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EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickener

Photo used with permission of Rio Tinto Alcan

EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickeners

EIMCO Capabilities
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Paste thickening was initially developed by Alcan International to improve disposal methodology for high-volume, low solids red mud tailings from alumina production. This development program resulted in over 50 Alcan paste thickeners in use around the world in alumina. In 1996 EIMCO (now a part of FLSmidth) entered into an exclusive license agreement for the use of Alcan paste thickening technology in non-alumina applications. FLSmidth also provides Deep Cone Paste Thickeners to Alcan within the alumina industry. Since 1996, over 40 EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickeners have been designed and sold for thickening red mud, copper tailings, lead/zinc tailings and other mineral tailings for surface disposal, mine backll, and countercurrent decantation applications.

unit operation at the same time as the overall operation of a subsystem or a complete plant.

Rake Drive & Mechanism Rake drives are key components of conventional and hi-rate thickeners but in paste thickeners, they are absolutely critical.
High mud depths that cover the entire rake structure coupled with high viscosities as the underow reaches paste consistency means that drives must be designed to meet unusually high continuous torque requirements. No company can match FLSmidth experience in providing heavy duty, high continuous torque, long life drives. EIMCO drives use multiple pinions, deep gear faces, precision bearings, oil bath lubrication and strain gauge high accuracy torque measurement to provide the ability to meet this demanding service. These drives can be powered with either hydraulic or electric motors. The rake drive transmits torque to the rake mechanism that is designed to keep the thickened solids owing toward the discharge and to assist with releasing water from the paste bed. The rake system is designed to minimize drag and to prevent the formation of doughnuts, islands and rat holes that cause process upsets.

High Unit Loadings EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickeners accommodate up to 20 times the solids mass ow and 10 times the hydraulic loading of conventional thickeners. This is accomplished by optimizing solids concentration for feed dilution, chemical addition and oc formation while minimizing oc degradation. These benets are achieved by using the patented EIMCO E-DUC feed system. This ensures adequate feed pulp dilution, efcient chemical dispersion, rapid occulation which results in maximum settling rates. Process Controls FLSmidth can design and supply the control system required for the paste thickener system. FLSmidths control systems have the ability to optimize a

Testing Services FLSmidth can conduct bench scale testing to screen potential applications and provide equipment sizing. Pilot Deep Cone Paste Thickeners are available for on site testing to verify laboratory results and conrm sizing.

Heavy-Duty Equipment that Provides Superior Thickening Capability

Expanded Disposal Options EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickeners are designed to maintain a deep bed of settled solids and maximize gravity compression, achieving discharge solids concentrations that can approach the limits of owability. Improved water recovery reduces both the volumetric loading on disposal facilities and demand on raw water make up. The ability to control tailings rheology opens up novel disposal options that include underground paste backll and numerous engineered surface disposal bed alternatives. FLSmidth offers complete tailings disposal systems tailored to any specic set of process and regulatory requirements. System Capabilities Transportation of the underow and deposition at the disposal site are major concerns when designing a new paste plant. FLSmidth can offer integrated solutions to implement this technology including complete turnkey packages with all peripheral equipment and services required to supply a functioning plant. These services include site, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, P&ID, instruments and controls, tankage, interconnecting piping, equipment supply, construction, construction management, start up assistance and operator training.

EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickener

EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickeners produce underow solids with a paste consistency and the highest solids concentration of any thickener on the market. Paste is a non-segregating liquid/solid mixture with a yield stress and slump. The benets of producing paste are considerable.
Photo used with permission of Rio Tinto Alcan

Maximum liquid recovery for water conservation Disposal by stacking not ponds Total tails backll disposal Minimum installed thickener area Minimum disposal volume Transportable by pumps Minimum liquid expressed after deposition Highest CCD washing efciency Minimum pipe plugging problems during shutdowns and upsets

Further Information FLSmidth is the recognized leader in this important revolution in sedimentation technology. We also offer worldwide sales and service support; global reach, backed by local expertise. FLSmidths full equipment life-cycle support before, during, and after delivery make the EIMCO Deep Cone Paste Thickener an attractive choice. To nd out how Deep Cone Paste Thickeners can help you, please contact your local FLSmidth sales representative.

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