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USs Intrusion Its proved almost everywhere that power can dominate anybody, anywhere.

But it doesnt proved anywhere, or it dont give license to get into the people life & peep into what stuff they are doing? Its the most ridiculous thing the power gives to the power. But there are some people or organisations who do these things as their motive & as their work. But, hats off to 29 year old young Edward Snowden who showed the courage & exuberance against USs NSA ( National Security Agency) for which he used to work & against his own country. He not only went against worlds hegemony country USA but also against his employer but also showed the world that by raising voice against the wrongdoing & not become numb you can not solve the problem but at least can show your courage & wisdom & not become slave of anybody. And that what Snowden did. After the disclosure from Snowden, Obama said that it was important to distinguish between the deep concerns we have as a government around theft of intellectual property or hacking into systems whether its our financial systems, our critical infrastructure. About the programme The recent programme called PRISM of NSA against all the citizen of the globe by getting access to their e-data, phone data & call records is somewhat they got access to their life. Because there are many people in advanced countries who spent their more than half of the day on internet, & sending & getting important & confidential information, getting bank transactions, geeting information on phone calls, messaging, etc. And getting access to these very important data that NSA was stealing & peeping into those is question mark on their organization. NSA got into the personal freedom of people around the globe. USA used the advantage of its hegemony & entered into contract & nexus with the internet giants of US companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Verizon, AT&T, Skype, AOL, Google, PalTalk, Apple, Youtube. All these companies revealed E- mail, Chat-video, Video, Voice, Photos, Stored Data, VoIP, File Transfers, Video Conferencing, Notification of target activity logins, Online social networking details, special requests. And these companies also happily get into it & readily gave access to their customers information. The companies on which used to rely for our daily usage, they passed by their users information let them go. What has created particular concern in US is that under the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court orders, all the US telecom companies have given the NSA all their transactions of the millions subscribers. Transactional data, or called metadata are not the actual phone conversations but records od who talked to whom, from where & for how long. Its almost revealing actual conversations itself

The most closely guarded secret of all collaboration with technology companies & internet service provides themselves. Through these covert partnerships, the agencies have inserted secret vulnerabilities into commercial encryption software. The NSA spends $250mn in a year on a programme which among other goals, work with technology companies to covertly influence their product designs. How they did it Vast amounts of encrypted internet data which have up till now been discarded are now. accessible & exploitable. The breakthrough which was not described in detail meant intelligence agencies were able to monitor large amounts of data flowing through the worlds fibre optics cables & break its encryption, despite assurances from internet company executives that this data was beyond the reach of government. Independent security experts have long suspected that NSA has been introducing weakness & getting lame in security standards. NSA has the capability against widely used internet protocols, voice over internet protocol, HTTPs, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) used to protect online shopping & banking. NSAs commercial solutions center, ostensibly the body through which technology companies can have their security products assessed & presented to prospective governments buyers. As US is worlds largest fibre optic network hub, it can tap most of the data passing through its territory. It can tapped easily as all US carriers have obviously provided the US government direct access to their networks. The US is tapping into major trunk routes of Internet in the international waters. Three taps were, one in off the coast of South America, one north of Africa & one in Indian Ocean. After the disclosure by Snowden, all the Silicon Valley internet giants were saying that they are not providing the NSA direct access to their servers, while at the same time admitting that they are duty abound under the US laws to provide the NSA any data it wants. This is the first time ever saw that any countrys government could be the legal thief & in case of US we can say its Empire Espionage. NSA not only snooped into people life but they didnt spared G-20 meeting held in London held in 2009. NSA & Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) of United Kingdom, the British equivalent of United Kingdom, jointly spied on the G-20 summit. The snooping used variety of methods, from tapping satellite signals to specially prepared internet cafes made for delegations.

Surveillance of India When NSAs case disclosed at that time it was shown that India was the 5th most snooped country. The main threat is that in the past our government websites were hacked by Chinese authorities & now the US. So its confirmed that we dont have enough cyber specialists to work on these & there is greater threat. The reason for this penetration in India because Google, Microsoft, Yahoo have large number of users in India & even government agencies & officials routinely use web based services for their communications. Many countries to whom Snowden asked for asylum they refused to give it & this is one example that these countries dont want to go against US and hesitate to take steps against it like India did by refusing to give asylum.But some countries like Russia, Equador, Bolivia, Hong Kong (where Snowden first went after revealing the information) readily gave the asylum request. Conclusion As it is evident that US punish all other countries in different means for violating laws & breaking rules, the recent case of Syria for using WMD, so is it the time to raise voice against the Empire of the world as Snowden did? Even after G-20 snooping why the other powerful countries are not raising voice against this NSAs snooping activity which is against the fundamental right of the people at least for India. So its very high time that the other countries like China, Russia, India , Japan, France, Brazil & other must raise their voice against this illegal intrusion by US on other countrys people. Its the case of sheer of security of anybody in any country. If this thing taken not so seriously then the day is not so far USA will rule the roost. Name : Abhijit Roy References: Frontline Magazine, Business Line, The Hindu