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Secondary School Lesson Plan Date Time/Duration Class No.

of student Proficiency level : 28th February 2012 : 80 minutes (double period) : Form 1 Epsilon : / students

: Intermediate

Background knowledge: Students are exposed to the summary of the story. Theme Topic Language skill focus Integrated skills Language focus Learning outcomes : Literature component : Flipping Fantastic by Jane Langford (extraordinary superb) : Writing : Reading, Speaking and Listening : Characters and characteristic. : By the end of Form 1, students should be able to: 1.0 LANGUAGE FOR INTERPERSONAL USE 1.1b Take part in conversation and discussion iii. responding appropriately to questions. vi. participating in teacher-guided class discussions by giving ones opinion. 2.0 LANGUAGE FOR INFORMATIONAL USE 2.2a Skimming and scanning for specific information and ideas ii. scanning for certain details.

3.0 LANGUAGE FOR AESTHETIC USE 3.1b Recognizing elements in a story such as characters vi. talking about the characters in a story and writing a paragraph on one or two characters.

Learning objectives

: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. interact and participate actively in class during discussion and question and answer session. (Observable) 2. answer at least 6 out of 10 questions on the characters of the story correctly by themselves (Measureable) 3. act out to show the characteristic of the given character for the rest of the classmates to guess in groups. (Achievable)

Educational emphasis: a) Thinking skills b) Preparing for real world c) Multiple Intelligence Moral values Resource Materials : Helpful, cooperative, respecting one and another. : Pictures, handouts, worksheet, whiteboard, mahjong paper and marker



TEACHER/PUPIL ACTIVITY 1. Teacher writes the title of the story entitled Flipping Fantastic on the whiteboard 2. Teacher asks students questions related to the characters in the story.

AVA/ RATIONALE Rationale To create interest in the topic of the lesson by eliciting their feedback. To determine whether students had already read the story or not AVA Whiteboard marker

Whole class Question: 1. Can you still remember what the story is all about? 2. Who are the main characters in the story?

Skills Speaking


Whole class

1. Teacher exposes students with the characters of the story. 2. Teacher pastes the picture of the main characters on the whiteboard. 3. Teacher asks students opinion on the characteristic of each character.

Rationale To reinforce students understanding on the character and characteristics of the story.

Skills Reading Speaking

4. Students are called to write the characteristics beside the picture. AVA 5. Teacher discusses the whole characteristics with all students. Pictures of characters of the story. (Appendix 1)


Whole class

Task One: 1. Teacher divides students into group of 4. 2. Each group will be given Worksheet (Appendix 2). 3. Students will have to match the correct characteristics with the respective character in the story. 4. Teacher discusses the answer with all students.

Rationale Allow students to work in group to complete a group task.

Skills Reading Speaking

AVA Worksheet 1 (refer to Appendix 2) Whiteboard Marker


Task Two 1. Teacher distributes Worksheet 2 (Appendix 3) to all students. 2. Students will have to answer all questions individually. 3. Teacher discusses the answers with all students.

Skills Reading Writing

Rationale To persuade students to work individually and complete the task given.

AVA Worksheet 2 (refer to Appendix 3) Whiteboard Marker


Individually Skills Listening Speaking

1. Student remains in their same group. 2. Each group will be given a name of a character with their characteristic and they must act out a situation which shows it for the whole class to guess.

Rationale To make the class more interesting and to involve the students in the class itself.

AVA CLOSURE (10MINUTES) Whole class Skills Speaking 1. Teacher will recap and review the lesson with the students. 2. Teacher discusses on the moral values attained from the story. Rationale To ensure the students learn some values from the lesson. AVA Homework


Follow-up Activity

: Students are asked to write a journal on their characteristics in a

short paragraph.


Supervisors comment :

Appendix 1

Appendix 2
Match the characteristic of each character below.

Tristan ------James -------

Boys Mother -------

confident strong



loving observant

responsible has initiative

lack self-confidence

Appendix 3