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rof., ur. LsLeve Almlrall, LSAuL, Spaln
Ad[uncL rof., ur.(Lcon.) Seppo Lemlnen Laurea unlverslLy of Applled Sclences and AalLo unlverslLy
School of 8uslness
rof., ur. (Lcon.) Mlka WesLerlund, CarleLon unlverslLy, Canada

lnnovaLlon ls acLually more Lhan ever relaLed Lo flndlng novel soluLlons ln complex and lnLerrelaLed
seLLlngs where buslness models, Lhe emerge of new meanlngs and adopLlon by a dlverslLy of
consLlLuencles play a ma[or role. lL ls ln Lhls conLexL where Lhe lnvolvlng and co-creaLlng wlLh all Lhe
lnLeresLed parLles ln real-llfe envlronmenLs becomes very relevanL.
Llvlng Labs are physlcal or vlrLual reallLles where sLakeholders form publlc-prlvaLe-people parLnershlps
(4s) of flrms, publlc agencles, unlverslLles, lnsLlLuLes, and users. All are collaboraLlng for creaLlng,
proLoLyplng, valldaLlng, and LesLlng new Lechnologles, servlces, producLs, and sysLems ln real-llfe
conLexLs. 1wo maln dlfferences separaLe Llvlng Labs from oLher forms of user ConLrlbuLed lnnovaLlon.
llrsL, Lhe lnslsLence on real-llfe envlronmenLs allowlng new meanlngs, behavlors and problems Lo
emerge. Secondly, ln llvlng labs Lhe users are Lhe ones LhaL shape Lhe lnnovaLlon ln Lhelr own real-llfe
envlronmenLs, whereas ln LradlLlonal lnnovaLlon neLworks Lhe lnslghLs of users are capLured and
lnLerpreLed by experLs. Slmllar Lo oLher forms of open lnnovaLlon, llvlng labs are dynamlc, buL Lhey are
more formally sLrucLured and less boundless Lhan oLher open lnnovaLlon neLworks. Powever, Lhere ls
llLLle research on llvlng labs as such.
1hls edlLed volume brlngs LogeLher boLh academlcs and managers from flelds of lnnovaLlon and oLher
flelds applylng llvlng labs, llvlng laboraLorles, and llvlng labblng Lo explore Lhe beneflLs and challenges
llvlng labs provlde for varleLy of sLakeholders. SLaLe-of-Lhe-arL research from dlfferenL perspecLlves
LogeLher wlLh a sample of besL llvlng labs pracLlces around Lhe world wlll sulL Lhe needs of
professlonals and researchers allke.
Pence, Lhe alms of Lhls book are:
8rlnglng LogeLher a sLaLe of arL llvlng lab concepLs and Lhelr usage boLh for managers and
SLrengLhenlng llvlng lab as area of lnnovaLlon managemenL
Showlng Lhe challenges and beneflLs of applylng llvlng labs

Research methods
1heoreLlcal and concepLual papers on llvlng labs and challenges and beneflLs on applylng Lhe concepLs
noL only Lhe flrm buL also oLher organlzaLlons perspecLlves are welcome. Lmplrlcal sLudles LhaL feaLure
examples and ouLcomes of llvlng labs are encouraged, as well as concepLual papers on llvlng labs.
ComparaLlve sLudles LhaL examlne ouLcomes of llvlng labs as well as slmllarlLles and dlfferences
beLween dlfferenL secLors and counLrles are also welcome. 1he submlLLed papers can focus on,
wlLhouL belng llmlLed Lo, Lhe followlng Loplcs:
- 1heoreLlcal lnslghLs from llvlng lab research
- MeLhodologles ln llvlng labs
- Llvlng labs as lnnovaLlon ecosysLem and neLwork
- Llvlng lab real llfe envlronmenLs
- user-drlven and user cenLrlc lnnovaLlon ln llvlng labs
- CrchesLraLlon of llvlng labs and llvlng lab players
- SLakeholders roles ln llvlng labs
- ManagemenL of llvlng lab neLworks
- lnnovaLlon and process drlvers ln llvlng labs
- 8ole of llvlng labs ln lnnovaLlon ecosysLems

- Llvlng lab cases and Lhelr usage ln dlfferenL flelds and conLexLs
- 1he appllcaLlon of llvlng labs
- Scales and lnsLrumenLs for Lhe measuremenL of llvlng labs beneflLs
- Legal lssues ln llvlng labs
- MoLlvaLlng users
- MeLrlcs and key measures for Lhe analysls of llvlng labs
- MeLrlcs and key measures for Lhe analysls of llvlng labs
- SLraLegy and 8uslness model of llvlng labs
- CommerclallzaLlon of ouLcome ln llvlng labs

Submlsslon of absLracL/ouLllne: March 1sL 2014 (300 word absLracL).
noLlflcaLlons on accepLance/early commenLs: March 13

lull paper drafL submlsslon: May 13 (20 pages)

noLlflcaLlon and revlew commenLs: !une 13

llnal submlsslon SepLember 1

ubllcaLlon lnformaLlon
All book chapLers wlll be lndlvldually downloadable and accesslble vla SprlngerLlnk.com or lf someone
buys Lhe enLlre book ln prlnL or e8ook from Lhe Sprlnger shop or afflllaLed parLners such as Amazon,
8arnes & noble eLc.
Lach chapLer ls Search Lnglne CpLlmlzed (uslng Lhe absLracL and LlLle/auLhors) and Lhus Coogle can
flnd lndlvldual chapLers upon a keyword search dlrecLly leadlng Lo SprlngerLlnk .

uocumenLs & conLacL
AuLhor guldellnes can be found aL http://www.springer.com/authors/book+authors?SGWID=0-154102-0-
lf you have any furLher quesLlons, please feel free Lo conLacL one of Lhe book edlLors:
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