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Contribute to the success of the company with honesty, efciency, accuracy and creativity through the achievement of the objectives using my experience, knowledge and skills.


Postgraduate Diploma In Marketing UNAM FCA 2002-2003 Bachelor of Administration UNAM FCA 1998-2002 Technical Degree In Accounting & Informatics UNAM CCH Vallejo 1996-1998


English + Spanish

Platform: Web Design: Grac Design: Animation: Business:

Windows, Macintosh, Linux Front Page, Dreamweaver, PageMaker Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator Flash SAP, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Publisher, , Acrobat, SUA, COI, NOI, SAE, BANCO, PROD, SPSS Others: Northem Networks WINPAK, SBS Maestro, Property, Max Image.


ACNIELSEN Sourcing Programs & Support Coordinator Nov 12 - Current Responsible for Sourcing operation in Mexico. SAP SRM catalog administration for Mexicos ofce. Negotiation with local and international suppliers. Supplier search and supplier development. Procure goods and services like: furniture, computer equipment, servers, communications equipment, automobiles, insurance maintenance, air conditioning, remodeling, software licenses, etc. Generation and release of orders. Responsible for development and updating of Sourcing policies and procedures. Generating policies for the region in line with the Global policy. Support for the region as a link to our Corporate in U.S. Corporate and LATAM Leader support for regional projects such as policy development, process standardization, training and advice for the management of SAP. Support for the region in the absence of LATAM Leader. General vendor contract administration and paralegal support for the Nielsen Legal department. Draft, negotiate and complete vendor agreements, vendor amendments, and vendor legal letters either alone or in conjunction with Legal attorneys and other company executives. Responsible for vendor contract renewals, terminations, and maintenance of the vendor contract les. Assist in analyzing and interpreting legal documents to determine contractual rights and obligations. Maintain status reports of outstanding agreements, monitor contracts for future obligations, expiration dates and other contractual deadlines. Achievements: Implementation of key productivity indicators. Generating savings over $20,000 USD in just 6 months.


ACNIELSEN Sr. Buyer Oct 08 - Oct 12 Procurement of goods and services such as; Automobiles property and leasing, ofce furniture, servers, blades, desktops, laptops, remodeling projects and conguration spaces, computer accessories, employee benets, software development, communications equipment, maintenance policies, air conditioning, employee gifts, etc. Preparation and updating of Sourcing policies and procedures. Administration, catalog updating and support for the in-house purchases system. Reporting. Supplier development and internal clients attention. Price negotiation, terms, returns and guarantees. Purchase Orders creation. Purchase records creation. Achievements: SAP SRM 7.0 Implementation for Mexico and Venezuela ofces (from Data migration to Go Live). Support for system implementation and training across the region (LATAM). Car leasing database creation which includes details of each unit in order to expedite the search for information. ACNIELSEN Jr. Buyer Oct 07 - Sept 08 Procure goods and services for operation such as; supplies for general services, miscellaneous gifts for colaborators, customers and employees, design and production for corporate printing, newspapers and magazines subscriptions, capture and tabulation of information, eld gathering information, temporary staff, transfers, logistics and distribution of colaborator gifts, legal fees, immigration procedures, events, trainings, etc. Supplier development and internal clients attention. Price negotiation, terms, returns and guarantees. Purchase Orders creation. Purchase records creation. Achievements: Improvements to the in-house purchases system, which decreased 50% of the authorization time for internal requirements. NEXTEL Personalized Client Service Executive (Temporary) Dic 06 - Jun 07 Advice, negotiation and dealing with customers, analysis and conict resolution, crisis management, validation and monitoring of administrative procedures as; transfer of rights, renewals, bonuses, refunds, cancellations and other related with the job. Coordination and negotiation with various areas to solve customer problems. Achievements: Reducing service time at desk, increasing customer satisfaction. American Tower Financial Administrative Assistant Mar 06 - Sept 06 Project for clearance accounts. Customer care and negotiation. Preparation of nancial analysis of leases and subleases of properties and subsequent approval or correction with the client. Billing generation due to variations, reporting and follow up. Validation and correction of leasings and cancellations. Achievements: Project completion ahead of schedule saving costs for the company. Mexicana De Aviacin Crew Allocator Oct 04 - Oct 05 Care and service with unionized staff, personal customer service and phone support, services promotion, planning, analysis, validation and logistics for the allocation of ight services according to contractual conditions, making reports of disabilities, contractual permissions, calculation of per diems and salaries, movements of crews and resolution of contingencies due to delays and operational requirements. Uniforms Administrative Assistant Oct 00 - Abr 01 Customer care, purchase order registration, sales logistics, attention to employees and suppliers, le management, integration and control of personnel les, incidents reporting, incentives capture and accounting, IMSS movements, reports generation, security and CCTV system management. Achievements: Security system conguration. Measuring of deviations in assistance and overtime with respect to that recorded in the system. Decreased of frauds in assistance and overtime.