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February 20, 2014 The Seymour-Capilano Partnership (SCP) is requesting a quotation for fabrication of the lifting & walkway

systems used for installing twin 3.0m diameter steel pipelines in an 11m diameter shaft as part of the Twin Tunnel Completion Project in North Vancouver. There are two separate systems: Horizontal to Vertical Lifting System Pipe Installation System

For the horizontal to vertical lifting system, fabrication of qty (2) horizontal to vertical lift frames and qty (2) swivel lifting lugs is required. General assembly drawing series 0904-211-01 and fabrication drawing series 0904-211-02 are attached. SCP will purchase all rigging components. The pipe installation system requires the fabrication of the following components: Qty (1) triangular lifting frame Qty (6) Lifting rings assemblies o The lifting ring assembly is built of the following sub-assemblies Walk-deck ring assembly (6 required) Lifting ring assembly (6 required) Ladder assembly (4 required) Qty (4) Jacking ring assemblies Qty (180) Cylinder clamp braces Qty (24) Cylinder clamp weldments

At this time, SCP has fabrication drawings for the triangular lifting frame (series 0904-210) and the walk deck ring assembly (series 0904-205-01). A preliminary general arrangement drawing set has been provided for visual reference of the entire lifting system, but is to be used as reference only (series 0904-205-01). The remaining fabrication drawings are to follow in the coming week. For all of the ring assemblies, SCP will provide the required rolled materials (8 x 6 x 1/2 HSS & 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 3/16 HSS) and the fabricator will need to cut the individual pieces to length required for assembly. Other than these materials and all rigging components, SCP asks that the fabricator provide all materials required for fabrications & assembly, including fasteners. All components for the horizontal to vertical lifting system as well as the triangular lifting frame shall be painted yellow. The lifting ring assemblies, ladders, and jacking ring assemblies shall be painted white. The cylinder clamp brace and cylinder clamp weldments shall be provided in bare steel.

SCP needs delivery of all components by March 21, 2014. In order to meet this deadline SCP understands that materials procurement and fabrication must start as soon as possible. Without the full set of fabrication drawings a hard number quote is impossible to produce. SCP requests that a price be provided to fabricate the horizontal to vertical lifting system, the triangular lifting frame, and the walkdeck ring assemblies. Based on that number, a $/lb price can be established and applied to the remainder of the fabrications. Please contact me with any questions. Regards,

Evan Wheeler Evan.wheeler@frontierkemper.com Office 604-988-1665 x118 Cell 604-345-7655