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STRIKING A BALANCE Touching lives... changing lifestyles The belief that spirituality, meditation, alue edu!ation et!" are not for the a era#e person, is untrue" As our thou#hts, de!ision$ma%in# po&ers, emotional intelli#en!e et!" are real subtle ener#ies, &e definitely need to enhan!e our spiritual side if &e aim to be su!!essful in life" Todays life is undoubtedly full of responsibilities, a wide range of conflicting emotions, fuelling professional and personal aspirations therefore, one tends to brush aside the spiritual life-style, considering it only suitable and possible for perhaps the retired and aged souls, or, for those who - for various reasons - want to renounce the world. However, the unique piritual !nowledge of RAJAYOGA, as taught by the "#$H%$ !&%$#' ()#*+ ,'#'T&$* &-'./# 'T0, is essentially for those on the 1family-path2 - grahastis on the pravruti-marg. The 'ncorporeal upreme "eing, has come to re-establish a united family for His !ingdom in the -ew (orld - comprised of relationships founded in *ove, Happiness, #espect, ,eace. He has not come to prepare us for a world of renunciates or sanyasis, but is revealing the secret art of beautifully blending both spiritual 3the cru45, and physical life-styles. Harmony between the two results in the imperishable attainments of Health, (ealth and Happiness. The impure and imperfect 'ron-aged pravrutti-marg transforms magically and dramatically into a pure, 6olden-$ged Grahast-Dharam" The terms Karma-Yogi, Ra -yogi, Grahast-Ashram, Ra -Rishi are dual-titles literally being bestowed by 6od upon those house-holders who are presently following His elevated directions - the true hrimat "hagwat 6ita. %ost people are under the wrong impression that it is impossible to face the challenges of a worldly e4istence, whilst being a renunciateyogi rishi #$7$0)6$ certainly stresses on renunciation, but the renunciation in question here refers to 1sacrificing or surrendering2 all negative personality-traits and behavior-patterns that we humans have imbibed or acquired, under the influence of our biggest enemy - the .'8/ . These have been the main reason for the moral degradation we are all witnessing in todays 'ron-aged world. The tact 6od our uprema teacher teaches, is to stri9e a balance between the life of 1renunciation2 yogisrishis T)6/TH/# ('TH shouldering ones worldly duties and responsibilities, that is, along with doing their !arma "#orl$ly actions% in this physical world: Rishi or Yogi in simple terms is one who establishes a constant lin9 with the upreme ;ather. Ra a means !ing, therefore Ra a Yoga is the highest, most divine, direct communion with 6od, where the soul gets recharged with piritual energy and regains its elf- overeignty < &#a-Ra ya A$hi!aar ' complete mastery over the subtle 3mind, intellect, personality traits5, and physical sense organs. This state of being protects us from being influenced by negative situations, people, and even our past sans9aars and wea9nesses.

The secret of achieving total success in life, without having to struggle, lies in rediscovering, reali=ing, restoring the lost Truth - the biggest Truth - that we are initially, originally and essentially piritual "eings - ouls, the battery that runs the human body. The world today has overloo9ed the difference between the pure, Divine positive self, and the (ac)uire$( $emonic negative self. The true art of living lies in realising this difference, reviving the original dignity of our +ivinity, and then allowing that e4perience to be the driving force behind any action we perform. The soul>s eternal +ivine energy or piritual .alues of ,urity, ,eace, 8ontentment, *ove, "liss, Humility,... has today been substituted with and polluted by the negative 3demonic5 forces of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, thus resulting in sorrow, poverty, diseases, and wars. Man struggles for health, wealth, happiness, but little does he realise that these attainments are actually the by-products of Godly Knowledge, Divine Powers and Virtues. 'n reality, these piritual .alues of life are the driving force of our worldly e4istence, but unfortunately have ta9en a bac9-seat. Today, human beings only understand the language of (*o$y-consciousness, whereas the piritual .alues in the purest sense are original, innate powers of a +&oul-conscious( being. (hen applied accurately, these original values richly empower and restore the original beauty of each soul. RAJA YOGA reveals the art of how to lead a lotus-li!e" life #V#$ %&'()* living in the midst of the +uagmire of impurities, tension, stress etc. 't does not encourage renouncing worldly life or becoming a recluse, but mastering the power to renounce all negative +ualities - the root cause of all moral, social, and spiritual degradation today. RAJA YOGA %editation instills the art of recharging our soul>s depleted >battery>, by connecting our mind and intellect to 6)+ - the %ain ,ower tation, #eservoir and ource of everything pure and positive. This direct and accurate upreme *in9 with the $lmighty $uthority Himself is meditation. 't is the most e4traordinary and unique art of blending both our materialistic and spiritual lives, and harbours the magic of the true solace we all strive for. '( S)ANTI

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