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Revelation brings into manifestation the thing that is spoken by the power and anointing of God. Money Cometh to the Body of Christ is not merely the title of a book by Leroy Thompson, a saying or a slogan, but it is a revelation from God for the now. God always provides the Body of Christ with the revelation and truth it needs to get our assignments done in the earth. The revelation of Money Cometh is such one of those. ith this revelation, we continue to say, !Money Cometh to me, today, now. Money Cometh to the Body of Christ today. It Is an Anointing To Be Received The anointing of Money Cometh is a supernatural one, meaning that God"s hand is resting upon it and #e is putting #is favor on us when we receive it. $ur hearts must become enlarged to receive the anointing of it to be changed by the #oly %pirit and the ord of God in the area of possessing wealth. God is a God of increase &multiplication' and the anointing for increase has the power to perform that increase. e have to go beyond the secular (obs, because without the vast amounts of wealth that the Body of Christ needs, we will not be able to fulfill any of our visions or the God)given ministries into the earth, towards the end result of the bumper)crop of souls &*ames +,-' Money Cometh is a supernatural endowment of the #oly %pirit towards this. .t will be the #oly %pirit who will cause the Body of Christ to be pipeline for money to flow through. e position ourselves for the supernatural to happen in our lives. Our God Is a Wealth and Riches God The debate of what true prosperity is stills gets attention in the /ew Testament Church pulpits, showing ignorance and stubbornness to fully embrace and talk about money. 0ost definitely prosperity includes more than (ust material things or money, but by the virtue of the definition alone1!full supply and abundant provision21it does include things3 4ing 5avid or his son %olomon talked much about money and things. God went to great e6tremes to make sure the Bible included the dimensions, the descriptions, the furnishings, the labor and the costs of both #is thrones, houses and temples. &%ee many portions of the $ld Testament.' God does not have a problem talking about wealth and riches either3 7rosperity comes from God and poverty comes from %atan, as part of the curse. Luke 8,9: was *esus; first message on earth, and in it #e addressed the problem of lack. *esus said in

Money Cometh to the Body of Christ

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essence, !. am anointed to preach to the poor and to bring all sorts of freedoms and deliverances to you.2 e are also aware of the spiritual laws associated with money. !Give and it shall be given back to you2 &Luke >,=:'. !He that waters will be watered also2 &7rov. 99,<8'. ! hatever our hands touch prospers2 &7salms 9,='. e can no longer (ust have godly visions? we must have provision to fulfill all godly visions. e are not to cry to the secular world for help, but instead get into this godly position of Money Cometh. The world knows how to work their economic system well, being !wiser than the children of light2 &Luke 9>,:'. The Body of Christ will not work our economic system as they do. e will work it righteously, being full of light. There will never be a (ob or a career that would ever reward anyone the way God"s covenant of increase will bless in the revelation of Money Cometh. Believers Change to Think Like God .n these last days, the move from poverty and financial slavery to prosperity and overflow must include the anointing and the supernatural. .f a believer cannot embrace this Bible truth, due to perhaps tradition, low self worth or ignorance of God"s plan and great love for them, let them be set free in the truth. The Body of Christ is e6tremely valued in God"s eyes, being !the apple of His eye2 &@echariah <,:'. The Bible Covenant of Wealth 5euteronomy :,9- and 9: give us a picture of two types of people. !"nd thou say in thy heart, My power and might of mine had hath given me this wealth &v9-'. This person believes their abilities have been the reason for their success. !But you shall remember the #ord your God, for it is he that giveth power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant.2 The focus is to be in the power source, the #oly %pirit of the covenant, and not in the wealth of the covenant. But the Body of Christ obtaining the wealth does reAuire cooperation with God in obedience in the choices of life. Let The Increase Begin! Let us boldly say, !$he spirit of increase is upon me now. There has to be desire for increase, with faith, as in like manner when we desired to receive the baptism in the #oly %pirit or other godly pursuits. hen we begin to move forward into this covenant of increase, we may be called by others as covetous. God will not call #is people that. #e already has pronounced us !blessed,2 or !happy, fortunate and to be envied. There is to be no fear in possessing great amounts of wealth. 0oney does not have a personality, actually. .t functions in the earth through the hands that control or hold it, whether for good or evil. .n the hands of the righteous, it is always good3 Let the revelation of Money Cometh, the supernatural increase of wealth, begin3

Money Cometh to the Body of Christ

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