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Battery Charger

Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (HHPE) Is in the business of Industrial UPS Systems since 1987 and has rich experience in supplying power back-up and power quality solutions for mission critical applications in refineries, petrochemicals, power generation, steel & metals, process industries as well as for critical data processing applications. HHPE offers high quality power back-up technology and complete customized solutions for demanding applications.

Typical Power Line Drawing for Parallel Redundant Charger

Salient Features
l l l l l l DSP based digital control LCD display and keypad interface Comprehensive LED mimic Single or Parallel Redundant battery charger Auto temperature compensated battery charger Three modes for battery charging - Auto float / boost - Manual float / boost - Timer based boost Independent battery and load current limit User friendly component layout for easy operation and maintenance Date and time stamp event recording last 250 events logged in non-volatile memory Separate current limit for battery charging and load unit Soft start inrush current to battery when unit is switched on Charger short circuit and overload protection Separate battery path current limiting ensures lower battery charging current than the load current to maintains charging current constantly at required levels.

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Design Philosophy
The Stallion Series of advanced Battery Chargers deploy Thyristor based technology and Digital Signal Processing Control (DSP) to achieve the desired DC output. Power required is adjusted by using phase control technology actuated by the DSP based control card. The DSP based control system enables userfriendly settings via the keypad on the front of the panel. Stallion Series Battery Chargers are designed for compatibility with all types of batteries like VRLA, NiCd and Gel.

l Select from a range of options for standardized or customized battery chargers. l Suitable for a variety of battery types like SMF, VRLA, LATB, LAPB, Ultra Low Maintenance Ni-Cd, Fibre Plated Ni-Cd and Gel batteries.

Battery Charger

Charger Type Applicable Standard Charger Characteristics Control Technology Input Voltage Input Frequency Output Voltage Output Current Output Voltage Regulation Ripple Voltage Protection Stallion Battery Charger IEC-62040-3 Constant voltage / constant current with current limit DSP based digital control, 6-Pulse Charger 415VAC +15% to - 20%, Three phase 50 Hz 6 % 24vDC, 48vDC, 110vDC, 120vDC, 220vDC, 240vDC, 360vDC Up to 1000A 1% of set value 1% RMS with battery connected 2% RMS without battery connected Input Switch / MCCB with fuse Output MCB / MCCB Battery fuse / Switch / MCB / MCCB Current limit protection Soft start Short circuit protection Reverse polarity protection DC ground fault protection Input voltmeter Input current meter Input frequency meter Output voltmeter Battery charging / discharging current meter Load current Input ON Charger ON Battery charging Battery discharging Battery Breaker ON Mains Low Mains High Charger Fail DC Low DC High DC earth fault Battery on Float mode Battery on Boost mode Charger over temperature 0 to 450 C 1000 Meter from MSL Non-corrosive, Dust free, Freely ventilated 55 dBA to 70 dBA (depending on system rating & configuration) IP - 41 Natural air cooling or forced air cooling RAL 7032, Epoxy powder coated (standard) Other shades on request On request

Meters ( On LCD )



Operating Ambient Temperature Altitude Atmosphere Audible Noise @ 1 Meter From Panel Front Enclosure Protection Type Of Cooling Paint Shade Dimensions

Testing Facilities Options

l 12-Pulse Battery Charger l Different Input Voltages l Frequency : 60Hz l RS-485, MODBUS, SNMP l Paint shade : Other shades on request l Redundant Cooling Fans l DC Distribution Board l Voltage Drop Diode
Overview of Load Banks Burn-in Chamber

7 Star Fully automatic test facilities

Manufacturing Facilities
Two factories with total built-up area of 1,35,000 Sq. Ft.
Load Banks

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Heat Run Test

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Battery Charger

Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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