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Canada is a Common Wealth and NOT a Corporation.

written by A Truth Soldier

http://canadiansituations.wordpress.com/20 !/0"/ "/canada#is#a#common#wealth#and#not#a#corporation/ Canada is a common wealth. With a house o$ commons. That we the common people elect common people to create common law that is based on common sense. The law o$ the land we call Canada% is common law. The remainder o$ the so called laws are Corporate laws. & and our country does not belon' to any corporation. Our once $ree country has been stolen by corporate criminals. The 'o(ernment o$ Canada no lon'er e)ists. That is pro(en by the $act that Crime *inister +arper announced that it is now to ,nown as The +arper 'o(ernment. &$ that is not a dictatorial statement then what is itCrime *inister +arper has now pro(en that he is a dictator. Why did not the people o$ Canada riot in the streets when +arper made that announcementAs, yoursel$% Why are you payin' ta)es to the corporation o$ CanadaThe corporation o$ Canada is traded on the New .or, stoc, e)chan'e. .our ta)es are 'oin' to the share holders. Canada has been ta,en o(er by the international ban,sters who created corporatism. When & was youn' Canada had no corporations% it only had companies. We then had the most /oyous happy prosperous country on earth. With the hi'hest standard o$ li(in'. Now we ha(e all been turned into poor $inancial sla(es. Now let me tell you about the ban, o$ Canada and how Canada had to income ta)es until a$ter the second world war. &n a common wealth country the people own the wealth. That in particular applies to the creation and distribution o$ money 0currency1. We the common people created our 2an, o$ Canada to handle our currency. The 2an, o$ Canada% our peoples ban, ne(er e(er had to borrow money $rom corporate ban,s at interest. We simply created the money we needed to create our roads% in$rastructure and public utilities by creatin' money that is then ,nown as in$lation. Then a$ter we the peoples ban, remo(ed the currency $rom circulation once the in$rastructure and public utilities were paid $or and sel$ su$$icient. Ta,e note that the corporate criminals ha(e now stolen all our Canadian assets% Our utilities% our 'o(ernments% our natural resources and e(erythin' else o$ (alue.

Now the corporate ban,sters create money out o$ thin air by enterin' any amounts they want into a computer ban, account. The commercial ban,s are no lon'er accountable $or their actions to we the people because we the people no lon'er ha(e any representati(e 'o(ernments. So the corporate criminals are doin' what e(er they want. The ban,sters ha(e now turned all us people into $inancial sla(es. 3emember% money has no (alue unless we the people a'ree to do physical wor, $or it. So now the situation is out o$ control because we the people ha(e to means o$ controllin' the $inancial criminals. 4(en unioni5ed wor,ers are now li(in' in po(erty. That has occurred because all those li(in' o$$ the 'ains they 'et $rom corporate ban,sters is robbin' the (alue o$ your money be$ore you e(en spend it. The $a,e money the ban,sters are creatin' is waterin' down 06e(aluin'1 the money in your poc,ets. Add to that% the ta) rates the 0corporate1 'o(ernments and $ees $or e(erythin' else that are ta,en $rom you% which adds up to ei'hty percent o$ your income. Now you should understand /ust how horrible the situation is in Canada and e(erywhere else on earth where the corporate ban,sters set up business. 7lease read this. https://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/20 0/0!/0"/creation#o$#$irst#corporation#2/