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101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes

A . Douglas

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20 Minute Hamburger Skillet Stew

!"# lb $ean ground beef ! lg %nion,sliced wafer&thin # 'arrots,sliced wafer&thin ( )otatoes,hal*ed, sliced wafer&thin + ,ibs celery,sliced wafer&thin ! c Boiling water ( t Beef e-tract %, bouillon ( Bay lea*es !"# t Dried thy e .alt %, garlic salt )epper !"# c Dry red wine %, to ato /uice ( T All purpose flour 0se elon baller and shape eat into tiny eatballs. Brown in skillet. Discard any fat. .tir onion into skillet and cook ! in. Add boiling water or broth and e-tract or bouillon. Add re aining *eggies, seasonings. 'o*er, cook o*er low heat, !1 ins until *egs are tender. 'o bine wine or water and flour in co*ered /ar. .hake and stir into skillet. 'ook and stir until sauce is thick, # ins

Antiguan Charcoal



This 'aribbean dessert can be started in lefto*er coals 2 large ripe bananas, in a bunch # tbsp butter !"( cup brown sugar !"( tsp ground allspice or !"( tsp fresh grated nut eg + li es, hal*ed !"# cup dark ru , heated in a s all pan onside of grill .et the bunch of unpeeled bananas in hot coals. Bake until black and soft to the touch. 3eanwhile, heat butter with brown sugar and spices until bubbly. 4ach person should slit his banana, s5uee6e a li e half o*er it and dri66le the butter&sugar i-ture on top. Ignite ru and pour it fla ing o*er the bananas a little at a ti e, shaking the skillet gently until the fla e dies.

Aunt Sarah!s Chili Sauce

# 5t To atoes,cut in 5uarters ! T 3ustard seed ( c %nions,sliced ! T 'elery seed ( c 7reen peppers,sliced ( !"( c 'ider *inegar ! T .alt ! c .ugar& brown,white, aple, + T 3i-ed pickling spices 8oney,whate*er is handy 3i- e*erything together in a big pot and put on the back of wood sto*e so that e*erything si ers gently for days. It is ready when it reaches the thickness you want. This recipe is o*er !19 years old.

Australian Grilled Fish

# Fish steaks !"# c $i e /uice ( T :egetable oil ! t Di/on ustard ( t Fresh ginger root &&,7rated !"# t 'ayenne pepper Black pepper ; For the steaks< they should be =&!9 ounces and !&inch thick each. 0se .wordfish, 8alibut or .al on steaks. !. In a bowl, co bine the li e /uice, ! tablespoon oil, ginger, cayenne pepper and enough freshly ground black pepper to suit your taste. (. 3arinate the fish in the arinade for #1&29 inutes. Turn steaks (&+ ti es. +. 8a*e the grill prepared with white coals and brush the cooking grill with the re aining one tablespoon oil. #. 7rill the fish, brushing se*eral ti es with the arinade, until cooked through and opa5ue in the center. Turn fish after about #&1 inutes. Total grilling ti e will depend on your grill and the heat of the coals. ; To broil instead, use a broiler pan brushed with oil and broil until center is opa5ue. >ill take about !9 inutes total in broiler. Turn steaks after 1 inutes, and baste often with arinade.

ackpacking Simple "ood #deas

8ere are so e *ery si ple ideas for dehydrated and light&weight foods. !? Any packaged dinner i- fro the grocery and packed in 6iploc baggies ie, 3acaroni @ 'heese, ,ice&a&,oni, Broccoli and 'heese, etc There are tons of these things a*ailable today. If they call for ilk, then the boys can carry powdered ilk in baggies. 3argarine will tra*el well, and since they will be working hard, the e-tra fat ight be desirable. (? Instant oat eal and instant grits and bagels are great for breakfast. Again, powdered ilk can be used with these. 7et so e of the new Fantastic Foods hot cereal i-es&&they are war and filling. +? Dehydrated *egetables and full eals can be found in ca ping stores. Add dried peas to a bo- of ac @ cheese, for instance #? Try ,a en noodle soups, or any of those Asoup in a cupAs Bthat can be packaged in baggies so they take up less roo ?. 1? Dehydrated bean flakes that i- up al ost instantly with water are a*ailable in 8F.. 3i- these with so e cooked inute rice and put in a tortilla. Cu D Fla*or the with onion, garlic, cu in powders. 2? 'heese backpacks well. Again, the fat ay not be so bad if they are hiking all day. And if itEs cold, then the fat is al ost necessary to help the stay war . BCou need a lot ore calories when itEs cold.? Add a hunk to any soup, pasta, rice, or dehydrated *eggies youEre cooking. F? )asta, pasta, pasta. Top it with sauces ade fro the dry package i-es. A lot of these are tasty. 8igh in sodiu and preser*ati*es so eti es, but for a couple of eals they wonEt hurt you. =? Instant ashed potatoes that can be i-ed with the powdered ilk or water only. 3ake up an instant gra*y to go top. G? Dried fruit can be cooked in so e water and put on top of a piece of angel food cake for dessert. B8ey, the cake ight get crushed a little, but it is lightweightD? Add so e cinna on and Tang Bin lieu of orange /uice?and you appro-i ate a 'ooking $ight recipe. !9? The dry *eggie burger i-es would ake a great eal. 3ost of the ake up with water only and any are 5uite tasty. !!? Bulgar and couscous cook up in only a few inutes with boiling water.

aked Stu$$ed "ish

>hite fish,enough for #&2 ( c .oft bread cubes,about !"(A cubes ! . all onion,chopped fine ! 7reen pepper,blanched and,'hopped = o6 I itation crab eat !"# c $e on /uice !"( c 84$$3AH. ayo .alt @ pepper,To Taste 3i- all these ingredients together and roll up in fish fillets, securing the with toothpicks. Di*ide it a ong four or fi*e good&si6ed pieces. Bake at #99 for +9 inutes. During last !9 inutes pour newburg sauce o*er fish. ItEs good with flounder, but any white fish will do. IE*e used large cod and catfish fillets and butterflied the . Just enough so you can roll it up o*er the stuffing.

est %each Cobbler

Filling + T .ugar ( 5t peach slices,'anned # t Baking powder +"# c .ugar 2 T $ard Bor butter? !"# c >ater +"# c ilk cut half&,'anned + t 'orn starch strength with water B/ust Topping enough to oisten dough? ( c Flour FI$$IH7< Dissol*e corn starch in waterI add i-ture to peaches and /uice in a large, war Dutch o*enI stir wellI sprinkle sugar on topI co*er and allow to si er lightly while topping is prepared. T%))IH7< %n a floured board, turn out a soft doughI pat down to !"(A thickI cut into strips !"(A wide and place criss&cross atop peach i-tureI co*er and cook appro-i ately (9 inutes until golden brown. .er*e with 'a pfire 'offee. .er*es appro-i ately !=.

Biscuit And Pancake Mix

G c Flour,sifted # t .alt !"+ c Baking powder ! +"# c .hortening,*egetable ! c 3ilk,powdered 'hill shortening. .ift all dry ingredients. 'ut shortening into flour till i-ture rese bles coarse corn eal. .tore, well co*ered, in a cool, dry place. 0se for pancakes, biscuits, shortcake, cobblers or anything that you would ake fro a packaged biscuit i-. All you need is water. For pancakes add ! tb each sugar and powdered eggs to each cup of i-.

lackened "ish
( T )aprika ( T 'ayenne pepper ( T >hite pepper +"# c 'reole seasoning !"# c Blackening seasoning # .to !( fish fillets !"= c Butter Bor argarine? 3i- the spices. 'oat the fillets with the spice i-ture.

3elt the butter or argarine in an iron skillet o*er a hot cooking fire. .ear the fish for ! to ( inutes on each side, or until they s oke and appear AblackenedA. ,e o*e the skillet fro the fire and co*er. The heat in the pan will co plete the cooking in about !9 inutes. The spices can be i-ed at ho e and stored in an airtight container. 3akes about # to 2 .

la&ing 'rail Mi(

(c iniature wheat or,.hredded bran s5uares ! c thin pret6el,0nsalted sticks,broken into pieces !"( c lentils,'ooked !"( c Juick&cooking rolled oats !"( c ,aisins !"( c dried apples,'hopped !"# c 8oney ( t 'urry powder !"( t coriander,7round !"# t cu in,7round !"# t )aprika !"= t red pepper,7round In a !+-G&inch baking pan, co bine the wheat or bran s5uares, pret6els, lentils, oats, raisins, and apples. In a s all bowl, stir together the honey, curry powder, coriander, cu in, paprika and pepper. Dri66le the honey i-ture o*er the cereal i-ture. Toss until e*enly coated. Bake at +19 for !1 to (9 inutes or until crisp, stirring occasionally. .tore in an airtight container or self&closing plastic bags. 3akes = cups or !2 .

o( O)en
! Brick Bor flat rock? ! pk Alu inu foil,hea*y&duty ! 'orrugated cardboard bo! 3etal pie pan,old + 'oat hangers # 'harcoal bri5uets,lit !. 'o*er the inside and outside of the bo- co pletely with + or # layers of alu inu foil, including the flaps. $ay bo- on le*el ground so that the opening opens o*en&style Bfront&door style is %K, too?. (. .traighten the coat hangers, then run the through the sides of the bo- about ("+ of the way up fro the botto to for a rack. +. .et brick in botto . )lace li*e coals into pie pan"pie plate. )ut pan on brick BdonEt forget, the )I4 )AH I. 8%TD 0se an o*en itt or hot pad?. #. )lace food to be cooked onto coat&hanger rack and close o*en door. >atch carefully, checking often. 4ach li*e coal akes about =9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buckwheat Pecan Pancakes For Camping

3IL IH A MI)$%'K BA7 NNNNNNNNNNN ( c Buckwheat flour !"( t .alt ("+ c >heat flour ( t Baking powder ("+ c dry ilk,Instant + T egg Boptional?,Dried IH .3A$$ TI78T '%HTAIH4, NNNNNNN ( T %il ( T 3olasses ADD >84H 3ILIH7 NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ( !"( c >ater !"( c )ecan hal*es )A'K F%, T%))IH7 >84H D%H4 NNNNN !"# c Butter Boptional? ! c 3aple syrup This is a ca ping recipe. Assu e sto*e. oderate heat on a ca pfire or pack

>hen ready to cook, i- all ingredients e-cept the butter and syrup and let set a couple inutes. If stiff, add a little ore water. If you heat the pan well first, no oil is necessaryI howe*er you will need a good, flat etal spatula. If I ha*e ti e, I plop + or # pecan hal*es on each cake instead of i-ing the in. .er*e hot with butter and syrup. 'an be sa*ed for later in the dayI great with /a .

urgers #n "oil
! .to ! !"( lb beef,7round ( s 7reen bell peppers,chopped # !2&inch s5uares alu inu onion flakes,Dehydrated . foil >orcestershire sauce # 'arrots,sliced .alt @ pepper,To Taste ! cn )otatoes,!2o6, sliced .eparate eat into # portions. )lace each in the center of a s5uare of foil. Top with e5ual portions of chopped carrots, potatoes and peppers. .eason with dehydrated onions, >orcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to taste. .eal foil, checking for leaks. )lace on hot coals for !9 to !1 inutes per side.

Buttermilk Biscuits
!"# c !"# t (c +"# c shortening baking soda self&rising flour butter ilk

'ut shortening into flour. .tir soda in ilk and pour into flour and shortening. .tir until well blended. )our out onto a floured surface and knead !( to !1 ti es. ,oll out and cut. )lace on a baking sheet and bake at #19 degrees F. until brown.

Camp Au *ratin %otatoes

! cn 'orned Beef %r ( 'ans Tuna %r .i ilar 3eat ( Bo-es Au 7ratin )otatoes 2 c >ater !"( c Dry 3ilk )owder !"# c 3argarine %r %il ! d )ot For 8eating >ater ! lg )ot For )otatoes ! .tirring .poon )ut the corned beef or tuna on the botto of the pan. %pen the potato packages and layer the potatoes on top of the eat. .prinkle the cheese powder o*er the potatoes. )ut the oil or argarine on the potatoes. 8eat the water to near boiling and add the dry ilk. )our the hot li5uid o*er the dry potatoes and put the pot on a oderate fire to si er gently for #9 inutes. This arrange ent should result in a slightly li5uid i-ture. Turn the pot fro ti e to ti e if it is being kept at the edge of the fire to assure it heat all the way around. The oil or argarine is to keep the li5uid fro foa ing. A s aller 5uantity or none can be used, but ore care to keep the li5uid fro boiling o*er ust be ade. 7ood ser*ed with so ething that will sop up the e-tra /uices.

Camp Chili
! ! + ! ( ! ! ! ! # c T T t T t T $entils 'u in To ato soup powder %regano 3asa Bor 'orn flour? .alt 'hili )owder 'lo*e 7arlic T %nion Flakes c >ater er +9 & #1 3in.

'o bine all the ingredients and si

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