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Introduction Our school, Westmead International School allow us students to engage and experience the real things happening

in actual world of business through our On-TheJob-Training ( Internship ) in our chosen business establishments whether government or private entities. We have given 600 hours to undergo and pursue this training that will help us to acquire knowledge, skills and competence that will serve as a tool to face the challenges of life in the future. It will set our minds of what does a real world of business is all about. This On-The-Job-Training contribute a lot to the development of our skills in communication, leadership and management. Thus, experience is vital to ones improvement and preparing students to their career is the best way to set them on success.

Finding the accurate company or related entities to involve and allocate your 600 hours is vital for the future result of the student internship training. Therefore it is necessary to engage yourself in the firm that you can use your gained knowledge because this training will enable you to put on actual the basic theories and techniques and tool that the student have learned from the school.

CHAPTER III: INTERNSHIP ACTIVITIES Narrative Experience On the Job Training is one method by which students are exposed with different work situation designed to give students an opportunity to experience and a chance to apply the theories and computation that they have learned from the school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. June 04, 2013 was the first day of my On the Job Training at Bangko Kabayan Batangas City Branch. At first I was hesitant to pursue my training there because Im quite nervous, afraid of what would be the tasks, responsibilities, and who would be the persons to deal with, but then I felt good after my trainer Ms. Merilyn Bautista the branch operation head discussed me the usual tasks and responsibilities of the trainee in their company. As my first day on duty, Ms. Bautista introduced me on the other employees and to the bank manager. They showed me that I am welcome and accepted in their companies as part and family member of bank and that is one of the positive culture they practicing within the firm. That moment I felt like I was really a member of them treating me good as possible while answering some question from them regarding my alma mater and some personal matters about me. As time passes by, I was just observing every single person within an area trying to figure out the work ethics they were applying within the operation department including how they worked, how they deal with every clients in any type of person in our society and to their working

behaviour toward different paper works. My first day ends with familiarization of the different people whom I would get along every day, and through different duties and responsibilities that I might do as a trainee. On my second day, the excitement is there to continue my journey along my new chapter of life and study. This day I started to have my daily task starting with the CIS form of the bank clients, I was tasked to properly organize the entire client identification sheet (CIS) that contains all the necessary information of every single client of Bangko Kabayan. I sorted the sheet into their kinds and respective accounts. All day long was consumed of it and gladly Ive done my duty. On the third day I was in the head office at Ibaan, Batangas with the approval of my trainer to attend the required internship orientation together with my classmates that is also a trainee in other branch of Bangko Kabayan. Mr. Marvin Ursua from Hr department headed the orientation and presented to us a powerpoint presentation which discusses the history of the company, its corporate mission, vision, their organization possession and bank products and services that they offered to people. It discussed also the dos and donts that the trainee should be aware of while they are in duty. Orientation ends at12:0oclock in the afternoon. As days passes by, new task was given to me by Ms. Arlyn Yabyabin the book keeper and it become included in my everyday responsibility. Im assigned for logging all outgoing transmittal and as well as making a transmittal on her behalf and some computer works and she taught me how to fax, photocopy.

After the first month of my internship training, my workflow is the same as my first month of stay in this office. But at this time I can say that I am more familiar to my duties less mistake and at the same time less supervision is given to me and Im really glad to my performance. I can now work faster than before, I am no longer hesitant to do all the assigned work because I'm already used to it and Im s ure that I met their expectation from me through the result of the task given to me. From the start of first week of my second month I was taught on making a letter of notice for all the clients who have a dormant account or the account that within 2 consecutive years never had any transaction in the bank and this task should be done during first week of the month. My last month in the company another set of work has added my daily responsibilities but Im excited because I know its also another experience and learnings. Scanning of signature cards, encoding of checks, became part of my daily activities and responsibilities. Most of my time during my last month was spent for filing all the signature cards according to its classification, and arrange it according to its account no. beginning from the first account to the latest. And then finally my last days has come and I spent my remaining hours by teaching the new trainee from Lyceum of the Philippines about the things I learned and the possible task to be given to her and I also turn it over to the new trainee the task that I wasnt able to finish. After the worki ng hours I felt the success that I reached my goals but Im a little bit sad knowing the fact that it is my last day to those people whos been part of my 600 hours. Before leaving I approach each of them and give my respect and show them how thankful I am for the chance to be the part of their company and a Bangko Kabayan family even in a short period of time.

My internship training experience is something very relevant because it enhances my knowledge and it develops my skills, self confidence and my social interaction with other people. This training push me out in my comfort zone and helps me move forward in achieving my dreams and most of all it contributes a big changes on my perspective in life that I am capable of accomplishing great things in life and as well I can be a good professional in times to come. Observation As trainee we start our training in an observation, first we observe the environment, culture of the company and the business ethic practiced by the company and most especially we observe the working flows within the company. In Bangko Kabayan I highly Observe the working relationship of each employee are very positive. From different position and specialization they still manage to help each other because they are working as a group. Based on my observation, one factor in success of the company is their treatment to every client because for them they are not just a client a borrower, depositor but they are partners. Another thing Ive noticed is that they have a centralized system from head office to all the branches everywhere. The company also dedicated to helps each employee to grow and learn by providing a regular seminars and trainings for all employees. Interaction When it comes to interaction with the employees regarding to work, I had a limited interaction with them if someone ask me to things on their behalf. To my trainer I interact with her by means of the task. I was assigned to do through exchanges of idea

and techniques to make the task done well. We interact with each other also through suggestion and also by the instruction of my trainer whenever I will be having a new task. In the bank, there are only allowable task to be given to the trainee for it has a limited responsibility in the organization. In general I still have a good social interaction among them in terms of relational working relationship by sharing personal experiences with each other concerning positive and negative matters and as well by giving encouragement, through advices and moral support. Participation In every company the participation of each member are very important because it creates a good working relationship with each other. Everyone is participating by doing the work with excellence through exchanging ideas. Proper participation among employee requires team work and it is highly practice and being observe in the company as a result of the success and continues growth of the bank within the industry. I as trainee, show my participation by doing my task properly and as good as possible to meet their expectation and by assisting everyone if they need help even in a very simple way. I show my initiative within the bank by doing things without any order from trainer but I ask first the permission in doing so. I do participating also socially by other means during break time and talked with them matters not related to work. Challenges Challenges are something that will push you to bring out your potential and the best of what have in any way. First challenge for me was to understand the work in the banks because I never have any idea about it, but the willingness to learn was in me, so

I face this new challenge and motivate myself to pursue this internship training at Bangko Kabayan. Another thing is how to do my task right with a given instruction and because Im afraid to make mistake and fail but I learn that mistake is not a mistake unless you stop to make it right. Last thing that challenge me is how to adapt with the new working environment which I never have any idea before about its function and operation but then I found out that challenges is beneficial for personal development once you take it positively and overcome it with your hardwork and perseverance. Problem Met In general, I dont really experience such a big problem on my task , from the start up to my last day of duty but to consider some it maybe my difficult times when I was arranging the signature cards of all the closed accounts, because it consist of oldest accounts to recently closed which has different account numbers and format of the card and it confused me so much and I wasnt able to start d oing the task . Another one is the time when Ms. Arlyn filed a leave of absence and I was instructed to encode the checks in the computer because she wasnt able to work on the next day and the check should be done encoded in the system before 10am and 4pm in the afternoon as part of the SOP of the bank. Solution Offered Having tough times somehow helps us because the situation may force you to go out with your comfort zone to provide an alternative solution. Even though its really hard for me to approach my trainer but because the situation pushed me to do so, I did go to my trainer and told her about my problem in arranging the closed accounts and

asked her opinion but she was also confused so I suggest necessary action that instead by account number I will arrange it by the date that the accounts has been closed then she permits me. My problem about encoding of checks that Mam Arlyn was asking is that Im not good in computer and encoding of checks can only be made to the program installed in the computer. She dictates me the procedure for encoding and I do heard what she dictates but the problem was how to put it in actual without her presence on the next day. I was bothered that time so I came to her and ask her to write the procedure in the paper for me to avoid errors through that with or without her Im sure I can make it right at the first time because I have the written procedure to follow. Chapter IV: RESULTS and FINDINGS Accomplishment and Contribution In my experienced in this On-The-Job-Training I have so many accomplishment everything I learned from this company I considered it as accomplishment such my 600 hours of duty from that I learned to manage time, I learned also how to use photocopier machine, to fax, to encode check to deal with other people and many more. I became more polite and patience and I learned to adapt with so many changes during my 600 hours of duty I build self-confidence gain strength to overcome my fears. On the other hand I also have my contribution to the company by sharing my 600 hours of my precious time, by doing my task effectively with hardwork , effort and dedication to the highest level in order to do what the task requires. I provide a little convenience to some

employee by helping them and I provide changes and improvements in organizing important stuff such as the proper arrangement of CIS, valid ID of the clients. Competence Gained On my training I learned a lot such as improving my whole personality in terms of socialization and vision towards life. During my times in training I realized that we couldnt avoid mistake because no one is perfect what important is that we learned the lesson and we can still move forward after those mistake and make it right. Trough this training I am more prepared to face the reality of life and challenges whether in handling business and handling my personal life. In this training I can say that Im transformed into a real better and competitive person in terms of employment, as entrepreneur and even from being a good person of our community because of my enhanced skills, abilities, knowledge and competencies I gained in my On-The-Job-Training.

Impact to chosen career This kind training has a big impact to our chosen or our future career because there we can actually apply all the things we encountered in training whether good or bad the important thing is that we learned we move forward we mature and we become more responsible. This experience is just a stepping stone to our future career if we already contributing something and can perform well to our internship training surely we

can do more than that in the near future in our permanent job to take through this experience. In this part of my life as student undergoes On-The-Job-Training I had a lot of learnings through this experience and eventually the application of all the learnings I had should be definitely useful in my future career. I am able to extend and apply the important matter I absorbed in this training such as the meaning of commitment in the work and the company, the value of interpersonal relationship among employee in the organization, the effectiveness of teamwork in achieving organizational goals and the professional behaviour to contribute a big impact and become an asset to the business I belong that is relevant in every organization to find the person who possess and understand those attributes. Every company is looking for the people who can convey them to the top and that is possibly you after experiencing this kind of training because you are already trained to impact and brought success to your chosen career. CHAPTER V: Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation 5.1 Summary On-The-Job-Training provides huge development to the student in terms of his physical, mental skills and competences. It produces self confidence to the trainee for the knowledge he gain in the company he chooses to spent his time of training. This even is a win-win approach because of the mutual benefit arises on respective party. For the student is the chance to learn, develop and being trained to actual work which he cannot learn or get in school and the privilege to be a part of the chosen company within 600 hours. On the other hand in the part of the company they benefited also by

giving the other work in the company to their trainee to lessen the loaded work of other employee and it can also be a sense of endorsement through the company for the individual trainee and as well as promoting or exercising its social responsibility to its stakeholder in our community. The training was full of challenges and learning and discoveries. This program gives idea to the trainee about the things he must possess before engaging himself in the competitive world of business. The apprentice can also familiarize himself to the management techniques that the company applying in their operation.

5.2 Conclusion As a student who undergoes On-The-job-training I can conclude that it is very good way for a student to improve his personal ability and insights through internship training. It is the chance to prove yourself that you can do great things in the work by the help of all the academic learning youve got from the schoo l. This training also is a good preparation for a future professional for the awaiting career in the industry at times after graduation. It is also a good indication to determine your strengths and weaknesses in the actual work place. Therefore I Strongly believes that On-The-Job-Training is the best thing to experience in order to contribute and obtain learning and experience before employing in the real challenging field and a complex world of business.

5.3 Recommendation I found it necessary and beneficial to a graduating student to experience this kind of program and must take it more seriously not just because it is part of the curriculum or a subject to be pass but the student must acquire it as a privilege and a treasure because of the learning and development of a student for involving himself to this program is guaranteed effective and produces a positive result. As student Im recommending that when you are applying for internship training make sure you find a company that will provide services related to your course and with your best interest. I do recommend this type of program to every student because it provides fulfilment and help us to build up our self esteem after reaching the 600 hours of training in the your desired entity.