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SWOT analysis/ Implementation/ Evaluation McDonalds SWOT analysis 2013 Strengths 1.

Largest fast food market share in the world 2. Brand recognition valued at $40 billion 3. $2 billion advertising budget 4. Locally adapted food menus 5. Partnerships with best brands 6. More than 80% of restaurants are owned by independent franchisees 7. Children targeting Opportunities 1. Increasing demand for healthier food 2. Home meal delivery 3. Full adaptation of its new practices 4. Changing customer habits and new customer groups Threats 5. Saturated fast food markets in the developed economies 6. Trend towards healthy eating 7. Local fast food restaurant chains 8. Currency fluctuations 9. Lawsuits against McDonalds Source: http://www.strategicmanagementinsight.com/swot-analyses/mcdonalds-swot-analysis.html Weaknesses 8. Negative publicity 9. Unhealthy food menu 10. Mac Job and high employee turnover 11. Low differentiation

Strengths analysis/ Implementation/ Evaluation

All over the world, 69 million customers order from McDonalds everyday. Dominating 8% of total world sales, Mcdonalds Corporation ranks 1st in worldwide fast food market share. The company serves 119 countries, holds more than 34,000 restaurants, and employs 1.8 million employees worldwide. No doubt that McDonalds won multiple distinctions in terms of their branding. To name a few, The company was recognized as 2011 Most Innovative Food Company by Fast

Company, 2012 4th Most Valuable Global Brand by Brand Z and 2012 7th Worlds Most Popular Brand by Forbes. Almost everyone could recognize Ronald McDonald clown and could name a few of McDonalds meals. I can tell, the company was able to effectively point out their strength in terms of branding. The Philippines, in particular, brand popularity of Mcdonalds reaches its peak. In a consumer point of view, most Mcdonalds television commercial are heartwarming and uplifting. Like the Hooray for Today, McDonalds Downtown, and McSaver Meals TV commercial. The Hooray for Today commercial depicts a person who cherishes mornings and considers every day as surprises. McDonalds Downtown commercial represents a grandmother and granddaughter relationship strengthened by eating-out and buying McDonalds happy meals. McSaver Meals TV commercial shows a very close relationship between two brothers talking about love life. Other than setting new trends in menus, McDonalds also blend in, to local preferences. Its a fact that, in Filipino culture, we unfailingly bond with our family. In line with the culture, Mcdonalds create meals that enables close family ties such as the McDonalds Happy Bundle. McDonalds also offer seasonal products like McFloat Rainbow Medly during summer and McDonalds Holiday Sweet Pleasures during Christmas. All year round, the craze about McDonalds World Famous Fries stays in hearts of Filipino consumers. As a consumer, I think the partnership of McDonalds with best brands makes the company appealing. Coca Cola, and Heinz ketchup brand gains their place in the market limelight. Consumers perceive trust towards these best brands. McDonalds gave 80% of ownership to their franchisees. This move gave the Main Company fulsome time to focus on innovations, system improvements, and marketing campaigns. I admire McDonalds appeal towards children through their child-friendly offerings, from playgrounds, Happy Meals and advertisements. They make every child, a star. I agree with their strategies because these children, when nurtured well, are blueprints of McDonalds regular customers in the coming years.

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