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SCHOOL NAME Annual Examination Question Paper


Grade: VII Date: dd-mm-yyyy

General Instructions:

Hall Ticket No: Max. Marks: 60 Time: 1 hour

Please check that this question paper contains 3 pages. Attempt all questions. Do not write anything in the question paper. Attempt all questions in each section before going to the next section. Read each question carefully and follow the instructions. 15 minutes time has been allotted to read the question paper as cool off time. All the answers must be correctly numbered as in the question paper.

I. Answer the following questions: 1. What do you mean by the reflection of light? 2. What is sewage? 3. Give one use each of a concave and convex mirror. 4. Which are the seven colours present in a rainbow? 5. Name two chemicals used to disinfect water. 6. Why should oils and fats be not released in the drain? 7. What are known contaminants? 8. What type of image is formed on a cinema screen? 9. What do you mean by the term canopy? 10.Draw a food chain and explain it. II. Answer any 8 of the following questions in one or two sentences:

10 x 1 = 10

8 x 2 = 16

11.State two differences between a convex and a concave lens. 12.Name the organic and inorganic impurities in sewage. Name two for each. 13.Explain the function of bar screens in waste-water treatment plant. 14.What do you understand by the term drip irrigation? 15.What is the difference between a real and virtual image? 16.Where does a plant or animal go when it dies? Explain. 17.Explain the term humus. 18.Which day is celebrated as World Water Day? Why do we celebrate Water Day every year? 19. Draw the diagram of converging and diverging of light by lenses.

20.Explain how groundwater is recharged? III. Answer any 5 of the following questions in three or four sentences: 5 x 3 = 15

21.Write a short note on: a) Aquifer b) Sludge c) Water table 22.What are decomposers? What do they do in the forest? 23.Write about the better housekeeping practices to minimize or eliminate waste and pollutants. 24. Forests serve as green lungs. Explain how? 25. State the characteristics of the image formed by a plane mirror. 26. Light travels along a straight line. Prove this statement with the help of an activity. IV. Answer any 3 of the following questions in one or two paragraphs: 27.Explain the factors responsible for the depletion of water table. 28.Explain: a) How forests prevent flood b) Why there is no waste in forests c) Why there is a need of variety of animals and plants in a forest 29.Explain the treatment of waste water in Waste Water Treatment Plan (WWTP). 30.Outline your role as an active citizen in relation to sanitation. V. Make a sketch showing groundwater and water table. Label it. 1x4=4 3 x 5 = 15