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SECTION A (20 marks)

Each correct answer will score one mark. A mark will not be deducted for a wrong

1. The diagram below shows a micrometer.

0 5
mm 0

Which reading is shown?

A 1.00 mm B 1.50 mm C 2.00 mm D 2.50 mm

2. The speed-time graph for a motorcycle as it moves over a period of 60 s is shown

below. What is the acceleration of the motorcycle at the instant when the time is 40 s?
Speed/ ms-1

20 x
10 x x x x

0 x Time /s
0 10 20 30 40 50 60
20 − 0
A 0 m / s2 C m / s2

20 − 10 20 − 10
B m / s2 D m / s2
10 40

3. A block of mass 5 kg is pushed along a rough road with a constant applied force. The
block moves with a constant acceleration of 2.0 ms-2. What are the possible values for
the applied force and the frictional force?

Applied force 5 kg Frictional force

Applied force/N Frictional force/N

A 0.4 2.5
B 2.5 0.4
C 10 20
D 20 10

4. The weight and density of a gold bar are measured on Earth. The weight and density
of the same gold bar are now measured on the Moon. Which of the following is true?
The gravitational field strength on Earth is 10 N/kg and on the Moon is 1.6 N/kg.

Weight on the Moon Density on the Moon

A Unchanged Unchanged
B Unchanged Less
C Less Unchanged
D Less Less

5. The diagram shows a uniform metre rule pivoted at the 10 cm mark but kept in
equilibrium by a mass of 120 g suspended at the 5 cm mark.

0 cm 5 cm 10 cm 100 cm

120 g
What is the mass of the uniform metre rule?

A 12 g B 15 g C 24 g D 30 g

6. A block of weight 60 N with the dimensions as shown below is left standing on a

floor in different positions. What is the maximum pressure that the block can exert on
the floor?

10 cm

20 cm
30 cm

A N / cm 2
10 × 20

B N / cm 2
10 × 30

C N / cm 2
20 × 30

10 × 30
D N / cm 2
10 × 20

7. A ball is released from rest on a curved track. At which position is the total energy the


A At position 1

B At position 2

C At position 3

D The same at all positions.

8. Some gas is trapped inside a sealed test tube that has a constant volume. Which of the
following best describes what happens to the gas particles when the test tube is heated?

A The gas particles will expand.

B The gas particles will move faster.

C The gas particles will become less dense.

D The gas particles will move further apart.

9. A person places his hand at position P besides a campfire as shown. Why does his
hand feel warm?

• P

A Heat was transferred to his hand due to radiation.

B Heat was transferred to his hand due to conduction.

C Heat was transferred to his hand due to convection.

D Heat was transferred to his hand due to convection and conduction.

10. A solid is heated in a boiling tube. The graph shows the temperature of the solid
during the experiment. What is happening between points X and Y.

Temperature / oC

Time/ minutes

A Gas is heating up.

B Liquid is heating up.

C Liquid is turning into gas.

D Solid is turning into liquid.

11. A long rope is stretched out on the floor. One end of the rope is then shaken. The
graph shows the rope at a particular moment in time. If the speed of the wave is
2.0 m/s, what is the frequency of the wave?

Displacement /m

Distance /m
-0.1 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0

A 0.6 Hz B 1 Hz C 2 Hz D 4 Hz

12. A ray of light is passing through a glass block as shown below. Which one of the
diagrams, A, B, C or D correctly shows a possible path of this ray? (The critical angle
of the glass is 42o)

air air
A glass B
42o 42o glass
normal normal

air air
glass glass
C 42o D 42o
normal normal

13. Which of the following shows the correct order of decreasing wavelength for the
electromagnetic waves shown?

Longest wavelength → Shortest wavelength

A Infra-red Radio waves Gamma rays X-rays
B Gamma rays X-rays Infra-red Radio waves
C Radio waves Infra-red X- rays Gamma rays
D X-rays Gamma rays Radio waves Infra-red

14. A piano is played to give a sound wave with a smaller amplitude and higher
frequency than a sound wave from a guitar. Which instrument produces the louder
sound and which produces the sound of higher pitch?

Louder sound Higher pitch

A Piano Guitar
B Piano Piano
C Guitar Piano
D Guitar Guitar

15. When a polythene rod is rubbed with a cotton cloth, the polythene rod gained
electrons. The polythene rod is now brought near some positively charged pieces of
paper. What would most likely happen next?

A The pieces of paper will not move.

B The pieces of paper will be attracted towards the rod.

C The pieces of paper will be repelled away from the rod.

D The pieces of paper will first move towards and then away from the rod without
touching the rod.

16. The resistance of a wire of length L and diameter D is measured to be R in an

experiment. What would be the resistance, in terms of R, of a second wire made of
the same material but having length 2L and cross sectional area 2D?

2 4 8

17. In the circuit shown below, the reading on the ammeter is 2 A.





What would be the readings shown by the voltmeters V1 and V2?

V1 V2
A 2V 2V
B 2V 4V
C 4V 2V
D 4V 4V

18. Which of the following diagrams shows the correct wiring for a three-pin appliance

S2 S3

19. Two bar magnets are placed near each other with their poles as shown. A student
uses a compass to plot the magnetic field. Ignoring the Earth’s magnetic field, at
which point would the compass point towards the bottom of the page?


20. An electric current is passed through a solenoid to create a magnetic field.

What is the effect on the magnetic field at the point P of using a weaker current
travelling in the opposite direction?

Magnetic Field strength Magnetic Field direction

A Decreases Reversed
B Decreases Unchanged
C Increases Reversed
D increases Unchanged