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SOAL SEMESTER GANJIL XII A/S 2013 The following text is for questions 1 and 2.

Dear students, Many students have been asking for an additional lessons program. However, we cant hold it until there are enough participants from each

class. For all class captains, please immediately report to Ms. Lavenia how many students are going to participate and compile a list of their names. It is very important so that we can make a final decision on it
1. A. B. C. D. E. When will the final decision be made? After all class captains gather together. After the teachers have a meeting. After it is certain about what lessons will be offered in the program. After interested students had registered to join the program. After the numbers and names of students who are going to participate are certain.

2. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? A. Many students have been asking about an additional lessons program. B. The program will be held when there are enough participants. C. All teachers should report about how many students are going to participate. D. Ms. Lavenia is responsible for collecting the reports. E. All class captains should report the names of students who are going to participate. The following text is for questions 3 to 6. The Imperial Majesty visited a small teahouse one morning. He ordered an omelet. Serving a great public figure, the owner was flattered and served the omelet on the common tableware of the teahouse. The owner apologized over and over again, for the common cloth on the table and the simple furniture. Not at all suitable for the standards of a king! he said. Its fine, the king reassured him. How much do I owe for the omelet? For you, Sire, the omelet will be 1,000 pieces of gold. Whoa! The king raised an eyebrow. Eggs must be expensive around here. Is that because they are scarce? Its not the eggs which are scarce around here, Your Majesty, said the owner. It is the visit of a king!
Adopted from: http://www.storyarts.org/library/nutshell/ stories/visits.html (September 15, 2 1 !

3. Where did the story take place? A. In a castle. B. At an inn. C. At a food stall. D. At a teahouse. E. In a restaurant. 4. How much should the king pay for his order? A. 100 pieces of gold. B. 100 pieces of silver. C. 1,000 pieces of gold. D. 1,000 pieces of silver. E. 10,000 pieces of gold. 5. Why was it so expensive? A. The tea was rare. B. The customer was a king. C. The eggs were very special. D. The eggs were scarce in that area. E. The tea was imported from another region. 6.. . . . Is that because they are scarce? What is the synonym of scarce? A. Rare. B. Precious. C. Common. D. Expensive. E. Big.

7. Mom : Why are you so gloomy? Ryan : I lost my purse, Mom. Mom : You ________ dropped it on the way home from school. Ryan : I think so. A. could not have B. must have C. should have D. would have E. might not have 8. Betty : How was the math test? Leo : It was not too hard. Betty : Yeah. I believe you ________ done it well. A. might have B. should have C. would not have D. could have E. must not have This text is for question 9 to 11 A solar eclipse is an interesting natural phenomenon. Many people are interested to see it, but be careful with a solar eclipse! If we look at the sun directly during a solar eclipse, it can make us blind. Do you know how a solar eclipse occurs? Well, when the moon, moving in its orbit, passes exactly between the earth and the sun. A shadow of the moon tracks across the face of the earth. For anybody in this shadow the moon blocks out the light of the sun. It becomes nearly as dark as night. This is called a solar eclipse.
Adapted from: John O. E. Clark, Physics Matters! Volume 4 Light, Connecticut, Grolier Educational, 2001.

9. The purpose of the text is to ________. A. describe what solar eclipse is B. discuss about natural phenomenon C. explain how the solar eclipse happens D. tell recent news about solar eclipse E. experience natural phenomenon 10. Many people are interested to see it. (Paragraph 1) What does the word it refer to? A. The sun. B. The moon. C. The Earth. D. A solar eclipse. E. The moons orbit. 11. We should be careful with a solar eclipse because ________. A. the day will become nearly as dark as night B. it may blind us if we look at it with naked eyes C. the moon blocks out the light of the sun D. people cannot see anything clearly E. the temperature will raise very high For questions 12 and 13, choose the correct words to complete the sentences. Nindya : Where are the CDs? I will (15) ________ them to Ima. Itong : They (16) ________ by her. 12. A. have been given C. has been given E. give 13. A. B. C. D. E. has been bringing has been brought have been brought being brought is been brought B. D. be given gave

The following letter is for questions 14 to 17.

SMAN 1 Jl. Taman Mini No. 1001 Jakarta October 2, 2013 To: Megah Pratama Tour & Travel Jl. Gunung Marapi No. 100 Jakarta Phone: 1234567 Dear Sir, Study Tour to Yogyakarta We intend to have a study tour to Yogyakarta from December 1014, 2013. This activity will be attended by approximately 200 students. Our agenda is to conduct educational, cultural and nature tourism. Therefore, we request detailed information about locations in Yogyakarta, in relation to our agenda. Please include the cost of the tour. Please send the information within a week, which we will study before making a final decision. Thank you very much indeed. Yours faithfully, Harun OSIS Chairperson

14. What is the letter about? A. A pleasurable study tour in Yogyakarta. B. Information about a route to Yogyakarta. C. A suitable agenda for doing a tour in Yogyakarta. D. Information about a reputable travel agency in Yogyakarta. E. Information about tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. 15. This activity will be attended by approximately 200 students. (Paragraph 1) The word approximately can be best replaced by ________. A. around B. less than C. more than D. much more E. closely 16. What are the objectives of the activity? A. To conduct cultural and nature tourism. B. To meet famous people in Yogyakarta. C. To conduct educational and cultural tourism. D. To conduct educational, cultural and nature tourism. E. To get some significant information about Yogyakarta . 17. Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. The information should be delivered on October 2, 2013. B. The tour participants will arrive in Yogyakarta on December 10, 2013 . C. The tour participants will only visit some cultural tourist resorts. D. More than 250 students will join the tour. E. Harun is the principal of SMAN 1. The following text is for questions 18 to 22. One promotion method people can consider, is through the Internet. Internet promotion has advantages and disadvantages. Internet promotion presents the advantage of a smaller budget and storage costs, when compared to printing brochures, producing television or radio advertisements or managing a call center. It presents a fast and cost effective option for penetrating new markets. Besides that, e-mail makes business communications instant. It makes it easier for customers to maintain contact and readily facilitates repeat

purchasing. The net result is that, a small business can gain significant competitive advantage in a given market. Furthermore, Internet promotion also provides the advantage of endurance. Whereas participation at a trade fair or conference loses sales impact, once it is over. An advertisement in a newspaper or business magazine may quickly lose its sales generating value within a day or two, or as soon as the next issue is released. Internet promotion is often timeless. Apart from the dates and sometimes prices, much of your website contents remain valid years later. However, Internet promotion is not without its risks and weaknesses. With millions of businesses selling the same products and services, competing with more established businesses can be frustrating and a costly venture for small businesses. Another notable disadvantage is that it may be difficult for the businesspersons and consumers to thoroughly evaluate the legitimacy of a transaction. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to theft, using stolen credit cards and stolen information to do online transactions. Then, another disadvantage is that the customers and businesspersons are isolated. There is little personal contact between customer and salesperson prior to and after the sales transaction. Thus, the prospect for repeat sales may diminish. From all indications, it appears that the advantages of Internet promotion far exceed the disadvantages. With adequate knowledge, entrepreneurs can benefit significantly from Internet promotions, especially small business owners.
Adopted from: http://www.patant"onsult."om/arti"les/advantages#and#disadvantages#of#internet#promotion.htm ($ar"h 15, 2 12!

18. What is the text about? A. Pros and cons of promotion. B. Pros and cons of Internet promotion. C. Pros and cons of running a business. D. Pros and cons of being a salesperson. E. Pros and cons of entrepreneurship. 19. Compared to other media of promotion, how is Internet promotion? A. It is more interesting. B. It is more expensive. C. It is more exclusive. D. It is cheaper and longer. E. It is more difficult and more challenging. 20. What can we conclude from paragraph two and five? A. Both paragraphs discuss the advantages of Internet promotion. B. Both paragraphs discuss the disadvantages of Internet promotion. C. Paragraph 2 tells about argument for, while paragraph 5 tells about argument against. D. Paragraph 2 tells about argument against, while paragraph 5 tells about argument for. E. Paragraph 2 tells about argument for, while paragraph 5 tells about the writers conclusion. 21. Which of the following statements is NOT the disadvantage of Internet promotion? A. We have to compete with other businesses selling similar products. B. It is difficult to evaluate the legitimacy of a transaction. C. It is vulnerable to theft using stolen credit cards. D. The prospect for repeat sales may diminish. E. It may quickly lose its promotion. 22. Internet promotion has advantages and disadvantages. (Paragraph 1) What is similar to advantage? A. Benefit. B. Loss. C. Similarity. D. Difference. E. Relationship.

The following text is for questions 23 to 25

Adopted from: http://retasleeds.files.wordpress."om/2 11/ %/ielts#flier.&pg ($ar"h 1', 2 12!

23. What is the leaflet about? A. An English test. B. An English course. C. A qualified English teacher. D. Students achievement in English tests. E. A scholarship for students to study in England. 24. How long will the course be? A. About one week. B. About two weeks. C. About one month. D. About two months. E. About three months. 25. 95% of people taught on the course achieved an IELTS score of 5 or more What is the synonym of achieved? A. Reached. B. Taught. C. Received. D. Provided. E. Took.

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