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President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington DC, 20500 Re: US Administrations stand

on Mr. Narendra Modi. Dear Mr. President Obama, I write this petition in regards to the U.S. Administrations current stand on Narendra Modi and the overly publicized row over his human rights violations. This stand is based on exaggerated accounts that, as Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, Mr. Modi failed to prevent riots in the Gujarats Godhra in 2002. This situation warrants attention at your level because we have already spent 10 years of Americas valuable resources on this subject based on the biased information in the media and by lobbyist groups. The political spin on this matter gets media the most attention and serves the purpose of lopsided lobbying groups. However none of these parties have the best interest at heart for America, India or the future of Indo-American ties. Also, this will stop further waste of our Senate and Congressional resources on this subject. There are different versions regarding what actually happened in the Godhra incident and we ask your administration to consider the findings of the Supreme Court of India which has acquitted all allegations against Mr. Modi concerning the Godhra incident. Based on the merits presented here, we, collectively, present all of the signatories of this petition and we request your office to make a judicious assessment of facts presented here and to issue an Executive Order to invite Narendra Modi to the United States of America as many other countries including our allies have already changed their position on Modi. Based on his growing popularity, Modi is now shaping into a movement. His presence on the internet alone has grown more than two fold during the last three months, let alone his popularity on the streets of India. It is almost certain that Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India. His party has won the recent Indian state elections in an unprecedented way. Added to it, the recent revolutionary political transformation in Delhi has further cemented his case. Some of our Government spokespersons and others have embarrassed and insulted Modi through comments, and unwarranted resolutions. How do we plan to change our stand without embarrassment? To do this solely on his prime ministerial candidacy or post his likely victory would be politically inapt. Your Executive Order will be good for our businesses and the U.S. taxpayers: The aftermath consequences of our adversarial position on Modi and the animosity that could stem from it,
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based on subjective information presented to us, will have an adverse impact on Indo-American foreign relationship, our long term trades and our businesses with India. There are many that await to abuse this situation and would relish the mockery of two major democracies. It is not in the interest of Americans, including myself as an Indian American, to distance Modi, given his industrious governance and particularly when his chances of becoming the next Prime Minister of India remain enormously high, as noted by the US Congressional Report. A copy of this report is available at http://fpc.state.gov/documents/organization/174187.pdf The riots that took place in Gujarat in 2002 were unquestionably unfortunate and akin to any riots that take place in India, or in the world. Have you ever wondered why Gujarat has been so publicized as much as the other riots in India? As a point of reference, in the last 30 years of modern India, three major riots took place, of which I was personally affected by one. In all these three riots- Kashmir, Delhi and Mumbai, damages to human life and the aftermath has been far greater than the Gujarat riot. Yet the Gujarat riot has engaged our governments attention in an unprecedented manner.. Through my research on this issue, I uncovered many versions of the Godhra incident. As an example, the following links have two versions of the same incident that are quite different: 1. http://www.soundvision.com/info/india/godhra.asp 2. http://www.jaia-bharati.org/nicole-elfi/ni-godhra-ang.htm Further I reviewed the version presented in its investigation report by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) set by The Supreme Court of India. A copy of this report is available here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/92949330/Indian-Supreme-Court-SIT-Closure-Report-exoneratesNarendra-Modi-in-2002-Gujarat-Riots-case I ask your administration, which version should we rely on? As a democratic institution, shouldnt our opinion be formulated on the investigations and findings performed by another democracys highest judicial system, the Supreme Court of India? According to its findings, Modi was acquitted of all allegations levied against him. The anti-Modi lobbying is no different than those spread by vile individuals who falsely claim that our Government had something to do with the 9/11 incident and the unfortunate loss of our own 2977 citizens, as ludicrous as it sounds!!! Modi360 is factual, devoid of emotions and prejudices. It represents the truth and is consistent with the large world view. I urge you to review the following facts and information presented herein and at www.modi360.com and make a judicious assessment: 1. Under the recommendations of many Human Rights Organizations and due to many hearsay, The Supreme Court of India appointed a Special Investigation Team(SIT) that performed three years of rigorous investigation to conclude that Narendra Modi and the State took all possible measures to prevent the Godhra riots. Furthermore, an Amicus Curiae appointed by The Supreme Court stated that the allegations made against Modi were false. 2. As the Chief Minister of State of Gujarat, Modi was accused that he failed to act to prevent
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the riots. As a frame of reference: a. We have experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan what people can do when they are set out in madness and rage over hatred and how much less control we have over such precarious situations even with our military presence. b. The riot that erupted in London in 2011 that spread to other parts of the Britian could not be controlled by the London police. c. In August of 1946, the city of Calcutta, India experienced a major riot; Mahatma Gandhi relentlessly worked through Ahimsa and Satyagraha for six months to bring the situation under control. In comparison, imagine how much control Modi could have had over the raged mobs in Gujarat? Modi kept his promise that he made on public television on the night of the Godhra incident that he would not tolerate another riot in Gujarat. Over the last 10+ years, under his leadership to date, Gujarat has not had any such incidents but has led the State from the stigma of 2002 riots and devastation of 2001 earthquake to become a capital hub of India. First, I encourage you to listen to the following TV address Modi made immediately in response to the riot incident to appeal for peace and calm. I urge you to review his expressions, his choice of words and the fatigue on his face, so you can see for yourself any sign of hatred, sign of involvement, or a sign of negligence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIRMR8zW0iI Second, the Indian Army was deployed the very night of the incident to bring the situation under control. None of the riots in India had the fastest deployment of the Indian Army in comparison to what Modi did as an administrator responding to the situation. Further, as an accountable leader, he stepped down from the position of the Chief Minister of Gujarat. On the issue of prejudice to minorities and religious freedom in Gujarat which is often misconstrued by many, I would like to highlight the following facts:

The Brookings Institute wrote a well-balanced article on Modis track record. Results of Modis leadership is benefitting every citizen regardless of caste, color, creed or religion.http://www.brookings.edu/opinions/2012/0316_modi_antholis.aspx According to a recent study conducted by the Govt. of India, the State of Gujarat has the highest number of police officers that belongs to the ethnic Muslim community. Muslims in Gujarat are vibrant, and a prospering community unlike many other states in India. It is important to note that there is no prior or subsequent occurrence of riots, hatred, or interference with religious freedom on Modis track record. Mr. Modi was once asked by the Govt. of Indias Minority Commission to study what his States strategy is to help minorities in Gujarat. Instead of giving a political response, he firmly said, I work only for the people of Gujarat without any distinction. A system of prejudice and hatred cannot flourish. Gujarats unprecedented growth is cherished equally by all regardless of religion.


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Media presents Modi with pictures of him holding swords and words as Killer. A good study of Indian mythologies will enlighten that all God and Goddess of India carry such weapons, not to kill anyone, but to destroy the enemy that lies within ourselves and to purify and rise above the inside human evils to reach human perfection; which unfortunately is grossly misunderstood and wrongly propagated. Housing Assistance for riot victims were provided by the Gujarat Government for 18,037 families worth 12.28 Crores (122.8M) in Urban areas and worth 17.82 Crores (178.2M) in rural areas for 11,204 families regardless of religion. I have heard Modi speak on the subject of philosophy of Advaitham (Non Duality), the cornerstone of Indian Vedanta and Spirituality. This only reflects his core values for another living being. Further, he reveres Mahatma Gandhi. Please refer to this link where he demonstrated the Gandhian principle of compassion and forgiveness for a Muslim youth (2002) who threatened to kill him. In addition, he is a devout follower of Swami Vivekananda. http://news.oneindia.in/feature/2013/modi-practises-gandhian-model-offorgiveness-compassion-1169735.html

Based on the above facts, information, and my independent research, it is clear that the allegations and the wide-spread negative publicity against Modi is false and baseless. Modi is an able administrator, a no non-sense leader and patriot of India, who nurtures humanity and stands for peace and harmony. Despite constant criticisms, Modi kept his chin up and worked relentlessly for the betterment of all the people of Gujarat.. To summarize, it is my opinion that for the US Government to continue to hold its position equates to undermining the decision of the Indian Judicial System- the cornerstone of the Indian democracy. How can the oldest democracy disrespect the largest democracys legal system? In my opinion, this conflict only undermines democratic principles that our forefathers bestowed upon us and paves the way for non-democratic elements to rise and flourish. In lieu of the above, Mr. President, I urge you to consider all facts and information presented herein and thoroughly assess this matter to issue an Executive Order to invite Modi to the United States; so as America, we can do, what we always do- the right thing. As highlighted in the Congressional report, Modis chances of becoming the next Prime Minister of India remains enormously high. It is in our best interest to have this man lead India to better governance and prosperity that will only directly benefit the American economy. Sincerely, All Signatories of Modi360


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