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IPS Global Directory is a Directory solution for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM).

IPS Global Directory main features:

• Search in corporate directories : merge multiple directories in different formats,

• Search and display more data: 5 search fields, 4 phone numbers, detail contact form,
• Split directories: for several company branches,
• Improves user experience: with T9 and touch screen search from IP Phones,
• Search from CIUS : Android client application for CIUS
• Search from Web interface: with direct dialing from the web interface (addon Web Directory)
• Update directories (addon Web Directory)
• Displays calling party detail information (addon IPS Popup)
• Personal address book synchronization : with Outlook or Notes (addon Personal Directory)
• Directory synchronization and update (addon Directory Export)
• CUCM and CUC provisioning (addon Provisionning)
• Speed Dial Numbers update (addon Corporate Speed Dials)

Active Directory

Dir. Export / Provisionning

Web Directory
T9, Cius Directory
IPS Popup
Ts keyboard

IPS Global Directory Light

Active Directory, LDAP, CUCM, OLEDB, ODBC, Public Exchange

Folder, Domino, Excel, Text, XML

IPS Global Directory is a telisca product – www.telisca.com/ipsgdir 1/8


IPS Global Directory expands IP Phone directory to different directories sources and enhances user interface. IP
Phone users will find in IPS Global Directory all the contacts in the company. IP Phone users may also find
partners, distributors, customers, and other lists of useful phone numbers. Different directories can be viewed
from each entity of the telephony cluster.

IPS Global Directory either works as a Virtual Directory or by replication. Supported directories are: CUCM
Directory, Active Directory, LDAP directories, Exchange Public Folder, Domino server, Databases, Excel, XML
and text files. Also, IPS Global Directory can replicate users’ personal address books from Outlook and Lotus

Each defined target directory can contain several source directories and remove duplicates contacts or not.
Include or exclude filters can be defined. More than 20 fields per contacts can be retrieved and up to 4 phone
numbers can be displayed. Phone numbers are reformatted according to administrator defined rules, required
prefix are added.

Different ip phone user interfaces can be defined from the usual SMS style with up to five search fields, T9
multi fields, T9 iterative search or touch screen keyboard. Different result formats are available, including a
detailed contact form.

SMS Mode Search Customizable contacts lists Up to 4 numbers by contact

Alphanumerical touch screen Alphanumerical touch screen keyboard

T9 multi criteria search (7905, 7906,
keyboard (7979, 7971, 7975) (9971)
7911, 7912, 7920, 7931, 7985)

Auto complete T9 search (7921, 7925, 7940, 7941, 7942, 7945, 7960, 7961, 7962, 7965)

IPS Global Directory is a telisca product – www.telisca.com/ipsgdir 2/8


Specifications Description
Source directories types for direct LDAP, Active Directory, SQL database, Access or Excel file (OLEDB), XML file.
Source directories types for LDAP, Active Directory, CUCM directory, Exchange Public folder, SQL database,
replication Excel file, Text file.
Contact filtering Inclusive and exclusive filtering on directory attributes
Segmentation/Splitting Select target directory according to service subscription parameter or depending of
defined IP Phone zone based on Device Pools, Location, CSS, IP address range, IP
Phones list.
Phone numbers format Global and per source directory sophisticated phone format rules.
Directory attributes Up to 20 attributes + photo
Multiple target directories List of target directories to search, can be defined in service parameters.
Union, merge Parallel queries on different source directories, distinct and merge contacts’
Sorting Contacts sorted on up to 5 attributes.
Search attributes Up to 5 attributes with search format.
Search criteria Begin with, contains, list of values/completion (Web Directory).
Search modes SMS, T9 multi criteria, T9 with list, T9 w/o refresh, keyboard on touch screen (797x).
Result format Configurable result list, up to 4 phone numbers/contact, contact description screen.
Client side personal directory Synchronize with Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Notes 6.5, Notes7,
synchronization Notes 8, Notes 8.5
Server Side personal directory Synchronize with Exchange 2007, Domino 6.51, 7, 8.5 servers
Directory update Web interface to update directory (OLEDB directory or replicated directory)
Directory Export Supported target directories: Active Directory, LDAP, CUCM, Text. Update, insert,
delete on all Telephone fields only.

Features with optional modules

Features Light Standard Web Popup Personal Corporate Directory Provisionning

Directory Directory Speed Dial Export
Direct search on source directory or replication X X
Search from IP Phone in SMS mode X X
Search from IP Phone in T9 mode X
Search from IP Phone with touchscreen keboard X
Search from Cisco Cius client (Android) X
Segment directory by entity X
Search and dial from a Web interface X
Search on calling party number popup a contact form on IP Phone X
Search on personal address book synchronized with Outlook or Exchange X
Search on personal address book synchronized with Notes or Domino X
Update corporate speed dials (translation patterns) X
Export to text file, print directory using Excel models X X
Update Active Directory or LDAP server X X
Update CUCM : End User, Devie Profile, Line X
Update Cisco Unity, Unity Connection : account X


Configuration and settings are defined directly from the administration web interface. You can define source
directories, replication settings, phone numbers formatting rules and the target directories with the search
modes and display settings.

IPS Global Directory is a telisca product – www.telisca.com/ipsgdir 3/8



With Web Directory option, the user may also query the defined target directories through a Web interface. He
can then dial by clicking on the phone number. The user may enter once his CUCM’s user Id and will not need
to authenticate again in the future.


Customers using Cius can search contacts from IPS Global Directory Standard using an Android client
application. This application connects to IPS Global Directory via http taking advantage of the included VPN.

IPS Global Directory is a telisca product – www.telisca.com/ipsgdir 4/8

The Android user interface allows selecting a directory, searching a contact with auto complete fields,
displaying the contact list, then the contact form and dialing the contact phone numbers.


With IPS Popup option, IPS Global Directory is automatically queried at each incoming call searching on the
calling phone number. If a contact is found in the directories or database defined, a popup detail contact
screen is pushed on the IP Phone. If multiple contacts are found, the list is displayed.

IPS Popup includes a CTI server that monitors the phone events.


With Personal Directory option, personal contacts in Outlook or Lotus Notes can be searched on the IP Phone
or Popup on incoming call.


Personal Directory includes a client that executes on the PC and synchronizes periodically with Outlook (2002,
2003, 2007 and 2010) or Lotus Notes (6.2 to 8.5). Contacts are associated with CUCM‘s user Id and uploaded
onto IPS Global Directory. When contacts are searched on the IP phone, they are filtered on the user login
associated to the phone or logged on the phone in extended mobility mode.

IPS Global Directory is a telisca product – www.telisca.com/ipsgdir 5/8


Personal Directory Server connects directly to Exchange to synchronize CUCM users’ personal directories. It can
also connect to Domino server via a Web service application (.nsf file on the server). This architecture avoids
any additional installations on users’ computers and is particularly adapted to Outlook Web Access (OWA) or
Domino Web Access (DWA) users. Personal directories are encrypted and stored on Personal Directory server.


Carnets d’adresses
Domino Répliqués, cryptés

IP Phone Web Directory

XML application

Personal Directory supports these server versions:

• Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010

• Lotus Domino 8.0, 8.5


The Directory Export module lets you use IPS Global Directory as a central directory to update one or more
target directories. The main directory update comes from the replication of several source directories with
these capabilities: merging/duplicates removal and/or updates from the Web Directory interface in Update

Directory Exportschema
Export / Provisioning

Active Directory
LDAP Active Directory
Dossier Exchange LDAP
Domino IPS Global
Bases de données
SQL Server,

CUCM Fichier texte

Fichiers textes
Excel, XML
IP Phone
Web Directory
XML application
Web Update

IPS Global Directory is a telisca product – www.telisca.com/ipsgdir 6/8

Directory Export can update LDAP or Active Directory. Depending on configuration, it can
INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE. You can restrict updatable fields (telephone fields for example).

The directory can be exported in text file and printed using Excel format models.

Directory Export updates an LDAP Apache server installed on IPS Global Directory server. This offers a search
LDAP interface for IPS Global Directory.

The optional Provisioning module can create or update the CUCM configuration. It is particularly efficient when
using Extension Mobility. The Provisioning module synchronizes from one or several IPS Global Directory
sources or triggered by calling a Web Service method.

The provisioning module creates or updates the End User, Device profile, Line in CUCM. It creates and updates
the Unity or Unity Connection accounts. Default parameters can be set and the parameters can be selected
depending of the value of one or several source attributes. Provisioning values can be set from source
attributes using format mask.


The Corporate Speed Dials Module can load and update speed dial numbers. The speed dial numbers are
defined in Cisco Unified Communications Manager by creating translation patterns, they enable calling a
selected destination by dialing an abbreviated number. Corporate Speed Dials makes it simple to load and
update these numbers from a text or excel file or for the authorized users through the Web interface.
Corporate Speed Dials works on the AXL SOAP APIs to update the translation patterns. Several speed dial lists
can be created for several partitions.

IPS Global Directory is a telisca product – www.telisca.com/ipsgdir 7/8


IP Phone user interface is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. IPS Global Directory
administration is available in English and French.

• CUCM version 4.2x, 5.1x, 6.1x, 7.1x, 8.0x, 8.5x

• CUME (except for IPS Popup, Web Directory, Corp. Speed Dials)
• Cisco IP Phone 6921, 6941, 6961, 7905 (SCCP), 7906, 7911 (SCCP), 7912, 7920, 7921, 7931, 7937, 7940
(SCCP), 7941, 7942, 7945, 7960 (SCCP), 7961, 7962, 7965, 7970, 7971, 7975, 7985, 8961, 9951,
9971, IP Communicator.
• Windows 2003 SP2 or R2 Standard 32/64 bits,
• Or Windows 2008 R2 Standard Servers 32/64 bits,
• Virtual Machine VMWare ESX 4, Cisco UCS,
• Minimum requirements: 1GHz processor, 2Go RAM, 30Go hard drive.

IPS Global Directory is a telisca product – www.telisca.com/ipsgdir 8/8