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Dear brothers: I have translated these miracles from volume VI of Pope Kyrillos book, and I hope you post

these miracles on his holiness website so people from all over the world can get to read about this man and all his blessings, may the Lord be with all amen through the intercession of his great Saint Pope Kyrolos. Nabil Salib (via e-mail)

Miracles in our World

Mrs. Sofie Nageeb Rizkallah: Elizabeth Saweros, a relative of Mrs Sofie Nageeb., was sitting on the beach. When she attempted to get up she injured her back, and found out later that she had sustained a major back injury-- a herniated disk. She was later operated on to no avail. Her condition did not improve even after she sought the best spine Surgeons in Europe and the USA. As a result, she was forced to wear iron belts around her waist, and her legs for seven years. One day she was visited by some relatives, including Mrs. Sofie, and learned that they were going to visit Pope Kyrolos. She cried and beseeched them to ask him to pray for her. When Pope Kyrolos was told about her story, the Pope gave them a piece of cotton wetted with holy oil and a string, and told them to have her apply the oil to the area of injury and tie her with the string. The patient did so, and woke up the next morning screaming to be untied from the strings, and behold, she was able to walk for the first time in seven years. When the Pope passed way a long time after this miracle occurred, Elizabeth cried and said that she had spent seven years confined to her bed with iron belts, and through the intercession of that holy man's prayers she was able to walk again.

Mr. Meshraqy abdel sayyed from Alexandria: Mr. Meshraqy tells that his hand has been diseased by fatty infiltration, and after many medical consultations, he was told that he had to undergo surgery to release the fat. However, Mr. Meshraqy was very nervous about the operations, and decided to go see the Pope. When he got to the main Cathedral in Cairo, where the Pope was, it was extremely crowded, and it seemed completely improbable that he was going to get the chance to talk to the Pope. So, he decided instead to touch one of the Pope's robes, and then he went home. Gradually, yet certainly, the fatty infiltration that had caused the malfunction of his hand began to disappear until it was completely gone.

Mr. (F10): When Father Mina was selected by the church to become the next Pope, Mrs. (F10) made a sarcastic comment about the inadequacy of Father Mina to become the Pope, and the shepherd of the Coptic congregations in and outside Egypt. One morning, when Mrs. (F10) was giving her sick son his medicinal injections, she missed and injured her son causing him to get severe inflammation, and massive growth at the site of the erroneous injection. After surgical consultation, the mother was told that her son had to undergo an operation to alleviate this inflammation. Feeling guilty about her son, the mother became depressed and morose and went to see the new Pope and ask him for a prayer. When she

was in his presence, she confessed to the Pope the comment she had made when he was chosen, and expressed her extreme regret and sorrow about she said. The Pope, in his mercy, unconditionally forgave her, and then prayed for her and her son. He gave her a piece of cotton immersed in holy oil and instructed her to place it on the boys injury. The very next morning, not only was all the inflammation was gone, but the very sickness the boy had been suffering from, which created the need for the injections in the first place, had also been miraculously cured.

Mr. Magdy Tawfik, living in 41 Gezira Badran Street, Rod Elfarg, Cairo: Mr. Tawfiks sister had herniated a couple of disks in her spine, and sustained a permanent injury. The injury had a debilitating effect on the entire family because Mr. Tawfiks sister was a mother of four who no longer give her children the same loving care. She was an older woman and the heavy iron belts, which were tied to her back, only further impeded her movement and magnified her pain. She began to seek help from many famous doctors to no avail; instead her back became more grievously injured along with her pain. The poor woman found no recourse but to stay home and cry to the heavens, pleading vehemently for intervention. Mr. Tawfik had heard about a monk called Father Mina, who lived in St. Mina Church at the very end of old Egypt. The monk's was known for his devoutness, righteousness, virtuosity, and piety. Mr. Tawfik went to see Father Mina, and took him in his confidence. After the holy mass the next Friday, Father Mina prayed for Mr. Tawfiks sister, and rubbed her head with holy oil, and he dismissed the sister and brother with his prayers. Thank Heaven for Father Minas intercession, says Mr. Tawfik, My sister felt like a heavy mountain had been taken off her back. She removed the iron belts, and she began moving more freely. The pain was gone, and the herniated disks were cured as if they had never existed. May the blessing of this holy Pope be upon us all. Amen. Mr . Magdy Tawfik tells of another miracle. His brother, Habeel, had been living with seizures all his life. He had been born with this condition and he was expected to live with it until he died. Individuals who suffer from seizures can experience twitching, prolonged muscle contractions of hands and legs, and loss of consciousness. A seizure can occur at any moment during the day, while driving, or crossing the street, for example, which puts the individuals life at risk. The family of Habeel was worried about his safety when commuting back and forth from work. At this time, there were no medications or surgeries that could help individuals living with seizures. Electric shock was the only treatment option, however it was not effective and was accompanied with many sever side effects. One day Habeel's mother remembered what Pope Kyrolos had done for her daughter (text of the last miracle) back when he was a monk in old Cairo before he was ordained to be Pope. The mother set out to go see the Pope and when she met him she humbly asked if she could make an appointment to bring her son to him, hoping that Pope Kyrolos could pray for him and help relieve his seizure condition. The Pope simply replied, There is no need for an appointment, your son is healed, and behold as if what the Pope had said was registered in heavens, her son was healed, and he never had a seizure again.

Mr. Noshy Awad, 55 Daniel the Prophet, Alexandria: Mr. Awad tells that Mr. Saad Hakims wife had suffered internal bleeding that had an ominous prognosis, and she was hospitalized with no chance of medical treatment and recovery. Mr. Hakim went to see the Pope seeking the heavenly intervention of our Lord for his wife. The Pope gave him a piece of cotton immersed in holy oil and told him go back to the hospital and give this piece of cotton to his sister or his mother, or his sister in law, and have any one of them rub the bleeding site with the cotton. Before nightfall, the bleeding had stopped to the disbelief of everyone including the staff physicians. The woman was discharged in the same night.

Mrs. Wadeaa from St. George church from Alexandria: Mrs. Wadeaa tells that her daughter has been diagnosed with "Osteogenesis Imperfecta, after her daughter gradually began to lose strength in her legs, and eventually could no longer walk. Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a very debilitating bone disease where bones fracture easily mostly before puberty. It also causes severe early hearing loss, and significant dental problems. To this day, there is no cure for this disease since it is genetic. Mrs. Wadeaa very distraught upon hearing the diagnosis, carried her daughter from the hospital and hysterically crying, she set out to seek the Pope. When the Pope saw her with her child, he was deeply moved, and took the child and put her on her knees. The Pope prayed and rubbed her forehead with holy oil. In no time, the daughter gained strength in her legs, stood up and was able to walk perfectly. When she grew up there was no trace of the disease as if her initial diagnosis was completely incorrect.

Morkos Yostos Morkos; Priest from Swama west of Soha: Morkos Yostos Morkos was at one point the priest for St. Mary church at Sweis when his daughter Irene became ill, and subsequently was diagnosed with "Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Her bones began degenerating with rapidity until she stand or walk. Seeing her daughters condition deteriorate before her eyes, her mother became desperate and carried her daughter to the Pope. Before she uttered one word, the Pope called the daughter by her name and diagnosed her illness and crossed her with his holy cross. The young girl took communion and behold, the daughter went home walking as if nothing had ever been wrong with her. Priest Morkos Yostos Morkos also tells that he had been suffering for years with a blood clotting disorder, which prevented normal blood flow in his heart, causing him to be afflicted with constant chest pain. Being a devout priest, with a firm faith in the healing power of the Lord, he sought out the Pope. The Pope then prayed for this priest, and blessed him, and after that the priest never experienced any more pain in his chest. Priest

Morkos Yostos Morkos says, Many times I went early to the church to pray with the Pople, and every time we prayed together I felt as if the heavens were opening up. I was so spiritually comforted in his presence.

Mrs. Awgyne Askander 184 Bor-said Street, Alexandria: Mrs. Askanders son was diagnosed with Rheumatic fever, and he underwent treatment under the observation of Dr. Victor Amen who advised that the child should not move at all and be put on bed rest for six months. Everyone who saw the child wept when they saw his fragile body. After the 6 months, the critical period was over, however the disease had ravaged the boys body and the doctor warned that any excitement would bring back the fever and kill the child. Telling a child to live life without being able to exert any effort in running, or playing, or living without the excitement of youth, is taking his childhood away, and was impossible to do. One year later the child became ill again, however this time it was severe to the point he was advised to go to England for treatment. In school, his parents asked his teachers to prevent him from exerting any effort, even attempting to prevent him from laughing or crying. After graduation from elementary school, he enrolled in the junior high school in his area, where his classes were held in the third floor. His father would carry him up the stairs every day. His father went to the principal asking for his son to be transferred to the first floor, however the principal asked for official documents to prove his sickness. The poor father, bitter and disheartened, scheduled an appointment with the doctor to get this document, but before he went to see the doctor, he visited the Pope. After explaining his son's sickness, the Pope prayed for the boy. Afterwards, the father went to the doctor to get the document, however when the doctor examined the boy, he rushed out to meet the father, smiling and incredulous. He said that if he had not been the boys childhood doctor he would have never believed that the child had ever suffered from Rheumatic fever. The boy was completely cured. His father dropped to his knees and thanked God.

Mr.Karam Gerges, 30 Abdel Baqy street, Mansoora: Mr. Gerges had been diagnosed with diabetes, and was undergoing treatment under the supervision of Dr. Adel Naom, who had put him on a very strict diet, which caused him weakness, and significant weight, until he became so frail that he could not walk. Mr. Gerges became despondent and begged his doctor to allow him to eat without restrictions on his diet. However Dr. Naom remained firm, and insisted that compliance with the diet was the only way for Mr. Gerges to get better. In pain, Mr. Gerges decided to visit the Pope. However, when he arrived, he resolved not to tell the Pope about his condition. Instead, he would only ask for a simple blessing

from the Pope. After he had been blessed, and he was about to leave, the Pope asked him to stay longer until he had finished running his errands. When he returned, the Pope asked Mr. Gerges to follow him to one of the upper floors. There, the Pope gave him a fresh Korbana to take and dismissed him. Mr. Gerges ate hungrily and then realized that he had ate more of the Korbana than he was supposed to eat following the amount of bread his doctor had deemed appropriate due to his diabetes. One month later, his blood and urine test came back, and the result was mind boggling. There was no trace of any sugars in his blood or urine. He was completely cured.

Mrs. Shoky Nageeb, 14 Sheebeen, Masr El Gededa: Mrs. Nageeb tells that since she was married in 1938, all the children she bore, over ten years, died shortly after birth. Some of her relatives suggested that she visit Father Mina, who later became Pope Kyrolos. With hope in her heart she went to see the Pope in old Egypt. After she told him her story, and after a quiet prayer he told her, God will give you what you asked for. You will have a child, and you will name him Mina. Nine months later at the end of November 1948, Mrs. Nageeb had twins, Mina and Nageeb. Her husband went to Father Mina to tell him the good news, and upon hearing the news Father Mina went straight to the altar, got down on his knees and prayed for a long time. Some time afterwards, Mrs. Nageeb had a daughter as well. Forever grateful to the Pope and our Lord, Mrs. Nageeb, along with her children, still frequent St. Mina church in Old Egypt.

Mr.Mahroos Zaki Sheta; 20 sheik Al-armanawy street, Hadakek El-Kobh, Cairo: In November 1958, Mr. Sheta married his cousin but they were never blessed with children. They went seeking medical intervention everywhere, but no doctors could help them. Desperately they had tried many different procedures including fertility shots, and enlarging the uterus until November 1965. Mrs. Sheta was advised by her doctor, Sameer Mahfooz, that she undergo surgery in the Coptic church in Egypt, which he felt would assist in bring about the pregnancy. So she underwent the surgery, however she still did not become pregnant. Then the doctor prescribed very expensive fertility shots, which were only available in the west, and Mr. and Mrs. Sheta bought the shots without hesitation even though the doctor warned that Mrs. Sheta might incur terrible side effects. In May 1967, Mr. Sheta went to see Pope Kyrolos without his wife, there he explained their situation to the Pope. When I was done, he pulled me by my hand, and he held my head tightly and placed the cross above my head with a lot of pressure to the point where I almost felt my head was about to explode, and when he was done he said, Get up son. You are going to have a daughter. Amen. I said, No your Holiness it is going to be son and we will name him Mina. The Pope answered, Amen my son, say Amen." So I resigned myself to his will and said, Amen, it is the will of your holiness.

Later that year, my wife and I went to doctor Mohammed Regahy an Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor at the University of Cairo, and after he did a pregnancy test it came out me out positive! My wife was finally pregnant! Two days before we went to the hospital my wife went to see the Pope so we could have his blessing. He told my wife, You are going to fine daughter, you'll get through this. At that time, I didn't pay attention to what the Popes words, too overcome with joy. I remembered his words on the delivery day, when things did not go smoothly, but after a C-section my wife was able to deliver the baby. However the child died after three hours. Moreover, my wife went into acute renal failure after her kidneys gave out, and her condition deteriorated. She became terribly depressed, however I encouraged her with the Popes words, You are going to be fine daughter, you'll get through this, and indeed she slowly became well again by March 12, 1968. In August 1968 we went to visit the Pope, and we told him about what happened. He prayed and said, Thank God you are well and now you are going to be blessed. Amen and Amen. On January 24, 1970, we had George, and on March 7, 1972, we had Marina. Thank God for his help and blessings.

Mr. Mohammed Abdel Hameed Mohammed, employee in Banha trian station, 1 Halal Hatrip: Mr. Mohammed tells that he was accompanying his friend, Ali Elsayad, to the urologist, because his friend suspected that he had prostate cancer. When they arrived at the doctor's clinic, Pope Kyrolos happened to be in the clinic as well, so they asked the holy Pope for his prayers, and the Pope agreed and blessed them. My friend was suffering from urine retention due to the enlargement of the prostate, so he was hardly able to urinate anymore, explains Mr. Mohammed. After the Pope touched my friend's abdomen, my friend felt instantly better, and was able to urinate much better. Upon reexamination, there was no trace of the disease, and the prostate cancer was gone. My friend visited the Pope to thank him for this miracle.

Mr. Adel Aziz Yakoob: In my teenage years, I suffered from a skin disease that left my body terribly disfigured, so I went to see Father Mina, before he was ordained as Pope Kyrolos, and he prayed for me and he gave holy water to bathe with. However, I was hesitant because I had been seriously warned by a dermatologist not to expose my skin to any water. After thinking this matter with my family for a long time, I decided to wash my skin with the holy water, and behold, the very next day, there was no trace to the skin disorder. I was miraculously cured.

Mrs. Margrette: Mrs. Margrette tells that one day she went to see the Pope for her sick child. Father Mina could not see her, however he reassured her that that her child would be fine. At midnight that same night, Mrs. Margrette dreamed that Father Mina had come to her, and asked her about her sick child. In her dream, she pointed her child out, he prayed for him and left. When she woke up, she found her son doing very well, without any fever or trace of sickness, and the entire house was filled with a beautiful smell.

Mrs. Gemyana Hana Gerges: Mrs. Gerges had an incurable eye disease that threatened her vision, and she was treated in many places to no avail. In one of the many masses she attended by Pope Kyrolos she whispered, Through your prayers Pope Kyrolos, God will heal me. She says that instantly after she had uttered the words she felt someone holding her head, and her head felt very warm. She began to softly cry, and by the time the mass was done, she felt a great deal better, and she went to see her Ophthalmologist. He affirmed her belief that a miracle had happened, Mrs. Gerges, your eyes have been cured.

Decon Mr. Soleman Mgla Shenoda from Alexandria: Decon Mr. Soleman Mgla Shenoda went to Alexandria to see Pope Kyrolos, and when he approached his Holiness to get a blessing from him, suddenly the Pope gently slapped him on his cheeks, and gently smiled. A few days past this event, I found all the acne on my face gone completely, even thought I tried numerous medical creams without any success. The mans father had told him that he had sought the Pope as well to pray for his skin disease. The Pope gave him a holy oil to apply to his body, and when he did, he was instantly healed.

Mr. Abdel Malek Beshara: Mr. Besharas son George was sick of high fever of unknown origin. His temperature had risen as high as 105-106 degrees Fahrenheit, and all the doctors had given up on him. Seeing my son tormented by fever and dying, I realized that my only option was to beg the Pope to help him, says Mr. Beshara, My uncle was the one who went on this mission for me since I had to stay beside my son. When my uncle saw the Pope, the Pope gave a piece of cotton with holy oil, and ordered him to rub it from the boy's hair to his toes. The Pope said, God willing, he will be healed. My uncle brought the holy oil on the cotton back to my house and before we were done rubbing my son with the holy oil he was already getting better, and the very next day, he was completely healed.

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