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Outdoor Power System

TP48200E-D09A1 is an AC/DC outdoor power system that configures 48V/50A rectifier modules to supply rated of 200A output current, with direct ventilation cooling . The system has excellent performance such as wide range of AC input voltage, high power efficiency, surge protection, intelligent temperature and battery management, and remote management. The TP48200ED09A1 is used in class B environment for various outdoor scenarios.

High protection level:IP55 High efficiency of rectifier module: >96% Super temperature performance for rectifiers with range from -40 to 75 The power module supports hot-swapping, easy to install and maintain Temperature control system built-in door, easy to maintain, clean, replace Strong anti-theft design: Door embedded, hinge hidden, 3point lock, door sensor, support padlock Intelligent battery management, prolong battery lifespan Support battery anti-reverse function, reducing operating risk Support remote management, reducing customer operating cost Small size supporting flexible deployment

Application Scenarios
Outdoor wireless site Outdoor enterprise communication network

Dimension Weight Cooling mode Installation mode Cabling mode Maintenance mode Noise level Protection level Battery space User space MTBF Input mode Input voltage Input frequency 650mm(W)650mm(D)900mm(H) (excluding base) 70kg (without rectifier module and battery) Direct ventilation 1400W On ground\on roof\against wall At the bottom, inlet/outlet downwards In front Satisfied GR487, noise65dBA@1.5m IP55 N/A 8U 200,000 hours Three phase, single phase Three phase/single phase: 85VAC300VAC, rated: 220VAC; 45~65Hz, rated value: 50Hz/60Hz 163A/3P 20kA/40kA, 8/20s


AC Distribution

Input capacity SPD

Maintenance socketAC output Universal Three phase/single phase: 116A/1P(maintenance socket) AC output 116A/1P Output voltage 42~58VDC, rated value: 53.5VDC 12kW(43000W) 2x125A MCB 263A MCB, 232A MCB 216A MCB 10kA/20kA, 8/20s 85VAC300VAC, rated 220VAC 3000W -40~+75 103mm(W)243mm(D)88.9mm(H) <2.8kg 0.99 5% 3 AI(battery temp., ambient temp., ambient humidity) 9 DI(water, smoke, gate, 6 common DI) 8 dry contact RS232, RS485, SNMP Up to 50000 historical records LCD -10~+45 (+ solar radiation) -40~+70 5%~95%(non-condensing) 0~4000m Maximum capacity Battery branch LLVD branch BLVD branch SPD Input voltage Rated power Working temperature

DC Distribution


Dimensions Weight Power factor THD Signal input


Alarm output Communication port Storage capacity Display mode Operating temperature Storage temperature Operating humidity Altitude


Remark: Normal efficiency(>92%) rectifier is optional

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