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Gabrielle Marie P.

Reyes 3D

August 6, 2013 PBA #2

CRITERIA: 1. Content 2. Relevance of Content 3. Organization of Content 4. Spelling and Punctuation 5. Overall appeal of Resume

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BEOWULF The Prince of the Geats CONTACT INFORMATION Beowulf Geatland Municipality Visby, Sweden, 621 00 +46 498 2369853 prince_beowulf@geatland.se GOALS and OBJECTIVES As I seek the position of Warrior Kind, my goal is to become a great king to my people who deserve nothing less than the best. One of my objectives is to protect my people from monsters and feuding tribes. I also wish to attain fame and immortality by performing heroic deeds, and I believe that becoming a Warrior King can aid me in achieving these goals. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Geatland Warriors-in-Training, Bachelor of Arts in Medieval Warfare, Major in Leadership Studies o Awards/Honors Strongest Soldier in the World Award First Honor in Sword Fighting First Honor in Public Speaking

WORK EXPERIENCE Battle Against the Sea As Breca and I tested our strength against the sea, the North wind swept us apart washing Breca to shore but I remained. I killed nine sea monsters awakened by the winds to prevent attacks on ships that will cross. Grendels Terror Employer: Hrothgar After hearing of Hrothgars troubles and Grendels killings, my men and I set out to the land of the Danes. I tell Hrothgar of my plans and to his wife, Wealtheow, I promise to kill Grendel with my bare hands. I defeated Grendel fulfilling my promise to Wealtheow and performing a task no others could do. Grendels Mothers Revenge Employer: Hrothgar My men and I once again aid King Hrothgar and the Danes by killing Grendels mother after she attempted to avenge her sons death, killing schere in the process. My weapons nearly failed me but by Gods grace I was successful once again. The Dragons Wrath Employer: Geats

My peoples safety was in danger and it is my duty as their king to protect them. The dragon was strong and fierce, and I knew the great possibility of not making it out alive but I stopped at nothing for my people. I face the dragon alone but was later on joined by Wiglaf; together we slayed the dragon. SKILLS Sword fighting Monster slaying SEMINARS ATTENDED Public Speaking Leading Boasting Swimming Gifting Feasting

Scyld Scefing Seminar o Topic: Our past does not dictate our future. The Path of Heremod o Topic: Pride and Greed: Our Downfall

REFERENCE PERSONS Hrothgar King of the Danes Land of the Danes Wealtheow Hrothgars Wife Land of the Danes Hygelac Uncle Lord of the Geats Geatland Edgetheow Father Geatish Warrior Geatland