Lo move on.

3. ?ou wlll Lhen have Lo selecL llve 1wlLLer people Lo lollow ln order Lo move Lo Lhe nexL sLage.
?ou can always unfollow Lhem aL a laLer sLage. 1hls process carrles on Lwlce more, so you
end up wlLh 10 addlLlonal users Lo follow. ?ou can always sklp Lhls sLep wlLh Lhe hyperllnk aL
Lhe boLLom.

CeLLlng SLarLed wlLh 1wlLLer Soclal-l 2013

age 4

6. llnally you are lnvlLed Lo upload an lmage, and flll ln your blo and locaLlon. 1hls ls helpful for
oLher 1wlLLer users as lL glves Lhem an ldea of Lhe sorL of Lhlngs you are lnLeresLed ln and
where ln Lhe world you are.

?ou now have your own 1wlLLer AccounL. ?ou wlll need Lo conflrm Lhe emall address you used ln
seLLlng up Lhe accounL, Lo do Lhls you wlll have Lo vlslL your emall accounL, flnd Lhe conflrmaLlon
emall and cllck on Lhe llnk wlLhln lL.
our 1w|tter rof||e Check||st
uploaded an lmage people from your neLworks wlll recognlse?
lncluded relevanL buslness keywords ln your 160 characLer blo?
lncluded a webllnk and buslness name?
8randed or personallsed your background lmage and wallpaper?

Iam|||ar|s|ng yourse|f w|th the 1w|tter Lnv|ronment
Across Lhe Lop of 1wlLLer you wlll see a black Lool bar wlLh lour lmporLanL buLLons aL one end,
Pome, [ConnecL , #ulscover and Me.
1he Loolbar aL Lhe Lop of 1wlLLer glves you access Lo all Lhe maln funcLlonallLy.

nome - 1hls ls your 1wlLLer sLream - all Lhe LweeLs from all Lhe people you follow
Connect - 1hls wlll be your favourlLe place Lo come as lL shows you all Lhe Llmes you have
been menLloned, added Lo a llsL, followed or reLweeLed.
D|scover - Clves you a gllmpse as Lo whaL ls golng on ln Lhe blgger broader plcLure of
1wlLLer, as well as glvlng you ldeas of users Lo follow.
Me - 1akes you Lo your proflle where you can have a look aL your blo and your LweeLs.
1hls ls Lhe proflle buLLon, from here you are able Lo access your own
proflle, your llsLs, dlrecL message and Lhe seLLlngs for your accounL.
Compose a new LweeL.
CeLLlng SLarLed wlLh 1wlLLer Soclal-l 2013

age S

now do I |nteract w|th 1weets?
lf you read a LweeL and you wanL Lo respond Lo lL ln some way you have 2 cholces, you can elLher
reply Lo lL or reLweeL lL. As you move your mouse over a LweeL you wlll see Lhe opLlons appear. lf
you reply your LweeL ls sLlll publlc buL you can offer a response. 8eLweeLlng a LweeL slmply means
LhaL you are endorslng Lhe LweeL and sharlng lL wlLh all your followers.

now do I 1weet?
1here are a number of dlfferenL ways Lo LweeL, l wlll show you 2 opLlons.
1. SelecL Pome from Lhe Loolbar, on Lhe lefL hand slde of
Lhe screen you wlll see a box LhaL looks llke Lhls, you can Lype
your updaLe lnLo lL and aLLach an lmage lf you so deslre.

2. lrom anywhere ln 1wlLLer cllck on Lhe Compose new
1weeL 8uLLon whlch can be found on Lhe black Loolbar. When
you cllck on lL a box wlll appear, Lype ln your LweeL, and add a
plcLure lf you wanL Lo.

Cruc|a| Language
1wlLLer has lLs own language and eLlqueLLe and Lo geL a fuller undersLandlng you wlll flnd a
full glossary aL Lhe 1wlLLer 8uslness slLe. lor 1wlLLer eLlqueLLe, Lhe Cuardlan have puL a
greaL posL LogeLher.
PashLags are used Lo caLegorlse LweeLs, here ls a brllllanL posL descrlblng hashLags.
CeLLlng SLarLed wlLh 1wlLLer Soclal-l 2013

age 6

#ll ls one of Lhe mosL popular hashLags and sLands for lollow lrlday you can read all abouL
lL aL Lhls posL on All 1wlLLer.

Connect - I|nd|ng eop|e to Io||ow
As wlLh oLher soclal medla Lools ofLen Lhe besL way Lo flnd people Lo follow on 1wlLLer ls Lo
see who oLhers are followlng. LlsLs are anoLher good way of locaLlng people.
Search for Loplcs and lnformaLlon and you wlll flnd a llsL of people and LweeLs LhaL llnk Lo
LhaL sub[ecL.
1wellow ls Lhe equlvalenL yellow pages of 1wlLLer and ls deflnlLely worLh looklng Lhrough Lo
search for users you mlghL wanL Lo follow.
We lollow ls anoLher very popular dlrecLory LhaL has greaL funcLlonallLy for searchlng for
parLlcular people.
Cnce you begln Lo follow a number of people your Pome page can geL exLremely busy so
addlng users Lo llsLs ls a brllllanL way Lo fllLer Lhrough Lhe nolse and geL Lo Lhe LweeLs you
wanL Lo see aL LhaL Llme. When you flnd a user on 1wlLLer, cllck on Lhe proflle buLLon
beslde Lhelr name and you wlll see several opLlons. ?ou can add a user Lo a llsL even lf you
are noL followlng Lhem.

eop|e I want to f|nd on 1w|tter:

CeLLlng SLarLed wlLh 1wlLLer Soclal-l 2013

age 7

Lngage - Io|n In
?ou really sLarL Lo reap Lhe beneflLs of 1wlLLer when you [usL go for lL and [oln ln. unless you
acLually respond Lo oLhers Lhe envlronmenL remalns very one dlmenslonal, lL comes allve
when you sLarL Lo engage wlLh oLhers.
Lngagement Check||st
Pave you reLweeLed a message LhaL mlghL lnLeresL your own followers?
Pave you replled Lo a LweeL?
Pave you asked a quesLlon on 1wlLLer?
Pave you [olned ln a conversaLlon around a hashLag?

1hree act|ons I w||| take as a resu|t of what I now know:
Notes to Myse|f: