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From the photo collection of the Los Angeles Public Library:

(http://jpg3.lapl.org/pics02/00020 !".jpg# $aption: Lin%a &asabian's husban% (obert) center) goes to court as a spectator. Later he *as ejecte% along *ith frien% $harles +elton. ,n bac-groun% is .heriff's /eputy) Arthur 0ul-e. 1he pro%uct of a bro-en home) Lin%a herself ha% ha% t*o unsuccessful marriages) the last of *hich) to a young hippie) (obert &asabian) ha% bro-en up just before she *ent to .pahn (anch. .he ha% one chil%) a girl name% 1anya) age t*o from this marriage an% *as eight months pregnant *ith her secon% chil%.